Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Not Germany, But Ireland (2005)

As I mentioned earlier, in relation to the recent fracas in Toledo, I got a Bronx cheer from a Dutch uncle (how's that for mixed metaphors?) to the effect that I have lost my soul and am no longer my dear old Nazi self, having been corrupted by kosher nationalism or nationalist conservatism or whatever, and generally gone soft. This comrade wanted to know where was the good old Harold who stepped out on Daley Plaza in '78 proudly wearing the Swastika, etc.?

Oh, he's still around. Look, folks, let me make one thing crystal clear. I am a National Socialist, just as much so now as I was then, and that's not going to change. You may either believe this or not, as you choose.

I am not, however, quite so old a dog as to be completely unable to learn new tricks, and I have always been capable of re-thinking and re-assessing the strategic and tactical situation, and changing my views accordingly. Damned slowly, to be sure--one of the genuine arguments against me as a Fearless Leader, which needless to say none of the Goat Dancers have sufficient intelligence or depth of insight to make, is that I'm a slow learner in some areas.

The essence of what all too many people consider "true National Socialism" is a slavish imitation of the tactics, organization, and outward appearance of the NS Kampfzeit of 1920-1933 in Weimar Germany. That epic adventure is an incredibly heroic saga of our Folk, and I in fact revere it so much that my next real novel, if I ever get the time and resources to write one, would quite possibly be set during the Kampfzeit. I have always wanted to do a fictional tribute to the Germans; I am not quite sure why I've never gotten around to it. Inspiration is an odd thing. You can't just turn it on and off like a faucet.

In any event, this gets back to the idea that it is possible to base a revolution, any revolution, on a previously successful one. Well ... I don't completely rule this out, but it's only partially true. Che Guevara found out that the tactics that worked a treat in Cuba in 1958, laid a goose egg in Bolivia nine years later. The Shining Path learned the hard way that modern-day Peru is not China in the late 1940s. Going back even farther, the gallant, heroic and utterly incompetent Jacobites learned the hard way they were living in the eighteenth century, not the fifteenth century of the Wars of the Roses, and purely dynastic military adventurism was a non-starter. (Harold lapses muttering into esoteric historical digressions ... )

The brutally inescapable fact is that the tactics of the 1930s are no longer relevant to much of anything in today's world. Not even so much any more in the field of propaganda; Hitler and Mussolini never had television and the internet. It has taken me way, way too long to learn this, but what can I tell you? We have to stop trying to reproduce what Hitler did down to the last brown shirt. His situation was sui generis to his time. That was seventy years ago, and the clock can't be turned back.

If for no other reason, the difference in the sheer size of territory rules out an NSDAP style mass movement. 1930s Germany was a small (by comparison) territory connected by a superb mass public transportation system. The SA moved mostly by train, and it was not uncommon for an SA troop to attend three or four events per weekend in several German cities. We have to try and get our people to drive 1500 miles to attend a single "rally." Ask Billy Roper how this is working out.

That having been said, I do believe that with intelligent study and analysis, it is in fact possible to draw certain general parallels between the present American situation and a few--not all--revolutionary situations which have existed over the past 100 years.

Has anyone besides myself noticed that most modern, successful insurrectionary movements--including the coming insurgent victory in Iraq--have been colonial wars, the object of which is to remove an occupying power from a finite piece of geography by making, not the generals, but the accountants surrender?

Now, another thing. Believe it or not, I'm not a complete idiot. (Yes, really.) I understand that the situation regarding freedom of expression in America has deteriorated drastically since 9/11 and there are certain topics which are now off limits for public discussion because they will bring the crash of a kicked-in door in the pre-dawn hours. 

This means that the entire topic of how to bring about racial and social change in America cannot be seriously discussed, when any mention of what would have to be done is likely to bring a prison sentence. Those of you who have read my Northwest independence novels know how I have handled this problem. It has worked thus far, and kept me tapping away at this keyboard; how long it will continue to work is anyone's guess. I'm sure that my attitude has been noted in the bowels of power.

But I will say this. I believe that, within certain parameters and with a firm recognition of the historical and cultural differences involved, the model we need to be looking at is not Weimar Germany, but Ireland. Especially the 1916-1923 period, as opposed to the 1968-1998 period. In addition to being very impolitic, it would require an essay of daunting length for me to explain in detail why I believe that this is a far more applicable and adaptable "business plan" than that used in Germany. I will say that this is a conclusion I have reached after many years of study and personal, first-hand observation.

And before I start getting e-mail after e-mail howling with outrage from the U. K., yes, I know the Provos are Communists. I lived there, remember? I lost my business in Dublin to the bastards. Believe me, I know. I am talking about a purely objective and disinterested study of a strategic political model for change.

I would, however, like to suggest the following resources. For those of you who still read books:

The Irish War of Independence by Michael Hopkinson
The I.R.A. by Tim Pat Coogan
Any one of half a dozen good bios of Eamon De Valera or Michael Collins
My Fight for Irish Freedom by Dan Breen
On Another Man's Wound by Ernie O'Malley

For those of you, mostly younger people who, through no fault of your own, have grown up in 20th century America and gone to public schools and who therefore have difficulty with attention span and reading a block of type for content, go to Blockbuster and rent the movie Michael Collins.

Other good movies about The Troubles are out there, but mostly in the U. K. and very hard to get over here. You'd probably have to buy the DVDs from obscure sources on line. If you have that kind of money for old rope, then Harry's Game, Cal, and The Price aren't bad. The Year of the French was good but it's about the 1798 rebellion, so it's not too applicable to 2005. There is an old version of The Informer from the 1940s with Victor McLaglen which was great; it's probably floating around on some DVD oldies collection.

Americans have a very simplistic view of Ireland and their movies on the subject aren't anywhere near as good, although I recently saw The Devil's Own and it wasn't too bad. Ryan's Daughter is nyeh, although it does star the youthful tits of Sarah Miles, and for sheer novelty, there's Robert Mitchum playing a mild-mannered Irish schoolteacher. Actually, my favorite of all American movies about Ireland is The Quiet Man, but that's not an Irish movie, it's a John Wayne movie.

Anyway, I'm lapsing into senile babble about movies, so I'll wind this up. Just to re-iterate: I'm just as much National Socialist as I always was. But the fact is that times have changed and we no longer have the luxury of not changing with them.

Friday, February 24, 2017

"How Dare You Say Buggery?" (2002)

I got an e-mail from one of our elderly comrades chastising me over my heading for the story about the faggot cruise ship being denied entry into the Cayman Islands, i.e. my use of the naughty word "buggery." 

Before I proceed further, I should point out that the title itself was a humorous reference to a famous Cheech and Chong comedy skit from the 1970s, a take-off on South Seas Mutiny On The Bounty type movies called "Buggery on the High Seas," and it's a scream, by the way. However, I doubt this gentleman is much of a Cheech and Chong aficionado. I understand the point he was trying to make, and I also understand that he grew up in the last, dying years of the old world when moral and social standards relegated such practices to the sewers where they belong.

The problem is that we no longer live in those times of decency and cleanliness, nor will any of us ever see them again in our lifetimes. We are not going to wake up suddenly one morning and find that some benevolent God with a white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds has decided to be kind and reward all our effort and our suffering by waving his Almighty scepter and turning back the clock to the days of Ozzie and Harriet. 

If we will stop fooling around and wasting our time and effort, stiffen our spines, and act instead of talking and hiding, then it is possible our children may live to see some kind of return to sanity and normalcy. Few of us will ever know such a time. Most of us will end our lives in a situation roughly similar to that of Lebanon, Yugoslavia, or Rwanda, right here in this North American continent, and amidst all the violence, disease, starvation, and chaos there is going to be a good deal of sexual perversion. Not least, buggery.

The glorification of perversion---what our media masters have even come to call "defining deviancy down"--- is a staple on The Agenda. It is dished right up in our faces. My occasional references to sodomy or the fact that Benny Klassen's private sexual practices earned him the name of Old Benny Buttfuck among the Skinhead scene of the 1980s are nothing at all compared to one single night of network television, of "Ellen" and all the other filth the Jews shovel into our living rooms in an unending flow of raw sewage. My own occasional excursions into the nomenclature of the perverse are mild, very mild indeed, by comparison.

So, you ask, why do us supposedly superior Aryan revolutionary types have to "lower ourselves to that level?" I will tell you why.

