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HAC Twitter Account Suspended

This is the tweet for which my Twitter account was finally suspended.

Harold Covington

It is better for White people to die on their feet rather than live on their knees. I seem to be pretty much alone in that opinion. Most of you seem quite comfortable on your knees, with no real desire to change anything.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Bringing Our Sisters Home

[From NF Bulletin #18, July 2018]

If I had to pick the absolute worst thing that political correctness has done to us, I would say that would be the way it has driven a now almost insurmountable wedge between men and women. On several occasions in the recent past, I’ve expressed my concern about the growing level of hatred, contempt, and anger which has arisen between men and women involved in the so-called “alt.right.” Yeah, yeah, I know we’re not alt.right, and I know there is something called alt.lite with all kinds of hair-splitting and discussion of various kinds of people who should not be among us at all, but let’s just take all the usual disclaimers as read, please. This isn’t about the alt.right.

Nowhere else is the genocidal and anti-human nature of left-wing political correctness more apparent than in the division it has erected between the sexes. Nothing else has caused more suffering, anguish, disruption to civilization or loss to the world’s White gene pool than the creation of a society where men and women view one another as adversaries and competitors, instead of partners. The instigation and propagation of this hatred between men and women is the Beast’s greatest success story, possibly in the long run a greater victory for the Darkness than Zionism, Marxism, or both world wars.

Nothing serves the Beast’s ultimate agenda of population replacement and White genocide more efficiently. When men and women hate one another, the number of babies born drops like a stone, and we get closer and closer to that point of no return where our racial extinction becomes inevitable. White men are becoming increasingly embittered and misogynist, and White women increasingly feminist, misandrist, and hypergamic, that is to say only marrying up, seeking mates based only on superior social status, wealth and material goods. Hypergamy leads to serious damage to the gene pool and a plunge in White births.

The level of conflict and hatred between the genders has reached the point where there are well-populated internet tendencies such as MGTOW, (Men Going Their Own Way), the incel movement, and the so-called manosphere. Women display their own animus toward men of their own race by simply withdrawing, and having nothing to do with us, basically going off into a corner and bitching about men to one another. In some cases White women have gone over completely to feminism, perversion and political correctness, although not as many as it sometimes appears, I think. I suspect that if honestly offered the old deal, from an honest and decent man with a real trade or profession who looks and comports himself like a man and not an overgrown child, then most women would jump at it.

Let me make clear that I am not only referring to a small group of internet cultists here, which is essentially what White nationalism is right now. I’m referring to men and women as a whole, the remaining portion of the world’s Caucasian population throughout the Western world which has at least the potential to recover themselves morally and socially, and to return to some form of sanity and productive life. That is—big if—if our wee little Movement can ever get our act together, and we can purge the politically correct toxins from our moral and social systems.

We’ve always had this problem; gender representation in all forms of White right or racial dissident movements has always been badly lopsided. Generally speaking, right wing and racial groups, or I should say audiences, since we’re all internet now and there are no more real world organizations consisting of actual human bodies, anyway, our audiences have a membership which is about 95% male; of which probably about 60% of that audience is over the age of 50, which is I think a little bit better than it used to be, and maybe 80% of our audience is over the age of 30.  In other words, like all dissident movements, we attract the very people who are most seriously affected by the crisis on a personal level, and who have been personally sodomized by America. I won’t get into the whole yadda yadda about boomers this and Millennials that, we’re not talking about that here, we’re discussing the entire White population of the world, of both genders.

After we lost the last of our buildings back in the early 90s, we used to hold meetings in rented motel banquet rooms. Some guy would take a photo of the speaker for the newspaper or the newsletter from the rear of the room, and all you saw was the backs of grey heads, with the few women present having blue hair. Not a body under 55 in the whole room. The internet has changed that, at least. I will say that there has been some marked improvement in the age level of the White nationalist and separatist audience over the past few years. We’re getting some women now although not anywhere near what we should be, even some of child-bearing age, which never used to happen. Young White men and women are being damaged more and more by political correctness, especially when it comes to college admission and to being able to get a meaningful degree that will actually let a young person earn a living, in an environment which is no longer physically or politically safe for young people of our skin color. I know a lot of young White men are coming to us now because of the way they have been personally victimized, unfortunately by White women in many cases.

