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Thee Alternate Plans That Won't Work

[From Northwest Front Bulletin #7, July 2017]

I got an e-mail from a female comrade of ours telling me that I am starting to sound defeatist, like I’ve given up. I certainly never intended to sound like that, and I apologize profusely to anyone who got that impression. I can see how sometimes others might take it like that, when I’m ranting and raving about how completely useless the American White maan is. In fact, it’s kind of hard not to sound defeatist when I’m talking about that particular subject. I always make a deliberate effort to not sound like an Eeyore, either by italicizing like this or bolding and underlining like this, or by raising my voice and bellowing into the mike if I’m on RFN (or as close as I can some to bellowing and still record properly,) but maybe sometimes I don’t quite pull it off.

What I am is pissed off, and I can see that it might be possible for people to mistake that for sounding defeatist. I’m pissed off a lot, especially over the last year or so as we stagger toward the window which we are going to allow to sail by, and sometimes it shows. I know that’s unprofessional and it’s also not effective propaganda-wise. I shouldn’t let it show, and I apologize, but as someone once said of the White nationalist movement, we never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

I sometimes have a tendency to use irony in ways that possibly are a little too obscure, like when I say things like, “We all know what we should be doing, but we’re too chickenshit to do it, and so there’s never going to be a Northwest Republic and our race is going to perish,” so forth and so on. That’s not me being defeatist, that’s me taking a dig at White laziness and cowardice and inability to focus on anything for longer than 15 minutes. Anyway, once again I’m sorry if I sound like I’m contemplating throwing in the towel. I couldn’t throw in the towel on the Northwest Republic even if I wanted to. Guys, I’m dead serious. Please think about this. There simply is not other solution. None.

You know all these idiots who stalk me all over the internet and scream hatred and abuse at me in the comments section of any blog or article that so much as mentions me or the Northwest imperative? Has anyone besides me ever noticed that these people offer no other alternative at all to the Northwest? That no one among us has ever come up with a viable plan for the White man to survive the coming years and somehow restore the old Amurrica from sea to shining sea and bring back Ozzie Nelson and his cardigan from the 1950s? I grew up in the last of the White world, and while it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, I can confirm that yes, it was a better time and a better way. I would do anything to restore that world if I could, but it’s just not possible.

In fact, in the forty-five years I have been involved with the Movement this month—yes, this month is my 45th anniversary; I received my first copy of the old Party newspaper White Power in the mail at Schofield Barracks in July of 1972—in all those 45 years I have come across exactly three very vague nationwide plans to somehow restore the old America. Only three, in a country and society this huge.

I. Get A “Good Man” Elected To The White House

Commander Rockwell was planning on running for president in 1972, which is probably one reason he was assassinated, since he had just picked up some serious financial backing from the Hunt Brothers in Texas.

Sometimes I wonder if the Commander could have pulled off some kind of surprise electoral coup like Donald Trump did in 2016, but frankly I doubt it. Different times, only a dozen or so major newspapers that counted and only three TV networks that all signed off at midnight. (This was in the days when White men all had jobs to go to the next morning.) Trump was vaulted to victory by 24/7 cable coverage and above all the internet, which provided an alternative set of facts and viewpoints not controlled by the empowered élite.

It is, of course, possible that Rockwell’s third party candidacy might have positioned him to become a serious player in American biopolitics, and based on the springboard of his 1972 campaign his career would have started to bear fruit and show results over the next ten years, but we’ll never know now.

II. That One Big Union

My old Rhodesian buddy Eric Thomson came up with the idea of one big IWW-like syndicalist labor union for White workers who would eventually seize power in a nationwide General Strike. That idea has always intrigued me and I would truly love to see someone try to put it into practice. Unfortunately, you run into the same wall with the One Big Union idea what you run into with every other plan: you reach a point where you have to Take It Real and received concrete and material support by serious and committed adults.

By the time Eric and I got back to this country from Rhodesia in the late 1970s, the White man had degenerated to the point where he was incapable of responding to any kind of mass movement, political or economic. I think that’s something we all never seem to grasp: the overwhelming majority of our own people are simply mentally and emotionally incapable of responding to us in the way we want. Most of our propaganda speaks to our great-grandfathers, not the White people of today.

III. Incite A Palace Coup

Third, there is Dr. William Pierce’s plan, which he never openly advocated and which I only learned about a few years ago from a former National Alliance bod. Bill Pierce never actually shared this plan with any of his own people, which maybe he should have. It might have changed history or at least plugged the hemorrhage of talent from the National Alliance through an almost 80% annual turnover. due to short attention spans combined with a sense of drift.

The idea was to produce the very best and most persuasive propaganda we can, and which the National Alliance most certainly did, then use it to reach and convert so-called “influentials,” i.e. to try somehow to persuade the remaining White elements in the power structure, including military and police officers who might still command some kind of manpower and firepower, to stage what amounts to a palace coup d’etat and compel reform from within the System.