It has to do with the same reason why I cannot ignore corruption, deceit, and malfeasance in the movement---because if we are to prevail we must be first and foremost a movement of truth, and a large part of that truth consists in exposing that which our enemies wish to conceal, gloss over, and camouflage.

The truth is that homosexuality is a loathsome and physically sickening perversion, the hygienic aspects of which alone are sufficient to make a normal person vomit. The establishment seeks to cloak these practices on the part of their pet perverts in abstractions about "expressing love" and "lifestyle," and to a large extent they have succeeded. People have been conditioned by years of constant media pounding, pounding, pounding, forcing these perverts down our throats, to believe that homosexuals are a persecuted minority. There have even been quasi-scientific efforts to prove that perversion is somehow genetic and that faggots can't help their innate and irresistible biological urge to cornhole.

This is rubbish. Homosexuality is a behavior, and a filthy one---and we should never, ever neglect to make this point to our own people. Normal people might be swayed by their innate Aryan sense of fairness to "give the little guy a break," so long as they are not compelled to confront just what it is that homosexuals do. 

When they understand what it is that homosexuals do, when they forget all the horse manure about "gay" rights and homophobia and blah, blah, blah and think in terms of sodomy, assorted practices with bizarre objects, leather and chains and whips and something lesbians do called "the chocolate ritual" which I will leave to the imagination---and when they understand that a large part of the so-called gay rights movement is to gain access to children for these creatures so they can introduce these filthy practices to their children---then the overwhelming majority of White people and Third Worlders as well will react with shock, horror, and anger. As they should.

Homosexuality is a shocking and unnatural act, utterly beyond the bounds of human decency, and we must not allow this to be forgotten. Hence my references to faggots, fudge-packers, carpet-munchers, etc. Yes, this language is crude and offensive to many. Homosexuality is offensive to me and to everyone with any rudimentary remaining healthy instincts.

Yes, it is true that for every one of these terms there is a circumlocution which can be used in what passes for polite society---indeed, we hear these terms repeatedly, every night, on our televisions. That is one reason why we must not allow ourselves to be sucked into the trap of being polite as opposed to being accurate. These politically correct circumlocutions sanitize a nauseating and poisonous perversion, and Joe Six-Pack has by now been so dumbed down that he is incapable of seeing past the sanitized versions of what homosexuals do---unless we rub his nose in it.

George Orwell wrote in 1984 about the abuse of language by totalitarian, Marxist, politically correct régimes such as the one we live under today. The idea behind making certain words unacceptable or "beyond the pale of discussion" is to so restrict the available language in which to discuss certain ideas that the state can thus restrict and repress the thought. 

Dissident thoughts cannot be formulated if people are deprived, through intimidation or through a mistaken sense of delicacy, of the necessary accurate words to describe them. Blacks, for example, are not "African-Americans" out here in the real world---they are niggers. They act like niggers, they steal and kill like niggers, they booga-booga like niggers---they are niggers, and yet nowadays the mere use of the word in public is enough to destroy a White male's life in every conceivable way.

The System does not dare allow us to say the word "nigger," indeed has created such a repressive atmosphere around the word that most are now even afraid to think the word. This is mind control, no more, no less---and the same kind of mind control is being used to suppress White consciousness regarding what homosexuals do and why they are loathsome, unnatural perverts, why they must be kept away from our children by whatever means necessary.

We must not allow the racial enemy to set the parameters of what is and is not acceptable for Americans to discuss, especially given the increasingly abysmal standard of education and political literacy among our Beavis and Butthead, Homer Simpson population. When it comes to conveying any idea at all to Americans, never forget how low you have to aim in order to get a hit. The whole homosexuality issue is not a legal or a social one, it is a moral one, but we cannot convince others of that unless we constantly keep before our eyes the sickening vision of what it is that homosexuals do.

This is why I use these terms. I try not to go too far overboard, and inevitably I offend some people--- but it's necessary, just like pain is unavoidable when one is extracting a bullet from a wound.

Harold A. Covington

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Problem of Petty Power (2005)

October 27th, 2005

Hi, guys:

Quick tip for local revolutionary activists:

One of the main symptoms of this society's disease is the proliferation of weak, arrogant, incompetent and silly people in positions of petty power over people's lives--bureaucrats, supervisors, teachers, thugs from the badly misnamed Child Protective Services agencies, attorneys, judges, "administrators" of various kinds, the 101 little commissars of Political Correctness that White males and, increasingly, White females as well have to put up with in their day-to-day existence. Most White people probably don't bear any kind of personal grudge against, say, President Bush or Dick Cheney or Jesse Jackson, just a generalized and impersonal resentment. These are celebrity figures, far above their personal orbits, and in most minds there's a disconnect. Jug-Ears isn't really a real person, he's just someone you see on TV, if you get my meaning.

But the asshole "supervisor" at work, the stupid nigger clerk at the grocery store, Apu in the turban behind the counter at the DMV, the Mexicans who visibly take White people's jobs, the ex's vicious attorney and the judge who never listens--this puts a human face on the evil.

Use this in your grass-roots work. Let White people know that our victory means all those monkeys off their backs--and punished for what they've done. Always try to slip that in. Personal revenge is going to be a major motive in our initial recruiting. It's humanly understandable and it's a perfectly acceptable motive at first. Use personal wrongs as a hook to get people in and get them in a frame of mind so they'll listen to the ideological stuff, and educate them from there so they know why all this has happened.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Don't State The Problem. Solve It. (2002)

Racial Comrades:

Yesterday I forwarded to you an article from Edgar Steele’s Conspiracy Pen Pals e-list entitled “A Government Of Men.” As always with Ed, it was a very well written and concisely formulated analysis of one aspect of the overall problem our race and our civilization faces today, i.e. the fact that the legal and Constitutional norms which have governed our society for two hundred years are now null and void, and the United States has become an arbitrary government of individual bureaucrats, criminals and incompetents. It was very well stated.

With the greatest of personal and political respect to Edgar Steele, therein lies the difficulty. Mr. Steele has aptly and articulately stated the problem. But beyond a few vague and obscure references to “restoring the Constitution,” he made no suggestions whatsoever as to exactly how we go about solving that problem. In his article there is not an inkling as to how we go about “restoring the Constitution” or just how the hell we are supposed to do anything else about the fact that we are ruled by criminals and fools.

This is the essence of the American Right. This is what we have been doing for the past 57 years. Time and time again, over and over and over, in untold numbers of newspapers and pamphlets and cow pasture rallies and now on the Internet, we state and re-state the problem in a hundred different ways and from every possible angle.

But that is all we do...constantly state and re-state and re-formulate and re-analyze and reiterate the problem. This isn’t original with me; Jost Turner identified this “problem orientation” weakness of ours back in the 1980s.

I have been involved in “this thing of ours” for 34 years now, since I was 14 years of age. During that time I can count on the fingers of one hand the times that I have heard anyone other than myself suggest any kind of practical solution to the crisis of civilization that we face, the looming genocide of our race. By that I mean a program of action which was based on something other than the endless generation of words.

Is this because there is no solution to our problem? No. There is a solution, and we all know it.

That solution is very simple, ancient, and effective. The government and the people who are doing all of this to us must be removed from power. Not un-elected and replaced with a different set of droids in three-piece suits, but removed, physically, like you move a piece of furniture from point A to point B. These people must be moved from the corridors of power to the gallows. (Or possibly the guillotine. Yes, I could go for a guillotine, with Sarah Weaver and Debbie Matthews sitting by and knitting.)

The men and women who are responsible for inflicting war, oppression, depravity, injustice and horror on the White people of
America must be physically dragged out of their offices by White men with weapons in their hands, and they must be punished for what they have done.

To borrow a phrase from Iz-ra-hell, the entire “terrorist infrastructure” of the current
United States government must be dismantled and replaced with a republican form of government of, by, and for the people of European descent who created America and to whom the North American continent rightfully belongs. I would prefer that such a government be based on the principles of National Socialism, but frankly right now I don’t care. The long-term implications of allowing the present power structure to remain in place are so appalling that just about anything White would be an improvement.

Hell, if we can produce another man of the stature of Commander Rockwell, let’s crown him king. Napoleon may have been dragged into a series of pointless wars by the outraged Powers That Be (like his 20th-century successor in
Germany) but his legal and political and social reforms survive in France to this day. A White Napoleon is better than Hillary Clinton any day.

All of our other problems will be solved through the physical removal of the present power structure, and none of them will be solved without it.

We know this.

Every man (and the few women) reading these lines knows this.