Let me make clear just what I’m driving at here. In the past I’ve said that there are some problems which our movement should not even attempt to solve, until such time as we have full state power in a land of our own, but the problem of misogyny and hatred between the genders is not one of them. I believe this issue is so crucial to our racial survival that even in our present discombobulated state, we need to begin making an effort to resolve this situation now.

We have to start re-building bridges between ourselves and our sisters. I’ve said that I wish it was possible to sit down across a negotiating table from some kind of women’s delegation with the authority to speak for and commit Western women to some kind of treaty or social compact, that would involve our sisters deserting the enemy camp and returning to our side where they belong, on the quid pro quo that we men would in turn grow our asses up, cultivate a work ethic, and stop acting like perpetual adolescents in an American Pie movie. And stop doing a lot of other really nasty things that women have every right to complain about.

                                       Vive La DiffĂ©rence!

In the 1890s France was considering giving women the vote, and some famous French feminist whose name I can’t recall was given the honor, unique for a woman at that time, of addressing the National Assembly in full session. All male of course. They sat there attired in their full formal dress suits with the cravats and the white gloves and the spats, wide shoulder sashes, decorations, top hats and other such 1890s politicians’ fripperies. All very French. The lady was up on the podium haranguing them with her feminist rap, which was listened to in polite silence. She concluded her speech with “Really, monsieurs, you must acknowledge that when one comes right down to it, there is very little difference between men and women.” At this remark, the entire French Chamber of Deputies spontaneously rose to its feet as one man, and shouted out “Vive la diffĂ©rence!”

Men and women are different. Not inherently inferior or superior to one another, just different. To say that one sex is in any way inferior or superior to another is like saying that apples are inferior to oranges or vice versa. They are two different fruits; the idea of them being equal or unequal to one another isn’t a real thing.

The differences between men and women are about 20% environmental and psychological, that 20% being subject to a certain limited degree of possible manipulation and alteration, but by no means as much so as feminists would like to have us believe. That’s the part we both need to work on. Beyond that, gender differences are 80% genetic, biological, structural, and biochemical. It’s therefore pointless and absurd to try and create in men and women two “equal” humanoid organisms. It can’t be done, and it is clearly the intention of Nature that it not be done.

Men, on the whole, are physically larger and stronger than women. There are evolutionary reasons for that having to do with the biological functions for which both genders were designed by Nature, or God if you will. Yes, there are individual exceptions, more so in today’s politically correct culture as White males degenerate into Dilbert-esque cubicle rats and Mom’s basement dwellers, and women become more masculine in character, which seems to somewhat augment their physical size. But in more or less organic, non-politically correct societies of all races, men are always larger and stronger. 

As an aside, one of the most sinister developments in recent years have been several statistical surveys and studies indicating that sedentary American White males are actually losing their virility in the physical as well as the moral sense; White sperm counts have been dropping for almost twenty years. We are becoming less than men in every sense.

Nature through millions of years of evolution has given human men and women a natural division of labor, one which cannot be repealed by feminism or affirmative action. This natural division of labor can’t be changed by mentally disturbed women running around naked and screaming in public, which is apparently the latest feminist thing. It can’t be changed by anything, it’s hard-wired into all of us by whoever or whatever brought us to be.

That natural division is simple: the man with his strength and propensity for violence provides the food, the shelter, and the protection from enemies for the family unit. The woman bears and raises the children. This is how human beings are supposed to live; indeed, the only way they can live past a couple of confused and chaotic generations of the kind we are experiencing now. It is innate. It is biological. It cannot be changed, and any attempt to tamper with it produces disaster and destruction, as we are now learning in Obama’s America, the house that Barry and Hillary built, and which we are learning cannot be dismantled quickly even by a duly elected President of the United States.

No baby creatures are more helpless than human infants. Snakes and alligators are self-sufficient from the time they hatch, birds and kittens and puppies are up and functioning and providing their own food in a matter of weeks. Human babies must be fed initially by a mother’s milk for a period of months, and then on specially treated and prepared food for another year or so. They cannot defend themselves or escape from an enemy unaided. Children cannot really live on their own with any hope of survival for the first ten or eleven years of life.

