Thursday, January 17, 2002

I am creating this weblog in response to a number of you who expressed disappointment in my taking down the old website. The reasons I cited for that decision were all valid, but one of the major reasons was that the site contained mostly old material, in some cases as outdated as ten years old. I will add regular and timely commentary to this weblog. I have made my feelings on the negative effects of the Internet on activism clear, but I also understand that it cannot be un-invented and that whether I like it or not, the Net is here to stay. My establishment of this weblog may seem like a contradiction. It isn't. It is simply a much more efficient way of allowing me to maintain an Internet presence and use the Net without it turning into a monster that devours my time. This weblog will enable me to cut down on my time behind the computer by largely alleviating the necessity for the cumbersome NSNet e-mail list, which I have to break down into "pods" of less that 50 names each to get around Worldnet's stupid "anti-spam" software. It will also cut down on the number of e-mails in my readers' mailboxes, which is all to the good in these times when you download dozens of messages each time you check your mail and 90% of them are spams advertising second mortgages and Viagra.

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