But we don’t do it. In fact, the likelihood of our attempting such a thing in my lifetime is so slim that I’m not particularly worried about writing or publishing these words despite the draconian government measures of the past nine months. I’m simply writing science fiction here, and the FBI and whoever the hell else is monitoring me know it.

Why don’t we do it? I am tempted to state flat out that it’s plain old common or garden variety cowardice, that we are not White, we’re yellow. And there is a good deal of truth in that. But it’s also due to physical and moral laziness of various kinds.

We have become too lazy to bestir ourselves in much of anything, never mind revolution. We have become too mentally lazy to think, hence our desire for a Man On A White Horse to take our membership dues and do our thinking for us. (I was speaking earlier of a true Napoleon, by the by, not a Man On A White Horse, if you follow the difference.) We have become too spiritually lazy to make moral and ethical judgements on the behavior of others, hence the endless shades of apathetic gray wherein frolic Chrome-Dome and The Great Man Himself.

Not that there’s much risk of a Napoleon, at least not coming from us. We seem to have become incapable of generating any bona fide leadership from within our Racially Conscious Community. The National Alliance is a silly joke at best. Everybody knows it, and no one cares. The one serious attempt in the past decade to replace the NA with a bona fide revolutionary leadership on a national level failed, due to nothing so much as sheer lack of interest.

There is only one solution. White people should have had their own version of the Provisional I.R.A. in this country starting in the late 1950s. All of us know this perfectly well. But we preferred the television, the air conditioner, the foaming can of beer from the cooler, and the mesmerizing spectacle of niggers chasing a ball. It’s now the 21st century and the bill is coming due, as Edgar Steele found out a few weeks ago when the Christines were dragged away into living hell by the government we have allowed to assume power over our lives. And we ain’t seen nothing yet...wait until 2004 when Hillary plunks her liposucted buttocks back down in the Oval Office.

Okay, so what do we do? Right now, the only two things we can feasibly implement given the human material we have to work with.

1) Do what I have just done, and Come Home. You know my reasoning behind that and I won’t digress on that topic here.

2) Remove the taboo on speaking aloud what we all know to be the truth. Look, you guys know that I am not very big on verbalization replacing action. But in this case we need to at least get to Square One, and speaking aloud a truth we have all been hitherto afraid to utter is a definite Square One from which we can begin.

Historically speaking, the physical courage to act is always preceded by the moral courage to speak. Before George Washington came Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine. Neither I nor anyone else expects the middle-aged men with big bellies who comprise the overwhelming majority of all right-wing and racial nationalist mailing lists to do any storming of the barricades any time soon. We have failed in our duty there, but we can at least prepare the next generation. With any luck, they will re-discover the testicles that we seem to have mislaid somewhere among the beer and the nachos.

Harold A. Covington

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Return of the Iron Dream (2006)

March 17th, 2006

Hi, guys:

Okay, I'm starting to run into a problem on this Constitutional exercise of ours which I kind of saw coming. I have discussed this before, but I'll run it down again. This isn't a critical comment, it's an observation.

There are people in the Movement as a whole--a lot of people--who are not in fact revolutionaries. They are what one might call racist reactionaries, or nigger-hating conservatives. They do not want to change the existing system. What they want is for the existing system to work for them.

They do not want to create a New Order; they either cannot or will not see anything intrinsically wrong with the old one, except for the fact that there's all kinds of Third World scum running around in the local Safeway, their coworker is an incompetent monkoid while the boss is a vicious feminist bitch, there are screaming faggots everywhere, and the people running the country seem to have the collective IQ of a cheeseburger and they've gotten us into a seemingly endless war in Iraq which by now even the dumbest Amurrican flag-waving yay-hoo can see is pointless and should never have been started.

They don't want to change the world. They just want Amurrica to fulfill its promise to them, personally. Let's be brutally honest, people. I think we all know that if you gave the average "White Nationalist" a $100,000 per year job, a split-level ranch house in the suburbs, a Lexus and an SUV in the garage, and a swimming pool in the back yard, they'd be outta here so fast you'd see nothing but a blur. They'd have that Amurrican flag sticking out on their porch, their asses plunked down on that sofa with the nacho bowl and be gawping at Fox News and voting Republican in no time flat.

But Amurrica has given the Jews and the nigs and the fags and every piece of Third World trash the gold mine, while the White man gets the shaft. So these disgruntled conservatives become involved with the Movement, out of a perfectly justifiable rage and resentment and fear that their children will lose even what little their parents have managed to keep.

But they have little if any idea of how to obtain anything resembling the desired result. Insofar as they think about any solution at all, they believe it's a matter of "waking people up."

Once people "wake up," so the theory goes, some nice White guy in a good suit will come along and run for President on a sane platform of reform and reconstruction, he'll be elected and have a ticker-tape parade, all the Mexicans will vanish in a puff of smoke, the niggers will go muttering back to their shanties on the other side of the tracks, the bugger boys will slither back into the closet, gas will drop back to 28 cents a gallon, and the world of the 1950s will once more return by magic. Everybody will wear cardigans and buzz cuts and bobbie sox, and sizzle fragrant steaks and burgers on the backyard barbecue every weekend in the suburbs in a kind of endless Pat Boone fantasy world.

No turmoil, no trouble, no fire and death and blood, and above all no real need to get out of the armchair and incur any personal risk or danger or make any effort. The great, poisonous myth of "democracy" is that all ya gotta do is go into the booth and pull that silly lever and all is right with the world, although in the past two elections the vote fraud has gotten a bit blatant. Once people "wake up" then all the problems will just sort of fix themselves.

Now, there is nothing at all wrong with this viewpoint. It's a comforting dream. It's perfectly understandable and human, and it's the way Middle Americans are pretty much going to react absent any genuine, in-depth political education and historical awareness. And it's quite correct, as far as it goes. Amurrica has failed them, and everybody else. Amurrica promises that if White people just get good grades and go to college, get an MBA, go to work for some big company, wear a tie, stay off the grass, think nice squeaky clean thoughts and always vote for whichever of the two parties tickles their fancy, then they will be rewarded with the suburban lifestyle they see on TV.

Amurrica has failed in that promise, failed wretchedly. Amurrica promised us all the Brady Bunch and has given us Escape from New York, eventually to segue into Soylent Green. We all realize this by now. I think every one of these consumer yay-hoos really knows down deep in his inner thoughts somewhere that this gigantic cluster-fuck called the United States is headed for a major meltdown. If not, a quick trip to the local mall or grocery store where you can hear the constant gabble of Spanish will convey the message unequivocally. Large parts of this "country" aren't even part of the United States any more.

So some people react by joining the Movement in some form or another, but in a state of confusion. They do so out of the humanly understandable and sympathetic motive of racial resentment. They want all those black and brown faces to disappear, they want to quit hearing salsa music blaring in every parking lot, and that's about the sum total of their political awareness. The problem is, racial resentment ain't gonna cut it as a solution.

The problem with the United States is systemic. It is institutional. It is inherent, and cannot be eradicated. The United States is a terminal cancer case complicated by Alzheimer's. The entire system has been on the verge of a complete breakdown for years, and can't even stand up to nineteen guys with box cutters crashing planes into a couple of buildings without going into an epileptic seizure and destroying its entire raison d'etre.

I have to admit I giggle at people who accuse me of wanting to set up a "tyranny" with our new Constitution. We live in a society right now where torture is not only legal but enthusiastically advocated by the highest officials in the land; where habeas corpus has been suspended; where it is possible to be arrested in secret, tried by a secret military tribunal, and executed in secret; where the government maintains a series of concentration camps across the world which it fills by kidnapping people in foreign countries; where blind and unquestioning loyalty to the system has become the one and only civic virtue; where the secret police are compiling lists of what books people check out from public libraries; where the chief executive is generally acknowledged to be an alcoholic of sub-normal intelligence whom nobody dares to remove from an office for which he is manifestly unfit; where the media is suborned with journalists paid to plant pro-government propaganda in the guise of legitimate reportage; where soldiers commit murder and torture on camera and remain unpunished...do I need to go on?

And I'm supposed to be the one advocating "tyranny?" But I digress.

Guys, we can't get by any more on yelling "Nigger nigger nigger beaner beaner beaner raghead raghead raghead!" We have to come up with a solid and workable plan to end all this and replace it with something in our racial interests.

