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HAC June 2016 Interview on the "Alt.Right"

Mr. Covington:

What is the relationship between ideology and individual within the alt.right? Do leaders of the various groups and factions also act as ideological interpreters? Aside from internet chat boards/forums is there a single source for alt.right ideas? Should there be?

You are giving us far too much credit. The racial right has always been far less about ideology than the Marxist and Cultural Marxist, politically correct left, where ideology has become a kind of dogma comparable to medieval Catholicism,  complete with the burning of heretics. Our little slice of life has always been much more about individual ego, dysfunction, and revenge-seeking. 

This is one of the primary reasons for our 70 years' worth of failure. The overwhelming majority of the people who approach the radical right, in North America, at least, are doing so out of personal reasons, seeking to right personal wrongs suffered at the hand of the dictatorship and/or the monkoids, but mostly seeking White strength, i.e. somebody who will actually shoot these motherfuckers, make them stop doing what they are doing, and save us. They sob and wring their hands instead of resist when they are sodomized by Obama's Amurrica, and they want Daddy to come and kiss it better. 

Alt.righters, to use your name for us, want to wreak revenge on the evil people who have hurt them so badly and destroyed their lives and families. I get this. The people who rule genuinely are evil, you know. They deserve no mercy or sympathy, and White people are certainly morally entitled to blood revenge--but this doesn't really make for overmuch ideological subtlety or complexity. Name Donald Trump ring a bell?

Also, there is the pansy factor. We tend to distrust excessive intellectualism, ideology and theory, because in our real little world it is so often associated with buggery. Of course, there are our "Movement modernizers" who want to okay buggery and Jewishness in our ranks as well, as bizarre as that sounds.

We also get a lot of just plain kooks, although fewer than our Salonista attackers claim. People who have been driven mad through years of torture, humiliation, deception, abuse and contempt from Obama and his thugs can sound crazy, right enough, but that doesn't mean they're wrong.

What you need to understand is after almost a century of economic pillage and Jewish social engineering, American society has become sick, deranged, insane, and is suffering from a kind of collective national psychotic break with reality. What other nation on the face of the earth has a serious debate on whether or not men wearing womens' clothing should be allowed to use women's rest rooms?

The American people are hurting, they are in agony, they have ideas on who is causing their pain to varying degrees (largely correct ideas) and they want to see blood on their television and computer screens, so long as it is safely distanced from them personally and there is no risk or responsibility involved. 

The American people want to see a long list of specific individuals running down the street screaming, with with burning rubber tires around their necks. They are afraid to take the 300 million privately-owned guns out of the closet themselves because the Bad Men in the black body armor will hurt them (so long as they're still being paid.) At some point the American dictatorship will no longer be able to pay their mercenaries for protection, and then the fun starts. Obama and as of next year the Hildebeest rule by fear and naked force now. If it weren't for the police and military they wouldn't last a week.

The point I'm trying to make with all this ranting and raving is: don't be deceived by all the limp-wristed "Occidental" blogs and quasi-intellectual websites. That's just a small number of wispy middle-aged men who think they're a cross-breed between Julius Evola and Oscar Wilde. The real alt.right is about blood and finding someone to do the killing so they can enjoy it vicariously without risking their own precious skins, which I understand and accept is disgraceful and one of the reasons we have failed. God does not reward cowards.
It appears to us that the 1990s and earlier were dominated by an American National Socialism  that was highly diverse in terms of interpretation/praxis but had a common referential in the figure of George Lincoln Rockwell (as well as various German National Socialists, Hitler, Goebbels, etc.). The alt.right similarly has a wide array of ideologies within it but regularly touches upon one or several individuals (such as Julius Evola, Ernst Junger, the French New Right, etc.) as prominent thinkers and reference points. Is the wide array of interpretations and ideological centers a strength or a weakness for the alt,right in your opinion? What is the place of figures such as George Lincoln Rockwell in the modern alt.right?

Okay, first thing I need to explain is that I've only been on Twitter for about three months, and I'm not that much of an expert. I never bothered with it until a short time ago, although since then I have seen how addictive it can become. It seems that alt.right is now pretty much all Twitter; Facebook pages for our kind of people don't last long here and certainly not in Europe. Zuckerberg and his Jews don't allow me to have a Facebook page under my own name, which is fine--one less thing for the secret police to monitor. I have a Facebook account under a false name to keep up with what's going on there, but for obvious reasons don't use it for anything political or racial.

