Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Electronic Remittance To Northwest Front

Grittings, dewds:

As you know, I've been searching for some way to increase our income by allowing electronic payments, taking credit and debit cards, etc. You will also be aware of the recent spate of PayPal and Patreon and YouTube cancellations among "alt.right" personalities or anyone who might be considered to be right of center or a supporter of President Trump.

This practice has both positive and negative aspects which we've discussed, and I won't re-visit that discussion here, except to clarify that what we need---what our "public" seems to be demanding---is a PayPal-like electronic "donate button" we can attach to websites and YouToobs and whatnot. This is largely so we can attract spontaneous impulse donations, and so alt.right types can continue to pretend they are remaining hidden under false names from the government. (Our people love to play Secret Squirrel. I'm sure the secret police find it amusing and even charming.)

Of course, what they're actually doing by using services like PayPal or Patreon is creating a digital paper trail right back to themselves. If they really wanted to remain anonymous, the old Bob Mathews-style paper bag full of cash dumped out on the table is what's called for, but never mind.

Anyway, after some searching, and with some reservations regarding the company I'm keeping, I have opened a Hatreon account. I am still navigating it and trying to figure out exactly how it works. I think you have to create "projects" there. Will get back to you on that. Don't know even if it does function whether it will allow for the "donate button" that everybody keeps yelling for. It may just be something you do via a simple URL.

(What we really need, of course, is for the Jews at PayPal to come down off their arrogant horse, respect the rights of other people, and do their damned job, but evidently that's not going to happen.)

However Hatreon turns out, I would like to let you guys in on one electronic remittance system that some of our people have been using for years to pay their Party dues. It is called, which is apparently a subsidy of something called FIS Global.

Yes, I'm sure they're owned by Jews just like just about everything financial on earth. What can I tell you? Unless we're going to hide all our money in my mattress, if we use any kind of banking facilities, we deal with Jews. It is what it is.

What you can do at, apparently through your own bank, is to arrange for a paper check made out to Northwest Publishing Agency to be cut and mailed once a month to Northwest Publishing Agency, P. O. Box 2188, Bremerton, Washington 98310.

I could if I wished set up my own account with these people, and the money could be transferred to the Party bank account directly, as is so often the case these days, but to be frank A) I'm not comfortable handing out my banking information to every Tom, Moishe, and Izzy like people are falling into the habit of doing, and B) I prefer to get an individual check so I know who is sending what, and I can acknowledge everyone's contribution, even if only through a brief e-mail. It has always been an iron-clad rule of mine from my earliest days in "this thing of ours" that no one sends me one thin dime without an acknowledgement and thank-you note of some kind. I suspect that practice has kept me out from under the bridge on more than one occasion.

Anyway, that's where we are now on the electronic remittance thing.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

White Nationalism and Character [circa 2002]

NB - This is approximately 15 years old, I think, so it's a little dated. - HAC  

[This is probably the most controversial essay I have ever written for the internet. I will be re-posting it periodically, because nothing has occurred in the past year which has in any way changed my mind as to its basic validity. - KF]

by Keith Fulton

1. In any political, social, or revolutionary movement, it is always a good idea if both the leaders and the rank and file members of that movement reflect the ideals and principles that the movement publicly advocates, in their personal lifestyle and in their personal behavior.

2. This is not the case in the White nationalist movement.

3. A very large percentage of the people involved in White nationalist politics have no business whatsoever being involved with this or any other cause, because of their personal character defects.

4. Many of the people involved in White nationalism, arguably a majority of them in fact, are mentally and emotionally damaged or dysfunctional in some way.

5. The majority of White nationalists have joined the Movement because we want to get something out of it, not because we want to put something into it.

6. Most White nationalists are not revolutionaries. They are what is known as paleo-conservatives. They do not want to change the entire political, social, and economic order in America. They want the existing order to work for them personally and give them money and success.

7. Most White nationalists are, to put it politely, of "dull normal" intelligence.

8. Being Americans of the 20th and 21st century, White nationalists have no oral history and in many cases have no idea where they came from, beyond the generation of their grandparents, and some not even that. White Americans as a whole are essentially a people without a past.

9. Because of this and other factors, White nationalists as a group are almost entirely lacking in any kind of spiritual or moral values, unless you want to count Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell-style Protestant evangelicalism as a moral value, which it isn't. (Protestant evangelicalism is a political ideology, not a religious one.)

