Tuesday, February 26, 2002

SAUDI PROPOSAL GIVES JEWISH SETTLERS THE HEEBIE JEEBIES - Yes, I know nothing will come of the latest Saudi peace proposal. It's the same thing the kikes have been rejecting for the past 35 years ever since they added the West Bank and Gaza to the real estate they have stolen from the original inhabitants. But God, I love to see those so-called "right wing" Jews among the settlers and ultra-Orthodox parties shriek in horror at the idea of actually making peace with their neighbors!

Monday, February 25, 2002


"Dear Mr. Covington,

I write to you today to explain my actions or inactions for the last 6 months.

I have taken your words to heart about wasting time on the internet. I have not even logged on but maybe once a week in the last 6 months.

I've changed my ways. Back in August, I endeavored to build my first greenhouse. I had never done much gardening, I never had the desire to do any. But you and some others have inspired me to be a man, in the sense that I can be self reliant. It took me about a month to scrounge up enough materials to do the job. Along with my wife, brother and kids, we managed to have it built by the end of September. It has been a warm winter here in the Mid-Atlantic and we managed to grow quite an assortment of vegetables and berries. I never realized how exciting it could be to grow your own food, but it really has been.

My kids are into it even more than me as far as the everyday tending. We hope that by this summer, we will not only have the greenhouse, but a large backyard garden as well. This project has not only brought my family a little closer together, but taught us all some good skills in carpentry and gardening. Between hunting and gardening, I know my family will never starve. That my friend is why I have lost some interest in the internet. I understand if you remove my name from your list, I will be disappointed, but I will understand. It may be a few years before I am able to pack up and head west (Northwest that is), but when I arrive, my family will be prepared to survive. Of this I assure you. Best wishes to you and all of the others.

Grease Gun Joe"

Saturday, February 23, 2002

THE PRICE OF ARROGANCE - Daniel Pearl was a Jew and his father was a Jew. Them wuz supposedly his last words before he was decapitated by Islamic militants in front of a video camera.

Daniel Pearl was also a complete idiot, a man so filled with the peculiar, insufferable arrogance that the Jews call chutzpah that he walked into the very heartland of Islamic fundamentalism and sneeringly demanded that these people sit down and break bread with him, a member of the race with so much Muslim blood on their hands, and tell him all their secrets so that he could publish them in the Wall Street Journal, one of the prime organs of the world capitalist order that has committed mass murder of Muslims on a regular basis ever since they reneged on Lawrence of Arabia's promises at Versailles in 1919.

Not too surprisingly, the victims of Jewish murder and tyranny were amazed yet delighted at the chance to avenge the children dead from Israeli tank shells and American bombs in Afghanistan. They grabbed Pearl and cut his head off.

What in God's name was the little fool thinking? What the hell did he think would happen? Was he really so utterly divorced from reality that he thought these men whose land and religion have been so brutally defiled by America and the Jews would bow down and grovel at his feet? It's hard enough to get these yellow baby-killing dogs of the New World Order, either Jewish or American, to come down out of the sky where they hide, get them to come out from their tanks and shed their cowardly body armor. The American forces in Afghanistan are all hunkered down behind armor, earthhworks, every type of protection lest they come face to face with men from the land they have bombed and whose families they have butchered. A soft target like Daniel Pearl must have seemed like a gift from Allah.

Primitive chaps that they are, the Muslims didn't understand that the life of a New York Jew is supposed to be so much more precious than the life of an Afghan child burned alive in his bed by American napalm or a woman who dies in childbirth at an Israeli checkpoint.

Come to think of it, I've never been able to see any particular reason either why the Jewish people should not be held responsible for the pain and the suffering they have inflicted on the world. I've never been able to grok precisely why the Jewish people should be immune from any consequences whatsoever for their behavior.

There is a price to be paid for murder. There is a price to be paid for over half a century of unspeakable cruelty to a proud and warlike people. There is a price to be paid for hubris, for overweening pride and arrogance. Daniel Pearl has paid that price, and some day the Jews will be forced to cough up the rest of their long and terrible tab.

Friday, February 22, 2002

ADOLF HITLER, PROPHET OF HONOUR - On April 20th we celebrate the birth of the greatest man of all time: Adolf Hitler. We celebrate his unique Triumph of the Will - his creation of a noble, idealistic movement and his achievement in leading that movement to victory against a powerful, evil enemy, using only his own personal character. For it was only through his own will, his own courage, his own nobility and his idealism that he - an unknown but honourable person - succeeded, against all the odds.