I'm old enough to remember the tag end of the world of Ozzie and Harriet and the Brady Bunch, being able to walk home from school and turn on Dark Shadows at four. (Okay, I was a weird kid.) And yeah, it was a nice world in a lot of ways. But it's gone. People say "you can't turn back the clock." Well, yes and no. We're Aryans, and we can do anything we want. We can do so in some sense if we find the courage to do so, but to be frank, we need to turn it back a lot farther than the Eisenhower administration while we're at it.

The United States of America is no longer a country. It is a disease, and we have to find a cure for it.

The only strategy that I can see is that we must go back in spirit if not in body to the old days and the old ways, when there was little law but much justice. We turned to democracy to solve our problems, and it gave us Democrats. We turned to the law, and it gave us lawyers. We turned to consensus and it gave us fifty-nine million morons voting to re-elect Jug-Ears. We turned to the ideal of peace and it gave us a drugged stupor that keeps us flat on our backs while Jews rifle our pockets.

The American Dream was nice, but it didn't work out. The Iron Dream must return, or we will cease to exist. 
Guys--we have to go back. There is no way.

We must return to the sword. We must return to the way our ancestors did it for thousands of years, if we want to survive as a people and a civilization. And we must have a law and state and a society like those our ancestors created--simple, supple, practical, clear as crystal, with none of the damp and fuzzy shades of gray wherein the Jew hides and thrives.
We must create a law and a state that plays to our strengths. We must adapt the ancient ways to some kind of solution that is workable, and that is adapted to the realities, the technology, and the forward motion of the twenty-first century. Not the nineteenth, not the Eisenhower administration, and not a fantasy world that never existed outside a television screen. 

Practically speaking, that means setting up a Constitutional chop shop, taking an engine from here, a fender from there, a rear bumper from somewhere else, etc. and putting together something that works. Something that is in effect a New Order, and by that I mean new, as in twenty-first century.

The American Dream is dead. Only in the Iron Dream is there hope of life for our people.



Saturday, February 18, 2017

The 10 X 1000 Plan

Just got another package from you guys with an envelope presumably for my contribution, how much shall I send?

-John B.

Okay, I've talked about this before in the orglet and I think a couple of times on RFN, but it looks like I need to run it down for you folks on the Northwest Revolution e-mail list. Bear with me. This will take some time. I'll use it as a canned answer for when this question comes up again.

Basically, there are two ways to bring about change in this society: money and the gun. We lack the physical courage, the moral strength, and the organizational competence to use the gun. That leaves money.

All politics in the Western world and particularly in North America revolves around money, as witness the 2016 election. I make no apologies for asking you for it. The Northwest Front has to have it. There are no fat cats. There are no secret caches of Nazi gold hidden in Switzerland. (The old Party used to get that a lot.) There is no miraculous multi-level-marketing scam or "start a business" scheme that will fund the Party without anybody having to open their wallets and their checkbooks. These ideas have actually been tried in the past, and they're crap. (Do you have any idea what it takes to run a successful small business in this de facto socialist society?)

One of the marks of the true White nationalist alternative has always been that its orgs and factions have been bitterly, crushingly poor, to the point where the possession of mysterious and unexplained funds on the part of a group or an Induhvidual has always been suspicious, usually correctly so. One of the marks of an informer has always been that he has no known visible means of support, but he always seems to have money from somewhere.

This is unnecessary, in theory at least. There is no need at all, no excuse at all, for any White nationalist group or movement to be underfunded. The solution is simple. Instead of getting a lot of money from a few people, you get a little money from a lot of people. 

The problem is, this is where we run headlong smack-dab into the issue of character. More on that later.

The internet is the first mass medium of communication we have ever had access to, and it has attracted tens of thousands of new people to our ideas and causes and groups. Last year the Party's three major web sites received an average of between four and five thousand hits per week, and my personal Thoughtcrime blog is now almost at almost a million and a half cumulative hits. By internet standards that's chicken feed, true, but hey--thousands of people are thousands of people.

Allowing for a certain pruning of those stats to eliminate visitors who are black, brown, Jewish, sodomitic, left-loonies, multifarious cops, SPLC monitors, media, and otherwise completely useless, then adding in a very hard-to-assess additional number for Thoughtcrime and not forgetting my 950 Twitter followers, I think it is not too far off the mark to say that the Party has an audience or circle of acquaintance of around 5,000 sincere White nationalists of varying degrees. That is to say White people, mostly male but some extraordinary women as well, who at least wish us well and success in our endeavors.

The problem is that. being Americans, the bulk of these 5,000 people basically regard the Party and its outreach programs as a form of entertainment. They get all of it they want for free on the internet, and so they see no reason why they should contribute financially.

Suggestions have been made, some sincere and some Dutch Uncle-style, about how Hurrold gotta do this and Hurrold gotta do that in order to monetize our propaganda operation and make all these deadbeats pony up. There is merit to some of these ideas, and there are actually ways we could do this if we were better set up and we had reached Square One--which, er, we kind of need money to do. 

Which comes first? The chicken or the egg? The technical and logistic ability to raise money, or the seed money which will give the Party that very technical and logistic ability?

Monetizing our internet is a topic which will require lengthy discussion at another time, once the NF has been able to stabilize through successful completion of the Great Project, and thereby we have something by way of plant and staff upon which we can build long-term structures. That situation does not as yet obtain.

The NF version of all this is called the 10 X 1000 Plan. The object is to recruit one thousand (1000) Class A White people who do not view the NF as entertainment and who believe sufficiently to undergo a small amount of personal inconvenience for the 14 Words, specifically donating $10 per month to the Party in the form of voluntary dues. In other words the first, simplest off-internet, real-world assistance anyone can render the Northwest Republic.

The introductory packet most of you were sent at one point would have contained a green form for something called the Northwest Pioneer Association or NPA. This gets into the incredible vexéd question of what constitutes "Party membership," which is another long and Byzantine-complex question wherein I try to give people what they want while avoiding certain catastrophic errors of the past. That's a digression I won't get into here. It's actually covered in the White Book

Suffice it to say that NPA is still alive, but not in very good health. It does not provide the warm and fuzzies that gregarious White Amurricans want, like nifty membership cards they can flash around to their buddies and try to impress girls with. Or secret decoder rings. [Sigh] Jeez, don't get me started ...

Where was I? Ah, yes. Let us take this hypothetical 1,000 Class As who are so fanatically dedicated to the 14 Words that they are willing to give up the price of a six-pack of beer and a few Slim Jims every month for the cause. They send in their ten dollars. That's $10,000 the Party gets every month, for which we could at long last obtain a secure and stable work platform.

Twice a year, in the spring and the fall, there would be the traditional rite-wing fund appeals. These days anybody can find $100 for something he really cares about, usually a hobby or a new toy. Assuming all 1000 of our "members" send in a C-note, that would mean the NF had an income of $320,000 per year, an income which would then begin generating more income. One historic financial truism is that money attracts more money.

One thousand people out of a population of over 300 million. $320,000 per year. That's our Party, that's our revolution, that's the Northwest American Republic. Just a thousand guys willing to take a sawbuck out of their wallet, and do it every month for no other reason that the fact that it's the right thing to do.

The Northwest Idea is solid, true, and strong. Always remember, we are right. Once the NF gets to Square One and passes the tipping point, reaches that very low ignition point, then we've won. One thousand guys who are willing to pass on the brew one night a month. $320,000 per year ... less that what Hillary Clinton spent on any single day of her two-year campaign ... Jesus Christ! So close, so damnably close ... I mean Jeez Louise, it's not like this couldn't be done ...

One we get the secure work platform, I'd hire one new hand, the first one besides me--I'm not sure whether he would be the Harold Clone PA I have spoken of in the past so longingly, (and who might not exist), or else a really crackerjack IT guy who could use the new space to set up a for-real internet transmission station and propaganda creation unit so we wouldn't be dependent on a few ancient machines ...

Sorry. Daydreaming again. Anyway, if you decide you want to take any of this beyond the level of entertainment and get something going out here in the real world, drop that ten bucks to

Northwest Publishing Agency
P. O. Box 2188
Bremerton, WA 98310

Checks and money orders should be made out to Northwest Publishing Agency. 

Then do the same thing every month from now on, and one day we'll be free and all the bad people will be gone, and you won't have to look at their vile ugly faces and hear their filthy booga booga voices any more. 

Okay, it's a little more complicated than that, but ... well, actually no, come to think of it, it isn't, not really.  10 X 1000 is the first step and arguably more important than whatever comes after, because it is 10 X 1000 that will make whatever comes after ... come after, if you get my drift.