10. White nationalists are completely materialistic and driven by money and consumerism. Their real beef with America is that America has not kept its promise to them personally and showered them with wealth, or else in the case of conservatives America demands that they pay taxes on the comparatively small amount of wealth they have managed to accumulate.

11. Most self-appointed Movement "leaders" are or were janitors or gas station attendants in real life. Some, like David Duke and William Pierce, have never actually held a real job in their entire lives. Virtually no self-appointed White racist "leader" has ever demonstrated any personal success in the real world. The White nationalist movement is a very small arena wherein dysfunctional people attempt to compensate for the fact that they are failures in life.

12. Active White racists are almost without exception dirt poor, and so personally dysfunctional that they are incapable of getting or holding a job and remaining economically viable in a competitive economy.

13. The majority of White nationalists are dishonest. Lying is a routine practice in our world. Very few White nationalists can be trusted with even small amounts of money. The spreading of slanderous rumors, petty theft of one another's personal property, and personal betrayal of every kind are standard practice, the rule rather than the exception.

14. White nationalists have no loyalty to one another or personal sense of honor.

15. White nationalists are bone-idle lazy and sloppy, both in their personal habits and politically.

16. White nationalists crave, respect, and worship money, because they have so little of it. Let's be honest, people. Give your typical White racist something to lose--give him a $100,000 a year job, a house in a nice suburb, and three cars in the garage (one an SUV)--and he would be outta here. Give a White nationalist a taste of wealth and in a heartbeat he will be voting for President Bush, cheering on the American invasion of every small country, hollering to "reform" Social Security, and watching Fox News with his slack jaw hanging down. It has to be said again: the overwhelming majority of so-called White nationalists are simply blue-collar conservatives who have gotten the shaft from the system. If the need ever arose, they could be bought, and bought cheaply.

17. A very large number of White Nationalists are involved in the Movement because of their own personal resentment at the crappy lives they have led. Granted, sometimes it's not their fault. In fact, a lot of times it genuinely isn't their fault. But the fact is that petty personal resentment simply isn't a very good political or revolutionary motivation, with the result that Middle American Whites don't make good revolutionaries.

18. A very large percentage of White nationalists, possibly the majority of them are, er, uh, how can we put this? Sexually odd in various ways.

19. A huge number of White nationalists, possibly a majority, are closeted homosexuals. This especially applies to the NSM and other costumed "Nazi" groups. Homosexuals have always been so predominant in White nationalism that in the past year there has appeared a kind of "gay liberation movement in the Movement" led by certain prominent White "leaders" who have for all practical purposes come out of the closet. It is a myth that gays are largely left-wing and liberal in their politics. In fact there is a lot about the claustrophobic and paranoid closeted gay lifestyle that is similar to, and attracts, strong rightist and racist elements.

20. The White nationalist movement is characterized by personal and political failure, by mediocrity, by a low level of intelligence, by personal and political ignorance, by hypocrisy, by massive dishonesty, by sexual perversion, by cowardice, by childishness, and by an almost total lack of any kind of direction or any kind of strategic plan.


It is an undeniable fact that the vast majority of all White Americans believe in most of the basic principles of White nationalism, and agree with the general idea of White racial superiority, if (important proviso) these ideas are expressed gently, subtly, and correctly without outward symbols and appurtenances of violence and extremism. It is entirely possible to slip White nationalism in under the radar, so to speak, if it is done with a bare minimum of psychological skill and subtlety.

WHITE NATIONALISM COULD STILL WIN despite all of the above character defects, if an intelligent and realistic strategic plan ever appears, and if a collective leadership ever makes an appearance who are willing to accept the above twenty points as a real-life truth and correct these problems by eliminating self-appointment, setting serious and high moral and mental standards, and who dare to make demands of White nationalist personnel, and who dare to swiftly and effectively sanction misbehavior and poor character.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Garbage Book

I got an e-mail suggesting that in order to raise funds for the Great Project, I use my allegedly brilliant writing skills and write a purely commercial novel solely to make money, and publish it under a pseudonym.

Well, actually, been there, done that. 

In the autumn of 2014 I wrote a short (90,000 words) piece of dreck I call my Garbage Book. Loony events intervened, but I finally published it in the spring of 2015. I call it my Garbage Book because that's what it is. All told, it's probably a good thing that my name isn't associated with it, if for no other reason than it has [heterosexual] raunchy sex scenes in it, what is known as "commercial dirt," which still seems to upset some of our people. I still have to send out a disclaimer sheet with Fire and Rain and Bonnie Blue Murder any time I send out a signed copy to a Movement HAC fiction fan. 