We celebrate the values which he upheld and which he himself, every day of his life, lived by - the Aryan values of honour, loyalty and duty to the folk. Above all, we remember him on this special day as the champion, the prophet, of the Aryan idealism which is personal honour.

For it was Adolf Hitler, and Adolf Hitler alone, who has made us aware of what is valuable and important about our own lives: it was he, and he alone, who showed us the way we can and must live if we are to fulfil the destiny which we, as Aryans, have. It was Adolf Hitler, and Adolf Hitler alone, who for the first time made conscious what it means to be Aryan. His own life is an example to us all of what it means to be Aryan.

So it is that we shall gather on this special day and remember and celebrate the goodness, the nobility, the courage which Adolf Hitler possessed and which he was a shining example of. Thus shall our dishonourable, evil enemies wail, curse and gnash their teeth as we, the followers of Adolf Hitler, gather once again worldwide- be it in small groups, in large groups, in private, in public, or as individuals - to honour the greatest man of all time.

With every passing year our numbers grow as we keep alive and spread among our people the truth about Adolf Hitler and his idealistic and Aryan movement. So it is that this year, as in the years gone by, we shall raise our right arms in our Aryan salute and shout our immortal battle cry:Heil Hitler!

-David Myatt

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

THE PALESTINIANS ARE LEARNING...AND WINNING! - Let's be honest. The Arabs have not exactly covered themselves with military glory in the past 53 years since the Jews stole Palestine. But they have one tremendous strength, their ability to endure every inhuman punishment the Jews can mete out, and yet never give up.Since the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, slowly, painfully, they are learning how to fight true guerrilla war...and it's starting to pay off.

They have taken everything the kikes can throw at them...and they still fight on. The past few weeks have seen an escalation of the Palestinian struggle from "terrorism" to genuine military resistance. Their success in taking out one of the renowned Israeli Merkava-3 tanks has shaken the Zionist regime to its core. The Jews are in a cold sweat of fear over the Kassam-2 rockets that are starting to land in their back yards. The Palestinians' latest victory at Ein Airik has already been rewarded. Ha'aretz has announced that the Israeli army is removing a number of the hated checkpoints in the West Bank "in order to deny the enemy stationary targets."

The omens are good, long term. The Jews are going to lose this one.

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Friday, February 15, 2002

PALESTINIAN VICTORY IN GAZA - Palestinian guerrillas finally managed to take out an Israeli tank last night. It's about time the kikes learned they can't just go strolling into Palestinian cities and refugee camps at will; from now on, it is to be hoped that every time they violate their signed commitments and invade Area A to murder and destroy, some of the bastards don't make it back.

I have received this from a reader:

"Comrades - Isn't it interesting how quickly this has disappeared from the front pages of the Jews-News pages like ABCNEWS.com and CNN.com. I guess "Panzer general" (in his blood-soaked kike dreams) Sharon doesn't want people catching on the fact that his armored Yids are vulnerable to the low-tech defense capabilities of the oppressed. Let's hope this is only the start. I'd love to see the Palestinian landscape decorated by the burning hulks of Ketzer tanks. And what a mitzvah it would be if every time a Sheenie bulldozer crashed through some poor Arab family's house, it and the criminal Ketzer at the controls ended up twisted and smouldering in a crater. And, dare to dream, one day Star of David smeared aircraft bombing and strafing women and children will fall burning from the sky, and Israeli air pirates who are able to eject from them will find themselves subject the kind of warm welcome captured American pilots found waiting on the ground in Jane Fonda's peace and freedom loving North Vietnam.

Heil Hitler!,
Dr. von Weigert
National Socialist and
Child of a Dresden Holocaust Survivor"

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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

BUT OF COURSE, IT'S ONLY COINCIDENCE - The base of the American occupation army in Kandahar was attacked last night by Afghan guerrillas. The Pentagon has hastened to assure us that there were no American casualties during the half-hour firefight and that our mighty Rambos carried the day, beating their hairy chests like bongos and yelling "USA! USA!" as the infidels fled in terror and disarray.

At the same time, we are informed that an American soldier was killed in "an accident with machinery" about the same time. Fancy that! What a coincidence!

The Pentagon developed this habit of outright lying about American casualties during the Big Iraq Attack of 1990-1991, when most American combat deaths were disguised as "traffic accidents" (in the middle of an empty desert), "forklift accidents" etc. I don't think it ever really fooled anybody.
HOOKED ON A FEELING - In some respects I am now a lot more optimistic about the prospects of genuine change in this country than I was a year ago. The reason is simple: George W. Bush is a moron. I mean that literally; the man is recognized even by his associates in big business as being of...how can I put this politely?..."dull normal" intelligence at best. Eventually, Bush is going to get off the leash Dick Cheney has on him and he is going to trip over his own shoelaces.