Mmmm … maybe back when Pierce started in 1970 that might have been possible. In the early 2000s, I frankly doubt it. Napoleon said that revolution is an idea that has found bayonets; Pierce at least appears to have understood that, since he wrote Hunter and The Turner Diaries. He seems to have given up on any hope that the White man might ever find his own bayonets, and he hoped that he could persuade people like senior police officers and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and so on to turn their guns on the System, send the tanks rolling through the streets of Washington D.C. and arrest whatever empty suit was sitting in the Oval Office, etc.

The idea was that someday out of the blue Pierce’s program would bear unforeseen fruit in the form of a military coup by Pentagon generals and millionaires who had been passing around clandestine copies of Which Way Western Man and The Turner Diaries. Or more likely because the military finally gets tired of the bullshit and the endless deployments in no-win wars and the filth and corruption of Washington D.C.

Okay, there is some chance that as the situation in the United States continues to deteriorate under President Trump and the hysterical efforts on the part of the Soros crew to overthrow him, that some kind of military coup backed by elements in Congress and the Deep State might happen—but if it does, will those generals and Deep State spooks be the White man’s friend? I don’t think so. Any such coup probably wouldn’t be racial, and in a military dictatorship I’d most likely be arrested and interned just on general principles like dissidents of any kind. Frankly it would be worth it just to see Bill and Barry and their hos dragged away by the Delta Force. But will that ever happen? Really? Mmmmm….well, if and when it does it won’t be properly motivated, and will be too little and too late to do the White man any good.

Anyway, I hadn’t intended to go off on a long Grandpa Simpson digression there, I’m just pointing out that I can’t throw in the towel, because there isn’t anything else, and I’m sorry if I gave that impression. Several people have in fact suggested that for my retirement I re-invent myself as a so-called spiritual leader and form my own cult, and I suppose there’s something to be said for that. Hell, back 25 years ago the Rajneesh managed to get thousands of dumb-ass White people to relocate to some little town in Oregon. But the problem with that is, I doubt I could pull it off with a straight face. Can you imagine me as the Prophet Harold wearing long flowing robes, and maybe a pointy hat like Gandalf?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

E-Mail Exchange Between Andy Donner and Evan McClaren

[The following is an exchange of e-mails between Andy Donner of the Northwest Front and Evan McLaren of the National Policy Institute, on the dates noted. These have been edited by me for typos and minor punctuation, and Mr. McLaren’s personal information has been redacted so he doesn’t claim we’re trying to sic an army of trolls on him by doxxing him. - HAC] 

Andy Donner to Evan McLaren. September 14, 2017

Mr. McLaren,

I trust you are well.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity.  I apologize again for the delay in answering your question.  In the interests of writing no more than appropriate, I'll stick to answering your immediate question.  I am with the Northwest Front (a.k.a. the Party) out of Seattle and it is our objective to create an independent, all-white nation state in the Pacific Northwest.  Without going into great detail, this is firstly because an ethnostate is necessary to stave off White Genocide and secondly, because the various considerations of what such an ethnostate would require both for its creation and continued existence dictates that it would be the Pacific Northwest where this must take place.  I'll be candid and confess this is the last and only option available to our race if we intend to survive past the next few decades but it is not at all desirable from the standpoint of preference because it is inconvenient, difficult, and dangerous.  The core questions one might ask about this proposal are, "could we," "should we," and "are we?"  I'll do my best to be brief about these issues.

I initially encountered the Northwest Imperative (or Butler Plan) seven years ago while living in Kansas City shortly after becoming a White Nationalist.  Initially, I opposed it for reasons of whether or not it was feasible to actually pull off such a feat.  Even at that early date, it was obvious that no other option was available to White Nationalists on the North American continent and no in the Movement even bothered to pretend otherwise with the exception of a few absurd plans involving system politics.  I had to examine the issues of "could we" and "should we" for myself and I will briefly summarize.  It's worth noting that I decided I was morally obligated to participate in the Northwest Imperative and I arrived in Seattle in late 2011 where I have lived since.

Firstly, could we?

The answer, after reviewing all relevant historical material on the matter, is certainly yes.  This is the portion of the NF's program that is somewhat difficult to discuss openly, but it is within the law to discuss what I think would be a good idea in theory.  I'm quite plain about my belief that it would be a good idea for the Pacific Northwest to be forcibly removed from the existing power's grasp so that a new nation state can be created.  Our own country was created through similar methods and several others have been both just inside and just outside of living memory.  For easily accessible material about this process, I recommend the films The Patriot and Michael Collins.  I spent time working through quite a bit of written material by people who actually pulled this off for themselves and there isn't any reason White Nationalists couldn't do this for themselves if they were so motivated.  I can provide a list of that material on demand.  That said, why do this?

Secondly, should we?