I have been told by the few NF people who have read it that the book actually contains a serious racial and cultural message, which I can kind of see now that they point it out, but it was unintentional. Apparently I’m incapable of writing anything completely apoliticial or nonracial any more, even when I try to write crap.

The royalty simoleons never came. I was trying to glom onto a specific literary niche market, but without success. Where I fell down was that my avalanche of secretarial and sound editing and production stuff, which has become chronic over the last two years, means that I simply do not have time to promote the damned thing for sales, nor am I able to do the things that most self-published authors do to promote their work, like show up in person at book signings and network properly on the internet, etc.

It remains a curiosity item, most likely the last piece of fiction I will ever write. [sigh ... ] 

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that yes, like so much else, that idea of trying to write for money under a pseudonym has been tried.

April 20th, 2002

On Saturday, April 20th, National Socialists and racial nationalists the world over will once again gather as they always do to celebrate the birth of the Führer Adolf Hitler. Many of these assemblies will of necessity take place in secret, due to the relentless persecution of an establishment which still fears Hitler's legacy 57 years after his death. Many a private party in homes and the back dining rooms of restaurants, in forests and in out of the way locations, will have a secret and joyful purpose. Every year it happens, and every year there are more of us.

To be honest, the past few Führertags haven't been very uplifting. These have been depressing and profitless times, as the last tattered remnants of the old and failed Movement of the post-1945 era flop and splatter and bleed the last of their thin, senile blood in their death throes. There's nothing left of that time any more. It's all gone, and frankly, good riddance. The Racially Conscious Community haven't had much to be upbeat about recently, and that's a fact.

But things are changing. I am actually much more optimistic than I have been for many years. This April 20th, I believe I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time, there is at least a ray or two of hope. Those rays of hope are glimmering in the Pacific Northwest.

Slowly but surely, you are beginning to respond. I can finally see the glacier move. The message I have been hammering home for the past eighteen months is finally sinking in. The writing is on the wall and at long last, you folks seem to be reading it. In the past few months I have seen a number of indications that finally, at the eleventh hour, White people in the Racially Conscious Community are starting to wrap their minds around the idea of a sovereign, independent Aryan nation on the North American continent as the only way forward to racial and cultural survival. The Northwest message is starting to fall on fertile ground, as the need for an Ingathering of the Folk into a new Homeland becomes understood and accepted. I have received the ultimate confirmation of this in the form of at least four White families to my knowledge and maybe more, who have immigrated into the Homeland. Every envelope I get with a Washington or Idaho postmark instead of Pittburgh or Georgia is a vindication. I know there will be many more. It is beginning.
The birthday of National Socialism's founding genius seems to me to be an appropriate time for me to address something that has come up recently, as the time for my own Homecoming draws near. I refer to the accusation that I have in some manner betrayed true National Socialism by becoming an advocate of a new nation for our people in the Northwest, a Homeland for all White people regardless of their personal, political, or religious views.

In the minds of the purists (and we do still have a few left, Lord love ‘em!) this betrayal consists of three sins of omission: 1) My failure to spangle all my literature with Swastikas and portraits of the Führer; 2) My failure to disport myself in public wearing a Third Reich-ish costume and my refusal to engage in infantile publicity stunts which cause National Socialism to appear ridiculous to the general public; and 3) My decision some time ago to abandon any pretense at reviving a formal party which eventually even I had to realize that no one beyond a minuscule handful ever really wanted. In short, I insist on at least trying to live in the real world, making me virtually unique among White racial nationalist advocates. (I no longer refer to myself or anyone else as a leader. We have no leaders.)

This is neither the time nor the place to re-hash the very old argument as to when the historical symbols of National Socialism are appropriate for display and when they are not. I not only have heard all of these arguments, I wrote most of them. For many years, I myself and many others tried the “orthodox” approach and the results were...hell, the results were dismal, and we all know it. Nor has anyone else had any greater success. The simple fact is that while the ideal of National Socialism is eternal and applicable wherever White people are found, the political terminology and outward manifestations of National Socialism from the 1930s by and large simply don't translate into the context of modern day America. This is not 1932, this is not Germany, and Middle Americans are not Europeans. It has taken me almost thirty years to internalize this simple and obvious truth, so great was my love and admiration for the Führer and the Reich. I speak as one who has spent most of his life trying to perform that very transmutation. It didn’t work, and it will never work. Does this admission of a simple fact of life in any way make me a “traitor” to National Socialism? There are those who believe it does.