When the man at the top is a fool then the mistakes he makes offer opportunity to the revolutionary. The worst possible time for people like us to live in is in an era of bloated, complacent (if artificial) prosperity like that of the Clintons. As Dubya pours our surpluses down assorted Middle East ratholes and drops our Social Security fund on caves in Afghanistan, things in this country are going to get progressively less and less comfortable and within the foreseeable future, White families are going to begin experiencing something they have not experienced in years, genuine need through unemployment and poverty.

What I'm waiting for is for there to arise a situation in this country where, visibly, there are thirty million unemployed White American males and thirty million employed Third World immigrants. It's coming, people. Have no doubt. It's coming.

Monday, February 11, 2002

ORWELLIAN FEEDBACK - "Dear Harold: Now that you ask, I kinda like the old name. Believe me, I have no objection to any literary allusion, partcularly to Orwell (BTW "Orwell, The Wintry Conscience of a Generation" by Jeffrey Meyers [Jew] is a recent good biography of the man).

On the other hand, the Covington name does have a certain cachet among the RCC and that's probably the best reason for keeping it.

Ken Schmidt


Dear Harold,

While the theme of 1984 is relevant, your former nom de guerre is hardly appropriate for a man who exhorts us, "Never give up!" And are you, Sir, going to be broken in Room 101? No!

Are you familiar with Dawkins' Viruses of the Mind? Or O'leary's 8 winner and 8 loser scripts? Well, even the most determined of us have psychological imprints from our experience - so we should be careful which imprints we choose. Or portray. Orwell's choice of Winston's fate was brave...but Winston was, in the end, overwhelmed by Big Brother. He wasn't victorious. I should be wary of using the name of someone who didn't win.

It's time there was a sequel to 1984. But with a new and stronger hero who conquers the mindfuckers, not a literary alignment with one of the victims.

Kind regards,
Andrew McLellan


Sunday, February 10, 2002

NAME CHANGE - You'll note the new name for this weblog. I've been kicking around the idea of reverting to my early 1990s nom de guerre of Winston Smith, mostly due to my fond recollection of the way it used utterly to enrage people like Gerry Gable and the National Alliance geeks. I discarded the Winston Smith moniker when I attempted to resuscitate the NSWPP beginning in 1994 and as Fearless Leader I needed to use my own name, but since we as a "movement" have decided that to verbalize a problem is to solve it and that there is no need for us to do anything other than generate empty words and send one another newspaper clippings, I see no reason why I can't revive old Winston, at least on the Internet. In view of the events since 9/11 and the way in which our society is becoming more Orwellian by the day, it would seem to be an appropriate gesture. Comments?

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Friday, February 08, 2002

HOW THE HELL DID 9/11 HAPPEN? - Just out of curiosity, how does it come about that something like the 9/11 hijackings can be planned and executed and NOBODY in the United States government has ANY idea what the hell is going on until the planes start crashing into the skyscrapers?

Or...did they know?

And here's an even better question...did ISRAEL know beforehand?

I mean, let's give the dogs their due, they've got every Arab organization in the world infiltrated up to the eyeballs.

The business about the 4,000 Jews who were allegedly warned not to go to work in the World Trade Center does sound a bit dodgey to me, a little too conspiratorial even for my taste. But I've noticed that there seems to be some difficulty in determining how many Jews DID die on 9/11. Most of them seem to have been passengers on the planes who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. New York City is the largest Jewish population center in the world with the possible exception of Israel (there may actually be more Jews in New York than there are in Israel, given their historical propensity to lowball official head counts.) Given that fact, I have to say that looking over the New York Times' list of 9/11 casualties, there does seem to be a remarkable dearth of Jewish names. Crash two planes in lower Manhattan and only hit a dozen or so hebes? Hmmmmm....something ain't kosher here.

And what about all these weird little stories that appear in the media and then vanish, Houdini-like? The four Israelis who were arrested while videotaping the crashes and collapse from the top of a nearby building, and were laughing at it all? The sixty-odd Israeli citizens who were arrested along with all the Arabs the FBI and Office of Homeland Security swept up? The persistent reports of major Israeli intelligence activity in this country during the months immediately prior to 9/11? Wiretapping, money-laundering, and vans of sophisticated electronic equipment made in Israel being intercepted and confiscated?

I know this: 9/11 was sure as hell convenient for the mad butcher Ariel Sharon. He's in Washington right now, cashing in his blank check from that moron in the White House and his negress Condoleezza Rice and Jewish "advisors" like Wolfowitz and Fleischer. Sharon is looking for permission to load three and a half million people onto trucks and cattle cars, haul them away and dump them in the deserts of Jordan and the Egyptian Sinai. He'll probably get it.

