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Radio Free Northwest - January 18th 2018

HAC on the Twitter purge and stochastic terrorism; some Aryan history of the French Revolution variety; Andy, Gretchen, and double Trucker.

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Vive La Différence [1998]

If I had to pick the absolute worst thing that the Jews have done to us, I would say that they have driven a now almost insurmountable wedge between White men and White women.

Nowhere else is the clearly genocidal and anti-human nature of Judaism more apparent. Nothing else has caused more suffering, anguish, disruption to Western civilization or loss to the world Aryan gene pool than the creation of a society where White men and women view one another as adversaries instead of partners. The instigation and propagation of this hatred between White men and women is their greatest success story, possibly in the long run a greater victory for Zionism than the destruction of the Third Reich or the creation of the artificial, criminal state of Israel.

When White men and women hate one another the number of White babies born drops like a stone and we get closer and closer to that point of no return where our racial extinction becomes inevitable. And always bear in mind that is the ultimate goal of the Jewish people—to exterminate every man and every woman with a White skin from the face of the earth.

But I’m not going to talk about that right now. I’m going to talk about my sex life. Or rather, I am forced by the whole nature of this issue to open any discussion of it with a lengthy full disclosure statement.

There is an overriding reason for this, and that is the nature of the ridiculous zoo which we so laughably call the Movement. My views on women in society are entirely racial and political, they are methodically and carefully thought out, but not one in ten of you are going to accept that. In the immature, inane, politically powerless, politically retarded and neurotic tendency we refer to as the Movement, any recognition of political principle in the commonly accepted sense of the term is almost non-existent.

Because we are by and large weak, neurotic, and mentally paralyzed units of production and consumption instead of men and women, with us everything is personal. Always, always personal. The concepts of loyal opposition and constructive criticism simply don’t exist in the Bowel Movement. Any criticism, no matter how well-founded or how well-intended, is taken as a deadly insult. The immediate response is to attack the critic and impugn his motives for saying whatever he is saying, rather than consider its content or validity.

We are, in short, a feminine movement, an odd thing for me to say in view of the topic for tonight, but true, when you think about it. It is ironic that we should be accused by our female comrades of being Neanderthal woman-haters who want to bash them on the head, drag them to the bedroom and after we finish there chain them to the stove so they can’t get into the voting booth. Frankly, we could do with some more guys of that type than we have. With the exception of certain localized sects of the Ku Klux Klan who operate in areas of the rural South largely untouched by Political Correctness as yet, a visit to your typical right­ wing or racist meeting in a rented motel banquet room hardly reveals a ravening band of tattooed Road Warriors ready to rumble with the bike chains and slavering lasciviously over the waitresses. 

Generally, right wing and racist groups have a membership which is 95% male; about 60% over the age of 50 and 85% over the age of 30. These consist of very elderly conservatives; middle-aged men with big bellies and two or three divorces under their expansive belts; and a third type predominant in the National Alliance and other intellectual racial groups: youngish to middle-aged men, thin to the point of being gaunt often due to strange dietary habits or health problems. They have strange rolling eyeballs and facial tics, either obsessively neat and dressed like undertakers or else smelling like goats due to non-bathing, and generally with some very, very strange ideas on a lot of subjects, including women.

[Do you see now why people like Pierce and Metzger get apoplectic over Horrible Harold? We’re not supposed to say things like this is public, however true it might be, never mind try to change all this like Horrible Harold does. And yes, this is germane to the women issue. Bear with me, please.] 

Anyway, when I speak of my purely political and racial National Socialist views on the subject—and yes, that is what they are—as in everything else I try to advocate, I am going to be accused by the Usual Suspects of saying these things because I myself am sexually weird or repressed or I allegedly can’t get girl friends or some such effluvia. Our female comrades, who are presently most of them in a state of high dudgeon with Your Friend and Humble Gensec, are going to say the same thing, something to the effect of “No wonder you’re not married; you don’t know how to treat a woman, you’re a failure as a man, etc.” In every case this will be an effort to avoid dealing with what I am saying, which is par for the course in the Movement.

But this topic is important, as I have stated before. Unlike religion, it is solvable if we can somehow re-acquire the art of thinking instead of feeling and thinking right at that. Unlike religion it must be thrashed out and solved now, not put aside for the time after the revolution when we have power. So in order to clear away and hopefully stop-punch the vicious personal attacks which will result from my assertion of what I believe to be clear and evident political and racial truths, I am going to give as brief as possible a history of my own relations with the Fair Sex.

* * *

I will be 45 years old in September. In my time I have had three very serious relationships, including two marriages, four or five semi-serious relationships, and possibly a total of about two dozen casual relationships and or one-night stands, including one prostitute whom I picked up purely for the sake of saying I had done it. My attitude towards prostitutes is similar to that of Voltaire, who was invited by the Marquis de Sade to participate in an orgy, which he did with such great vim and vigor that the Divine Marquis asked him to attend another such event. The philosopher declined, saying, “Once was legitimate intellectual curiosity. Twice would be perversion.

I think my sexual past is probably about average for a man of my age in the times in which I live. I have never bought into the “Playboy philosophy” that a man is somehow less than a man if he doesn’t go leaping from bed to different bed every couple of nights. This has spared me a hell of a lot of grief. Usually relationships with women have been fairly low on my list of things to do at any given time in my life. There are some who think this makes me odd. Screw them. They're idiots. Human beings have other purposes in this world other than to engage in endless acts of copulation with as many partners as possible. Animals can do that. We are more than animals.

In junior high school and high school I had the usual going-steady type relationships, although fewer than the average. Many of the kids were constantly involved with a string of adolescents from the time they were twelve; I was never in that league, nor did I make plays for the cheerleaders or the overdeveloped sexpots with the hot reputations. (This was back in the Brady Bunch days, remember. I actually remember sock hops, the Beatles, and bell bottoms.)

Not only was I unable to compete with the jocks and the BMOCs, but that super-model type simply didn’t attract me, and still doesn’t. I tended to hang on the outskirts of the female herd and pick off the stragglers, so to speak, the girls who walked through the halls alone and not with a standard gaggle of five or six other girls, the skinny ones with glasses and long, straight hair, a bit of acne and straight-A averages, you get the idea. The result was that I got my share of stolen kisses in the band room and fumbling feels under the bleachers, but I was plagued with a lot of just plain, pesky bad luck. Not to mention the girls themselves having worse luck, lest you think I’m a totally insensitive clod.

The first girl I ever “went all the way” with, as we said in those days, I got pregnant. We were both thirteen years old when it happened and 14 when the baby was born and given up for adoption. I still have a daughter somewhere who turned 30 in May; it’s odd that I may be the father of an Ally McBeal someplace. The second one, a hillbilly Lolita from Tennessee, gave me a dose of syphilis, and I had to cop a fake UNC student idea and go to the medical clinic on campus for almost a year for injections and check-ups. The girl I was unofficially engaged to in my senior year was killed in an automobile wreck one week after we graduated from high school in 1971; I was in Florida, her hippy-dippy and/or preppie friends hated my guts and didn’t bother to inform me, so I missed her funeral. I was batting a thousand, I can tell you. By the by, for those of you who are utterly fascinated by the story of Harold’s weird and wonderful yoot, I recommend you order my novel Fire and Rain, set in Chapel Hill. Parts of it are autobiographical.