We simply cannot afford to wallow in nostalgia any more. Letting our race perish is hardly the way in which to honor Adolf Hitler. Insofar as we have historical examples to follow, we must look in a very limited manner to the Ireland of 1916-1923 and the creation of the Zionist state of Israel, and we had best be very leery of carrying even those parallels too far.

We come now to a very pertinent topic. If Adolf Hitler were here today, once he understood the situation in which we presently find ourselves in this country, and once he had a clear idea of what little we have remaining to work with in the realm of human and financial resources, what then would he advise us to do? Continue with the status quo, scattered and powerless and inchoate and utterly unable to defend the few remaining liberties we once had? Or would he advise us to come together and form a modern version of the old Teutonic shield-wall, standing side by side instead of hiding behind the screens of personal computers? National Socialism is first and foremost about race, the Aryan race specifically. The survival and improvement of the Aryan race must be the first concern of all who call themselves National Socialists. This is not an ideological point. It is the very basis of the National Socialist world view. It is a practical problem, and Adolf Hitler was probably the world's greatest pragmatist as well as being one of history's most notable idealists, a combination seldom found in the course of human events. How would this greatest master of realpolitik in the annals of our civilization respond to the crisis which confronts us today?

I am completely convinced that if the Führer were present in 2002 America, he would be the very first to urge us to adapt to the conditions of the 21st century rather than to look back at the heroic time of the 1930s and 40s. The geopolitical dynamic of our time is globalization and the efforts of the world's many peoples to resist that soul-destroying economic and cultural juggernaut. So far small nations like Serbia and Palestine and Rhodesia have had little success in beating back the the combined and merciless onslaught of Money, Murder, and McDonalds. But that does not mean that the struggle cannot be won, when eventually the New World Order overreaches itself. The dynamic of the 21st century will also be expressed as the ancient one of God versus Man, of material things versus the things of the spirit. This struggle is presently being led by the forces of militant Islam, and for all my respect for the valiant and fierce Palestinians, we cannot in all honor allow non-Whites to monopolize the side of the Light. National Socialism must join and then take command of the struggle against Darkness of Zion which will be this coming century's leitmotif.

The iron laws of evolution dictate that a species under threat must adapt or die. Through our own failure to adapt, we risk condemning our Folk to horrible death and genetic extinction. We can no longer afford the endless debate and introspection which has occupied us all for the past thirty years as we have desperately sought some way to have our cake and eat it too, to preserve our race and our civilization while never incurring any personal risk or inconvenience. We have before us a magnificent prospect, a land watered with the noblest martyred blood of both Aryan man and woman, Bob Mathews and Vicky Weaver. We are confronted with an unspeakable crime against all decency in the theft and destruction of Pastor Richard Butler's longtime home by the yellow dog Morris Dees, a crime which we cannot allow to remain unanswered and still call ourselves men. Were he here today, the Führer Adolf Hitler would understand this.

But he is here today. On the morning when I get into my battered car and head out on Highway 6 for the Homeland, I will not just be following our ancestors who went before me, taking months in their wagons to cross the distance that I will cover in four days. I will be following the path that my Führer has pointed out to me in my heart and my mind. In serving the survival of our Folk in the coming Northwest Republic, we are serving the legacy of Adolf Hitler.


Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Harold's List (Updated)

Harold's List

Remember, this is a list of Good Guys, not Bad Guys. It is shockingly lean. Inclusion here does not necessarily imply endorsement or approval or even personal liking; it just means that those listed appear to be free of the Big Four No-Nos.

Thus far, I believe I can state with some assurance that the closets of the following Alt.Right and White nationalist personalities are free of the following Big Four depravities:

*Buggery, including toleration or trivialization of buggery;

*Jewish blood or toleration of Jews as "part of the European tradition"; trivializing or minimizing the historic role of the Jewish Question in human events;

*Mudsharking, "sport-banging brown pussy," interracial marriage, mulatto or mestizo children, or race-mixing of any kind. (Includes weird sex stuff of any kind);

*Informing, in that no one here has testified in open court against anyone else in the Movement or been named as an informer by any credible source. (Anti-White NGOs, media, internet, law enforcement and judiciary are not considered reliable sources for the purposes of this list.)