An honest individual will have an easier time with this part of the case for the Butler Plan.  In truth, system politics and use of democracy hasn't been feasible for a few decades now.  This goes doubly so for White Nationalists who have been given many examples during said decades which confirm we do not actually have political rights anyone is concerned with.   

And even if we did, what would this get us?  Every attempt at either creating an ethnostate or returning the US to some sort of condition we would consider acceptable must immediately make plain the method by which it intends to right the demographic damage which passed the point of no return many years ago.  This is important to note because even if by some political miracle all non-White immigration were to be suddenly halted, the existing trend at this very moment is such that the final White births fit to call a generation are happening right now and we are on track (again, even in the context of this miracle) for racial extinction well before this century is out.  The various non-White elements and other undesirables are not simply going to cooperate with being made to remove themselves under any circumstances (either a pro-White government making them leave or else open race war.)

There is, in any analysis of any proposal one could make, no peaceful political solution on the path to anything resembling an acceptable ethnostate solution.  That being the case, the honest individual I mentioned will conclude that not only is there the issue of physically removing elements which cannot be present in an ethnostate, but removing ZOG's ability to subject White people to its laws.  The most likely scenario any desirable ethnostate will have to exist in colonial territory ZOG is willing to let go of because an assault on the system as a whole will be resisted to the last whereas a limited acquisition of unimportant regions is far more likely to succeed (as history has shown.)   

There is also the issue of whether or not such a new nation will have what it needs to exist and be defensible.  I won't spend time on this any further since the details could fill volumes, but the summary of it all is simply that only the Pacific Northwest is a fit location for the ethnostate which almost every White Nationalist I've spoken to agrees we need.

Thirdly, are we (actually doing this?)

Honesty compels me to be entirely candid here, but thankfully, this candidness is easily extended to all of White Nationalism and even our race as a whole.  Universal objectivity, sadly, isn't very kind to anyone with our politics right now and likely won't be for some time.  For starters, I personally am certainly doing everything I can to create the sort of infrastructure the Party needs to bring the Northwest American Republic into existence since I came here to participate.  Others make their Northwest Migration to the proposed Homeland all the time, though not in the numbers we would like.   

Overall, the Party has estimated that we will require one thousand dedicated volunteers to form a functional revolutionary entity.  Again, discussing the details of this are a somewhat challenging thing to do when, like us, one values legality as a tactic to maintain functionality in society.  The NF's founder, Harold Covington, wrote a series of novels describing the most likely version of events - with special emphasis on the character of the people involved - based on how these things are historically pulled off.  If you're interested, PDF copies are freely distributed when they are requested.

Since this has gone on long enough, I'll be as brief as possible and then wrap up.  It's entirely true the Party isn't nearly as far along in the Butler Plan as it should be and the bulk of this fault is on us.  That said, there are more than enough dedicated and sincere White Nationalists able to assist that if they were to do so (as I believe they are morally obligated to do,) I genuinely do not believe we would fail (mostly for reasons involving the weakened and decaying state of America and its empire.)   

So what gives?  As I have been honest about our situation, I am entitled to be honest (even though it is downright unflattering) of the situation in which the rest of White Nationalism finds itself.  Truth be told, there isn't anything of genuine substance going on elsewhere, either, so the NF is not any worse off than any other Movement entity even though it is barely better at the best of times.  And I in no way mean this as a criticism, either.  I confess the Party harps about the lack of any other alternative, but this is more profound that most realize.   

Having no other plan to gauge themselves against, the rest of White Nationalism cannot (with a straight face) claim to have succeeded in any meaningful way because there is no failure condition present.  It's true that a handful of demonstrations and a massive online media presence are truly novel happenings, but without any purpose, they remain novelties (however impressive I am forced to admit they are.)

In truth, the actual problem we as a race have is that our character - for various reasons which I readily agree are not all our fault - has been warped and molded by the societies we see around us.  American White Nationalism has a history of drawing in the most damaged and immoral (or, sometimes, amoral) of our race.  It's true there are some very clear exceptions to this but they were eventually disabled by - among other things - those of poor character around them.  This has been documented by an anonymous Movement fellow who the above-board old hands still around (of which, to be entirely transparent, I am most certainly not one) agree knows their stuff.  This documentation exists in the form of A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement and I'm happy to pass along a copy.   

We (and I mean White Nationalism at large, though the NF to a certain degree in particular) also face an additional (and sadly, very American) problem of newly racial people not understanding that they are going to have to solve their own problems.  Every White Nationalist outfit has "hit the wall" the NF is currently hitting because it is somehow expected that we (which, again, is the Movement as a whole) produce a "finished product" which makes it possible to solve the entire problem of White Genocide by some means (political or otherwise) without any of us needing to exert any effort.  This, purely in my opinion, is the largest hurdle any White Nationalist is going to have to overcome once we, collectively, are willing to accept that no political solution is available.

