Sunday, February 03, 2002

INCOMPETENT, ARROGANT, AND INEFFECTIVE - The Pentagon now admits that the United States Air Force was on more than one occasion duped by false or deliberately misleading intelligence into bombing anti-Taliban forces with whom their local informants had a tribal feud going. On one occasion the fools bombed a motorcade of local headmen on their way to Kabul to attend inauguration ceremonies for Karzai, the U. S.-backed puppet president. That one slaughtered about 60 people. On another occasion the much-vaunted Rangers attacked a farm compound and murdered 17 or 18 men -- the wrong men, it turned out. Two of the bodies were found by local villagers with their hands tied behind their backs, shot through the head. The American assholes left the place plastered with U. S. flag stickers, "I Love New York" stickers, and little happy faces.

It is only a matter of months before we face the wrath of not just the Taliban but the entire Afghan nation, who will rise up in long years of bloody guerrilla warfare (backed by China) to end our presence in their country.

George W. Bush is a clueless moron, and we are fools for allowing this to happen.

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