The whole “traditional nuclear family” so hated and railed at by liberals and feminists is an institution ordained by God/gods/Nature/The Force/the Great Pumpkin or whatever to make sure that the human species continues to exist. The primary purpose of the man-woman relationship is to produce children and care for them until they are adult enough to fend for themselves. The emotional and cultural side benefits to marriage are valuable and have produced our whole civilization, but they are in fact incidental by-products of the central process of continuing the human species. The father and the mother are not the most vital part of the picture, although they are essential: the children are.

Primitive non-White societies in Africa and the Third World still follow this pattern, in many cases increasing their fecundity through polygamy. In Western cultures, for the most part, men and women have generally mated for life down through the years; there are some records of polygamy in ancient Aryan cultures but not as many as elsewhere. The ancient Norse and Germans practiced it, but gave it up about the turn of the last millennium. For good or for ill, once the White race became Christianized, polygamy vanished, except for odd minor exceptions like the Mormons for about 50 years.

Men and women are two halves of a whole. Neither can or should exist without the other. The idea of two halves of the same organism competing with one another, dominating one another, or existing in enmity with one another is an obvious recipe for destruction. This is why the Beast promotes the idea that men and women are some kind of natural enemies, as it promotes any and all things which are destructive and poisonous and breed confusion and unhappiness among our people. The Beast hates us, and want us all dead, and it uses every weapon to bring this about, including feminism.

Homosexuality is a loathsome perversion. It is absolutely and utterly wrong, because it denies the natural division of labor between man and woman and because it precludes the production of children. The instinctive loathing that the overwhelming majority of normal people feel even today for faggots and dykes is an inner recognition on the part of our genetic makeup (or souls, if you are Christian) that what is going on is unnatural and counter-survival (or sinful).

This is why politically correct brainwashing and social engineering, relatively successful in obtaining a grudging acceptance of mud people as equals, seems largely to have floundered when trying mentally and emotionally to coerce people into accepting the open practice of sodomy. This is especially true when it involves a sodomitic threat to children: Whites are still capable of anger and action when the local school board tries to bring in Heather Has Two Mommies, about the only thing left they will react to. Millions of years of genetic codes triggering biological survival behavior cannot be overwritten by fifty years of Hollywood propaganda or suppressed by hate speech laws.

In order for us to recover the peace, the happiness, the stability and the strength we once had, White people must seek to re-create a world based on natural order, and that most specifically includes a return to what are referred to as traditional family values, with the gainfully employed father as the head of the family and the full-time mother and homemaker as the family’s heart. This does not in any way involve enslaving women; in the very real sense it liberates them from feminism and Judaic values and the true slavery of the marketplace. The women of the future will have a freedom which they have all but lost today—the freedom to be real women.

What feminists want, claim, or advocate is not relevant to anything in the real world. They more than liberals as a whole are doomed to eventual defeat and disappointment, however much they may have achieved a very temporary and very slight, superficial success in the English speaking world. Feminism is essentially a form of sexual perversion, because it distorts what is natural in the sexual roles of men and women. Feminism, like integration and all forms of liberalism, can only be imposed on both men and women at the point of a gun, literally or economically.

Remove the force of the Beast’s law and the economic necessity for women to work simply to make ends meet, and feminism will die, and die quickly. Within a generation it will be nothing more than a bad memory.

If Donald Trump Pardons Me

by Bill White

I was sitting around yesterday when the same fellow who has spent the past few days asking people if they want to escape came up, and asked me what country I would flee to if Donald Trump were to release me from prison. In a normal prison, this kind of conversation only comes up when someone is being paid by the prison administration to set you up for additional crimes. In the CMU, this kind of conversation occurs repeatedly, every day, all day long, in various forms from people too mentally ill to understand that they shouldn't be having it, yet too timid to be any real threat.

Still, though, the question of what I will do if Donald Trump pardons me is a good question. I was thinking about it just the night before.  If I'm released from prison because of a grant of clemency from Donald Trump, the situation will be a very different one that if I obtain my release by fighting it out through the courts.  The former would be a sign that honest and decent people have finally, for the first time in my 41 years of life, obtained control of the government. The latter would be a sign that the Deep State continues to reign, despite the best efforts of Donald Trump to overturn it.