To wrap this up and answer the last portion of your request, no, the NF does not LARP.  I actually gave a long talk about this some years back on the Party's weekly podcast Radio Free Northwest.  Firstly, such a thing only serves to identify individual White Nationalists for personal defunctionalization and secondly, public demonstrations don't actually factor in to the strategies and tactics needed to actually create a new nation from liberated territory.   

In other words, they are all downside from our perspective.  I should also emphasize that any involvement with our sort of politics is deadly dangerous as the White Nationalist Idaho attorney Edgar Steele found out some years ago (to quote one example.)  If we weren't just as deadly serious about this, we wouldn't do what we're trying to do.

Is this the information you were looking for?  And if so, is it of any interest?  I'm happy to provide more information as needed, but I'd prefer to stop talking now since, while focused, I have taken entirely too much of your time and I would prefer to know I'm not wasting it.

Thank you.

Evan McLaren to Andy Donner, September 14, 2017

Frankly, it's not the information I was looking for.

I understand the ethnostate and it is the ultimate goal towards which I am driving.

My question is very simple and direct: what are you doing, personally? The goal of the ethnostate is before you, and so to attain it you wake up each day and ... what? Paint a picture for me.

Again, this may sound glib or insulting, but I am serious. I want to understand the position from which you are judging, for example, our activity here at NPI.

Andy Donner to Evan McLaren, September 14, 2017

I have to insist I've actually answered your question, but since it's been asked again, I'll provide more detail, though not much.  Details don't serve here when I'm actually trying to address big picture issues.  It's not that you're asking an unfair question as such; my criticism is based entirely on the issue of whether or not you're asking the right question.  For discussion purposes, I'm quite happy to concede that NPI (and just for fun, the rest of the Alt. Right and White Nationalism) are better on an item-by-item basis.  The focus of my criticism was on the lack of a plan to govern these activities and productions.  But more on that later.

In general, what I do each day is attempt to bring a particular plan closer to fruition.  I specifically spend most of my time attempting to persuade otherwise decent White Nationalists that the Butler Plan is the only shot we have and that there's little point to doing much else.  That, in turn, spurs a fair bit of actual research into change management (yes, really) and media creation.  I will occasionally devote some effort to ideological education when we're faced with issues such as why Libertarianism isn't compatible with racial nationalism (or whatever the issue happens to be at the moment.)  In fact, quite a bit of the time I put in to the Party is conversations like this (which I will expand on shortly.)

In every relevant sense, my answer to your question is that "I'm following a plan which is known to bring about a tangible objective" and my basis for judging NPI (which I judge along with the rest of the Alt. Right and White Nationalism at large) is that no plan with even a partial chance for actually creating a White Homeland has ever been presented.   

I mentioned a history of White Nationalism and it's entirely apropos.  In fact, that same history reveals so-called White Nationalists cannot be taken to be result-oriented at all.  The overall outcome of all the massive (and again, admittedly impressive) things the White Nationalist Movement has produced is nothing more than "raising awareness," "spurring discussion," or some other variant on the "waking people up" trope which has been done so many times before that there's no reason to concern ourselves with it.

Returning to my primary concern, I can't help but chuckle when the Northwest Front or one of our associates is asked "what are you personally doing?" because the underlying assumption is that the Party and those involved in it are also merely repeating the previous decades of failure and don't have grounds for asking the question.

In truth, it's the other way around.  Those of us advocating Northwest Migration (which is the current active phase of the Butler Plan) all kept our mouths shut, brought ourselves here, got settled, and figured out what we each need to do to further the Party's objectives.  I'm not saying others in the Movement are doing nothing, but it's fairly obvious to those of us concerned with the outcome that they're not doing anything in service of an actual objective.

It's fine to say that White Nationalists want an ethnostate, but only the Butler Plan has explicitly defined an actual objective (as opposed to saying "an ethnostate is the goal") and how that objective could be realized.  Without that, whatever else is going on doesn't matter and White Nationalist history proves that beyond any doubt.

Earlier, I said much of my time goes into one-on-one conversations and occasionally group talks like this (some of which end up being Radio Free Northwest material.)  Most of the opposition the Party runs in to from the ever-present White character issue which immediately prevents taking the necessary actions to correctly involve oneself in developing a functional revolutionary Party.

That being the case, and this being one of "those" conversations, I need to ask a potentially vexing question.  I still assert that I actually answered you the first time (though, admittedly, in a very verbose way with due explanations) and I believe I was clear.  Was I as clear as I think I was?  If so, why you to deliberately sidestep my core concern?  If not, how would you suggest I alter that presentation?

Evan McLaren to Andy Donner, September 15, 2017

You answered a little more this time--you converse with people, and promote your plan through the media.

You have an explicit plan, the Butler Plan, that you indicate is the only one that makes sense.