I have been married two and a half times to an eclectic set of ladies, one American, one Irish, and one New Zealander. I therefore have enough practical experience to understand that every man/woman relationship is different and it is dangerous to try and generalize, although not impossible. There are certain common themes, especially in today’s society where everyone hangs their most intimate details in their private lives out to dry for the National Inquirer and Oprah, but every individual case is unique.

My first marriage was a teenaged mistake. I was 19, Lucie was 18. We neither of us had any business getting married, and we damned sure had no business getting married to each other. That one lasted about five years, from 1972 to 1977, and we were separated for the last eighteen months or so of that. I put Lucie through a lot, dragging her to Rhodesia with me, and we lost one baby by miscarriage and another died at age 4 months from a viral infection when I was stationed at Llewellin Barracks, Bulawayo. Chalk up another victim for sanctions; we got our water from the Umgusa River and were constantly being told by the base command to boil it when the ancient purification plant broke down and no spare parts were available.

Lucie had a mental breakdown after the baby died and for a time was locked up in the rubber room at Ingutsheni; I was off in the bush half the time and off doing stuff for the Rhodesia White People’s Party or SAFOM the other half, not to mention being drunk most of the time (which is the normal Rhodesian condition) and I wasn’t much help.

You see that I am perfectly willing to take responsibility for the bulk of this particular failed marriage, although if we’d stayed in the States I doubt we would have made it either. Lucie and I did spend one weekend together in the spring of 1980 after the divorce, when she flew down from Chicago. I dropped her off at the airport on Monday to fly back to Chicago, wished her cheerio, and we both said, “We must do this again sometime,” but we knew we never would. We actually had a pretty good time, and I was glad we were able to “obtain closure” as today’s psychobabble calls it. One final comment on the Lucie Era: the bedroom was the one place where we did get along, and I can tell you from personal experience that you can’t keep a marriage going purely on the basis of sex.

My next marriage in Ireland came apart for two reasons. First off, my incredibly bizarre family situation in North Carolina became involved and entangled in my marriage through my Irish children and their legal rights to one of the largest privately held fortunes in the South, which is something I don’t intend to get into here. Suffice it to say that if the story of my family were made into a TV series it would be about one third Dallas, one third Millennium, and one third Married With Children. Or maybe Leave It To Beaver Meets The Borgias. Or possibly The Simpsons Halloween Special On Speed if you tried to animate it. (Hell, I suppose I’d better shut up before some Jew writ Hollywood decides he wants to do a few pilot episodes.) Order Fire and Rain if you’re curious; the sub rosa tale is pretty much all there.

Where was I? Oh, yes, Louise. Well, the second reason Louise and I broke up, long run, is the most ancient of all male­-female conflicts: who wears the pants in the family. I did, but Louise never stopped trying to seize the wheel. What infuriated her (and other women I have lived with) is she couldn’t make me angry. I never raise my voice during an argument. I use words rather than decibels, and if and when the situation gets out of hand and it is obvious that nothing is to be gained by continuing, I simply tell her I will not discuss the matter further under those conditions and I leave the house. This, of course, drives them crazy. It took me a long time to realize that if you really love her and want to keep her you don’t want to drive her crazy.

I have never been one for scenes, shouting, threatening, name­ calling, etc. When I am confronted with a female partner who is having a hissy fit over something I try to talk it out with her at first. I won’t say reason it out, because I know full well that nine times out of ten reason has nothing to do with the real problem and the subject under discussion is not why she is really unhappy—I have at least learned that much about women down through the years. Many men make the mistake of trying to convince their women one way or the other with reason and logic on the subject of discussion; usually that’s not what the problem is about, and the men end up baffled and hurt because they don’t understand why nothing they say or do seems to make any difference.

Good example: time after time Movement men come to me and bang my ear about their troubles with their wives or girl friends who are giving them grief over their racial involvement, usually with the final ultimatum to choose between them. “Lips that touch racism will never touch mine,” blah, blah, blah.

In most cases, that’s not what it’s about. What it is about is that she senses a rival for your time, effort, money, and affection. It would be the same with anything you were devoted to that intensely: fishing, Establishment politics or a vocation like being a cop (cops have this problem a lot,) an artistic vocation like painting or writing (I get a lot of typewriter jealousy from my ladies,) anything like that. She demands to be the center of your entire existence—and in today’s politically correct world, she has been taught that she has the right to make that demand and that you are at fault if you do not accede to it.

Sorry, I’m getting off the track here again; all of these things are for future installments of what promises to be a long series. Anyway, my marriage to Louise might have survived our personality conflicts, or it might have survived my father’s assorted conspiracies to cheat my children out of their rightful inheritance, but it could not survive both and didn’t. I’ll take about 25% of the blame for the failure of this one—I should never have married her in the first place. Louise needs to take about 25%, and the Prince of Darkness from the cypress swamps needs to take the other half. What was bad about this one is that four innocent children got caught in the crossfire, so yes, when you hear me pontificating about women, bear in mind I have had that experience as well.

Jan from New Zealand I do not propose to discuss; her I loved, and she was taken from me by the evil which I continue to battle to this day in all those e-mails and newsletters which some of you tell me you do not want to hear. All I can say is that while I do not deny my many personal motives in battling the thread of vileness and corruption in the Movement which begins with Benny Klassen and continues down to the present day in the person of a few involved individuals, I do not believe those motivations disqualify me from fighting that vileness or invalidate what I have to say. Because one is personally victimized by evil, does that mean one can never speak out against it because one is not “objective?”

There have been other semi-serious relationships. Judy the Holy Roller was a true Southern lady, but those Jesus freaks did a number on her head you wouldn’t believe, and I am sure some of you have had that happen to you. The Tattooed Lady of Rockwell Hall has become something of a legend, as has Barbara the Drunk who streaked one of Glenn Miller’s rallies. Eileen from Donegal and Mary from Cork were two who got away and I’ll always wonder what might have been. (By the by, as a totally irrelevant aside, I have noticed that when a man is married, all of a sudden other married women start coming on to him. Has anybody else had that experience? Sorry, digressing again.)

In the post-Jan era I’ve slowed down; I have had two more or less casual relationships with female co-workers at my several places of employment and one platonic friendship with a really fine thing in Seattle who was one of those real cases where some bastard first husband beat her black and blue and used her like a doormat, and she couldn’t bear to be touched physically by a man. (I have found that most of these stories gain a lot in the telling, but not all, and don’t have a fit, ladies, I am not claiming that men never abuse women. I know they do.)

For those of you who are just insatiably curious about the physical side of my career as a Lothario, go take a cold shower. I am not Bill Clinton, I am not a locker room jock, I show respect for my ladies and I do not talk about intimate subjects like that. It is my experience that sex is like combat in the military: the more a man boasts about it, the less of it he has actually done. I will give you one hint: it’s the little things that count with women. A single rose is not only less expensive than a whole sheaf, it is more effective, at least with the kind of lady I become involved with.

I do not try to seduce women or get them parked on a lonely lane and start pawing them, nor do I drop my drawers like Bill Clinton and say “Kiss that thang, honey!” My technique, if you want to call it that, is very simple. I take my time. Softlee, softlee, catchee monkey. I listen to them, I become their friends first, I get them to like me as a person, and then I ask. I find it works about 50% of the time. In all of my teenaged and adult life, I have only had one woman blow up on me when I popped the question, which when you consider the readiness of women to fly off the handle over these things, is not doing too shabby, I think. What other technique do you know of that can claim a 50% success rate?

