Wednesday, February 13, 2002

HOOKED ON A FEELING - In some respects I am now a lot more optimistic about the prospects of genuine change in this country than I was a year ago. The reason is simple: George W. Bush is a moron. I mean that literally; the man is recognized even by his associates in big business as being can I put this politely?..."dull normal" intelligence at best. Eventually, Bush is going to get off the leash Dick Cheney has on him and he is going to trip over his own shoelaces.

When the man at the top is a fool then the mistakes he makes offer opportunity to the revolutionary. The worst possible time for people like us to live in is in an era of bloated, complacent (if artificial) prosperity like that of the Clintons. As Dubya pours our surpluses down assorted Middle East ratholes and drops our Social Security fund on caves in Afghanistan, things in this country are going to get progressively less and less comfortable and within the foreseeable future, White families are going to begin experiencing something they have not experienced in years, genuine need through unemployment and poverty.

What I'm waiting for is for there to arise a situation in this country where, visibly, there are thirty million unemployed White American males and thirty million employed Third World immigrants. It's coming, people. Have no doubt. It's coming.

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