 Once that little spark catches in the hearts and souls of one thousand people, the fire will never be extinguished and will eventually consume the world.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Harold's Halloween Special, 1997

I couldn't stand it! I could not allow that anonymous upstart to seize my place as the Prince of Racist Parodies with his "Crashing On A Light Plane"... so I began to twirl around in my brain some ideas for another of my witty decompositions on the watery death of John Denver.

But possibly because of the impending advent of Halloween, what I came up with was a weird scenario wherein all our recent decendents rise from their graves at midnight in some spectral cemetary for a big hoedown, rather like Robert Burns' "Tam O'Shanter"---a Night of the Politically Correct Living Dead....

Imagine the scene if you will...the mist on the gravestones, the dripping Spanish moss from the trees, the gibbous and gibbering moon, as the shadesof the glitterati celebs answer the ghostly summons....tonight is Country Night, a charity gig to buy ice water for all the faggots who died of AIDS and are now burning in hell.... music is provided by the head of John Denver (lead vocal); the headless corpse of John Denver (fiddle); Jerry Garcia (banjo); Jim Morrison (guitar); Jimi Hendrix (bass guitar); Janis Joplin (Jew's harp); Kurt Cobain (slap bass); John Lennon (jug); and Richie Valens (playing Che Guevara's skeletal remains as a xylophone). Guest vocals by Diana, Princess of Wales and the late designer Gianni Versace. Leonard Bernstein conducts.



 Well the liberal life done me a lot of harm,
 If I had a lick o' sense I woulda stayed down on the farm,
 Whupping up on my wife added nothing to my charm,
 My God! I'm a country buoy!

 I was over the Pacific, feeling glad to be alive
 When my micro-light took a big swan dive,
 Should have left me for the fishes, so they could survive,
 My God, I'm a country buoy!

 Well my lyrics were fluff,
 And my tunes mediocre,
 But I'll sell a lot of records
 Now I've gone and done a croaker,
 Life's a game of chance, and I was dealt a joker!
 My God, I'm a country buoy!


 Well, I really was a bitch, and a true glitterati,
 Dolled up to the nines, I was arrogant and snotty,
 Instead of a Mercedes, should've took a Maserati!
 Thank God I'm a hoi-poloi!

 I was jetting 'round the world, posing for the papparazzi,
 But now I'm being mocked on the Net by a Nazi,
 It's a big comedown for a Lady Hotsy-Totsy!
 Thank God I'm a hoi-poloi!

 I had fame, I had fans,
 I had money and glory,
 But a piss-drunk frog
 Put an end to my story,
 When he tried to take a tunnel at a hundred and forty...
 Thank God I'm a hoi-poloi!


 I'm a-maka all de clothes for de rich-a and de famous,
 While I getta sodomized alla time up de anus,
 And I gotta funny ting-a for de whippas and de chain-es,
 Mama mia! I'm a bugger boy!

 One day in Miami I'm-a walka down de street
 When I meet a former catamite who ain't-a very sweet,
 He pull outa big-a Nine and he blow me off my feet,
 Got plugged by a bugger boy!

 Well my clothes costa more
 Den you make-a in a year,
 Costa more den you make
 In your whole damn career,
 But now I ain't-a nothing but a dead Italian queer!
 Got plugged by a bugger boy!

 (Instrumental break. John Denver, waving his head, does a do-se-do  with the sliced and diced cadaver of Princess Di, the bullet-riddled lich of Versace and his boyfriend William Kunstler. A line dance is performed among the headstones by all of the murder, "suicide", and other mysterious death victims of the Clinton administration, quite a crowd.)


 Our degenerate lives had a mighty allure,
 And our tabloid culture is a pile of manure,
 And we turned the whole world into an open-air sewer!
 By God! We were stupid goys!

 Bein' dead has one advantage as a rule,
 You can see where you've been such a gol-durned fool,
 And where we're going really ain't very cool,
 By God! We were stupid goys!

 Well we had the idea
 We could do what we wanted
 We could trash our own people
 And then we could flaunt it,
 Then we croaked and we found what the Lord really wanted,
 By God! We were stupid goys!

(The earth opens and Hell swallows them all up as the dawn breaks...)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

12 New Words To Memorize

[From 2007]

Our brand of nationalism has problems. Many, many problems. In the top five of that list is the virtual cessation of any meaningful physical activity involving real human beings over the past ten years. 

The fact is that the badly misnamed “Movement” exists 95 per cent on the internet; even the news media are starting to refer to us as an “online community.” Every org and every personality maintains a vast army of silent lurkers, often hiding behind brave, edgey and aggressive e-mail addresses like BlondBerserker@poseur.com that sound like characters out of an online fantasy video game, which is what the Movement is for most people. 

There are a small number of responding but non-paying correspondents, mostly by e-mail, essentially Monday-morning quarterbacks who tell Fearless Leader all about how he should do it and do give him occasional attaboys, and finally a tiny number of members who actually commit a few dollars.

Once in a blue moon one can actually persuade a self-proclaimed White nationalist to get in his car and do a little long-distance driving to meet someone, but that is rare. I’ve noticed down through the years that most of my own visits occur when someone is on their way to someplace else, and happens to be passing within a couple of hours’ drive of wherever I have rolled to a stop that year. They make a detour and take me out to eat so they can say they met me. After all, why do all that driving when Instant Message chats can satisfy one’s urge for “action” safely and cheaply, and soothe our conscience with the false illusion that by tapping on a keyboard we are “doing something?”

The vast majority of WN groups are one-man shows, and if a group actually has a secretary and an office for the group leader, it is deemed a major force on the landscape.  The biggest and best financed of our orgs hold meetings and “rallies” and “world congresses” that attract possibly the same number of people who attend an average wedding reception, although a massive turnout of such racial stalwarts takes at least a year to prepare. 

Our meetings are almost all held in rented motel banquet rooms; no one owns any buildings any more. When I came in thirty-five years ago, there were at least a dozen open headquarters of various kinds around the country; in this Year of Our Lord 2007, if memory serves, the Redneck Shop in South Carolina is the last actual, physical building in our hands. It’s not that we don’t have any wealthy people on our lists who couldn’t buy us some property if they felt like it. They just don’t feel like it, because fifty years of failure and corruption and incompetence on the part of our self-proclaimed leaders has convinced them that their money would simply be wasted, or the property would be legally seized by Morris Dees because Fearless Leader is either unable or unwilling to control the behavior of his members.

Our internet addiction is more than mere apathy. It is suggestive of deep structural problems of a fundamental nature. We must ask ourselves a question. If things are in fact bad, and are expected to get worse, why doesn’t anyone wish to do anything about it? The answer is that they want to see something done about it, which is not the same thing.

To begin with, the fact is that despite the slow deterioration of every aspect of American existence, life isn’t all that bad for the vast majority of White people. For whatever reason, gasoline prices are currently dropping at the pumps. Unless someone has an immediate relative in the military, the Iraq war is simply something one sees on television, until they bring back the draft. True, we have the usual American cocktail of crime, affirmative action, schools that warehouse instead of teach, and all the other issues that are discussed from time to time. 

But when it comes to real discomfort, such as our parents and grandparents endured during the 1929 depression, we as a people don’t face it. We haven’t had a war on our own soil since 1865. Most of us have a roof over our heads, a car to drive, a tube to watch, and a computer to sit at. The number one health problem is not hunger, but obesity. Unemployment is presently at 4 percent, and even allowing for some creative juggling in the statistics by the régime, this means that just about anyone who wants a job can get one. A low-paid service job, to be sure, since all our manufacturing has been outsourced to Asia and Latin America, but a job.

Bottom line? People say they want change, but in fact they want to turn on their television sets and see someone else doing the necessary to bring about that change. They are willing to pay a small admission price to watch the show, but they are terrified of getting dragged into the arena and becoming part of the performance. They don’t want to rock the boat in any way that might endanger what they have. Life is still too sweet, and Americans have been raised in a risk-averse culture which has taught them from birth that life is a game and whoever dies with the most toys wins—and anyone who deliberately puts his small collection of earthly toys at risk is a “loser” and probably insane.

The second problem is that White people are born inventors. We solve problems creatively. We created cars to take us from one place to another quickly and easily. Likewise airplanes. The telephone, and electric lights, and all the rest made life easier. White people solve problems so they can eliminate risk and labor and discomfort, not deliberately incur it—and that’s the unfortunate key.