And if it doesn’t work, remember this: a gentleman can always take no for an answer. A man who forces his attentions on a woman after she has clearly indicated that she is not interested is a damned pig.

Some people have asked if I tried to put the moves on Christy at UNC, the one I wrote about in 1996. The answer is no. I honestly believe that it is undignified and unfair for a man of my age to pursue women young enough to be their daughters; obviously our Illustrious Head of State disagrees. Others have asked if the demented Sharon Mooney was ever my girlfriend. The answer is no; I only met her once and it was obvious to me she was so badly mentally and emotionally damaged that she was virtually useless to the Movement; besides, she was too young for me.

The last affair I had was in Chapel Hill where I became involved with a really beautiful Russian woman, a grad student, whom I might add already had her green card and who therefore didn’t need an American husband to get one. Anna seemed amenable to a permanent relationship, although it was always tentative; she made it clear she wanted me to get a normal job and bring in a much bigger buck, which was fair enough from her point of view. She had no qualms about National Socialism, being very Jew-aware herself as most Eastern Europeans are, and one of her major pluses was that we could discuss racial politics freely. She once told me, “Three of my family were killed by the Germans during the war. Over fifty were killed by Stalin.” 

[Section redacted per federal court order]  

One of the reasons I am so passionate about our Movement changing our ways is so that we can create a kind of subculture or world of our own wherein it is possible for our people to have some kind of normal life. I have got lawsuits, contempt of court warrants, telephone threats, vandalism, whole websites on the internet smearing me, NA weirdos creeping up to my windows at night trying to videotape me naked, phony websites being put up allegedly showing me committing homosexual acts, weird psychotics who have shrines of hate in their homes where they burn candles before my picture and babble to themselves, plus of course what ZOG itself may dish out to me some day when it finds out these tactics do not work. I am as poor as a church mouse, and not being dishonest like Pierce or Metzger there is no chance I will ever be able to offer a woman 345 rolling acres and a Bavarian hunting lodge built on my supporters’ donations. In all good conscience, I cannot ask any woman to share this life and no longer have any intention of doing so.

* * *

I have been asked where the above famous expression “vive la différence” came from. I understand it happened thus:

In the 1890s France was considering giving women the vote, and some famous French feminist whose name I can’t recall was given the honor, almost unique for a woman at that time, of addressing the National Assembly in full session, all male of course, and all of whom sat there attired in their full formal dress suits with the white gloves, wide shoulder sashes, decorations, top hats and other such 1890s politicians’ fripperies. The lady was up on the podium haranguing them with her feminist rap, which was listened to in polite silence. She concluded her speech with “Really, monsieurs, you must acknowledge that when one comes right down to it, there is very little difference between men and women.”

At this remark, the entire Chamber spontaneously rose to its feet as one man, and shouted out, “Vive la différence!” 

Men and women are different. Not inherently inferior or superior to one another, but different. To say that one sex is in any way inferior or superior to another is like saying that apples are inferior to oranges or vice versa. They are two different fruits and any such comments are a matter of personal taste and outlook, not scientific or pragmatic fact. To say that an apple is in some way “better” or worse than an orange has no relevance or meaning in the real world.

The differences between men and women are about 20% environmental and psychological, that 20% being subject to a certain limited degree of possible manipulation and alteration but by no means as much so as feminists would like to have us believe, and about 80% biological, physical, and biochemical. It is therefore pointless and absurd to try and create in men and women two “equal” humanoid organisms. It cannot be done.

Men, on the whole, are physically larger and stronger than women. Yes, there are individual exceptions, more so in today’s politically correct culture as White males degenerate into Dilbert-esque cubicle dwellers and women become more masculine in character, which seems to somewhat augment their physical size. One of the most sinister developments in recent years have been several statistical surveys and studies indicating that sedentary American White males are actually losing their virility in the physical as well as the moral sense; White sperm counts have been dropping for almost twenty years. We are becoming less than men in every sense of the word.

But in all non-yuppie, more or less organic societies of all races, men are the larger and stronger. Some of this has to do with diet. In any business or work environment where there are large numbers of illegal aliens, for example, compare the size of Orientals who were born and raised in China or Southeast Asia on nothing but rice and a little fish with the size and weight of Asian-Americans who were born here and grew up on plenty of fruits, grains, vegetables, and good old-fashioned cholesterol-packed meat. Native-born Chinese women especially are tiny things, between seventy and eighty pounds, although actually stronger than native-born White valley girls due to having been forced into manual labor from birth. But most of these exceptions are individual, culture-specific, or otherwise idiosyncratic.

Men are physically bigger and stronger than women because Nature has given human men and women a natural division of labor, one which cannot be repealed by feminism, by affirmative action, or by anything else. That natural division is simple: the man provides the food, the shelter, and the protection from enemies for the family unit. The woman bears and raises the children. This is how human beings are supposed to live; indeed, the only way they can live past a couple of confused and chaotic generations of the kind we are experiencing now. It is innate. It is biological. It cannot be changed, and any attempt to tamper with it produces disaster and destruction, as we are now learning in Politically Correct America.

No baby creatures are more helpless than human infants. Snakes and alligators are self-sufficient from the time they hatch, birds and kittens and puppies are up and functioning and providing their own food in a matter of weeks. Human babies must be fed initially by a mother’s milk for a period of months, and then on specially treated and prepared food for another year or so. They cannot defend themselves or escape from an enemy unaided. Children cannot really live on their own with any hope of survival for the first ten or eleven years of life.

The whole “traditional nuclear family” so hated and railed at by liberals and feminists is an institution ordained by God/gods/Nature/The Force/the Great Pumpkin or whatever to make sure that the human species continues to exist. The primary purpose of the man-woman relationship is to produce children and care for them until they are adult enough to fend for themselves. The emotional and cultural side benefits to marriage are valuable and have produced our whole civilization, but they are in fact incidental by-products of the central process of continuing the human species. The father and the mother are not the most vital part of the picture, although they are essential. The children are.

This arrangement is not unknown in other species, and in all mammals at any rate the male is always larger, stronger, faster, and more combative. In many cases, such as lions and wolves, one alpha male practices polygamy with a number of females and kills off other male competitors until he grows old and weak and is in turn killed off by a younger male. Primitive non-White societies in Africa and the Third World still follow this pattern. Aryans, for the most part, have generally mated for life down through the years; there are some records of polygamy in ancient Aryan cultures but not as many as elsewhere.

The ancient Norse and Germans practiced it, but gave it up about the turn of the last millennium. For good or for ill, once the Aryan race became Christianized, polygamy vanished. (No comments about Mormons, please; they are not typical and their polygamy is not organically rooted in history but in conscious chosen behavior.) One reason for polygamy was extremely high male mortality rates in time of war; an interesting modern example from the Third World is Saddam Hussein awarding large cash bonuses, automobiles, and homes to Iraqi officers who take a widow from the Iranian or American wars as their second or third wife. The Iraqi gene pool has been decimated by the slaughter of almost twenty years of continuous warfare, and Saddam is quite open about his determination to ensure that Iraq is not depopulated. I wish to hell Germany had created some similar kind of polygamy status after both World Wars.

