Monday, August 05, 2002

by "Redbeard"

If we as a race are ever again to live in freedom - if we as a race are ever again to live as proud Aryans true to our culture and warrior heritage - then we must remember with hatred the deeds of our Zionist enemies, the savage, brutal, dishonorable deeds of the past sixty years which destroyed the greatest flowering of Aryan culture the world has ever known and which left millions of our race dead in a war for Zionist control.

If we as a race are to have any future chance of glory and greatness then we must remember with hatred the slavery our people now endures at the hands of our Zionist enemies. We must remember with a raw and passionate hatred how these enemies of ours have tamed and domesticated our people and how they have controlled them and do control them through the tyranny of Jewish ideas.

We must remember these things with a raw and passionate hatred because our people must be avenged. Such passionate and hate-filled revenge is the only thing that can inspire us with a holy mission to free our people and win back the freedom we have lost.

So it is that we must keep alive the stories of Zionist torture and Zionist atrocities against our people - and in particular against the German people and the loyal followers of the greatest son our Aryan race has ever produced - Adolf Hitler. Millions upon millions of fine Aryans butchered; hundreds of thousands of fine Aryan women raped; tens of thousands of valiant combat veterans tortured by cowardly Zionists; thousands and thousands unjustly imprisoned and hundreds upon hundreds executed for imaginary "war-crimes".

So it is that we must keep alive the truth about how the Zionists conditioned our people with the ignoble disgusting and brazen lie of the "holocaust", and how they have introduced tyrannical laws to imprison our people for "hate crimes" and for living and acting like a true, noble, fierce, proud Aryans should. So it is that we must keep alive the truth about how these ignoble Zionist lauded it over our Governments and encouraged the migration into our countries of millions upon millions of non-Aryans to destroy our nations, our culture and take away what little freedom we possessed.

If we are ever to regain the freedom we have lost - if we are ever to regain the warrior spirit we have lost, the manhood we have lost - then we must put aside our silly, and pathetic squabbles among ourselves, and forget our own petty egos. Instead, we must become possessed by this raw and passionate hatred for our REAL ENEMIES. This hatred of our enemies and this desire for revenge must come before anything else - until we have won back our freedom and can live againamong our own kind according to our Aryan customs.

Read this, understand this and act upon it: Anything less than this passionate desire for revenge is cowardly and un-manly and plays right into the hands of the Zionists.

Let these ignoble enemies of ours scheme, cheat, lie and act as they have always acted, in a cowardly way - getting others to do their dirty work or acting like the cowardly bullies they are. Let them moan and cry about how we are "hate-mongers" and "bigots" or whatever. For yes we are hate-mongers! And proud of it. We HATE them and all that they stand for! We shall never cease from hating them and must not cease from hating them until we have finally defeated them! We who are true warriors, true Aryans, true men are not afraid to hate, and we must never be afraid to hate!

THIS is the foremost message we must take out among our people - pure raw hatred of everything our enemies have done and everything they stand for. We must teach our children to hate our enemies as we must tell our friends about what the Zionists have done and are doing to our people until these friends hate them with a passion to match our own hatred. We must pass on to others of our race this desire of ours for revenge and this passionate desire of ours for the freedom we have lost.

It may take decades for our revenge to come about; it may even take a century or more. But it will and must come about if we are true to our manhood and our warrior Aryan nature.

We must forget about legality. We must forget about trying to play the Zionists at their own game of manipulation, cheating and compromise. We need and must have pure revenge, unsullied by anything else. We must have a pure lust for a war with them - a real bloody reckoning when we can getour hands upon them and give them what they deserve.

Our future freedom can only be obtained through a heart-felt passion - and we must stir our people up through a passionate hatred: a hatred at what has been done to us over the past sixty years. We must once again get "our blood up" and not cease from our mission of revenge until we have defeated our enemies. It is this blood-boiling passion which our enemies really fear!

For they now that they will only be defeated when our race has been stirred up into a frenzy of passion. This is why they have gone to so much trouble to try to outlaw "hatred" and tame and domesticate us! This is why they forever try to keep our people entertained, and well-fed and contented and why they try so hard to "re-educate" our people and make them into docile pacifists who "love everybody and especially the new foreign arrivals next door". Our enemies fear our warrior blood being roused once again! And this is what we must rouse with our cry for freedom and our cry for retribution for our people killed, maimed, tortured, imprisoned and brainwashed!

The blood of the past sixty years is upon the hands of the Zionists as it will be upon them until we have obtained our satisfaction.