Friday, July 06, 2018

If Donald Trump Pardons Me

by Bill White

I was sitting around yesterday when the same fellow who has spent the past few days asking people if they want to escape came up, and asked me what country I would flee to if Donald Trump were to release me from prison. In a normal prison, this kind of conversation only comes up when someone is being paid by the prison administration to set you up for additional crimes. In the CMU, this kind of conversation occurs repeatedly, every day, all day long, in various forms from people too mentally ill to understand that they shouldn't be having it, yet too timid to be any real threat.

Still, though, the question of what I will do if Donald Trump pardons me is a good question. I was thinking about it just the night before.  If I'm released from prison because of a grant of clemency from Donald Trump, the situation will be a very different one that if I obtain my release by fighting it out through the courts.  The former would be a sign that honest and decent people have finally, for the first time in my 41 years of life, obtained control of the government. The latter would be a sign that the Deep State continues to reign, despite the best efforts of Donald Trump to overturn it.

The first, obvious thing is that there would be no need to leave the country, as Donald Trump is in charge of the country, and, he has my back.  The bigger question would be whether or not there was some way I could serve Donald Trump's government -- not the treacherous FBI or Department of Justice, but the honest portion of the government that Donald Trump controls.  If Trump wanted my services for something (he obviously doesn't need my money)  he would only have to ask, and he would have it.  That would take priority over anything else.  There is nothing that I would like to do more than act as a political commissar for Trump and start purging traitors out of his DOJ, FBI, and federal judiciary;  however, I don't expect to be given that wonderful opportunity.

Assuming that Trump doesn't want anything, the least that I would owe him is to not commit any crimes while he continued in office.  Now, what constitutes a crime under Trump would remain as unclear as what constituted a crime under Obama.  Under the O-man any opposition to globalist extremist terrorism was punished.  President Trump is still struggling for control of the legal system.  But, I would obviously avoid doing obviously improper things, at least during Trump's continuance in office.

There would also be the question of whether or not I would be on supervised release.  I don't know how this is being handled.  If I were on such release, it would be a minor nuisance, as it was before, but it would not worry me. My goal would be to complete the release and obtain a full pardon before Trump leaves office (as I do not believe that anyone else would ever give me one).

Even if I wanted to leave the United States, I would have to remain in the United States, as I have multiple lawsuits pending against defendants in both Illinois, and, Florida.  Further, if my sentence is commuted, my habeas petitions and petitions to vacate my sentence will continue in effect, so, I will have to hang around to attend to them.  I expect, at the end of this long process, that I will extract $20-50 million dollars from a combination of the United States and the Seminole County, Florida, Sheriff's Office (though maybe Trump can make a deal with me, as he will have been so kind) and that is enough money to hang around for. Further, if paid $20-50 million dollars, that would be enough for me to forget all of the wrongs that I have suffered, and eliminate any need to extract further justice -- though I would still like to see the perpetrators themselves punished for their crimes in addition to any insurance-covered civil judgment.

Now, besides the necessities, what would I like to do with myself?  Well, first, obviously, I will get my books published, and continue working on them. I find that, no matter how far away from society I withdraw, even to a mountain top with no internet or phone service (as I lived last time I was released), I have less time to study, and, write, when not in prison then when in prison.  But two of my books are done, and I'm making great strides in getting ready for Volume III of Serpent's Blood, so my first focus upon release will be to get Volumes I and II to print.  

Overall, this may take two months. Probably not that long.  I will also have to set up a fundraising and sales operation, update my mailing lists (really, accumulate my mailing lists), and otherwise get back into business. Those two books will, with my work, probably sell 2000 copies each within about 6 months;  that will bring in $40,000, plus probably the same in donations. So, I expect such an operation will quickly fund itself.

I need to get eye surgery to correct my vision, and doing that will be a priority.  I am blind without my glasses, legally in one eye, partially in the other. This is correctable, and there is no reason that I have not corrected it other than being imprisoned.  Being able to see without glasses will be a great relief.

I will continue to practice yoga and Tai Chi.  I don't expect that much accommodation for that will be needed.  I may work to up my game in martial arts;  I also may not have time.  We'll see.

I would like to get back to Vegas for a while, and, spend some time in the Caribbean.  I don't know what the laws are in Mexico, but, I assume that they will not remember (or, really, even have very good records of) my arrest there in 2012.  A cruise would be in order, though I don't believe any vacationing is permitted while on supervised release.

I would like to see my daughter, but  I expect that her mother will make that a problem. I could probably rent my daughter from my wife, as my wife will do anything for money, but I'm not inclined to give her a dime.  I am still not legally divorced, another problem which my wife will complicate if I try to solve it.  Plus there is the fact that I do not want to see my wife or have her physically present anywhere that I am, with that extending to her fat, filthy mother and her extended family.  This will be a difficult situation.

It goes without saying that I will continue to do something within the world of White nationalism. What I will do is up for grabs.  One priority is getting published everything that I know about the FBI's infiltration and control of White nationalism, an act which will cause a harpy-like, shriek from the thousands of federal informants that the government hiress to play "White supremacists" on TV.  

Another will be disseminating information on how the FBI and other intelligence agencies, both US and foreign, operate in order to disrupt White nationalists, and counter those operations. I anticipate this will also get the Deep State riled, though they will soon have to worry more about with the war Trump is starting to wage against them. Then there will be the constant hunt for people who are legitimately trying to better the lot of White working people, sifting the haystack, looking for the needle and trying to nurture it and help it grow.

Obviously, I do not anticipate joining any established White nationalist group.  There are certain white nationalist projects out there, like the American Free Press, Barnes Review, First Freedom, White Christmas Drive, and, the like, that I expect I will continue to try to network, and, assist.  And, there are certain white nationalist people that I would like to meet, and, see if I can assist -- though I expect them to be, as most are, distrustful, and, willing to hurl paranoia at me, while simultaneously being sidled up to by federal agents, and, their tools.  But, I do not anticipate, say, going on CNN;  even after my last release I refused to speak to any Judaeo-occult media.  The media that I did get last time, like the false allegation in the Roanoke Times that I had attacked a protestor at a Confederate flag rally, was all fake news.  However, this does not mean that people will not start taking pictures of every short, fat, bald guy and claiming based upon their mistaken impressions that it is me.

So, in other words, if Donald Trump pardons me a very different situation than if I obtain release on my own, I anticipate continuing to do much as I do in prison, which is what I was doing pretty much before my arrest. With Donald Trump letting the FBI and DOJ know that they are not allowed to persecute me, frame me, try to murder me, or otherwise misbehave themselves, I expect that the kind of criminal activities these groups directed against White nationalists during the reign of black Communist Barack Obama will cease, and that America will be a place that I can live in peace, at least while Donald Trump holds the Presidency. This will be a time that I will use, as other White nationalists should be using it, to regroup, rebuild, and prepare for the next chaotic swing in this country's political system.  

My hope is that the gains White people are making under Donald Trump can be fortified, and the intelligence agencies, and Deep State trimmed back and brought under control.  If I can play a role in doing that, I will; if not, I will take my $20-$50 million dollars when it comes, buy a Caribbean island, and go into retirement until a time when I am needed.

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