Men and women are two halves of a whole. Neither can or should exist without the other. The idea of two halves of the same organism competing with one another, dominating one another, or existing in enmity with one another is an obvious recipe for destruction. This is why the Jews promote the idea that men are some kind of natural enemy to women, as they promote any and all things which are destructive and poisonous and breed confusion and unhappiness among our people. They hate us and want us all dead, and they use every weapon they can to bring this about, including feminism. Quite simple, really.

Homosexuality is a loathsome perversion. It is absolutely and utterly wrong, because it denies the natural division of labor between man and woman and because it precludes the production of children. The instinctive loathing that the overwhelming majority of normal people feel even today for faggots and dykes is an inner recognition on the part of our genetic makeup (or souls, if you are Christian) that what is going on is unnatural and counter-survival (or sinful).

This is why politically correct brainwashing and social engineering, relatively successful in obtaining a grudging acceptance of mud people as equals, seems largely to have floundered when trying mentally and emotionally to coerce people into accepting the open practice of sodomy. This is especially true when it involves a sodomitic threat to children: Whites are still capable of anger and action when the local school board tries to bring in Heather Has Two Mommies, about the only thing left they will react to. Millions of years of genetic codes triggering biological survival behavior cannot be overwritten by fifty years of Hollywood propaganda or suppressed by hate speech laws.

National Socialism seeks to re-create a world based on natural order, and that most specifically includes, as it did in Germany, a return to what are referred to as traditional family values, with the gainfully employed father as the head of the family and the full-time mother and homemaker as the family’s heart. This does not in any way involve enslaving women; in the very real sense it liberates them from feminism and Judaic values and the true slavery of the marketplace.

The Aryan women of the future will have a freedom which they have all but lost today—the freedom to be real women. What largely Jewish and lesbian feminists want, claim, or advocate is not relevant to anything in the real world. They more than liberals as a whole are doomed to eventual defeat and disappointment, however much they may have achieved a very temporary and very slight, superficial success in the English-speaking world. Feminism is essentially a form of sexual perversion, because it distorts what is natural in the sexual roles of men and women. Feminism, like integration and all forms of liberalism, can only be imposed on both men and women at the point of a gun, literally or economically.

Remove the force of ZOG’s law and the economic necessity for women to work simply to make ends meet and feminism. like racial integration, will die.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Real-World Party Professionalization

[The following is a partial excerpt from the Northwest Front Bulletin for January 2018] 

Okay, everybody got all the Christmas wassail out of their systems? Good. As the liberals say, we need to have a “conversation” about some things, specifically on the topic of Party professionalization. I know the Bulletin isn’t supposed to be used for internal discussion, just general Haroldic ranting and raving about racial and political things like Coming Home, but we’re at an important juncture in history, and for once we have to reach a serious adult consensus on the way forward for our movement. Until it’s done, I have to use every tool I have at my disposal to accomplish that.

Other people of note within White Nationalism have been coming to the same conclusions I have about the whole loosey-goosey thing for some time, although they seem uncertain how to express them. A lot of us (including myself) at one time embraced loosey-goosey, largely because back in the 80s and 90s we witnessed for ourselves the problems which formal organizations faced. We watched a dozen assorted groups run out of steam and deflate, or else outright fall to pieces in a shambles due to causes that could have been avoided had we been stronger, smarter, braver, and better men. It was not an edifying spectacle.

I’m going to reprint an e-mail I received a couple of weeks ago from long-time British nationalist Anthony Lecomber, who some of you may be familiar with. This e-mail might have a certain Dutch Uncle flavor to it, but I don’t consider it such. There is a difference between Dutch Uncle-ism and genuine constructive criticism. I’ve always gotten far too much of the former and way too little of the latter.

The Lecomber E-Mail

Hi Harold:

The problem is that, because of your personal experience whereby you renounce organisation, because you renounce membership (and Americans can’t do committed revolutionary organisation without membership), you’re screwed. So a lone nut shot the President with one of your membership cards in his pocket. So what?

[There is some question as to whether Hinckley was a "lone nut" or part of something larger, but that's now beyond determining. - HAC]


1)  Need to grow involves generating publicity without getting killed. There has been some success, but none recently. So post links. However, there is a concerted effort on the Net to purge these ASAP.

2) Then again, what good is publicity if there is no structure to capitalise on it?

3) You cannot build structure without membership (however that is defined), but Harold says no membership. No membership because, apparently, some twit will join and do something stupid.

4) Is that just a thing with Americans? There has been the odd embarrassment here in the UK, but nothing terminal. Yes, I’ve heard about the Reagan shooter with the card signed by HAC, but you can’t base policy on what some loon might do.

5) Something you need to consider. If there’s no membership, then anyone can claim to be a Northwester/open a P.O. box/dispense recruiting material and give interviews. Andy recently made a statement on RFN saying what people could do. Clearly you have this problem already.

6) With organisation, membership would inevitably give structure. Membership would give funding.

7) Membership does not have to compromise the revolution because the IRA never gave out membership. But Sinn Fein certainly did and, in my opinion, you do need a party as an outreach organisation.

8)  The party reaches out and recruits people. Some are good to build the Party, others can be approached for the revolution. This does mean that some “members” are burnt when put out into the public space and made useless for the revolution. That’s the kind of hard decision that only a true leader can make. But it needs to be made.

9) I am acutely embarrassed whenever I hear about the lack of leaflets possessed by the NWF. Even when the BNP was tiny, we always had leaflets. Then again, these were sold in bulk (1,000, but you could make it 500) to party units i.e. we had membership and a structure. We’d get 40,000 printed up of one kind. They wouldn’t all run out at once and we might have a dozen different sorts. These were A5, two sided, two-colour on 80 bond and on the first side at least had a big eye catching picture.

10)  You can’t organise like this because: i) you have no party units and so no one to buy in bulk; ii) you have no premises to store the said leaflets and no where to pack them and mail them from; iii) you have no one responsible dedicated to do the dispatch – certainly not you, you don’t have the time.


The premises do not have to be a storefront. It could be a trusted man’s home. If the trusted man is a lively retired type, he could be the “office manager” and deal with dispatch. Charge for membership. Make it plain this is for the party only, not the revolutionary org. You would need a membership secretary. This could be you initially, or it could be the office manager, or another. You could divide membership into two. Full members are in the Homeland. Associate members are outside. i.e. make the outlanders pay for development inside the Homeland.

You really do need to find that mythical National Organiser of yours. Then again without membership, what’s a National Organiser supposed to do? Those who are saving themselves for the revolution need not join, but kick in whatever they do now.

If I were American with my experience, I’d be in the PNW and I’d be organising whichever district/city it was that I lived. It’s easy. When I organised Redbridge BNP (in N.E. London, population approx 250,000), we had 17 activists, all local. We later got a councilor elected though I was no longer Organiser having been promoted to Group Development i.e. forming new groups - I was very good at this.

Harold, at the risk of sounding like one of your Dutch Uncles, I have a lot more experience of Nationalist organisation than you do. I’ve led leafleting teams into shitty areas and got them out again successfully. Many times. One acquaintance of mine was David Copeland who set three bombs (Brick Lane [Paki area]; Brixton [black area]; and Soho [queer pub, killing a pregnant woman]) in 1999. This was bad news for us and I got a visit. But it wasn’t the end of the world. He was a member, but we weren’t fucked. I should say that I have an explosives conviction from 1985, which meant I was of interest.