The first, obvious thing is that there would be no need to leave the country, as Donald Trump is in charge of the country, and, he has my back.  The bigger question would be whether or not there was some way I could serve Donald Trump's government -- not the treacherous FBI or Department of Justice, but the honest portion of the government that Donald Trump controls.  If Trump wanted my services for something (he obviously doesn't need my money)  he would only have to ask, and he would have it.  That would take priority over anything else.  There is nothing that I would like to do more than act as a political commissar for Trump and start purging traitors out of his DOJ, FBI, and federal judiciary;  however, I don't expect to be given that wonderful opportunity.

Assuming that Trump doesn't want anything, the least that I would owe him is to not commit any crimes while he continued in office.  Now, what constitutes a crime under Trump would remain as unclear as what constituted a crime under Obama.  Under the O-man any opposition to globalist extremist terrorism was punished.  President Trump is still struggling for control of the legal system.  But, I would obviously avoid doing obviously improper things, at least during Trump's continuance in office.

There would also be the question of whether or not I would be on supervised release.  I don't know how this is being handled.  If I were on such release, it would be a minor nuisance, as it was before, but it would not worry me. My goal would be to complete the release and obtain a full pardon before Trump leaves office (as I do not believe that anyone else would ever give me one).

Even if I wanted to leave the United States, I would have to remain in the United States, as I have multiple lawsuits pending against defendants in both Illinois, and, Florida.  Further, if my sentence is commuted, my habeas petitions and petitions to vacate my sentence will continue in effect, so, I will have to hang around to attend to them.  I expect, at the end of this long process, that I will extract $20-50 million dollars from a combination of the United States and the Seminole County, Florida, Sheriff's Office (though maybe Trump can make a deal with me, as he will have been so kind) and that is enough money to hang around for. Further, if paid $20-50 million dollars, that would be enough for me to forget all of the wrongs that I have suffered, and eliminate any need to extract further justice -- though I would still like to see the perpetrators themselves punished for their crimes in addition to any insurance-covered civil judgment.

Now, besides the necessities, what would I like to do with myself?  Well, first, obviously, I will get my books published, and continue working on them. I find that, no matter how far away from society I withdraw, even to a mountain top with no internet or phone service (as I lived last time I was released), I have less time to study, and, write, when not in prison then when in prison.  But two of my books are done, and I'm making great strides in getting ready for Volume III of Serpent's Blood, so my first focus upon release will be to get Volumes I and II to print.  

Overall, this may take two months. Probably not that long.  I will also have to set up a fundraising and sales operation, update my mailing lists (really, accumulate my mailing lists), and otherwise get back into business. Those two books will, with my work, probably sell 2000 copies each within about 6 months;  that will bring in $40,000, plus probably the same in donations. So, I expect such an operation will quickly fund itself.

I need to get eye surgery to correct my vision, and doing that will be a priority.  I am blind without my glasses, legally in one eye, partially in the other. This is correctable, and there is no reason that I have not corrected it other than being imprisoned.  Being able to see without glasses will be a great relief.

I will continue to practice yoga and Tai Chi.  I don't expect that much accommodation for that will be needed.  I may work to up my game in martial arts;  I also may not have time.  We'll see.

I would like to get back to Vegas for a while, and, spend some time in the Caribbean.  I don't know what the laws are in Mexico, but, I assume that they will not remember (or, really, even have very good records of) my arrest there in 2012.  A cruise would be in order, though I don't believe any vacationing is permitted while on supervised release.

I would like to see my daughter, but  I expect that her mother will make that a problem. I could probably rent my daughter from my wife, as my wife will do anything for money, but I'm not inclined to give her a dime.  I am still not legally divorced, another problem which my wife will complicate if I try to solve it.  Plus there is the fact that I do not want to see my wife or have her physically present anywhere that I am, with that extending to her fat, filthy mother and her extended family.  This will be a difficult situation.

It goes without saying that I will continue to do something within the world of White nationalism. What I will do is up for grabs.  One priority is getting published everything that I know about the FBI's infiltration and control of White nationalism, an act which will cause a harpy-like, shriek from the thousands of federal informants that the government hiress to play "White supremacists" on TV.  