People, there's something going on here. All you conspiracy theorists out there...here's one for you.

Thursday, February 07, 2002

READER RESPONSE - "Why is it they continually spout the nonsense that Hitler was out for world conquest?

Mein Kampf never spoke of world domination, only the crushing of the communist beast and a greater Germany, as compared to what the Versaillles Treaty left them after WWI. Hitler had, in essence, resigned the US to the dustbin of history, when he recognized that we, the US, had been Judaized and Negrified.

Comrade L."

Tuesday, February 05, 2002

OCEANIA IS AT WAR WITH EURASIA...OCEANIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH EURASIA... The delighted Jews of Israel, thrilled with the blank check for mass murder and destruction that they have been given by that moron in the White House, can't seem to make up their minds whether they want to attack Iraq or Iran next. At one stage a few weeks ago there was even talk in Washington of using the Iranians as our local proxies, i.e. the mercenaries who will actually do the fighting and dying, when we invade Iraq. Now it looks as if the Israelis have decided they are going to send the American bombers against both countries. Possibly both at once.

After all, American air power is invincible, right? Nothing will ever happen....American power is forever...we have reached the end of history, right? (This is not facetious. I am seeing these very idiocies offered by neo-cons and Jews as pearls of wisdom.)

We are starting something now that we will be paying for over the next century. God DAMN these kikes and their filthy neo-conservative allies!

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Sunday, February 03, 2002

INCOMPETENT, ARROGANT, AND INEFFECTIVE - The Pentagon now admits that the United States Air Force was on more than one occasion duped by false or deliberately misleading intelligence into bombing anti-Taliban forces with whom their local informants had a tribal feud going. On one occasion the fools bombed a motorcade of local headmen on their way to Kabul to attend inauguration ceremonies for Karzai, the U. S.-backed puppet president. That one slaughtered about 60 people. On another occasion the much-vaunted Rangers attacked a farm compound and murdered 17 or 18 men -- the wrong men, it turned out. Two of the bodies were found by local villagers with their hands tied behind their backs, shot through the head. The American assholes left the place plastered with U. S. flag stickers, "I Love New York" stickers, and little happy faces.

It is only a matter of months before we face the wrath of not just the Taliban but the entire Afghan nation, who will rise up in long years of bloody guerrilla warfare (backed by China) to end our presence in their country.

George W. Bush is a clueless moron, and we are fools for allowing this to happen.

Friday, February 01, 2002

IT'S THE SAME OLD SONG - It has been brought to my attention that I have been subjected to yet another completely gratuitous smear attack on one of the racial e-groups, by one of William Pierce's flunkies. The content of the smear is nothing new, just the same old dreary refrain they have been gobbling like turkeys for the past ten years.

[Sigh....] As I stated some months ago, I am TRYING to be the good guy here and I am TRYING to leave this behind and move on to more important things, like the survival of Western civilization and the race that created it. This is what I get for my self-imposed moratorium on any major NA-related commentary. More lies and smears and vilification from these weirded-out cult members. Looks like Oscar Wilde pegged it: "No good deed ever goes unpunished."

The Goat Dance of 1996-1999 is one of the most shameful and revolting episodes in the history of this so-called "Movement", which is already far too replete with the shameful and the revolting. For those of you who came in late, for a period of about three years the NA went berserk trying various methods of silencing my criticism of their guru and my public commentary about certain of his financial and political practices. In keeping with my unilateral promise to try and let go of the past, I will not go into a detailed account of this period. It does not reflect well at all on the racial nationalist character, and I would like to see the whole foul episode buried. Unfortunately, that desire is apparently not shared by the NA.

Suffice it to say that the Goat Dance had the effect of awakening a lot of people in the RCC [Racially Concious Community, which is the term I prefer to "movement" ] as to the true nature of the National Alliance. Down through the years I have heard from dozens of people who were shocked and horrified and sickened at what they saw being done in the name of William Pierce, a man they once held in high regard. More than once I have gotten feedback to the effect of, "My God, I gave this man X amount of dollars, for THIS?" and also "Christ, if this is the way they behave on the Internet, what would happen if they ever gained political power?"