But in order to execute a plan you need power, and people on your side. There are not enough people who support the Butler Plan, or any notion of an ethnostate, for it to be achieved. More people need to be inspired to believe in their own identity and destiny, and in the idea of the ethnostate, for this to be possible. This is the project at which our work here at NPI is directed.

Evan McLaren to Andy Donner, March 9, 2018

You never answered this email to explain what you find lacking in my responses yet complain on Twitter that our activity and telos are unserious and insubstantial. Remarkable. Why are we obliged to justify ourselves to you? Who are you?

Andy Donner to Evan McLaren, March 9, 2018

I decided there was very little point since you made it clear you wanted to side-step the issue of whether or not Spencer / NPI / any other relevant person or entity has some sort of end goal or plan to take the ethnostate out of the realm of theory.  This is what started the conversation in the first place and refusing to address that is entirely unserious and insubstantial (assuming one's objective actually is the ethnostate.)  If I've misunderstood what you're aiming for, then simply say so.

To be entirely frank, given Spencer (and NPI's) morally and ideological oddities (letting alone what may or may not be odd slips in unexpectedly candid moments on film) a certain amount of justification is required.  I went on a tiny rant about the important of ideological integrity and how a lack thereof has always been responsible for failures and embarrassments in White Nationalist history.  I won't bother repeating it here, though I will point out that there can't be discussion of any solution until everyone is on the same page and Richard Spencer is a key figure (though, to be fair, by no means the only one) holding this back.

NPI claims to speak for the interests of White people and they should expect White people to hold them accountable.  That goes double for someone wanting a prominent position (or even leadership status, if some deleted tweets are to be believed) when they have no program whatsoever to accomplish their stated goal while a perfection option exists that they ignore.

Evan McLaren to Andy Donner, March 9, 2018

I'd love to talk with you on the phone about this right now if you are game. You and Covington seek through your repetitive written non sequiturs to give the appearance the you've identified great lacunae and failings. Your tedium would not withstand a few minutes of oral, rather than just written verbal, conversation.

The truly outrageous moment today was Covington's brazen refusal even to attempt to justify his confidently-expressed claim that the Charlottesville lawsuit has cost NPI a great deal of money. I know otherwise, but the facts to not matter to either of you. Have the integrity to call me up and justify yourselves, or not.  [Telephone number redacted]

Andy Donner to Evan McLaren, March 9, 2018

Spencer (and, to lesser extent,) NPI's severe issues have been well-documented over years simply by tweets alone.  And all this was prior to anyone in the Movement calling him our for what was always morally questionable behavior.  Further, it has never been the NF that documented these things or even brought them to light.  Asking us to justify them isn't remotely honest.  And for discussion's sake, even if Spencer and NPI were entirely upstanding according to White Nationalist standards, there's still the very direct issue of claiming some sort of prominence without letting anyone in on what the goal is or how we're to get there.

If you would like to lay that on us, we're all ears since that's the single largest outstanding matter. A phone conversation isn't required to reply to this inquiry since ample opportunity is available where we ask on Twitter.

If you would like to ask Harold himself about the lawsuit question, his email is provided along with this response.

Evan McLaren to Andy Donner, March 9, 2017

Your repetitive prompts are conclusory and give the strong impression that you are unserious, bad-faith respondents. I might consider proceeding with some sort of dialogue if Harold admits that he cannot remotely substantiate his claim that the Charlottesville suit has cost NPI money. If not, then I doubt I can dismiss you insultingly enough. Let me know.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Revolutionary Life - From Freedom's Sons, Part Two

Later on that night, Robert  Campbell stopped  by  his  sister’s  house,  the Chancellor’s official residence on  campus.  Jenny  was  getting her own children  to bed, and then she came down and joined her brother and her husband in the living room.  The  once  pretty  girl  had become  a  mature  and beautiful matron  of strength and  dignity,  and  Jason  was  now  entering  an  early   middle  age, which  one understood would be the prime of his life. 

“You know I always envied the hell out of you two,” Bobby confessed to them, although he’d said it before. “The lives you led with the NVA. I was just a kid at the time, and I know that like most kids I was romanticizing danger and violence and terror into some thing it isn’t. I’ve picked up that much in the cops. But now this thing has come up. I can’t tell you any of the details, and I can’t tell you why I of all people drew the short straw and got picked for  this,  but  I  guess  you  can  figure  out  that  I’m  not  going  undercover  to  bust  car thieves  or  burglary  gangs  in  Seattle.  I’m  going  Out  There,  and  it’s  going  to  be pretty hairy.”

“The Circus?” asked Jason.

“Yeah. I  want to  ask  you  two:  how  do  you  do  it?  How  do  you  move  and function  and  fight  and  survive  in  it  all?  I  imagine  it  must  be  like  a  diver  at  the bottom of the sea in one of those old-fashioned suits with the brass helmet and the air hose, having to watch every step and make sure you don’t get tangled or sucked into anything, but I don’t really know what that means. How do you do it? How do you get the job done and come back alive? I have a lot to come back to.”