Harold A. Covington (myself)
Andy Donner
Bill Roper
Dr. Tom Sunic
Chris White (U.K.)
Matt Heimbach*
Dr. Kevin McDonald
Brad Griffin

Louis Beam
Kyle Hunt
James Edwards
John De Nugent
David Duke**

*Matt Heimbach is currently being heavily slandered by anonymous trolls. This is to be expected since Matt is currently getting his 15 Minutes and as such is subject to the bitter jealousy of our wee little Movement's assorted creepy-crawlies.  So far no one has come up with anything verifiable.

**Big Four only. Many, many caveats on Double Diamond beyond that.

This list is subject to update and correction. Comments should be e-mailed to and will not be approved on this blog.

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Street-Walking Rationale (2002)

[Caveat: This article refers to the situation in North America, not in Europe, where different conditions and strategic situations apply. - HAC]

One of the Racially Conscious Community’s most durable and sacrosanct sacred cows is the street-walk, otherwise known, almost always incorrectly, as a rally. (18 people do not constitute a rally of any kind, although the leftist counter-demonstrations are often sufficiently large to merit that designation.)

We recently had an example of this in Gainesville, Florida. Since my duty station within the Racially Conscious Community is to ask questions regarding sacred cows that no one wants to answer, and to discuss things in public that the self-appointed leadership do not want discussed, I reckon it’s about time I pointed out the nudity of this particular emperor, i.e. the idea of street-walking, again. Quite a few of us seem to be politely and deferentially averting our eyes from the fact that he’s butt-nekkid. 

To begin with, let me explain the official rationale behind streetwalking, point by point. Street-walking in theory is essentially an attempt to reproduce here in America certain specific objective conditions which apply to Europe today, or which have applied to Europe in the past, or which to a limited extent applied to America in a largely idealized and incorrectly perceived past, viz. the 50,000-man Klan marches of the 1920s, etc. More specifically, street-walking is an attempt to replicate here, in the 21st century, certain key periods in European history which provided windows of opportunity for revolution, specifically Weimar Germany and to a lesser extent Petrograd in 1917 for leftists. (They have this same obsession as well.) It’s a form of what anthropologists call sympathetic magic. The belief is that if we emulate the behavior of certain political movements from these historical epochs, and put on an approximate pastiche of the costume of the period, then somehow the year 2003 will become these historical epochs. Or maybe 2004 or 2010 or 2020.

Here’s how it’s supposed to work, in theory:

1. We begin with a small number of people, mostly socially dysfunctional young men plus a few older right-wing cranks. (Guys, I’m sorry, but those of you who have actually attended these gigs will recognize the truth of what I say. There is no longer anything to be gained, and much to be lost, by glossing over uncomfortable truth.) This small handful of people then goes out in public, often oddly dressed and waving signs and flags from the various historical epochs they are trying to invoke. Under the protection of the government’s police, they exchange shouts and shoves and largely harmless missiles with various Reds, mud people, bugger boys, etc. So far, so good.

2. This street theater generates Establishment media publicity, which according to orthodox Movement thinking is the be-all, end-all, and absolute lifeblood of our struggle. According to this school of thought, to be on TV is to be real, the goods, the real stuff, the right stuff. True, we can usually get a few sound bytes on the six and eleven o’clock news with these activities, and sometimes a couple of hourly mentions on CNN and a few mangled newspaper quotes as well.

3. In theory, other White people will see this publicity, admire the hell out of us, and come clamoring to join our grouplets and go on the next such activity. Here’s where the whole concept starts to wobble and slip, but let’s leave that for later. 

4. With every new street-walk, there will (in theory) be more and more White people wearing the costumes, waving the signs and flags, and screaming and shouting at the Reds and muds and bugger boys. Eventually there will be thousands of us and we will outnumber the scum. Up to this point, all of this is theoretically possible, and on a handful of occasions such as Gage Park and Marquette Park in Chicago, Glenn Miller’s White Patriot Party, etc. we have even gotten to within faintly audible shouting distance of this point on the horizon. 

5. On those few occasions when we have reached that point, the whole project has always fallen apart due to one of two causes: A) The issue of character, which we as a community steadfastly refuse to confront. (Glenn Miller is a good example here.) Then there’s B) The complete and total lack of anything remotely resembling a plan to transmute large gatherings of racially aware Whites into a political force that will transfer state power from the hands of those who presently hold it into our own. 