We’ve all heard of virtual reality. Some of us may have heard the term “virtual community” and that is precisely what we have. We can exchange e-mails with exactly those people we want to communicate with. We can go only to web sites that tell us what we want to hear, and show us what we want to see. We can often order the things we need without ever dealing with anyone else. After work we can enter online chat and game rooms and immerse ourselves in a complete fantasy world, until it is time to trudge into our crushing and mind-numbing shitjob again the next morning. In short, we can live amongst our chosen neighbors most of the time and never venture out of our little community.

We speak of people migrating to the suburbs, and then to the Northwest—but another migration, to virtual communities, is also taking place. This migration is important in that it relieves discomfort.  The cyber-world is political and spiritual junk food, empty calories, but it does satisfy. And since the discomfort is eliminated, no further action will be taken. No personal meetings. No rallies. No marches.

The  ability to create a virtual reality is the ultimate opiate, which lets us tailor our environment perfectly to our preferences. You don’t like blacks, you say?  No problem, you can avoid them in virtual reality. You wish to avoid the muds altogether? Easily accomplished! Just choose your e-mail filters wisely. 

Of course, this world is false. At some point, probably after we have wasted our youth and middle age and productive years, when we become old and easy targets, one day reality in the form of muds or cops or whoever will in fact come crashing through our doors, and drag us kicking and screaming away from our computers and out the door into the real, hard world of death and torture and humiliation, but White people have become very good at thinking maybe ten minutes ahead, on a good day. In essence, we as a race are frittering away our last precious few years of time tapping on keyboard and playing childish games on computer screens.

How to change this complacency? How are people to be brought from their comfortable electronic cocoons into a cold, harsh, hostile world?   

Perhaps the economy will fail so spectacularly that many will be forced back into reality—but that may only happen after our chains are so firmly affixed that we can never shake them off. Perhaps crime and other situations will get so awful that people will be forced to face the real world. 

But it is also possible that we as a race have created the means of our own demise, and that we will not awaken until it is too late. There is a very real chance that it is already too late to save our existence; across the globe, there is not a single White racialist group that is strong, vital and growing. Not one.

There are two ways that a situation or a people may be changed: from the outside—what rite-wingers refer to as “the Balloon Going Up”—or from the inside. We can no longer sit around and wait for some kind of deus ex machina resolution to our racial problems to descend from the clouds in a flying saucer, though.

I propose that in addition to David Lane’s Fourteen words, we begin to discuss what I might call the Additional Twelve, or possibly the Postscript. We must change the White man’s thinking and recover our ancient courage.  

We must initiate a clear and ruthless, Movement-wide dialogue on the issue of character which we have for so long avoided. We must put some stiffening in our spines. We must become the kind of men and women our ancestors were up until about a century ago, and we have to do it now. 

The worst thing, for me, of all I have seen over the past few year’s is Harold Covington’s inability to convey any sense of urgency about this. It seems like sometimes he is standing on a bleak and empty seashore, shouting at the waves and the gulls. HAC’s message needs to be heard, and it needs to be heard now.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Interview With Harold Covington (2009)

Occidental Quarterly  
December 29, 2009

Interview with Harold Covington

TOQ: Could you give us a brief autobiography and tell us how you became involved in White Nationalism?

Harold Covington: I was born in Burlington, North Carolina in 1953. I had my first dose of racial reality at age 15 when I was thrown into an integrated high school in Chapel Hill, NC which was bad by the standards of the day (1968) but which of course was a kindergarten compared to the racial situation that exists in our schools today. All we had to worry about back in my time was blacks with knives rather than organized gangs and drug dealers armed with semi-autos, and of course there were the hippy-dippy SDS type radicals, many of whom I noticed even at the time appeared to be Jews. Homosexuals didn’t even come into the equation back in those days, and the drugs at school were just beer and grass and LSD, not ecstasy or coke or crack.

I won’t go off into a long digression about the various horrible racial experiences I had in high school, but on the day I finally left there, I looked back and made a silent personal vow that I would devote my life somehow to making sure that no young White person ever again had to go through what I had to go through in that place. Again, I didn’t realize how relatively mild my problems had been and how terrible things would become in my lifetime.

For reasons I won’t get into, basically having to do with the fact that my father was a psychopath, he ordered me out of the family home and I went into the United States army at 17. My experiences in the military provided a further dose of racial reality, although once again I understand they were nothing compared to what young White enlistees go through nowadays when the military has in desperation lowered the recruitment criteria to include drug addicts, criminals, gang-bangers, etc.

I did my basic at Fort Polk, Louisiana and then was sent for infantry training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia. At Fort Jackson I picked up a paperback book in the day room called The Order of the Death’s Head, by a German named Heinze Höhne. Rare among studies of the Third Reich, the book was actually reasonably objective, and it had the effect of more or less converting me to National Socialism. I remain a National Socialist in my personal outlook to this day. While I was stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii I joined the National Socialist White People’s Party (NSWPP), which was founded by George Lincoln Rockwell, and was then run by a man named Matt Koehl. I formed a unit of a Party front group called the White Servicemen’s League and ended up getting discharged early, albeit under honorable conditions. Nowadays, of course, I’d probably end up in Leavenworth for it.

After I got out of the army I served on permanent NSWPP staff at the headquarters in El Monte, California under the now-legendary Lt. Joseph Tommasi, who was murdered in 1975. I then became editor of the Party newspaper White Power in Arlington, Virginia. In 1974 I worked for a construction company in Johannesburg, South Africa for about six months, and then went to Rhodesia and joined the Rhodesian Army. In 1976 I was deported from Rhodesia for my activities with the proto-NS Rhodesia White People’s Party, along with two of my fellow Americans, Eric Thomson and Jeffrey Spencer. That’s an interesting example of conservatives being our true worst enemy. I was deported on the personal orders of Ian Smith, and we all know what Mr. Smith’s conservatism did to Rhodesia.

From then on it was the usual long Movement history of different groups, different approaches, all of them pretty much dead ends because there basically isn’t anything that can be done on an all-America basis in order to reverse the terminal decline of Western civilization on this continent, at least not without the use of a level of armed force which practically speaking, the Movement will never have at its disposal.

In 1982 I more or less went on the run for five years due to a legal situation which I’m still not certain it’s completely safe for me to get into, given the paranoid nature of our lords and masters these days and their eagerness to find something, anything, to use as an excuse to plop me down in the cell next to Bill White and Matt Hale. I ended up in Ireland, which at that time had no extradition treaty with the USA, due to the embarrassment and political complications for the Dublin government which would be caused by possibly extraditing IRA men back and forth across the Atlantic.

I learned a lot in Ireland. I didn’t just hang out in pubs guzzling Guinness; I read all the newspapers and watched RTE and BBC Northern Ireland, I made trips into the North, I talked to certain people (very carefully) and I sat quietly in certain known IRA pubs nursing a pint or two of Smithwick’s, listening and observing very carefully. Basically, in Ireland, I saw how it’s done in the modern world, not in 1930s Germany, and it was an invaluable education.

It’s true the IRA didn’t win in the main sense of the term, but Communists though they are (and I know that) this small band of dedicated White working class men and women fought a major Western democratic military power to a standstill, and forced the Brits to buy them off instead of crushing them. Like Rocky Balboa, they went a full fifteen rounds with Godzilla and they were still standing at the end of it. The lesson I draw from this and other events in the past 20 years is that it can be done.

In 2000, in the aftermath of what Morris Dees did to Pastor Butler, I finally came out openly for territorial White separatism in the form of the Northwest Imperative.

TOQ: Can you explain the Northwest Imperative, and tell us how you came to believe in it?

Harold Covington: The Northwest Imperative is based on the conviction, an accurate one, that the United States of America in its present form is doomed, and that it is necessary to the physical survival of the White race that we establish a Homeland for all of our people worldwide somewhere on the North American continent. Economics, demographics, and logistics dictate that the best location for such a Homeland is here in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, we have a long history here of commitment and martyrdom here in the Northwest: Bob Mathews and the Order men, Sam and Vicky Weaver, Gordon Kahl, and our latest martyr from the Northwest Front, Jeff Hughes of Vancouver, Canada.

The essence of the Northwest Idea is to reduce the problem to manageable proportions. We are simply too weak, disorganized, and too few to take over the United States, and we need to accept that just ain’t gonna happen. Instead of a whole huge continent and 300 million mostly hostile people to worry about, we reduce the problem geographically and demographically to three and a half states with about 12 million people, mostly White. Given the inevitable coming implosion of the United States and the collapse of the central authority in Washington D.C., when they run out of money to pay their mercenaries, bureaucrats, and enforcers, the Northwest Imperative is do-able in a way that no other plan we’ve ever come up with is do-able.