Another will be disseminating information on how the FBI and other intelligence agencies, both US and foreign, operate in order to disrupt White nationalists, and counter those operations. I anticipate this will also get the Deep State riled, though they will soon have to worry more about with the war Trump is starting to wage against them. Then there will be the constant hunt for people who are legitimately trying to better the lot of White working people, sifting the haystack, looking for the needle and trying to nurture it and help it grow.

Obviously, I do not anticipate joining any established White nationalist group.  There are certain white nationalist projects out there, like the American Free Press, Barnes Review, First Freedom, White Christmas Drive, and, the like, that I expect I will continue to try to network, and, assist.  And, there are certain white nationalist people that I would like to meet, and, see if I can assist -- though I expect them to be, as most are, distrustful, and, willing to hurl paranoia at me, while simultaneously being sidled up to by federal agents, and, their tools.  But, I do not anticipate, say, going on CNN;  even after my last release I refused to speak to any Judaeo-occult media.  The media that I did get last time, like the false allegation in the Roanoke Times that I had attacked a protestor at a Confederate flag rally, was all fake news.  However, this does not mean that people will not start taking pictures of every short, fat, bald guy and claiming based upon their mistaken impressions that it is me.

So, in other words, if Donald Trump pardons me a very different situation than if I obtain release on my own, I anticipate continuing to do much as I do in prison, which is what I was doing pretty much before my arrest. With Donald Trump letting the FBI and DOJ know that they are not allowed to persecute me, frame me, try to murder me, or otherwise misbehave themselves, I expect that the kind of criminal activities these groups directed against White nationalists during the reign of black Communist Barack Obama will cease, and that America will be a place that I can live in peace, at least while Donald Trump holds the Presidency. This will be a time that I will use, as other White nationalists should be using it, to regroup, rebuild, and prepare for the next chaotic swing in this country's political system.  

My hope is that the gains White people are making under Donald Trump can be fortified, and the intelligence agencies, and Deep State trimmed back and brought under control.  If I can play a role in doing that, I will; if not, I will take my $20-$50 million dollars when it comes, buy a Caribbean island, and go into retirement until a time when I am needed.

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Radio Free Northwest - July 5th 2018


Andy, Gretchen, Trucker, and Rico speak out. HAC on misogyny and a reminder: you’re coming Northwest to find a Homeland, not to meet Harold. Really.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - June 28th, 2018


Guy from Sweden, guy from California, HAC on explaining what the Party is doing without actually revealing any pertinent information, double Trucker, HAC’s last outside interview from two years ago. 

Link to HAC Classics site: http://www.hacovington.blogspot.com

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HAC June 2016 Interview on the "Alt.Right"

Mr. Covington:

What is the relationship between ideology and individual within the alt.right? Do leaders of the various groups and factions also act as ideological interpreters? Aside from internet chat boards/forums is there a single source for alt.right ideas? Should there be?

You are giving us far too much credit. The racial right has always been far less about ideology than the Marxist and Cultural Marxist, politically correct left, where ideology has become a kind of dogma comparable to medieval Catholicism,  complete with the burning of heretics. Our little slice of life has always been much more about individual ego, dysfunction, and revenge-seeking. 

This is one of the primary reasons for our 70 years' worth of failure. The overwhelming majority of the people who approach the radical right, in North America, at least, are doing so out of personal reasons, seeking to right personal wrongs suffered at the hand of the dictatorship and/or the monkoids, but mostly seeking White strength, i.e. somebody who will actually shoot these motherfuckers, make them stop doing what they are doing, and save us. They sob and wring their hands instead of resist when they are sodomized by Obama's Amurrica, and they want Daddy to come and kiss it better. 

Alt.righters, to use your name for us, want to wreak revenge on the evil people who have hurt them so badly and destroyed their lives and families. I get this. The people who rule genuinely are evil, you know. They deserve no mercy or sympathy, and White people are certainly morally entitled to blood revenge--but this doesn't really make for overmuch ideological subtlety or complexity. Name Donald Trump ring a bell?