But usually the process has broken down long before, at Step 3. The necessary connection is not made in the minds of the White masses; the necessary desire to emulate and to join the street-walkers never makes its appearance.

Why not? There are two reasons for this.

First off, there is the fact that the ZOG media controls what, if anything, the White population is allowed to see and hear of such activities. Like all serious stories nowadays from the monkoid sniper in Maryland to the coming invasion of Iraq, our activities are presented not as news, but as entertainment, which is what the masses (or Them Asses as an old Wobbly called them) expect from television. “Look at the funny racists in the funny clothes! Now stay tuned for That Seventies Show!”

Does this mean that we would get any better results if all the streetwalkers wore suits and ties? No. Because secondly, there is again that issue of White character which we refuse to address.

This particular uncomfortable manifestation of it is the fact that the overwhelming majority of White people are simply morally incapable of giving us the kind of reaction we want from them. We are speaking to their grandfathers, not to them. 

Modern-day Boobus Americanus is a moral void. It is useless to appeal to the nobler natures and better instincts of the White majority. They have none, and have been deliberately made that way. They will never respond to any kind of mass movement tactics because the necessary moral instincts, frames of reference, and cultural motivations have been socially engineered out of them. We are beating a dead horse.

The Twisting of Rockwell’s Legacy

Okay, that’s street-walking in theory. But what are we really doing here? Attendez-vous, guys. Let us start with a little history lesson.

Street-walking in its present racial form in America (Europe is a completely different kettle of fish) goes back to the deservedly famous Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and his early Stormtrooper activities in Washington, D. C. and elsewhere. Since Rockwell was so far head and shoulders above everyone else that the RCC has subsequently produced by way of leadership, self-appointed or otherwise, it is understandable that a lot of misconception and distortion has attached itself to the Rockwell legend. 

One of the more unfortunate beliefs that has embedded itself in our RCC subculture from the Rockwell era is the concept of the minuscule activity on public property, especially dressed in some kind of odd garb or costume, as a kind of defining rite of passage or manhood ritual. This is a completely incorrect reading of George Lincoln Rockwell’s tactics, which just as much as Weimar were distinct and particular to his time and place, a time and place now almost half a century distant. A temporary set of tactics which Rockwell himself defined, repeatedly and very clearly, as publicity stunts to be used only during the earliest phases of the ANP’s struggle, has become a kind of cult among racially aware Whites.

The core of this belief system is that rather than actually fighting and killing our enemies, as was the case throughout thousands of years of Aryan history, “real White men” now display their macho and their physical prowess by symbolic gesture, in a kind of mock ritual combat. 

The ritual often includes dressing up in strange, historically apocryphal clothing such as home-made costumes patterned after the SA uniforms of the Third Reich, historically inaccurate Ku Klux Klan robes of purple and bilious green, and more recently shaven heads with body tattoos. (Andrew Greenbaum’s “uniformed branch” resembled the Village People.) 

On the street there is much bellicose chanting, shouting, threats, slogans, like gorillas beating their chests; the hurling of rocks and bottles which can be painful but so far never lethal; the mock half-charges and aggressive posturing, etc. In some respects it is remarkably similar to the ritualistic but almost completely non-fatal wars between tribes of New Guinea headhunters, and it seems to serve a similar purpose, including the bonding feast afterwards wherein the enemy (who seem to be in on the play in their own minds, although they’d never admit it) are held to scorn and boasts of great deeds done on the field of battle are proclaimed, etc.

The participants in such activities have come through an event which generated an adrenalin and pheromone rush similar to that produced by actual battle, but with none of the risks. They can subsequently feel the sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem that comes from the illusory idea that they have fought back, that they are in the trenches and front line soldiers...but no one is actually hurt, not a single weapon is fired, no physical damage of any kind is inflicted on the enemy. On Monday morning they all trudge back to their shitwork jobs, and all is as it was. Everybody is happy.

On a few occasions actual combat does break out, more by accident than anything else, but it is always of short duration and quickly broken up by the police, often with legal consequences which far outweigh any advantage to be gained. (Greensboro and the Palmer House in Chicago, 1977 being a good example.) Before somebody starts yelling about November Third, it needs to be very clearly understood that Greensboro was an accidental exception, totally sui generis, and we should note that it has not been allowed to happen again. Thank God. No one but an idiot would want to go through the years that followed Greensboro as the lives of sixteen innocent men were utterly destroyed by this society’s obscene judicial process.