The Northwest Imperative also reduces the problem to that of a colonial war, and there are numerous models from the last century as to how to wage and win a colonial war. The objective is to make the disputed territory ungovernable and turn it into a massive rathole down which the occupying power bleeds money, manpower, and resources until it can’t stand the hemorrhage any longer and cuts its losses. The most important statement in any of my Northwest novels, so important that I have various characters say it over and over again in all four books, is this: “In a colonial war, it’s never the generals who surrender. It’s the accountants.”

TOQ: Can you tell us what you are doing to promote the idea of a Northwest homeland and to prepare for its concrete realization?

Harold Covington: We have formed the “Party” of the Northwest novels, called the Northwest Front, although it isn’t really a Party yet and probably won’t be for some time. Right now it’s just what the name says, a broad front rather than a party. We have participation from people who are involved with other groups and from people who are involved with none. There is no formal membership status, no chain of command, and no hierarchy. We provide what support we can to anyone who lives here or who is willing to come here to the Homeland and work for Northwest independence.

Eventually that will have to change, of course. Eventually there must be a disciplined, fighting revolutionary Party of political soldiers, but that’s going to take us a while. White Americans are the sloppiest, laziest, most narcissistic and most undisciplined people in the world, and they simply can’t wrap their minds around a European concept such as the political soldier. Not yet. They will have to change, or they will perish from the earth.

TOQ: Like most of the people in the racialist movement today, my awakening and education were enormously aided by the internet. You yourself have a substantial web presence. Yet you are known as a staunch critic of movement’s strong dependence on the internet. Can you explain your views on the virtues and limits of the internet for white nationalism?

Harold Covington: The internet is a reality of 21st century life. I understand and accept that. It can no more be uninvented than gunpowder or nuclear power can be uninvented. The Net has become a necessary evil, but an evil nonetheless, in my opinion.

For one thing, the internet is largely sterile politically. It produces almost nothing except more Net. Somebody sees a great pro-White web site and they are inspired with enthusiasm—to build another web site. There is this immense disconnect between what is essentially a fantasy world in cyber-space and the real world out here where White people are unemployed and foreclosed White families are beginning to live in tent cities called Obamavilles.

The internet gives the White male a feel-good factor which he doesn’t have to earn. He sits down at his computer after work with a bowl of nachos and a few cold brewskis, he plays around on VNN or surfs the web looking for racial stuff, maybe he makes a post or two, and then at the end of the evening he gets up and staggers off to bed with the feeling that he has accomplished something, but he hasn’t. All he has done is to generate words, and words are no good on earth if they never translate into physical action.

The internet provides the White male with a substitute for action, and with a place where he can hide. Yes, I understand that most of us have jobs and families and homes we have to protect, but the fact remains that at some point in time we are going to have to stand erect once more, like men, and not with our heads hung down and our eyes lowered and our feet shuffling in the presence of our Jewish and liberal lords and masters. The internet does not facilitate the strengthening of the one ancient virtue of our people which we need most of all to re-discover: simple physical courage.

Finally, the internet provides something that our highly dysfunctional people cannot resist: consequences-free misbehavior. This is not just a Movement phenomenon; it’s a White thing. The internet is a loony bin, and everyone knows it. The internet is where sick and twisted and often quite deranged people go to vomit. I have never seen anything like some of the filth, the depravity, the idiocy, and the just plain raving madness that I find on the internet every day. I know quite ordinary and apparently stable, functional, and successful people who sit down behind that keyboard, and all of a sudden they get a visit from Mr. Hyde. You’ve heard of discovering one’s Inner Child? It’s like the lure of consequences-free misbehavior on the internet unlocks some people’s Inner Nut.

All of this having been said, the internet remains the only medium of mass communication we have access to, the only place that provides anything remotely resembling a level playing field, which is probably why the Jews and the government hate it so much. Love the internet or hate it, we seem to be stuck with it.

TOQ: Many of our people dwell on negative signs, and there are plenty of them. Do you see positive signs? Do you think there are good reasons for hope?

Harold Covington: Oh, yes, certainly. So long as one doesn’t confuse hope with optimism.

For one thing, it is a historical truism that nothing last forever. This Francis Fukuyama rap about liberal democracy being the “end of history” is horse dung. Everything ends, and the present Zionist world order will end as well, quite possibly within the lifetime of those now born. It may not end the way we want it to end, and it may drag the White race and Western civilization down with it, but oh, yes, it will end. Our task in this and coming generations is to make sure that we survive the collapse of this massive evil, along with at least some semblance of Western civilization.

For another thing, for all our weaknesses and flaws we are still the most intelligent and potentially the bravest and most hardy race on earth. It takes more than 100 years of liberal brainwashing, political correctness, and McDonalds’ Happy Meals to contaminate and extinguish a whole human genotype. Deep down we are still the men our ancestors were, it’s just sometimes it’s so deep down we can’t read our genetic script.

We can do this thing. We can beat these bastards, any time we so choose. The question is, will we so choose? The Weltfeind is counting on his ability to obscure our racial light in a murk of questions, indecision, introspection, corruption, and apathy, to drag the whole world into the shades of grey in which the Jew thrives. If we can achieve moral clarity in our souls we will recover our courage, and when we recover our courage we will rip their hearts out.

TOQ: One of the things that most struck me about your Northwest Quartet is the attitude of high moral seriousness that these novels communicate, which I think is a valuable corrective to the movement’s general ethos of emotional self-indulgence. But you are better at communicating this than I am. Most White nationalists accept that our race is facing oblivion. What more do they need to get serious?

Harold Covington: The stock answer to that is that things have to get so bad that every White man, woman and child is personally affected in their own lives by the current crisis of civilization. They must lose their houses, their jobs, their SUVs and their plasma TVs and all that nice cold beer in the fridge. This is certainly true as far as it goes, and it is now at long last beginning to happen during this onset of the Obama Depression.

But I believe that more has to happen. There has to be a genuine spiritual awakening that burns away the past several generations of excrement that the Jews have caked around our souls. Our people must once more learn to value something higher than their own private lives and their own creature comforts. I personally found this in National Socialism, others find it in religion, but one of the advantages of turning this into a colonial war is that it allows for the creation of a new (or rather old) idealism in our hearts, a secular nationalism that aspires to the creation of a new country, free of alien oppressors. That will work. Ask the Irish.

TOQ: Early in your career, you were an avowed National Socialist. How has your thinking changed since then? In your view, what are the enduring truths in National Socialism, and what are its limitations?

Harold Covington: I am just as much a National Socialist now as I ever was. The enduring truth of National Socialism lies in one slogan: “Our race is our nation.” National Socialism affirms the primacy of race over lesser aspects of human existence such as religion and nationality.

I have, however, come to realize that most Americans are totally spiritually unequipped to accept such a doctrine. They don’t speak the language. They simply haven’t been engineered that way, and of course 70 years of Jewish hate propaganda, misrepresentation, and distortion hasn’t helped. Back in my youth in the old Party, we had the idea that through a process of long and slow education we could wean a sufficient number of our people away from the Jewish narrative and make them see the truth, but we didn’t do so hot at that, and now we are out of time. Simply and starkly, it’s about racial survival now, and that has to take first place in our strategy.

In order to convince people, you must first put yourself on a credible basis of communication with them, and you can’t do that by immediately confronting them with symbols and ideas that they have been conditioned from birth to reject. Every essential principle of National Socialism has a perfectly reasonable and understandable circumlocution that can be used within the American context so as to bypass the socially-engineered rejection mechanisms which have been implanted in White people’s brains. Call it National Socialism Lite, if you will. I don’t like it, but the urgency of our racial crisis overrides my personal feelings.

TOQ: What are the books, writers, and historical events that have most shaped your particular version of White nationalism?

Harold Covington: Besides National Socialist works and history? First and foremost there is the life and work of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. There’s the American Civil War, of course. I was born and raised in the last of the Old South, when it was considered entirely normal to have Confederate flags on one’s possessions and when it was still possible to see Confederate heroes positively portrayed on TV and in comic books, etc.

Easter 1916 and the Irish War of Independence is another obvious example. I think the situation in Ireland in the 1920s is probably as close a parallel to our situation today as can be drawn. Later on we may draw some insight from the Spanish Civil War, which I always liked—the last war the good guys actually won.