Also, there is the pansy factor. We tend to distrust excessive intellectualism, ideology and theory, because in our real little world it is so often associated with buggery. Of course, there are our "Movement modernizers" who want to okay buggery and Jewishness in our ranks as well, as bizarre as that sounds.

We also get a lot of just plain kooks, although fewer than our Salonista attackers claim. People who have been driven mad through years of torture, humiliation, deception, abuse and contempt from Obama and his thugs can sound crazy, right enough, but that doesn't mean they're wrong.

What you need to understand is after almost a century of economic pillage and Jewish social engineering, American society has become sick, deranged, insane, and is suffering from a kind of collective national psychotic break with reality. What other nation on the face of the earth has a serious debate on whether or not men wearing womens' clothing should be allowed to use women's rest rooms?

The American people are hurting, they are in agony, they have ideas on who is causing their pain to varying degrees (largely correct ideas) and they want to see blood on their television and computer screens, so long as it is safely distanced from them personally and there is no risk or responsibility involved. 

The American people want to see a long list of specific individuals running down the street screaming, with with burning rubber tires around their necks. They are afraid to take the 300 million privately-owned guns out of the closet themselves because the Bad Men in the black body armor will hurt them (so long as they're still being paid.) At some point the American dictatorship will no longer be able to pay their mercenaries for protection, and then the fun starts. Obama and as of next year the Hildebeest rule by fear and naked force now. If it weren't for the police and military they wouldn't last a week.

The point I'm trying to make with all this ranting and raving is: don't be deceived by all the limp-wristed "Occidental" blogs and quasi-intellectual websites. That's just a small number of wispy middle-aged men who think they're a cross-breed between Julius Evola and Oscar Wilde. The real alt.right is about blood and finding someone to do the killing so they can enjoy it vicariously without risking their own precious skins, which I understand and accept is disgraceful and one of the reasons we have failed. God does not reward cowards.
It appears to us that the 1990s and earlier were dominated by an American National Socialism  that was highly diverse in terms of interpretation/praxis but had a common referential in the figure of George Lincoln Rockwell (as well as various German National Socialists, Hitler, Goebbels, etc.). The alt.right similarly has a wide array of ideologies within it but regularly touches upon one or several individuals (such as Julius Evola, Ernst Junger, the French New Right, etc.) as prominent thinkers and reference points. Is the wide array of interpretations and ideological centers a strength or a weakness for the alt,right in your opinion? What is the place of figures such as George Lincoln Rockwell in the modern alt.right?

Okay, first thing I need to explain is that I've only been on Twitter for about three months, and I'm not that much of an expert. I never bothered with it until a short time ago, although since then I have seen how addictive it can become. It seems that alt.right is now pretty much all Twitter; Facebook pages for our kind of people don't last long here and certainly not in Europe. Zuckerberg and his Jews don't allow me to have a Facebook page under my own name, which is fine--one less thing for the secret police to monitor. I have a Facebook account under a false name to keep up with what's going on there, but for obvious reasons don't use it for anything political or racial.

George Lincoln Rockwell was the iconic Movement figure for my generation, no question--I named my son who died in Rhodesia after him--but he is generally less known to our "younger generation," insofar as we have one, which I find it difficult to get a take on through all the internet code names and redditing and rabbiting and yadda yadda yadda. These days 95% of everything is internet and the first rule of the Net is that you never know who you are talking to.

I would imagine most younger people find Rockwell dated, and he is--hell, he was dated when I was coming along, the national situation was changing so fast. His recorded speeches and his life are inspirational still and I sometimes play his material on Radio Free Northwest, but the world he lived in no longer exists. 
In the 1990s the American White Power milieu was undergoing a period of intense transformation. Large political organizations in Europe and America disappeared and with the demise of the Soviet Union it seems that every ideological center short of Neoliberalism was momentarily thrown into disarray. Could you please reflect on what organizing was like in the 1990s and is it possible to isolate one or several causes for the implosion of Right (and also Left) Political Projects (failure to adapt, changing conditions, etc.)? Was there actually an implosion or can the 1990s be viewed instead as a generational turn-over point and the confusion/dissolution of many political forces really just the chaos associated with the changing of the guard?