George Lincoln Rockwell was the iconic Movement figure for my generation, no question--I named my son who died in Rhodesia after him--but he is generally less known to our "younger generation," insofar as we have one, which I find it difficult to get a take on through all the internet code names and redditing and rabbiting and yadda yadda yadda. These days 95% of everything is internet and the first rule of the Net is that you never know who you are talking to.

I would imagine most younger people find Rockwell dated, and he is--hell, he was dated when I was coming along, the national situation was changing so fast. His recorded speeches and his life are inspirational still and I sometimes play his material on Radio Free Northwest, but the world he lived in no longer exists. 
In the 1990s the American White Power milieu was undergoing a period of intense transformation. Large political organizations in Europe and America disappeared and with the demise of the Soviet Union it seems that every ideological center short of Neoliberalism was momentarily thrown into disarray. Could you please reflect on what organizing was like in the 1990s and is it possible to isolate one or several causes for the implosion of Right (and also Left) Political Projects (failure to adapt, changing conditions, etc.)? Was there actually an implosion or can the 1990s be viewed instead as a generational turn-over point and the confusion/dissolution of many political forces really just the chaos associated with the changing of the guard?

I can do that in one word: internet. The internet basically created a fantasy world that White people as a whole and young White males especially can live in to a large extent and escape the toxic ooze of Obama's Amurrica, soon to be the Sea Hag's Amurrica. When things get too bad in the real world we just go home to Mom's basement and log on. We spend our 20s and 30s delivering pizzas and playing World of Warcraft.

There's no need for any attempt to organize in the real world because the fantasy satisfies; it soothes and salves the conscience that you're "doing your bit," when in fact all you're doing is generating words that almost no one will ever read.

The biggest leap forward has been the increase in non-textual media like graphics, audio, and YouTubes; American Whites below the age of about 35 are now mostly functionally illiterate. We are now back to drawing on the walls of our caves, except instead of clay pigments we use digitized pixels and mp3s. The idea is that we will "do our bit" in this safe manner allowing us to deceive ourselves (although not the enemy) and eventually some guys will come along who have the balls to kill the people we want to watch die on our electronic screens, and entertain us. We think we can vicariously partake of their courage and their glory.

This hasn't happened yet, apart from the odd Dylann Roof or Craig Hicks, who are not resistance fighters but hysterics who threw a hissy fit. I mean, Jesus, condemning yourself to decades in the dictatorship's prison industrial complex over a stolen parking space? Criminy!

But that's the "project" most of the alt.right is working on, even if they won't admit it to themselves. They're waiting for some must-see TV, although so far all they're seeing is White people who dare to attend a Trump rally fleeing and cowering and bleeding. If anyone feels any sense of shame over that, I haven't picked up on it.

These more or less young yo-yos (younger than me, anyway) think there's going to be this big revolution, and that when it's over they will be the heroes of it, and they will join in receiving the acclaim and the chic and the spoils of victory as everyone rides off into the sunset headed for a weekend at Six Flags.

They think they're going to reap the rewards of valor without displaying valor, all just for tapping on a keyboard without ever hearing the splintering of a door kicked in in the dawn, or feeling the steel on their wrists, or alternatively pulling a trigger and all of a sudden the screaming stops but you've got red and gray ooze dripping down the wall.

That isn't going to happen. My own theory is that when "it" finally does come it's going to be more Mad Max than I.R.A.

In my last major job at Decision One in Texas, about 16 years ago, I used to stand in the smoke hole and listen to guys in their late 20s and 30s, with masters' degrees in IT, talk about their after-hours secret lives as dwarves and warlocks and giant-killers, while the women looked on in disgust. No husbands and providers or fathers for their children there.  No wonder so many of them marry wogs of various kinds; some wogs at least have some kind of work ethic.

Another thing you need to realize is the virtual certainty that many of the identities on alt.right Twitter are cyber-transvestites,  middle-aged men using female names and female anime avatars on the internet, and don't ask me to speculate on that pathology.

What was the question?

What were the most influential/inspirational ideas/books/thinkers within the American White Power milieu in the 1990s? Where did the ideology come from? Was it a product of organizing, did it come from Europe/abroad? Rockwell was influential but how important are his books versus his actions?

Mmmmm .... Okay, bear in mind I'm trying to generalize and speak for others here, but ...