The Goat Dance ended, or at least wound down significantly, beginning in late 1998 when Pierce finally faced a rebellion from some of his stable of major financial supporters. He was under heavy pressure at the time to explain the Pickett-Van Biber incident in Florida, as well as his peristent refusal to bring the Goat Dancers under control. These men were so personally nauseated and angered that they confronted him at the Labor Day "leadership conference" and demanded the stupid business end, or their checkbooks would remain closed. Pierce saw the light and made one of his intermittent, spasmodic attempts to control the behavior of his people. [This was before the onset of Dr. Pierce's current medical condition became apparent.] Two individuals had become so obsessed with Goat Dancing that they left the National Alliance in order to continue to wallow in their own cyer-crapulence. One eventually lost interest and the other, I am told, has since spent time in a mental institution.

There was one very interesting phenomenon, though. The last certifiable (in more ways than one) Goat Dance dev-null e-mail I got was on July 1st, 2000. After that, the smears have all been identifiable and sourceable as coming from individual NA members who, however moronic, are not true Goat Dancers. [There is an element of gibbering madness and psychotic hatred in the real McCoy that has been lacking since then, a certain slimy vileness that marks the true Dance.]

Now, what is the significance of the date of July 1st? That is the beginning and end of the FEDERAL BUDGET'S FISCAL YEAR. Veeeeerrrry interesting.....

At any rate, several facts emerge from the Goat Dance era:

A) Many of the people who are involved with the National Alliance on a senior level are very seriously mentally and emotionally disturbed.

B) Dr. William L. Pierce as a rule does nothing about situation A and in some cases encourages it.

C) Other events of this time period, such as Dr. Pierce's German Odyssey, the Pickett-Van Biber episode, and the Hendrik Moebus incident, seem to provide a very strong circumstantial case that Dr. Pierce, to borrow a Clintonian phrase, has "an inappropriate relationship" with certain Federal law enforcement agencies.

D) The National Alliance, as a political organization, is and always has been completely ineffective. The utter failure of the group to mobilize any serious opposition from the right to the Ninth Crusade is one of many proofs of this; their so-called "anti-war demonstrations" in Washington D.C. are tiny, pathetic displays of White weakness and incompetence.

E) Dr. Pierce's repeated refusal to show his face outside his West Virginia compound for, as nearly as I can determine, several years now gives color to the rumors about his mental and medical condition. I can state from personal knowledge that many present National Alliance members who are in contact with me are growing increasingly troubled by the apparent lack of any plan whatsoever for a post-Pierce NA, when Pierce either shuffles off this mortal coil or is no longer competent to manage his affairs and will have to be institutionalized. Pierce has the only remaining serious amount of boodle in the old "Movement." (And he has been notably free of lawsuits from Morris Dees; the one time Dees did sue him, in Bryson City, Pierce simply wrote a check and paid him off. The source of his funds...ah, now there's another topic...)

Sorry, where was I? The buzzards are circling over Hillsboro, with Billy Roper seemingly in the lead at the moment. As soon as Pierce goes, the buzzards are going to swoop and one way or another that compound is going to be picked clean of money, books, tapes, computers, tractors, and anything else of value before they find some way to sell or liquidate the land itself. Pierce will quite probably die like Scrooge in the Ghost of Christmas Future's vision, with his ghoulish attendants stealing the rings off his fingers and his very bedclothes and garments before fleeing into the night.

All of this makes good soap opera, but soap opera is not revolution. It's not even politics. The National Alliance is neither; it is a cult, the purpose of which has always been the personal enrichment of Dr. William L. Pierce. For the past twenty years we have collectively dumped millions of donation dollars onto a mountainside in West Virginia, and there it sits, waiting for the vulpine descent. Could we have done anything better with all that money if we hadn't had the NA monkey on our backs? Maybe not. Okay, probably not. But it would have been nice to find out.

As I said before, some months ago I decided that I was going to be a nice guy and yield to what some of you had been importuning me to do, to "rise above" the fact that I am being defamed and vilified by a vicious, brain-dead cult, some of whom appear to hear voices in their head. My forbearance has gotten me exactly nothing. Every month or so the NA publishes some kind of slander or lie or personal attack against me.

The time of the National Alliance is past. The time of the Northwest is coming. That is the long and the short of it. The time of the senile guru is past; the time of the idea is coming, and it is driving him even more out of his mind with envy and hatred than he apparently already is. These smears you see on the Internet directed against Harold Covington are essentially the mindless scream of a dying and increasingly sick and confused old man who is "raging, raging at the dying of the light."

In that sense, I understand it. I am actually far less angry and pissed off myself at Pierce than I was some years ago. I understand why he is doing it. I think he is coming to realize that he has wasted his life and betrayed his own principles, that his "inappropriate relationship" with the Feds has rendered him a fraud before history, and that he will be remembered not as a leader, but as a snitch. At his age that is a terrible thing to have to come to grips with.

William Pierce was never much of a leader. He is now simply an object of pity.

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