I can do that in one word: internet. The internet basically created a fantasy world that White people as a whole and young White males especially can live in to a large extent and escape the toxic ooze of Obama's Amurrica, soon to be the Sea Hag's Amurrica. When things get too bad in the real world we just go home to Mom's basement and log on. We spend our 20s and 30s delivering pizzas and playing World of Warcraft.

There's no need for any attempt to organize in the real world because the fantasy satisfies; it soothes and salves the conscience that you're "doing your bit," when in fact all you're doing is generating words that almost no one will ever read.

The biggest leap forward has been the increase in non-textual media like graphics, audio, and YouTubes; American Whites below the age of about 35 are now mostly functionally illiterate. We are now back to drawing on the walls of our caves, except instead of clay pigments we use digitized pixels and mp3s. The idea is that we will "do our bit" in this safe manner allowing us to deceive ourselves (although not the enemy) and eventually some guys will come along who have the balls to kill the people we want to watch die on our electronic screens, and entertain us. We think we can vicariously partake of their courage and their glory.

This hasn't happened yet, apart from the odd Dylann Roof or Craig Hicks, who are not resistance fighters but hysterics who threw a hissy fit. I mean, Jesus, condemning yourself to decades in the dictatorship's prison industrial complex over a stolen parking space? Criminy!

But that's the "project" most of the alt.right is working on, even if they won't admit it to themselves. They're waiting for some must-see TV, although so far all they're seeing is White people who dare to attend a Trump rally fleeing and cowering and bleeding. If anyone feels any sense of shame over that, I haven't picked up on it.

These more or less young yo-yos (younger than me, anyway) think there's going to be this big revolution, and that when it's over they will be the heroes of it, and they will join in receiving the acclaim and the chic and the spoils of victory as everyone rides off into the sunset headed for a weekend at Six Flags.

They think they're going to reap the rewards of valor without displaying valor, all just for tapping on a keyboard without ever hearing the splintering of a door kicked in in the dawn, or feeling the steel on their wrists, or alternatively pulling a trigger and all of a sudden the screaming stops but you've got red and gray ooze dripping down the wall.

That isn't going to happen. My own theory is that when "it" finally does come it's going to be more Mad Max than I.R.A.

In my last major job at Decision One in Texas, about 16 years ago, I used to stand in the smoke hole and listen to guys in their late 20s and 30s, with masters' degrees in IT, talk about their after-hours secret lives as dwarves and warlocks and giant-killers, while the women looked on in disgust. No husbands and providers or fathers for their children there.  No wonder so many of them marry wogs of various kinds; some wogs at least have some kind of work ethic.

Another thing you need to realize is the virtual certainty that many of the identities on alt.right Twitter are cyber-transvestites,  middle-aged men using female names and female anime avatars on the internet, and don't ask me to speculate on that pathology.

What was the question?

What were the most influential/inspirational ideas/books/thinkers within the American White Power milieu in the 1990s? Where did the ideology come from? Was it a product of organizing, did it come from Europe/abroad? Rockwell was influential but how important are his books versus his actions?

Mmmmm .... Okay, bear in mind I'm trying to generalize and speak for others here, but ...

The Turner Diaries and Hunter by William Pierce, definitely. Pierce's American Dissident Voices, the first real racial podcasts. For all the crazy shit he was doing organizationally and in his disorderly and louche private life, Pierce was definitely the Man of the Hour back in the Nutty Nineties, and to give him his due, he was one of the best we ever had.
Seems to me the Nineties was also when I first came across the Evola craze.

This was when we first discovered the internet, remember. At the beginning of the decade everybody was still using paper and postage stamps and by the end, everybody and his dog had a website. Stormfront appeared about '96 or so and from that point on people weren't just getting their inspiration from books; they were getting it from a whole host of their favorite posters on the VBulletin boards, most of whom are unknown to this day and for all anyone knows could have been cognitive dissonance ops trying to shape the course of the Movement, which may have been done.

After speaking with several members of various organizations within the alt.right, it seems to us that the milieu is changing. While it may have a starting point (in America) with National Socialism and figures such as Rockwell, it appears to us that it underwent a significant transformation in the 1990s as a result of Skinhead culture. Today it we think that the milieu is in many ways recovering from the Skinhead period and rediscovering it’s ideological heritage be it National Socialism or Radical Traditionalism (or other various tendencies). Could you please explain the relationship between the ideological elements of the milieu and the skinhead movement? Are/were skinheads actually devoid of ideology? 