“I know,” said Jason sympathetically.

“Any tips?” he asked.

“Rule  number  one,”  said  Jason.  “Stay  focused,  as  psycho-babblish  as  that sounds. Always be aware of your surroundings. Know where you are, know where everything is, know who is around you and where. When you go into a room, you register  every  single  person  in  it,  every  exit,  every  object.  Watch  people.  Every move they make, every word they say, every gesture, anything that marks them as a friend or a foe, or in most cases neither, just part of the shifting scenery. But you have  to  be  able  to  tell  the  difference.  You  start  drifting  or  daydreaming  about Millie  and  the  kids  and  you’ll  end  up lying  on  a  gurney  dressed  in  orange  with  a needle sticking in your arm, and they will never see you again.”

“Never  forget  who  you’re  supposed  to  be,”  said  Jenny.  “Be that person.  If you’re supposed to be Cherry Cahoon the trashed-out crack whore, you’re Cherry the  junkie.  If  you’re  supposed  to  be  Molly  Hansen  the  soccer  jock chick,  you’re  Molly  Hansen  down  to  your  socks  and  your  cleats.  If  you’re supposed to be Louise Benteen the junior U.S. Attorney,  you swing that briefcase right through the security checks
­­­‪­‪­‪­­­‪‪­­‪like  you’re  Louise  and no one  else.”  Bob  got  the impression she wasn’t just pulling names out of the air. “If you just put on an act, if you’re  just  playing  a  role,  you’ll  forget  your  lines  or  slip  up  on  a  name  or something  that  Cherry  or  Molly  or  Louise  should  know,  and  some  gun  thug  will pick up on it.”

“Keep  your  weapons  clean  as  a  whistle  with  just  enough  oil  so  they  will function,” said Jason. “When you need it, you’re going to need it in a split second, and  a  stoppage  means  death.  Always  carry  a  backup  gun,  something  small  like a .380  or  a  .22  that  will  fit  in  an  ankle  holster  or  a  pocket  or  even  up  your  sleeve. Don’t carry a knife unless you know what you’re doing, and you can use it without a second’s hesitation.”

“Any time you get a chance to go to the bathroom, take it, whether you need to  or  not,”  Jenny  told  him.  “Same  thing  with  sleep.  A  revolutionary  lives  on  cat naps.  No  drugs  to  stay  awake  and  don’t  touch  a  drop  of  booze  while  you’re working, which is always. Any of this sound helpful at all?”

“I guess,” said Bob. “I got all that in--well, I was taught. But mostly I just want to know how you did it, year after year, without going nuts?”

The two of them were quiet for a bit. “Bob,” Jason finally said, “I’m not sure how  to  put  this,  but during  thosea  years,  Jenny  and  I  were  both  scared  shitless most  of  the  time.  We  were  scared  of  death,  we  were  scared  of  prison  and  the waterboard  and  the  electrode  and  the  Dershowitz  needles,  and  above  all  we  were terrified  that  one  of  us  would  die and  the  other  would  have  to  live  on,  that  this house  and  this  life  and  those  kids  upstairs  would  never  be.  But  the  one  thing  we were  never  afraid  of,  not  ever,  was  that  we  would  lose.  The  NVA  and  the revolution were part of history and we were part of the NVA and the revolution. It was who we were, and we were that because we knew, we knew, that the survival of  our  race  was  the  will  of  God,  and  that  so  long  as  we  did  His  will  as  best  we could,  we  would  be  sustained. Someday  it  would  be  over,  and  the  world would be right again. When you know that in your soul, as we did, then once you get Out There, you’ll know what to do.”

Thursday, March 01, 2018

We Hit The Crystal Ball Again

 [Excerpted from NF Bulletin #14, March 2018]

I’m going to give you a rundown on some of the possible things we may be facing in the near and mid-term future, meaning any time from tomorrow to about ten years from now. Bear in mind that all of these scenarios need to be examined in the light of two possible internal developments within the Party and the White nationalist movement in general: either A) we finally get our act together; or B) we don’t. In order to begin making at least some eleventh-hour effort to start getting our act together, we need to exert some serious, thoughtful effort to predict what we will be dealing with. I need to begin with the whole ongoing Trump situation, because right now that is what is obsessing Team Soros to the point of gibbering.

I. The Fate of the Trumpeldor

It turns out that the leitmotif of this century-old crisis of civilization, as it heads toward its ultimate implosion, is one none of us ever expected. We thought that movie would be either 1984 or Mad Max. Instead, it’s looking like Jerry Springer.