Harold, it is my belief that unless you differentiate between the revolutionary and the outreach party and allow membership for the latter, you just won’t get anywhere. I have seen how new approaches can bring rapid new growth - if only you will initiate such. You are the numero uno in the American movement, especially in the PNW. No one else is going to try to take over. So unless you initiate these changes, growth will be slow - like molasses.

You constantly complain Americans are timid about doing something necessary but different. Harold, have you thought that you are also part of the problem due to your repeated jaundiced experiences? To sum up, the IRA and Sinn Fein were different, the IRA did not have formal membership, while Sinn Fein did, but the revolutionary organisation ran through both.

And on that final note. Merry Christmas! I’ll send another donation in the New Year. R & N – Tony

* * *
I won’t try to refute what Tony is saying here by pointing out the tremendous differences in the American situation and the British situation, not to mention the atrocious American character and that of the United Kingdom, especially 30 years ago. The fact is that what he is saying here is valid in principle, and I have known this for some time. I will also resist the temptation to rant and rave and add extra pages to this newsletter to the point where I need a big envelope and 70 cents postage to mail it; I think I need to be tightening and shortening my rhetoric as much as possible. To some of you younger people used to electronic screens, I probably read like Charles Dickens.

A Word In Your Shell-Like Ears 

Let’s think about something. Can we acquire the necessary skills to build bridges, plant and harvest food, operate factories and repair streets and roads by tapping on our electronics from Mom’s basement? Can we get the required experience on how to run a usury-free banking system and maintain a modern military (a real one, not a video game) through loosey-goosey and “everbuddy do his own thang, dewd” and “you’re not the boss of me!” How can an organized ethnostate come from total disorganization and refusal to accept any personal responsibility for anything?

We fantasize about Mad Max (some of us) but nobody in his right mind actually wants anything like that to happen. The idea that somehow total chaos will lead to anything but our destruction, given the physical and moral shape we’re in, is incredibly foolish and dangerous. Many problems have arisen over the past year with the NF, and with myself in particular, due to the lack of professionalization in this Party. The fact is that I have now pretty much reached the limit of what I can do under the present circumstances. To be blunt, the quality of my work is suffering, and I know it. By attempting to do everything myself I am doing nothing really well.

I’ve discussed these problems in depth in the organizational letters during 2017, and there’s no point in me going off into a long moan over stuff I’ve spent the entire year complaining about. I am aware of our many shortcomings collectively and my own specifically, and I regret them. Almost all of these shortcomings have specific, identifiable causes involving the absence of professional organization and certain necessary physical plant due to my inability to persuade a sufficient number of people to participate in 10 X 1000. 

Almost all of these problems would be immediately reparable through the acquisition of a stable, secure work station for use as a general headquarters unit; certain basic items of plant; an adequate sum of start-up working capital, and five to six Class A men significantly younger than myself with certain specific skill sets, here at my side to serve as an operational staff. In other words, roughly the human and financial resources of your average internet start-up. What I refer to as Square One. It’s been nine years now that I’ve been asking for this. Why have we not got there yet?

Let’s be clear: I’m not playing the blame game here. I’m asking a question to which we must find an answer and a remedy. I’m doing pretty much the best I can now with what I’ve been given to work with, allowing for certain subjective factors such as medical issues. I can do better, much better, but I require concrete and material assistance from serious, committed adults to do so. I don’t know what else to do, except to carry on as best I can, while continuing to beg and plead for that assistance. But that doesn’t seem to be enough any more. History is catching up to us and we are not ready.

Speaking of blame, I do in fact have an explanation, not an excuse, as to why I myself have not been running at peak efficiency for the past 20 years, one that some of you know about. One which I will not offer here, because it would be pointless and irrelevant in the face of the impending catastrophe. Of all the luxuries we can least afford now, pointless recrimination pretty much tops the list.

I call [what we are doing now] “waiting for Godot,” and we have to stop it. We have to stop waiting for God to tack on a happy ending just because He loves us. It doesn’t work like that.

[End excerpt.]

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

HAC's Last Interview - May 2016

[This is from May of last year, and unless I'm becoming genuinely senile it's the last "media" type interview I did, with two graduate students from the University of Michigan. Since then the media have started making stuff up out of whole cloth and I don't even respond to their inquiries any more. - HAC]

­­­‪­‪­‪­­­‪­­‪‪­­‪­­­­­­‪­‪­‪­‪­‪­‪­‪‪‪­­­­­‪­­Mr. Covington:

What is the relationship between ideology and individual within the alt.right? Do leaders of the various groups and factions also act as ideological interpreters? Aside from internet chat boards/forums is there a single source for alt.right ideas? Should there be?

You are giving us far too much credit. The racial right has always been far less about ideology than the Marxist and Cultural Marxist, politically correct left, where ideology has become a kind of dogma comparable to medieval Catholicism,  complete with the burning of heretics. Our little slice of life has always been much more about individual ego, dysfunction, and revenge-seeking.

This is one of the primary reasons for our 70 years' worth of failure. The overwhelming majority of the people who approach the radical right, in North America, at least, are doing so out of personal reasons, seeking to write personal wrongs suffered at the hand of the dictatorship and/or the monkoids, but mostly seeking White strength, i.e. somebody who will actually shoot these motherfuckers, make them stop doing what they are doing, and save us. They sob and wring their hands instead of resist when they are sodomized by Obama's Amurrica, and they want Daddy to come and kiss it better.

Alt.righters, to use your name for us, want to wreak revenge on the evil people who have hurt them so badly and destroyed their lives and families. I get this. The people who rule us genuinely are evil, you know. They deserve no mercy or sympathy, and White people are certainly morally entitled to blood revenge--but this doesn't really make for overmuch ideological subtlety or complexity. Name Donald Trump ring a bell?

Also, there is the pansy factor. We tend to distrust excessive intellectualism, ideology and theory, because in our real little world it is so often associated with buggery. Of course, there are our "Movement modernizers" who want to okay buggery and Jewishness in our ranks as well, as bizarre as that sounds.

We also get a lot of just plain kooks, although fewer than our Salonista attackers claim. People who have been driven mad through years of torture, humiliation, deception, abuse and contempt from Obama and his thugs can sound crazy, right enough, but that doesn't mean they're wrong.

What you need to understand is after almost a century of economic pillage and Jewish social engineering, American society has become sick, deranged, insane, and is suffering from a kind of collective national psychotic break with reality. What other nation on the face of the earth has a serious debate on whether or not men wearing womens' clothing should be allowed to use women's rest rooms?

The American people are hurting, they are in agony, they have ideas on who is causing their pain to varying degrees (largely correct ideas) and they want to see blood on their television and computer screens, so long as it is safely distanced from them personally and there is no risk or responsibility involved.

The American people want to see a long list of specific individuals running down the street screaming, with with burning rubber tires around their necks. They are afraid to take the 300 million privately-owned guns out of the closet themselves because the Bad Men in the black body armor will hurt them (which they will, so long as they're still being paid.) At some point the American dictatorship will no longer be able to pay their mercenaries for protection, and then the fun starts. Obama and as of next year the Hildebeest rule by fear and naked force now. If it weren't for the police and military they wouldn't last a week.