"Recovering from Skinhead" isn't a bad way to put it, no. What there is left of it has now mutated into a form of organized crime, just like the Hell's Angels is no longer about riding motorcycles. Some of our best people today are those who survived their Skinhead period, who learned the lessons it taught, grew their hair, hid their tattoos and now function in society. Some of them, as John Metzger said 30 years ago, are now carrying the briefcases.

Certainly, a lot of them had an ideology, a number of ideologies--there were NS Skinheads, Odinst Skinheads, Christian Identity Skinhead, etc. It's just that once you got in you got loaded up in double-quick time with all kinds of bizarre baggage, some of which you never shook off, and there was a quantum leap in your chances of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and ending up dead or in prison, as many did. 

How serious is/was federal infiltration? 

Pass on this one. I am so restricted by a court order from discussing this topic that there is no point in my attempting it if I can't tell the truth. And no, I can't tell you about the court order, because, you see, that would be telling. Seriously, there's no point in my talking about this if I can't speak freely, which of course is the object of the whole exercise.
What do you perceive to be the ideological and/or structural limitations of the alt.right?

It is almost completely internet, has no existence in the real world, and the people in it are functional illiterates who are incapable of forming a genuine revolutionary movement and who are involved for all the wrong reasons. It is possible that the alt.right might inspire some of what the left-loons call "stochastic terrorism," but as satisfying as this might be for all the ghouls who hang onto every word and post hoping to sniff left-loon and SJW blood, it will not change anything.
Is the Northwest Front tied to you in a personal way? Would the Northwest Front still exist as a project without you?

The Northwest Front is just a name used to designate my wee little operation. It sounds better than "that thang Hurrold's doin'."

The Northwest Imperative, on the other hand, is an idea, essentially the ideal of White freedom, peace, and prosperity in a land comprised only of other White people, with nary a monkey-face or a slanty eye to be seen. As such it expresses the innate longing and desire and Will of an entire race, even stupid left-loons who think they're completely deracinated, but I don't think they are. I simply don't buy that a White man or woman can ever have their mind washed completely squeaky clean of every bit of genetic and biological instinct, although looking at some of these #BlackLivesMatter niggers' pathetic, weak, repulsive little "White allies", I admit I have my doubts.

The Northwest is basically the only viable plan for White racial survival, or else some form of White separatism. This is now becoming recognized by a lot of people; I covered this on Radio Free Northwest only last week with some stuff about the American Redoubt and Ingathering plans, wherein others have basically re-invented the wheel and removed my name from it, which is fine by me.
Do you see any similarities between your project and the South African Orania mentioned in Kemp’s Nova Europa? Have you seen or heard of any other PLE style political projects and would you say that that style of political action is ascendant? Is it worthwhile struggling in the various white parts of the country (Appalachia, New England, the Midwest, etc.) or would it be best for the milieu to focus its resources on one part of the present country? 

Officially, the only people actually forming White communities are the Northwest Front. That's openly and officially. Unless you want to count that Craig Cobb Three Stooges' act in North Dakota as a PLE, which I don't.

Unofficially, I know of several areas where there are a lot of "us" and where there is a certain tendency for people of like mind to move there. With one exception, these are all in the Northwest. My guess is there are others, but very much on the down-low. The people there are adamant about my not even mentioning them. They are terrified that they will be targeted by the media, and so there is nothing printed, no web sites, nothing official at all, all purely word of mouth and private communications, so as you can imagine, recruiting is difficult.

I know of one couple who had a definite plan for building a Beaver Cleaverville in a little town in Idaho, and they struck me as having the resources and the clear head to do so. I actually visited them out there. Then the guy was somehow "outed" and targeted by the SPLC, and he fled screaming into the night denying all and denouncing wicked racism and "my jawb, mah jawb, pleeeeze don't take mah precious JAWB from me!" They fired him anyway and he disappeared. I think his wife dumped him as well once the shekels were no longer coming in.

Basically, the NF is it. It will either go the way I describe in my novels or else the way of Mad Max.