The Turner Diaries and Hunter by William Pierce, definitely. Pierce's American Dissident Voices, the first real racial podcasts. For all the crazy shit he was doing organizationally and in his disorderly and louche private life, Pierce was definitely the Man of the Hour back in the Nutty Nineties, and to give him his due, he was one of the best we ever had.
Seems to me the Nineties was also when I first came across the Evola craze.

This was when we first discovered the internet, remember. At the beginning of the decade everybody was still using paper and postage stamps and by the end, everybody and his dog had a website. Stormfront appeared about '96 or so and from that point on people weren't just getting their inspiration from books; they were getting it from a whole host of their favorite posters on the VBulletin boards, most of whom are unknown to this day and for all anyone knows could have been cognitive dissonance ops trying to shape the course of the Movement, which may have been done.

After speaking with several members of various organizations within the alt.right, it seems to us that the milieu is changing. While it may have a starting point (in America) with National Socialism and figures such as Rockwell, it appears to us that it underwent a significant transformation in the 1990s as a result of Skinhead culture. Today it we think that the milieu is in many ways recovering from the Skinhead period and rediscovering it’s ideological heritage be it National Socialism or Radical Traditionalism (or other various tendencies). Could you please explain the relationship between the ideological elements of the milieu and the skinhead movement? Are/were skinheads actually devoid of ideology? 

"Recovering from Skinhead" isn't a bad way to put it, no. What there is left of it has now mutated into a form of organized crime, just like the Hell's Angels is no longer about riding motorcycles. Some of our best people today are those who survived their Skinhead period, who learned the lessons it taught, grew their hair, hid their tattoos and now function in society. Some of them, as John Metzger said 30 years ago, are now carrying the briefcases.

Certainly, a lot of them had an ideology, a number of ideologies--there were NS Skinheads, Odinst Skinheads, Christian Identity Skinhead, etc. It's just that once you got in you got loaded up in double-quick time with all kinds of bizarre baggage, some of which you never shook off, and there was a quantum leap in your chances of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and ending up dead or in prison, as many did. 

How serious is/was federal infiltration? 

Pass on this one. I am so restricted by a court order from discussing this topic that there is no point in my attempting it if I can't tell the truth. And no, I can't tell you about the court order, because, you see, that would be telling. Seriously, there's no point in my talking about this if I can't speak freely, which of course is the object of the whole exercise.
What do you perceive to be the ideological and/or structural limitations of the alt.right?

It is almost completely internet, has no existence in the real world, and the people in it are functional illiterates who are incapable of forming a genuine revolutionary movement and who are involved for all the wrong reasons. It is possible that the alt.right might inspire some of what the left-loons call "stochastic terrorism," but as satisfying as this might be for all the ghouls who hang onto every word and post hoping to sniff left-loon and SJW blood, it will not change anything.
Is the Northwest Front tied to you in a personal way? Would the Northwest Front still exist as a project without you?

The Northwest Front is just a name used to designate my wee little operation. It sounds better than "that thang Hurrold's doin'."

The Northwest Imperative, on the other hand, is an idea, essentially the ideal of White freedom, peace, and prosperity in a land comprised only of other White people, with nary a monkey-face or a slanty eye to be seen. As such it expresses the innate longing and desire and Will of an entire race, even stupid left-loons who think they're completely deracinated, but I don't think they are. I simply don't buy that a White man or woman can ever have their mind washed completely squeaky clean of every bit of genetic and biological instinct, although looking at some of these #BlackLivesMatter niggers' pathetic, weak, repulsive little "White allies", I admit I have my doubts.

The Northwest is basically the only viable plan for White racial survival, or else some form of White separatism. This is now becoming recognized by a lot of people; I covered this on Radio Free Northwest only last week with some stuff about the American Redoubt and Ingathering plans, wherein others have basically re-invented the wheel and removed my name from it, which is fine by me.
Do you see any similarities between your project and the South African Orania mentioned in Kemp’s Nova Europa? Have you seen or heard of any other PLE style political projects and would you say that that style of political action is ascendant? Is it worthwhile struggling in the various white parts of the country (Appalachia, New England, the Midwest, etc.) or would it be best for the milieu to focus its resources on one part of the present country? 

Officially, the only people actually forming White communities are the Northwest Front. That's openly and officially. Unless you want to count that Craig Cobb Three Stooges' act in North Dakota as a PLE, which I don't.