Ever since I can remember, many kosher conservatives always had this pipe dream about how all our problems would be solved if we could just get a “good man” elected president. Well, that didn’t happen. We didn’t get a good man elected president, but we did get an interesting one. It says something that 14 months into his administration, I’m still not certain whether Donald Trump is an evil genius or an incredibly lucky buffoon, but it doesn’t really matter. What he is, is a genuine outsider, and the corrupt and senile established order is tearing itself apart trying to get rid of him. That titanic struggle of the Swamp to vomit forth the vile interloper and sink back into its accustomed state of odoriferous ooze will be the theme of the next several years.

First, I need to clarify completely my attitude toward Donald Trump. I’ve done this before, but like so much, it seems to need spaced repetition. Yes, I’m well aware that he is not and has never been one of us. I knew this, and said so repeatedly during the 2016 election. You may recall one of my first comments about him: “I’d like to see a lot more Huey Long there and a lot less P.T. Barnum.” That still holds true. Yes, I’m acutely aware of his many, many defects as a man and as a leader, not the least being his fawning subservience to the Jews and their shitty little country on the Mediterranean. For the first time in history there are Jews actually living in the White House as family members; that rumbling sound you hear is George Washington and Andrew Jackson turning over in their graves.

Yes, I’m aware of Trump’s partiality for the absolute worst elements in the conservative movement and the alt.right, including one of his former staff advisors who really did claim to be “one of us” and who was a former Pentagon spook and Goldman Sachs investment banker, for God’s sake! Yes, I’m aware Trump sometimes shows signs suspiciously like dementia in his tweets. Yes, I’m aware he is a sociopath who is quite capable of starting a nuclear war just to piss off the New York Times, a motivation I can relate to, but since I live in Seattle, which might get a North Korean nuke dropped on it if the fat boy in Pyongyang can get any of his toys to work, I admit the possibility does make me a bit twitchy. And yes, I am aware that even on his best days, Donald Trump is not part of the solution, at least not long term. He has bought us a breather, but it’s a breather we will probably pay for in blood one day in the not too distant future, possibly in a literal sense. When Team Soros in the form of the Democratic party finally overthrow him and once again seize back the power, their wrath against anyone who so much as posted a politically incorrect tweet during these years will be terrible and their vengeance maniacal.

All that having been said, I must once again remind you of what this deeply flawed and possibly barking mad man saved us from. I don’t think there can be any question that if the Hildebeest had been installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for eight years, this country and possibly all that remains of Western culture and society would not have survived in any recognizable form. If the Clintons had won, that election would have been our last, in any meaningful or traditional sense. The Slow Coming Dark would have arrived.

Eight more years of—them—would have destroyed us; the border which Obama abolished with a stroke of his pen would have remained non-existent, and by ’24 the entire North American continent would be overrun with foreigners who would have been given the vote, along with the convicted criminals Florida is now trying to enfranchise. A one-party state similar to that of the PRI in Mexico would have been established. On November 8th, 2016, for the first time since 1945, Donald J. Trump actually rolled back the Slow Coming Dark, if only for a few years. Whatever colossal fuckup he may make in the future, let that wonderful moment when we watched the smirk wiped off Rachel Maddow’s face be forever remembered. That one night alone, in my opinion, has earned Donald Trump a resting place in a marble tomb with an eternal flame, after the bastards murder him. As they most likely will.

II. The Frenzy of the Beast

One need only read a few selected left-loon websites like Salon, Huffington Post, Slate and the Daily Beast to observe that Team Soros seems to have completely gone off the deep end. Trump’s very existence is a living insult to their monstrous egos, a mockery of their arrogant sense of privilege and entitlement, a cosmic middle finger extended under their elevated noses, a slap right in the face to their ingrained and never-until-now challenged, automatic assumption of their own moral superiority over the rest of us pale-skinned peasantry. They cannot let his election stand.

Their hatred for Donald Trump has long since passed all bounds of proportion or sanity; when one reads these columns of theirs, all you hear is one gigantic scream of hatred. “Kill him! Kill him! Oh, won’t someone besides me please kill him?” There is no doubt in my mind that the left-loons of the media—all the media, from Salon to MSNBC—are practicing what is known as “stochastic terrorism,” i.e. deliberately attempting to incite one or more of the many weak-minded, confused, and unstable people on the internet to murder the President of the United States and take the resulting lifetime in prison or the poison needle in his veins, while the internet pundit from Salon who spurred him on high-fives his or her colleagues and hits the fern bar, or goes home to heat up some microwave quiche and open a bottle of Chardonnay.

So far it hasn’t worked, although there appear to have been several half-assed assassination plots which were intercepted by the Secret Service or Trump’s private bodyguards. These included one especially interesting incident, where a former spook who was listed as dead turned up on an elevator in Trump Tower carrying a silenced and untraceable pistol. (That one disappeared off the radar in a hurry.)