The actual chance of anyone getting seriously hurt on one of these street walks, beyond a few bruises, is slim. The police are always out in force and usually more or less do their jobs and prevent the tiny handful of Whites from being lynched by the lefty muddy mobs. There have been some nasty incidents at some of these events when they have been allowed to get out of hand or when the police are absent through design or incompetence, but even when that happens there is never any serious threat to the power structure. If there were, the police would be breaking up such gatherings with rubber bullets and nightsticks, not guarding us.

In essence, street-walks are a psychological substitute for actual physical resistance against the tyranny that is destroying our race. It’s rather like the WWF, ritualized mock combat which allows a certain level of self-esteem in those who participate in them, as if exchanging insults and maybe even a few shoves and pokes with scum is in some way equivalent to actual, serious resistance which threatens the power structure.

(An interesting digression: while Sinn Fein does hold demonstrations regularly in Ireland, they have the many thousands in numbers needed to do it right, and the actual Volunteers of the I. R.A. are under orders to stay away from such events to prevent their being photographed or arrested. The only exceptions are firing parties at Republican funerals, although I understand the Provos stopped doing that because it was too risky.)

In some ways this cult of false macho is perfectly understandable, in view of the extreme rarity of physical courage among White males these days. I do not deny a certain very limited value in these events; in the absence of a better rite of passage for young White men, this one will have to do for the time being, although I frankly think a better one would be learning a trade and raising a family in the Homeland. But I must admit I like my little aphorism: “A White man of twenty who doesn’t streetwalk has no balls. A White man of forty who’s still street-walking has no brains.”

Nobody Shows

Rather than run this to Tolstoyan length trying to prove what should be obvious, I can only point to the one outstanding feature of street-walking that overrides all others: it doesn’t work. We’ve been doing it for almost fifty years now. It doesn’t work. Barring a major situational change in America (always possible), it ain’t never gonna work.

Why doesn’t it work? Ask Billy Roper, who planned his event in Gainesville for weeks and then got there to find seventeen people besides himself. (Okay, twenty-three counting the four in the truck who were turned away and the two Christians who refused to participate with people who insulted their faith.) It doesn’t work because nobody shows.

Why does nobody show? Well, that gets into that character issue we all do double-backed flips to avoid talking about. But ask anyone who has ever tried to organize one of these things. Ask him about the sinking feeling of horror he gets in his gut when the signs are all painted, the flags on the flagpoles, and he looks around and sees them stacked up while in front of him stand ten or twelve or eighteen people who are looking around them and muttering that one question that precedes every such event:

"Where the hell is everybody?"

Oh, the ingeniousness of the excuses! I have heard everything from stirring accounts of battles with niggers in convenience stores along the way (that never happened) to “My dog died.” Sudden and mysterious car trouble is always a favorite, but above all, there’s that hardy perennial “At the last minute I had to work!” Of course, some of them always do manage to make it to the barbecue or potluck afterward, especially if there’s free beer in the offing. (You know, that might be a good Forum topic. You guys who have done the sidewalk sashays before, what are some of your favorite excuses you’ve heard for not showing up? Especially the ones who do manage to appear in time for the feed?)


I understand that I am now going to be pelted with dozens, possibly hundreds, of e-mails from people screaming “Marquette Park!”, “Forsyth County”, and “Glenn Miller!” at me. [Sigh ...] 

Yes. Given a small core of highly active people and above all given something approaching adequate funding, it is possible under certain extremely rare and specific conditions to get comparatively significant numbers of White people into the streets for very short periods of time, before the social disapproval mechanisms kick in and they go shuffling back into their dens and plop back down in front of the television. It is rare, but it has occurred. It has occurred so rarely that these exceptions prove the rule.

In Marquette and Forsyth there was an immediate, visible threat of nigger invasion. Glenn Miller was one of the beneficiaries of the Order’s largesse and he had a couple of hundred thou for full-time organizers, actual uniforms as opposed to costumes, paid transport to and from events, etc. If some rich man cares to lay two hundred grand on Billy Roper I’m sure we’ll see some vast improvements in his performance as well.

OK, it’s now 2003. Where are the results of all of those past “close, but no cigars?” Where are the visible results of any of it for the past 50 years? How much actual political, racial, or demographic change has come about, from any of it?

Again I ask, point blank: “Is this what we need to be spending the next 30 years doing?” 

Again I is time for us to sit down, re-assess, and re-think all of this.