Thursday, January 24, 2002

THE CHOSEN ONES' BLOG PROBLEM - I think it bears repeating that the main problem the Jews have with things like the Internet and this weblog is that it is something which THEY DO NOT CONTROL. Perhaps the story of the old Whitemail e-group would prove an instructive illustration.

I am a confessed former Usenet junkie myself, so I can't really point any fingers at others for newsgroup cyber-excess. Suffice it to say that it became clear to me early on that so long as the assorted weirdos who roam the newsgroups---the Joel Rosenbergs and Andrew Mathises, the Steve Kendalls and the National Alliance types such as the deranged Ronald Lambert and the very odd personality of Kevin Alfred Strom---refused to refrain from abusing the medium, it was virtually useless as a serious means of communication or persuasion.

What these people did, in essence, was to neutralize Usenet as a public forum by turning it into an insane asylum. One logged on for the purpose of serious discussion and then found oneself in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Normal people have a limited tolerance for abnormal and demented behavior, and I am convinced that there was, and is, a good deal of method in that madness. Some of the Usenet posts from the Goat Dance of 1996 to 1999 were so clearly unbalanced and psychotic that serious posters of all persuasions simply ceased posting to the assorted racial nationalist and revisionist newsgroups. No one wants to try to conduct a serious discussion of any topic over the screaming of Bedlam.

In addition, some of the National Alliance cyber-stalking tactics which were utilized against myself and several others were of so repulsive a nature that they drove more than a few seriously interested Whites away from the whole RN political scene, which I suspect was the intention. As Ilya Ehrenberg, Stalin's propagandist, once said before the war, "The best way to fight Fascism [sic] is shout shout 'Heil Hitler!' at a man while spitting in his soup." There is no doubt at all in my mind that a lot of the Goat Dance threads were in fact black ops on the part of the ADL, the SWC, or the Mossad, or whoever holds the Internet watching brief for the Tribe.

Be that as it may, in January of 2000 I discovered what was then e-groups (now Yahoo Groups) and I decided to try a novel experiment. I would create a moderated forum as a replacement for the lunatic-infested Usenet. I would allow anyone who wanted to subscribe and post, with one proviso---all posts would be moderated by me for sanity and civility. Not content---anyone was free to say whatever he or she liked, and I meant that. If someone wanted to preach Communism or Judaism or Holocaustery, fine...but they would do so in a coherent and courteous manner, and they would be faced with response, also coherent and courteous. I was dead serious about being entirely unbiased; I felt it necessary to show that National Socialists can be fair and civil even to their enemies, if that fairness and civility are reciprocated. Any viewpoint from anyone could be posted to Whitemail, but there would be no abuse, no personal vilification, no name-calling, no spreading of baseless and scatological rumors, no potty-mouthed vituperation.

Needless to say, this was totally unacceptable to the Jewish denizens of Usenet. Several of them did join, presumably to see if there was any way they could get around my moderation or "bore from within", but after several weeks of being forced actually to justify their ideas and defend them with facts and logic, and being forced to endure factual and logical rebuttal, they hollered and groaned and wept to the e-groups webmaster and had the Whitemail group shut down.

This is how Jews invariably behave, historically and culturally. Any time there is communication taking place between people or peoples, they demand the right to sit in the control room and manipulate the flow of that communication, to shape it and channel it into their own desired directions. They demand the right to determine "acceptable parameters", to decide for others what may or may not be said and how. And if someone acquires a means of communication which is not subject to their control---this weblog, for instance---then they move heaven and earth to silence it.

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