Unofficially, I know of several areas where there are a lot of "us" and where there is a certain tendency for people of like mind to move there. With one exception, these are all in the Northwest. My guess is there are others, but very much on the down-low. The people there are adamant about my not even mentioning them. They are terrified that they will be targeted by the media, and so there is nothing printed, no web sites, nothing official at all, all purely word of mouth and private communications, so as you can imagine, recruiting is difficult.

I know of one couple who had a definite plan for building a Beaver Cleaverville in a little town in Idaho, and they struck me as having the resources and the clear head to do so. I actually visited them out there. Then the guy was somehow "outed" and targeted by the SPLC, and he fled screaming into the night denying all and denouncing wicked racism and "my jawb, mah jawb, pleeeeze don't take mah precious JAWB from me!" They fired him anyway and he disappeared. I think his wife dumped him as well once the shekels were no longer coming in.

Basically, the NF is it. It will either go the way I describe in my novels or else the way of Mad Max.


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Tweetstorm From April 18th 2018

Okay, regarding the Jason Kessler tweet, having taken a long, deep breath: Until such time as we have the physical courage, the competence, and the strength of our convictions to deal with the turds in bipedal form who are so evilly oppressing us and trying to kill us all we need to avoid them. Given our bizarre masochistic pathology that seems to eat humiliation like candy, we need to provide them as few opportunities to humiliate us in public as we can. 

I know that White people, especially White males born after about 1975, are damaged goods. They are warped from birth through social engineering and due to toxic environmental factors such as the crapulous and chemical-laced American diet of processed Soylent Beige.  

More and more, they were raised in single parent households by women, with absent fathers who had been driven from the home by the bitch they married. They were never drafted and compelled to learn and accept military discipline. They have never been compelled to grow up. 

They never underwent the traditional instruction in simple physical violence that little boys had for millennia. They were never spanked, and mostly never had to use their fists or a hand-held rock on the playground when they were little boys.
So they learned to flee from bullies rather than confront them, or worse, go running to tell the teacher, which is basically what the alt.right is doing now, sniffling and whining to teacher to make the bad boys leave us alone.

The problem is that the bad boys and girls are the teacher's pets, spawn of the same satanic vortex that produced Jews, buggery, Joseph Stalin, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton. For us to run to the law and authority asking for protection and fair play is unspeakably shameful. 

I get that most of you don't understand that. You have no idea on earth what I'm even talking about, do you?

Of course it's stupid and crazy of me to ask you to take personal risks that might actually cause you real-world difficulties, for something that the overwhelming majority of us consider no more than a mildly amusing hobby at best. WTF is this old fool talking about?
Doesn't he know dat Whiteboys' don' roll dat way no more? [Sigh ...] 

Anyway, in the name of whatever vestigial shreds of pride and honor you may retain, is it really asking too much for you to at least not bawl like babies and go running to the teacher every time one of the bad boys or evil little girls throws a rock at you or pulls your hair? 

Okay, I can sense your eyes glazing over, so I'll let you get back to your play now. [Sigh ...]

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What Order Should The Northwest Novels Be Read In?

Hi guys, 

I purchased all five of the Northwest novels from the Google Play store, but I don't know what order they are meant to be read in, or even if there is a proper order. Could you enlighten me?


Okay, I could have sworn I had a "canned answer" to this FAQ lying around on my hard drive somewhere, but I can't find the damned thing, so I guess I get to re-type it. Mutter, mutter, mutter like Popeye, a reference almost none of you will get ...

There are two ways to read the Northwest novels: in the order in which they were written, or in what might be called mythos order.

The novels were written in the following order:

The Hill of the Ravens - (2003)
A Distant Thunder - (2004)
A Mighty Fortress - (2005)
The Brigade - (2008)
Freedom's Sons - (2012)

I personally think the best order to read them in for coherency and flow is mythos order:

The Brigade
A Distant Thunder
A Mighty Fortress
Freedom's Sons
The Hill of the Ravens

However, each novel can stand alone, and none of this is chiseled in stone. Most people end up reading the books in different orders than this depending on how they acquire the books. However you choose to read them, Erik, enjoy!


Excerpt From Northwest Front Organizational Letter 2-15-2018

[I normally don't do this, but I have been urged to take the Great Project more public in the hope of gaining more widespread support. The problem, as always, is our unpleasant neighbors listening in over the back fence, so I have to be very, very selective in the sections I publish here. - HAC]

As I mentioned in an e-mail recently, after a lot of thought and careful examination of the realities of our situation, I have a plan to implement the Great Project. Well, kinda-sorta. It’s not a perfect plan, and it has a number of drawbacks, but barring a lottery win or some guys in ski masks dumping $300,000 from an armored car heist on my desk, á la William Pierce, it's probably the best we'll be able to do. Yeah, I know, damning with faint praise. What can I tell you?