The point I'm trying to make with all this ranting and raving is: don't be deceived by all the limp-wristed "Occidental" blogs and quasi-intellectual websites. That's just a small number of wispy middle-aged men who think they're a cross-breed between Julius Evola and Oscar Wilde. The real alt.right is about blood and finding someone to do the killing so they can enjoy it vicariously without risking their own precious skins, which I understand and accept is disgraceful and one of the reasons we have failed. God does not reward cowards.

It appears to us that the 1990s and earlier were dominated by an American National Socialism  that was highly diverse in terms of interpretation/praxis but had a common referential in the figure of George Lincoln Rockwell (as well as various German National Socialists, Hitler, Goebbels, etc.). The alt.right similarly has a wide array of ideologies within it but regularly touches upon one or several individuals (such as Julius Evola, Ernst Junger, the French New Right, etc.) as prominent thinkers and reference points. Is the wide array of interpretations and ideological centers a strength or a weakness for the alt,right in your opinion? What is the place of figures such as George Lincoln Rockwell in the modern alt.right?

Okay, first thing I need to explain is that I've only been on Twitter for about three months, and I'm not that much of an expert. I never bothered with it until a short time ago, although since then I have seen how addictive it can become. It seems that alt.right is now pretty much all Twitter; Facebook pages for our kind of people don't last long here and certainly not in Europe. Zuckerberg and his Jews don't allow me to have a Facebook page under my own name, which is fine--one less thing for the secret police to monitor. I have a Facebook account under a false name to keep up with what's going on there, but for obvious reasons don't use it for anything political or racial.

George Lincoln Rockwell was the iconic Movement figure for my generation, no question--I named my son who died in Rhodesia after him--but he is generally less known to our "younger generation," insofar as we have one, which I find it difficult to get a take on through all the internet code names and redditing and rabbiting and yadda yadda yadda. These days 95% of everything is internet and the first rule of the Net is that you never know who you are talking to.

I would imagine most younger people find Rockwell dated, and he is--hell, he was dated when I was coming along, the national situation was changing so fast. His recorded speeches and his life are inspirational still and I sometimes play his material on Radio Free Northwest, but the world he lived in no longer exists.

In the 1990s the American White Power milieu was undergoing a period of intense transformation. Large political organizations in Europe and America disappeared and with the demise of the Soviet Union it seems that every ideological center short of neoliberalism was momentarily thrown into disarray. Could you please reflect on what organizing was like in the 1990s and is it possible to isolate one or several causes for the implosion of Right (and also Left) Political Projects (failure to adapt, changing conditions, etc.)? Was there actually an implosion or can the 1990s be viewed instead as a generational turn-over point and the confusion/dissolution of many political forces really just the chaos associated with the changing of the guard?

I can do that in one word: internet. The internet basically created a fantasy world that White people as a whole and young White males especially can live in to a large extent and escape the toxic ooze of Obama's Amurrica, soon to be the Sea Hag's Amurrica. When things get too bad in the real world we just go home to Mom's basement and log on. We spend our 20s and 30s delivering pizzas and playing World of Warcraft.

There is no need for any attempt to organize in the real world because the fantasy satisfies; it soothes and salves the conscience that you're "doing your bit," when in fact all you're doing is generating words that almost no one will ever read. The biggest leap forward has been the increase in non-textual media like graphics, audio, and YouTubes; American Whites below the age of about 35 are now mostly functionally illiterate. We are now back to drawing on the walls of our caves, except instead of clay pigments we use digitized pixels and mp3s. The idea is that we will "do our bit" in this safe manner allowing us deceive ourselves (although not the enemy) and eventually some guys will come along who have the balls to kill the people we want to watch die on our electronic screens, and entertain us. We think we can vicariously partake of their courage and their glory.

This hasn't happened yet, apart from the odd Dylann Roof or Craig Hicks, who are not resistance fighters but hysterics who threw a hissy fit. I mean, Jesus, condemning yourself to decades in the dictatorship's prison industrial complex over a stolen parking space? Criminy!

But that's the "Project" most of the alt.right is working on, even if they won't admit it to themselves. They're waiting for some must-see TV, although so far all they're seeing is White people who dare to attend a Trump rally fleeing and cowering and bleeding. If anyone feels any sense of shame over that, I haven't picked up on it.

These more or less young yo-yos (younger than me, anyway) think there's going to be this big revolution, and that when it's over they will be the heroes of it, and they will join in receiving the acclaim and the chic and the spoils of victory as everyone rides off into the sunset headed for a weekend at Six Flags. And they think they're going to reap the rewards of valor without displaying valor, all just for tapping on a keyboard without ever hearing the splintering of a door kicked in in the dawn, or feeling the steel on their wrists, or alternatively pulling a trigger and all of a sudden the screaming stops but you've got red and gray ooze dripping down the wall.

That isn't going to happen. My own theory is that when "it" finally does come it's going to be more Mad Max than I.R.A.

In my last major job at Decision One in Texas, about 16 years ago, I used to stand in the smoke hole and listen to guys in their late 20s and 30s, with masters' degrees in IT, talk about their after-hours secret lives as dwarves and warlocks and giant-killers, while the women looked on in disgust. No husbands and providers or fathers for their children there.  No wonder so many of them marry wogs of various kinds; some wogs at least have some kind of work ethic.

Another thing you need to realize is the virtual certainty that many of the identities on alt.right Twitter are cyber-transvestites,  middle-aged men using female names and female anime avatars on the internet, and don't ask me to speculate on that pathology.

What was the question?

What were the most influential/inspirational ideas/books/thinkers within the American White Power milieu in the 1990s? Where did the ideology come from? Was it a product of organizing, did it come from Europe/abroad? Rockwell was influential but how important are his books versus his actions?

Mmmmm .... Okay, bear in mind I'm trying to generalize and speak for others here, but ...

The Turner Diaries and Hunter by William Pierce, definitely. Pierce's American Dissident Voices, the first real racial podcasts. For all the crazy shit he was doing organizationally and in his disorderly and louche private life, Pierce was definitely the Man of the Hour back in the Nutty Nineties, and to give him his due, he was one of the best we ever had. Seems to me the Nineties was also when I first came across the Evola craze.

This was when we first discovered the internet, remember. At the beginning of the decade everybody was still using paper and postage stamps and by the end, everybody and his dog had a website. Stormfront appeared about '96 or so and from that point on people weren't just getting their inspiration from books; they were getting it from a whole host of their favorite posters on the VBulletin boards, most of whom are unknown to this day and for all anyone knows could have been cognitive dissonance ops trying to shape the course of the Movement, which may have been done.

After speaking with several members of various organizations within the alt.right, it seems to us that the milieu is changing. While it may have a starting point (in America) with National Socialism and figures such as Rockwell, it appears to us that it underwent a significant transformation in the 1990s as a result of Skinhead culture. Today it we think that the milieu is in many ways recovering from the Skinhead period and rediscovering it’s ideological heritage be it National Socialism or Radical Traditionalism (or other various tendencies). Could you please explain the relationship between the ideological elements of the milieu and the skinhead movement? Are/were skinheads actually devoid of ideology?

"Recovering from Skinhead" isn't a bad way to put it. What there is left of it has now mutated into a form of organized crime, just like the Hell's Angels is no longer about riding motorcycles. Some of our best people today are those who survived their Skinhead period, who learned the lessons it taught, grew their hair, hid their tattoos and now function in society. Some of them, as John Metzger said 30 years ago, are now carrying the briefcases.