Early on in Trump’s presidency I noted Soron’s frantic, hysterical determination to “fix the mistake of November 8th” (their words) i.e. make sure Trump does not complete his allotted four-year term, thus thwarting the will of the people and letting everybody know who’s still boss.  I pointed out they had two ways to do this: A) Kill him; B) Use the law to stage a quasi-legal coup d’état using either impeachment or the 25th Amendment.

This they are attempting to do via the glaringly politicized and corrupt Special Counsel investigation of Robert Mueller, but Mueller may not be able to fabricate any actual evidence that the president has snow on his boots. In any case, anything that came from the Mueller dog and pony show would have to wait until after the November mid-terms and a hypothetical, by-no-means-certain Democrat victory so that a Democrat-controlled House would vote articles of impeachment and a Democrat-controlled Senate, acting as jury in Trump’s trial, would vote to convict. It is highly doubtful that either chamber will lose its Republican majority, never mind both. But then there is also the possibility of Republican treachery from the McCains and Grahams and Ryans and McConnells and other RINOs, which is an imponderable.

Finally, there’s a possible variation on the theme, murder by stealth. There have been rumors floating around the internet—which are worth just that, rumors floating around the internet, no more no less—that Trump is being slowly poisoned by someone close to him, which accounts for some of his erratic behavior. A “natural” death would sure as hell solve a lot of problems for these reptiles. I know, it all sounds a little too ancient Rome or Renaissance Italy for today’s ambience, but when the wealth and power of a long-established political, cultural, and economic establishment is threatened, human beings down through history tend to react in pretty much the same ways to preserve that wealth and power.

III. How We Roll

So how does the Northwest independence movement roll during this time period, the few years (or maybe months) of breathing space we have remaining while Trump is in office, before his likely disappearance from the scene in a blaze of GUBU? Before all of a sudden we’re looking at some high-yellow or hate-maddened bitch like Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren crouched behind the desk in the Oval Office? (The Democratic machine appears absolutely determined to run a woman candidate in 2020 and doesn’t even seem to be considering any men at all.] 

1. Professionalize, professionalize, professionalize! I still don’t know how we’re going to do it, sans money and Class-A bodies physically here in the Northwest Homeland, but it has to be done. Either you guys have to come up with said pictures of Ben Franklin and said Class A’s, mature and serious adults fully committed to the creation of a new nation, or else we’re going to have to come up with a hell of work-around. 

If we can establish PPP (Permanent Physical Presence) with actual human beings instead of electronics, and use the internet to break out of our present bubble (my Twitter has been stuck on around 1600 followers for some months now), then we’ll have a chance. It is important not only to “red-pill” people with the Northwest Imperative and get them to Come Home, but we have to give them something to do when they get here. That can’t just be to sit up here in the Northwest and play on the internet like they could have done back in Milwaukee or Atlanta. We have to use the internet to let people know that we are here and what we believe, what solutions we have. But we can’t just ask them to move everything they have here and find nothing but a few old guys sitting in ratty tenement apartments. We have to be able to show them something when they get here.

I can still do that, but I need money and I need bodies. The cavalry really, really needs to come over the hill soon.

2. Build Trouble Trios. Every one of you reading this, whether in the Homeland or not, should concentrate on creating your own Trouble Trio (reference The Brigade), small affinity groups of serious, adult, committed White men and possibly a few extraordinary women. Affinity groups who live within half an hour’s drive of each other and who interface with one another on a regular basis in the real world, not on the internet.

3. Quietly accumulate legal firearms. Yes, that will give you some idea of just how serious I am. I have never been a Movement gun nut, and I have always avoided all the wild-eyed gun talk because of the attention it draws from bad people in authority and strange people in our own ranks. I also genuinely believed for many years that actual serious tactical discussion of firearms was premature. No more.

4) In the name of God, start planning your Homecoming! It is no coincidence that I recently chose Chapter V from Freedom’s Sons to read on Radio Free Northwest. Plan your migration to the Pacific Northwest now, and do it while you still can by driving down interstate highways and staying in warm motel beds every night and set up some kind of home and job and life to come to when you get here. Or else you may well have to do it like the Horakovas. 

5. Understand what it is we have to do. We have this ridiculous idea that winning an argument on the internet is the same as winning a revolution and securing the existence of our people and a future for White children. It is not.

In the first place, it's impossible to win an argument on the internet, because our enemies remain standing and keep on coming back, vomiting their crap all over us no matter what. It just goes on and on, world without end, while our situation out in the real world grows ever more dire. We have in fact already won the argument many times over, because we are right. Now the time has come to reap the fruits of that victory. We must compel these howling dogs to shut the fuck up and remain quiet, permanently. 

We really, really, really need to get this thing of ours off electronic screens and back into the real world. I say again, professionalize! That’s the first step toward taking this whole thing of ours back into the real world where real things happen. This is not The Matrix and we need to stop twisting and squirming and seeking some way to avoid the fact that some people are going to be hurt, and some of them will be us.