This plan is in fact do-able, given concrete and material assistance from serious, committed adults. It can be accomplished with the people we have now, plus hopefully a few more whom I can inveigle in off Twitter and Gab. It’s feasible if I can get you guys to respond in any degree bearing some proportional relationship to your actual capacity to do so.

Problem number one: we will still have to raise a sum of start-up working capital. No way around that, I’m afraid. I’ve been looking for some kind of work-around, fast shuffle or razzle-dazzle and tap dance to finesse the sitch, but I’m sorry, there’s no other way. We have to come up with at least some of the real deal, rolls of Ben Franklins I can riffle under certain people’s noses to make them forget things about my quirky past and unquantifiable present income.

We’re trying to do something that is done by American families and businesses every day, so it’s not like we’re trying to lobby Congress to get a permit for a nuclear reactor. We don't need much money to get this thing going, at least not in the context of most property deals—-but that comparatively little, we gotta have.

This will be hard when our wee little Movement's donor base is presently pissing away our paltry financial resources up against a hundred walls, in order basically to throw tips to internet entertainers like drunks stuffing fives and tens into the g-strings of strippers.

“We” (generic term) are supporting Jewish YouTubers; girl YouTubers with problematic pasts and bad things that keep turning up on their old social media; animé cartoon Twitter celebs whom no one has the slightest idea who TF they are; tiki torch fetishists; LARPers who run up six-figure legal bills over stupid little scuffles in public. Our precious life’s blood is being used to buy Lamborghinis for lawyers, because some cyberceleb wanted to have some cool video to upload, and so he expended young White lives to get it.

I've mentioned before that this kind of carry-on is why much of the so-called, largely misnamed "in-fighting" occurs in the Movement—-we are animals snarling and clawing over our share of the life-giving green water from a tiny, trickling stream. One of the main reasons why Party professionalization is so vitally necessary is to try to consolidate the White nationalist donor base to a level where it might actually do some good.

I won't explain the 10 X 1000 again, except to say that A) It would solve our financial problems and serve as the foundation for the creation of a new, sovereign White nation on earth, and B) I can't persuade you guys to do it. But somehow we have to. It’s called “crowdfunding” these days. As always, the question is not whether we can do this. Most assuredly, we can. The question is will we do it?

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My First Letter From Home

June 21st, 2002

Dear Racial Comrades:

You know what my first gut reaction is? An overwhelming question arises in my mind: why in God’s name would anyone not want to come here?

I am looking out my window as I type this onto a green, garden-like scene complete with flowers, well-trimmed lawns, Douglas firs and hardwoods, a bright sun shining...and it’s only a little over sixty degrees. I am still internalizing the knowledge that I am actually going to be able to enjoy summer this year, actually be able to go outside instead of burying myself in an air-conditioned box against day after day of deadly, oven-like heat that doesn’t subside even after nightfall. 

Okay, this may sound like a self-centered and subjective reaction. But as you know, most right-wingers and racial nationalists have their own eccentric little theories about things. One of mine is that White men urgently need to dwell and strive and raise their young in a northerly, forested environment containing four distinct and perceptible seasons. In other words, the biosystem that existed in our ancestral Europe, especially northern Europe, the lands and climates that gave rise to our unique racial personality. We seem instinctively to crave warm or hot summers, cool autumns with brightly colored falling leaves, cold winters with at least some snow, and balmy springs. This progression of the seasons seems to be one of the things that has made us what we are, biologically and culturally.

If you look at the subsequent history of our race on this continent, you will find that our very best minds and personalities down through the centuries (with a few exceptions, duly noted) have always issued from parts of America where there were four separate and distinguishable climactic seasons.

This applies even to the South to some degree...you will note that the cream of Southern leadership and creativity were always men who were born and raised in, say, Virginia or Tennessee or North Carolina or Kentucky, as opposed to those who grew up in the hot, tropical Gulf or desert areas. (The areas where the blacks always thrived best.) Again, I understand that there were exceptions to this generalization and they are duly noted. Anyway, that’s just a theory of mine. I don’t insist on it, but Jesus it’s good to be able to open a window and breathe natural air in June!

