Sunday, January 27, 2002

WHY SO MUCH PAL-LING AROUND? - I got an e-mail asking why I am spending so much time on the Middle East and why I am "fixated" on the Palestinians, who are after all a non-Aryan people.

Simple. Right now the Middle East is where the action is. In fact, from the NS point of view it's the ONLY place where the action is. The Palestinians are actually FIGHTING for their freedom against the Jewish occupation of their country. The only thing we do to resist the Jewish occupation of OUR country is to tap on computer keyboards and send each other newspaper clippings and stories off the Internet about how bad things are. Unless and until it gets pulled off line by Internet censors of the Rosenberg ilk, this weblog will be my official contribution to the endless flow of useless, meaningless, pointless, weak and ineffectual words which is all the RCC [Racially Conscious Community] produces.

It's just a token gesture, accomplishing no more actual change than anyone else's ineffectual words do, helpless against the wealthy Anglo-Zionists who actually have the power. Power that we will never again know until we can can summon the moral courage to deal with the character issue within our own hearts and in our own ranks. But I might as well use it to lend a little moral support to a brave people who are displaying the fearless valor, the strength of will, and the determination to prevail against overwhelming odds that all my life I have wanted to see in my own race.

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