Certainly, a lot of them had an ideology, a number of ideologies--there were NS Skinheads, Odinst Skinheads, Christian Identity Skinhead, etc. It's just that once you got in you got loaded up in double-quick time with all kinds of bizarre baggage, some of which you never shook off, and there was a quantum leap in your chances of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and ending up dead or in prison, as many did.

How serious is/was federal infiltration?

Pass on this one. I am so restricted by a federal court order from discussing this topic that there is no point in my attempting it if I can't tell the truth. And no, I can't tell you about the court order, because, you see, that would be telling. Seriously, there's no point in my talking about this if I can't speak freely, which of course is the object of the whole exercise.

What do you perceive to be the ideological and/or structural limitations of the alt.right?

It is almost completely internet, has no existence in the real world, and the people in it are functional illiterates who are incapable of forming a genuine revolutionary movement and who are involved for all the wrong reasons. It is possible that the alt.right might inspire some of what the left-loons call "stochastic terrorism," but as satisfying as this might be for all the ghouls who hang onto every word and post hoping to sniff left-loon and SJW blood, it will not change anything.

Is the Northwest Front tied to you in a personal way? Would the Northwest Front still exist as a project without you? 

The Northwest Front is just a name used to designate my wee little operation. It sounds better than "that thang Hurrold's doin'"

The Northwest Imperative, on the other hand, is an idea, essentially the ideal of White freedom, peace, and prosperity in a land comprised only of other White people, with nary a monkey-face or a slanty eye to be seen. As such the Northwest Imperative expresses the innate longing and desire and Will of an entire race, even stupid left-loons who think they're completely deracinated, but I don't think they are. I simply don't buy that a White man or woman can ever have their mind washed completely squeaky clean of every bit of genetic and biological instinct, although looking at some of these #BlackLivesMatter niggers' pathetic, weak, repulsive little "White allies," I admit I have my doubts.

The Northwest is basically the only viable plan for White racial survival, or else some form of White separatism. This is now becoming recognized by a lot of people; I covered this on Radio Free Northwest only last week with some stuff about the American Redoubt and Ingathering plans, wherein others have basically re-invented the wheel and removed my name from it, which is fine by me.

Do you see any similarities between your project and the South African Orania mentioned in Kemp’s Nova Europa? Have you seen or heard of any other PLE style political projects and would you say that that style of political action is ascendant? Is it worthwhile struggling in the various white parts of the country (Appalachia, New England, the Midwest, etc.) or would it be best for the milieu to focus its resources on one part of the present country?

Officially, the only people actually forming White communities are the Northwest Front. That's openly and officially. Unless you want to count that Craig Cobb Three Stooges' act in North Dakota as a PLE, which I don't.

Unofficially, I know of several areas where there are a lot of "us" and where there is a certain tendency for people of like mind to move there. With one exception, these are all in the Northwest. My guess is there are others, but very much on the down-low. The people there are adamant about my not even mentioning them. They are terrified that they will be targeted by the media, and so there is nothing printed, no web sites, nothing official at all, all purely world of mouth and private communications, so as you can imagine, recruiting is difficult.

I know of one couple who had a definite plan for building a Beaver Cleaverville in a little town in Idaho, and they struck me as having the resources and the clear head to do so. I actually visited them out there. Then the guy was somehow "outed" and targeted by the SPLC, and he fled screaming into the night denying all and denouncing wicked racism and "my jawb, mah jawb, pleeeeze don't take mah precious JAWB from me!" They fired him anyway and he disappeared. I think his wife dumped him as well once the shekels were no longer coming in.

Basically, the NF is it. It will either go the way I describe in my novels or else the way of Mad Max.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

NF Basics: Who And Why?

The Northwest Front is a movement to establish a sovereign and independent Homeland for all White people here in the Pacific Northwest. This concept is based on the idea, fairly obvious by this point in our history, that any recovery of the entire North American continent all at once is now demographically impossible. It’s time for the White man to stop wasting time on endless dead ends that don’t work. The fact that you are in contact with the Northwest Front and that you are reading these words at all indicates that you probably already have some idea as to what we’re about, but I’ll do what I can to tell you about us in this short time available here.

It is a matter of the utmost urgency that you make this vitally important commitment to the future of our people, that you do so now, and that you come to the Northwest Homeland with only the minimum delay necessary to raise sufficient funds and put your affairs in order. The White race in North America is in danger of literal, physical extinction. If current destructive demographic trends continue, White people will be a minority in the United States and Canada by the year 2050, and we will have vanished completely from North America by 2100. The real point of no return, however, is far nearer in time. By the year 2030, the median age of the White population of North America will have become so high that we will no longer be capable of reproducing ourselves in sufficient numbers to overcome the tide of mud-colored Third World immigration which has been unleashed on North America by successive U.S. presidents, Canadian prime ministers, and a century of globalist political manipulation.

Radical dangers require radical solutions. Many White people placed their hopes in the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, but it didn’t take long for them to become disillusioned. Trump campaign promises such as the building of a border wall, the repeal of the catastrophic Obamacare, banning Muslim immigration, and the criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton seem to have been forgotten. Instead, he is playing grab-ass with North Korea and apparently trying to provoke World War Three with Russia. For the first time in history, Jews are actually living in the White House, and several them are standing behind the president whispering in his ear, almost like some old cartoon out of Der Stürmer.

We have only ourselves to blame. We knew that Trump was as kosher as lox and bagels before we voted him in, and only the fact that his opponent was a kind of liberal Jabba the Hut in the form of a humanoid female persuaded many of us to vote for him. We chose the lesser of two evils; the trouble is that lesser evil is pretty damned bad and now we have to live with it. Or die by it.

We as a people have wasted the past six decades on pointless, futile and impotent right-wing and kosher conservative organizations and strategies. The overwhelming majority of these past organizations and movements refused to recognize the vital central importance of race in all issues, and they refused to recognize the urgent need for state power in order to preserve the existence of our race. We spent entirely too much time standing on street corners in laughably tiny groups holding signs and chewing on rubber chicken in rented motel banquet rooms with several dozen people at a time, most of whom were over 60. The result of the past decades of right-wing failure and impotence is that we are now out of time.

There is only one strategy remaining to us that may be able to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Our last remaining hope to stave off extinction is the establishment of a sovereign and independent nation on the continent of North America for White people only, where we can raise a few more generations in physical health, mental sanity, and moral safety. Considerations of demographics, economics, (such as the need for a coastline) and a history of commitment and martyrdom in the persons of Bob Matthews, Sam and Vicky Weaver, Richard Butler, Jeff Hughes, Edgar Steele, and many others, dictate that the territory for this sovereign White republic must lie in the Pacific Northwest. 

The First Step To Freedom: Read Things 

The first step toward the establishment of the Northwest American Republic is a mass migration of the existing racially aware White community to the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana. Hispanics and Third World immigrants aren’t the only ones who can change demographics. The settlers in this mass migration must then form communities of responsible and functional-in-society White nationalists, people who live within half an hour’s drive of one another, and who regularly interact face-to-face in the real world as opposed to tapping or clicking on an electronic device. The internet and social media, etc. are potentially invaluable tools for the establishment of this White ethnostate. They cannot replace human bodies with brave hearts and iron spirits.