In any case, this letter is just to touch base and let you know what’s going on, especially you comrades who do not own computers. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but it took some time for me to get set up. I will try to get the Bulletin of the Opposition back on track as soon as possible, but I am now confronted with the necessity which always confronts me every time I move to a new place: finding a printer who will do politically incorrect stuff and not have a screaming hissy fit. It may well be that my next few Bulletins must be couched in more than usually Aesopian language so as not to send some little girl copy shop clerk into hysterics. I have in the past repeatedly belabored the necessity for us to acquire and operate our own printing facilities so that we can print what we want without censorship, but we won’t get into that again. For now, a few quick points:

1. No More Excuses. The nay-sayers of all motivations have now been stripped of their biggest weapon against the Northwest Republic, the constant bleat “Harold’s living in Texas, Harold’s living in Texas, nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.” I agree that it took me entirely too long to get here, but that is a subject for a longer and more in-depth analysis once I get a bit more settled in. The fact is that an existential change has taken place: I am no longer asking you to do anything I have not done myself. I think that this may well prove to be a point of critical importance. This may also lead to an escalation in government surveillance, private left-wing “monitoring” and NA criminal harassment directed against me, but them’s the breaks.

2. Summer Is Scouting Trip Time. All of you have some vacation coming due soon from whatever rat race jobs you work at. That vacation needs to be used for your scouting trip to the Northwest. For those of you close enough to drive, I have now traveled all three major routes to and from the Homeland: the High Passage of Interstate 90, the Southern Passage of Interstate 5, and the Middle Passage of Interstate 84. (That may sound melodramatic and corny, but remember the Oregon Trail?)

I would be hard put to describe which is more impressive, although cruising by Mount Shasta on I-5 would be hard to top. Yet now I come to think of it, driving down the Columbia River Gorge on I-84 is just as impressive and longer lasting. If you take I-90, make sure you stop for a few hours at the Little Big Horn battlefield monument, if only to pay your respects to the monolith with the names of Custer’s fallen heroes on it...almost all German and Irish names, in equal proportion. Many of you may have to fly into Sea-Tac or Portland or Boise, and since 9/11 that can be a real nuisance, but it’s not only something that has to be done, it’s worth it. (I keep telling you, I am actually asking you to do yourselves a favor by coming here to one of the best remaining parts of America.)

3. Suggestions Wanted. Our primary task for the next few years, possibly even for the next generation, is to get your ass up here. We must create the communities and the population base before we can think about any kind of overt action. But that doesn’t mean we can’t think about the future. An independent Aryan state in the Pacific Northwest...how, when, and by what road? In the RCC “debate” usually generates verbiage sans action, but in this case we need to create an RCC-wide discussion on the subject of the coming Northwest American Republic in order to begin channeling our thoughts and our aspirations in that direction.

The Northwest concept must become the generally understood and accepted strategy for White survival. The future of our people is here, and I am starting to see signs every day that we as a community are coming to realize that. So let’s not waste another year, shall we? Put in for that vacation and start planning your itinerary today, and aim for Homecoming by the spring of ‘03 at the latest. Don’t put it off for 18 months like I did.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Twelve Points

[The following is an excerpt from A Mighty Fortress by H.A. Covington. It is fiction...for now.]

Political Bureau of the Northwest Volunteer Army
The Moral and Political Basis for Northwest Independence

1. The United States of America, in its original form as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, was a political entity created by and for white people. The white race made America what it is today. American law and the United States Constitution are derived from Anglo-Saxon common law, going back to the Magna Carta. Such concepts as democracy itself and the rule of law are based upon European thought, not African or Asiatic. 

2. The United States of America as it exists today has only the most remote and tenuous historical connection with the country and the system of government which was originally established and envisioned by the Founding Fathers. The United States was never intended by the Founding Fathers to be multi-racial, or multi-cultural, or diverse. It was intended to be a national expression of what was viewed at the time as the Manifest Destiny of the white race. This is made abundantly clear by contemporary documents from the time of the Founding Fathers, in the writings of men such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin. Indeed, the only references to non-whites in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were in passing, where Indians are referred to as enemies of the colonists and where for census and apportionment purposes, blacks were considered to be three-fifths of a man. 

