Friday, February 15, 2002

PALESTINIAN VICTORY IN GAZA - Palestinian guerrillas finally managed to take out an Israeli tank last night. It's about time the kikes learned they can't just go strolling into Palestinian cities and refugee camps at will; from now on, it is to be hoped that every time they violate their signed commitments and invade Area A to murder and destroy, some of the bastards don't make it back.

I have received this from a reader:

"Comrades - Isn't it interesting how quickly this has disappeared from the front pages of the Jews-News pages like and I guess "Panzer general" (in his blood-soaked kike dreams) Sharon doesn't want people catching on the fact that his armored Yids are vulnerable to the low-tech defense capabilities of the oppressed. Let's hope this is only the start. I'd love to see the Palestinian landscape decorated by the burning hulks of Ketzer tanks. And what a mitzvah it would be if every time a Sheenie bulldozer crashed through some poor Arab family's house, it and the criminal Ketzer at the controls ended up twisted and smouldering in a crater. And, dare to dream, one day Star of David smeared aircraft bombing and strafing women and children will fall burning from the sky, and Israeli air pirates who are able to eject from them will find themselves subject the kind of warm welcome captured American pilots found waiting on the ground in Jane Fonda's peace and freedom loving North Vietnam.

Heil Hitler!,
Dr. von Weigert
National Socialist and
Child of a Dresden Holocaust Survivor"

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