You need to get hold of a copy of the Northwest Front Party Manual, which is called the White Book, and any other literature the Party can provide. If you didn’t get this material from the same source where you obtained this copy of NF Bulletin, go to and either contact us through the website, or else by direct e-mail at, and we’ll get that material to you. Or you can always write to the address at the bottom of this bulletin. In the White Book is a recommended reading list of books on all kinds of subjects, including race, political science, Communism, and the Jewish Question. There is also a section explaining about the five Northwest Independence novels.

The fact is that in order to fully understand what I am saying here, and in order to ask the right questions and get the right answers, you need to be familiar with a whole body of knowledge that White Americans are usually denied access to by the media and the public education system. The NF is in rather an unfortunate position, in that in order to bring you fully up to speed on everything we’re saying and convince you of the fact that we are right—and we are right, by the way—you have to sit down and read at least one or two big, thick books, and that’s a problem with 21st century White Americans. A large number of us, especially younger White people who were trapped in public schools as children, and whose parents could not afford to give them an actual education in private school, no longer have the ability, the concentration, or the basic literacy to read a long block of text for content. White people are kind of regressing into the past before reading and writing was invented, and we’re now reliant once again on pictures on electronic screens or in so-called graphic novels, rather like our prehistoric ancestors who drew pictures on the walls of caves.

The Party aren’t total Luddites. We are trying to adapt to audio and visual means of communication, hence our YouTube videos, DVDs and CDs, etc. We also have a weekly podcast called Radio Free Northwest, which can be downloaded from, but the fact is that the bulk of the knowledge you need to know, and which we need to try to make you understand, is contained in actual, physical books.

You’re really going to need to read these books, especially the Northwest independence novels. Those were written with the specific intention of answering every question anyone might come up with, in as much detail as possible. It’s really hard to give detailed answers to questions with people who haven’t read those five Northwest novels, because the answers you’re looking are almost all there, spelled out in much greater specific detail than we could ever give you in 25 words or less here. 

Thoughtcrime In Obama’s America 

Yes—despite the election of Donald Trump as president, this is still very much Obama’s America. Obama’s America transcends Obama himself, if you understand what we’re getting at. The liberal democratic power structure which has spent the past century embedding itself in American government and society is still very much entrenched. Even if Trump was sincere and can even become somewhat effective, this is going to be Obama’s America for a long time.

We need to talk about language and the concept of thoughtcrime, which we’re sorry to say is a very real factor in 21st century American life. A racially conscious White man and a free man as well does not allow the present dictatorship to control or to command what we think or say or write, and that includes a number of forbidden words. You will hear on Radio Free Northwest and read in our publications that the Party  routinely uses words like nigger. kike, beaner and faggot. We use these words specifically because our lords and masters have forbidden us to do so, because the Jewish and liberal ruling élite does not want men and women of our race to use these words, and whatever the régime wants White people not to do is something, then we are under a moral obligation to do as often as possible.

This isn’t quite as simplistic or infantile an assertion as it sounds. There is hard reasoning behind it. I know we keep telling you guys to sit down and read big, thick books, but if any of you haven’t read George Orwell’s historic novel 1984, we recommend in the strongest possible terms that you obtain a copy and do so immediately. Even though the novel was written in 1948, it’s timeless. It explains much about the world we live in today. When you get your copy of 1984, start with the appendix at the end of the book which discusses something called Newspeak. It’s an essay on the use and perversion of language in order to control thought, and it is even more applicable today that it was 70 years ago when it was first written.

Long story short, it’s not racial insensitivity or hurting the poor little monkoids’ feelings or anything like that which are the régime’s concern. The wealthy and powerful liberals and Jews who run this society don’t give a rat’s ass about some street nigger’s hurt feelings. What the liberals want to do is to control our very thoughts, by making us so afraid to speak certain words out loud for fear of economic retaliation, in Europe fear of legal punishment, or fear of psychopathic black violence, that we censor our own selves so effectively that we don’t even think such words—or think about the concepts and the ideas of racial difference and White superiority that those words convey.

The empowered liberal and Judaic élite in Western society doesn’t only want us afraid to say nigger, they don’t want us to even think nigger, or be able to think it. The wealthy liberals and Jews who rule us don’t want White people to think any thought that contradicts what we are taught in our politically correct classrooms, loony-left universities, or our state-controlled liberal media. The régime does not want White people to have in their minds words which can even so much as formulate forbidden thoughts, never mind express them. The long term goal, as stated in Orwell’s 1984, is to make so-called thoughtcrime impossible, because we will lack even the language necessary to formulate forbidden thoughts in our minds.

It is absolutely essential that White people break through this thought control process and recover true freedom of speech and thought, and that first and foremost represents the freedom to say nigger and kike and faggot. Because you see, the liberals who rule us are not just vicious and evil, they are wrong. There is no such thing as an “African-American.” There is no such thing as a black person—the term “person” implies an equality with White people which does not in fact exist anywhere in the real world. They are not people, at least not in the same sense that we are. They are a more primitive and rudimentary species of the genus homo than White people, true, but they are biologically and genetically different in many more important ways other than skin color. Skin color is merely the most obvious of racial differences; the most significant  ones are genetic.

Negroes have inborn differences from White people that cannot be altered, including among other things lesser intelligence, lower cognitive skills generally, and a brain incapable of developing moral thought to the same level as White people. One example is their inability to empathize with anyone outside their own immediate family grouping. It is no accident that all cannibalistic cultures in Africa and Papua New Guinea are black-skinned. On the other hand, it is significant that the green eco, tree-hugging movement is entirely White. White people are the only humans on the face of the earth who seem even to care about the environment.

These are not “black people,” they are niggers, and they know it even if we don’t. Why do you think they call themselves nigger all the time? They don’t respect themselves, so why should we respect them? Then again, we don’t respect ourselves either, since White people won’t fight for what we have and we let them do us such terrible harm, while we cower in a corner like whipped dogs, so why the hell should anyone respect us?

There is no such thing as a “gay” person. There is nothing gay about filthy and unsanitary perversions that spread loathsome diseases. The word homosexual is simply a descriptive term for certain unnatural sexual acts; it does not describe the people who commit those acts. Those people are faggots, queers, bugger boys, dykes, and other terms I won’t use but which are more colorful and descriptive. To refer to these people as gay or homosexual or without any pejorative wording at all is to imply that they and their perversions are somehow acceptable in civilized society. They are not.

You see what I’m getting at? White people and the defenders of Western civilization have to stop letting the enemy define the parameters of discussion and determine what is and is not acceptable by way of thought and language. We need to force that power out of the hands of the liberals and their media and their law, and back into ours. There are a lot of things we need to force out of the hands of the globalists and back into our own.

That’s another thing; we need to be free to at least think in those terms, to encompass in our imaginations the concept of liberals and Democrats and the government being forced to do things, being compelled to change their behavior, and being punished for what they have done in the past, and I don’t mean by being scolded on blogs. The thought is father to the deed, as liberals know full well. If we are free to think disrespectfully of minorities and perverts and the system itself, then it’s only a matter of time before we start thinking about other things. And that’s what they’re really terrified of. There is nothing that frightens a Jew or a liberal more than a White man whose mind is not under their control.

Let’s get your mind out of control, shall we? Contact the Northwest Front today. It’s time we got this show on the road. The genetic and demographic clock is ticking and we need to take heed. Otherwise a century from now, there will be no one remaining on earth who looks like us, and North America will resemble either a Chinese ant farm or Brazil.  We know what we’re going to do now, so let’s get on with it.