3. The present government of the United States of America has become irredeemably corrupt, and its continuation in power is antithetical to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The United States has become tyrannical, poisonous, and deeply repulsive to every concept of human decency. America today is riddled with crime, corruption, poverty, sexual perversion, unemployment, ill health, mistreatment of the elderly, the destruction of the national infrastructure, a dysfunctional educational system, and national malaise and demoralization. America today has been bankrupted and morally poisoned by a series of foreign wars fought on behalf of the Jewish people which are in fact counter to America’s interests, wars which have been as pointless as they were immoral. These problems simply did not exist to any significant degree in the past, when the white man was in charge. 

4. It is clear beyond any debate, that modifying the racial composition of America away from the dominant white society that it was as it rose to power, towards a mixed, racially diverse society, has been catastrophic, an unmitigated disaster. Diversity does not impart strength; it creates weakness, division, chaos, corruption, and deep social sickness. Diversity has ruined America. Even if all races were exactly the same, if there were no differences whatsoever, the fact that whites created America as we know it today means that we now have the right to demand that at least a portion of what we have created be set aside for our exclusive use. We did not create this great and wealthy country just to hand it over to an endless flow of mud-colored immigrants who have done nothing to earn what we have made, and who do not belong here at all. 

5. For the past century, all peaceful attempts to alter and reverse the racial and social policies of the United States have failed. Petitions have been ignored. The electoral and political process has been undermined and corrupted, and turned into a weapon of genocide against America’s white inhabitants. The judiciary has become an instrument of racial and social tyranny. The United States has persistently refused to respond to all peaceful and legal efforts at reform. All peaceful and legal avenues of redress having failed or been closed off, it is therefore not only the moral right, but the profound duty, of all Americans of European descent to take up arms against the United States and apply such force and coercion as may be necessary to compel the government of the United States to change its wicked and destructive behavior, and to punish those who are responsible for such behavior. 

6. Based upon the extensive history of the black and mestizo races, it is clear that they are not capable of creating or maintaining an advanced society. It was not Africans who invented such things as the wheel and gunpowder, forged steel, domesticated the horse, sailed the world on voyages of exploration and conquest, invented aviation and charted the mysteries of the human body. It was Europeans. Third World immigration eventually means a Third World country. Racial integration and diversity is like mixing horse manure and ice cream. It does wonders for the manure, but it doesn’t do much at all for the ice cream. 

7. The loathsome perversion of homosexuality is absolutely unacceptable in any civilized society. It must be exterminated with fire and sword. This is not something that is subject to debate or argument. It is something that decent men simply do. 

8. The unspeakable practice of infanticide by abortion is absolutely unacceptable in any civilized society. It must be brought to a halt immediately, and those who are guilty of trafficking in or profiting by this horror must be tried and punished for premeditated murder. This is not something that is subject to debate or argument. It is something that decent men simply do. 

9. The moral perversion known as feminism is destructive of the family, which is the basic building block of society, because it teaches the false idea that men and women are somehow competitors and enemies, and that the bearing and rearing of white children is somehow shameful. No more pernicious, poisonous and humanly destructive lie can be imagined. There must be an immediate return to sanity and the nuclear family headed by a married couple, husband and wife, as the basic building block of society. 

10. There must be a final solution to the Jewish question. 

11. The number of whites, as a percentage of world population, is now down into the single digits and falling fast. There can be no doubt that the white race is in danger of literal, physical extinction. All of the White nations on earth are now accepting large numbers of nonwhite immigrants. The only one of the three major races of earth that is in real danger of extinction is the white race. It is absolutely essential that the white race acquire a Homeland of its own, some place on earth where white children can be born and raised in physical and spiritual safety, and where our numbers may be restored and the threat of racial extinction overcome. 

12. History, economics, demographics, geography, and moral justice dictate that this worldwide Homeland for all the Aryan peoples of the world be established in the Pacific Northwest, the land which is hallowed with the blood of martyrs such as Sam and Vicky Weaver, Bob Mathews, Pastor Richard Butler, the Singer family, and now all of the comrades of the Northwest Volunteer Army who have perished during the past five years of armed struggle. While the Northwest Volunteer Army recognizes that we lack the power to overthrow that government completely and to take back our country in its entirety, for the sake of not only our own race but all of humanity, it is essential that the United States and the ruling élite which now controls the United States be clearly defeated in the eyes of the world, and that at least some portion of the North American continent be detached from Federal control and returned to the original white people who created the world as we know it. The coming conference at Longview will have one of two results, either the establishment of the Northwest Republic, or else a return to combat operations against the United States government on the part of the NVA. There is no third alternative.