My main Movement mentors were Major William Gaedtke, the last head of the old America First Committee (the Lindbergh one) and Pastor Robert Miles. They taught me the ropes. I learned a lot from Matt Koehl as well. I never thought I’d say this, and I still don’t agree with what Koehl did to the NSWPP, but after three decades I now understand why Koehl did a lot of the things he did.

TOQ: I really enjoy your novels. I have reviewed the Northwest Quartet, and I have also read Slow Coming Dark, Fire And Rain, and most recently The Stars In Their Path, as well as the collection Other Voices, Darker Rooms. Who are your main literary influences? Which of your works are your favorites and why?

Harold Covington: My father was a reader of pulp science fiction back in the 1950s and 1960s, and he had these big cardboard cartons of old sci-fi paperbacks in the basement, including a lot of the old Ace doubles that went for 50 cents in those days and would probably go for a couple of hundred bucks apiece today if you could get hold of an intact copy. They were written by all the sci-fi greats of the 50s and 60s: Robert A. Heinlein, Brian Aldiss, Philip K. Dick, Alfred Bester, Edmond Hamilton, Alan E. Nourse, Andre Norton, Ray Bradbury, etc. Those were my first bulk reading, and then starting about age 14 I somehow (don’t remember how) discovered H. P. Lovecraft, and that was love at first sight. I still lug around three-volume Arkham House set of his complete works with me wherever I go.

My Northwest novels are purely political polemics, wherein I say things that wouldn’t be politic to say openly in any other context. They are for the purpose of imparting ideas and disseminating practical information using what Lenin called “Aesopian language,” the language of fable. My actual fiction as such, novels like The Stars In Their Path, The Renegade, Vindictus, etc. aren’t really influenced by anyone or anything. They’re just stories I get into my febrile brain and which I have to purge by telling them and letting them out.

As to my favorites, excluding the Quartet, which don’t count because they’re not really novels in the true sense of the word, I’d have to say that The Madman and Marina [in Other Voices, Darker Rooms] is the best short piece I’ve ever done. It may possibly even be the best piece, period—I once had an e-mail correspondent in St. Petersburg tell me he didn’t believe that my name is Covington, that I had to be a Russian writing under an American pseudonym, because only a Russian could produce such a Dostoyevskyan story. I consider that to be the best review I’ve ever had.

Personal favorite among the long novels? The Stars In Their Path, I’d say. Like all my other books it tells a story, but I use reincarnation as a device to keep on telling the same story over and over and over again, a different way each time and with different characters, rather than draw the same plot out to 100,000 words of padding. I think that was neat, if I do say so myself.

TOQ: In the Northwest Quartet and Fire And Rain, I was especially impressed with how you can blend intense drama with light comedy, classical eloquence with pop-culture slang and vulgarity. Joss Whedon and Quentin Tarantino came to mind. Do you pay attention to popular culture? Do you watch movies or television? Name some favorite writers, directors, movies, TV shows.

Harold Covington: I don’t watch television any more, and haven’t for a long time. It’s not just that it’s Judaized to the max and politically nauseating, it’s just stupid. Moronic. I glance over hulu.com every now and then, and I don’t see anything on there that prompts me to get cable again. Why pay $75 a month for drivel?

Movies are another matter. DVDs from the Blockbuster bargain racks are about the only form of recreation I can afford, besides a library card. In that sense yes, I have managed to keep up with enough popular culture, especially among young White people (negrified though that culture is) so that I can make my young characters believable. I think so, anyway. None of my youthful readers have complained so far.

There are certain movies that just plain creep me out, like Naked Lunch, and there are certain flicks I find fascinating because they’re just plain bizarre, like Dark Star and the American version of Kingdom Hospital, which IMHO is the just plain weirdest thing ever shown on television. My own DVD collection includes Henry the Fifth, (Kenneth Branagh version), Zulu, The 13th Warrior, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and a few oddballs from the 70s like Time After Time and Absolution. I gave some friends of mine the first five episodes of Sharpe’s Rifles. I like a lot of escapist swashbuckling stuff, as you can tell.

TOQ: Do you plan to write any more novels?

Harold Covington: At this point I would say probably not. [This didn't turn out to be accurate. I have written two more since then. - HAC] I’m pretty much NVA’ed out. There is a limit to what can be accomplished through fantasy and the creation of a fictional mythos. If I have not yet succeeded in imparting a vision of possibility to our people in the four Northwest novels already extant, I probably never will. I am concentrating henceforth on trying to turn the vision into reality through the Northwest Front, the “Party” of the novels, and it’s a five-star bitch. Getting “our” people to peep out from behind their computers and commit a real live physical act out here in the real world is like pulling teeth. Half of my contacts I can’t even get to respond to an e-mail.

I still have some bits and pieces of novels and stories lying around in manuscript form and on my computer, plus some ideas I’d like to play with if I ever get the time and the right situation (like the long prison sentence on some ridiculous fabricated charge which I’m sure our lords and masters would like to oblige me with). The main one is a kind of adult version of the Harry Potter series where a secret society of powerful Aryan spirits operating in a kind of nether world one step above this dimension use their magical powers to try and reverse the destruction of our people wrought by the Sauron-like Jewish overlord of the Dark World, although it would hopefully come across a little more convincing than that. I doubt I’ll ever get around to it, though. I need to concentrate what time I have left on building something in the real world.

TOQ: The Stars In Their Path surprised me because it is a rather “metaphysical” novel. In my opinion, you are very wise to counsel white nationalists to be neutral on religious issues. But you are also a private citizen too. So citizen, can you tell us about your religious and metaphysical beliefs and how you arrived at them?

Harold Covington: I believe in reincarnation because I myself have witnessed and experienced events that indicate to me that it is at least part of the process that happens to the human soul or personality after death. I won’t get into the details of these experiences here, because my present life is all about the 14 Words and such beliefs aren’t really germane to my racial work. We are meant to live our lives in this world, not the next. My metaphysical world view has provided me with one invaluable spiritual asset, in that I do not fear death, although admittedly any Islamic suicide bomber can say the same.

When I went out into the bush in Rhodesia, for example, I was never afraid of being killed. Coming back armless or legless from a land mine, or blind, or in a wheelchair, now that scared the bejesus out of me, but not actual death, and that’s a handy spiritual resource to have. I do not, however, insist on these beliefs, nor do I try to impose them on others. I am not missionary about them for the simple reason that I know, and others are going to find out in the fullness of time, and it doesn’t really matter what they believe. Whatever floats their boat. For me the question is resolved—again, a good asset for a revolutionary to be packing.

TOQ: It is depressing to contemplate how much effort goes into things that we would not think twice about if we just came to grips with the fact that we are going to die, and we don’t know when. It can happen any day. What do you think gives meaning to human life? Do you think there is a larger meaning and purpose to the universe? Do you think it links up with individuals lives?

Harold Covington: As opposed to my certainty on reincarnation, I take a rather Zen-ish attitude towards the meaning of each individual life itself. Just because you’re going to get more than one go-round is no excuse for slacking. This world is a school where we are sent to learn and to grow as individual spiritual beings, You start out in the equivalent of kindergarten and work your way through grades one through six, junior high, high school, university, maybe some cosmic post-grad work, who knows? You get the idea. Kids who goldbrick and just try to skate through in school don’t turn out well as a rule, and neither do human spirits. Karmically speaking it is possible to “fail a grade,” many times over, and be forced to keep on repeating the same experiences and facing the same obstacles until one buckles down to it, overcomes those obstacles, and develops properly.

There is nothing at all wrong with spiritual ambition and a drive for excellence, to live one’s life for the purpose of leaving behind a better world than one found at birth. Actually that’s how we all should be living, although needless to say most don’t. Ideally every human life should accomplish something, and this involves overcoming the physical, spiritual, and character-related flaws and obstacles that are part of life. In my view, since the end result as far as the individual’s fate is foreordained in any case, how you play the game is indeed the more important aspect of it all, because that’s what you will take with you into your next existence.

TOQ: One thought that comforts me in darker moods is the fact that, long after the Earth is just a burned out cinder in the emptiness of space, radio waves carrying the music of Bach and Mozart and Wagner will still be traveling outwards, perhaps to find ears worthy of them. (Of course all the crap ever broadcast will be out there too.) Does music matter much to you? What are some of your favorite genres, musicians, composers, and why?

Harold Covington: Classically speaking I enjoy Wagner, of course, as well as Mozart, Verdi, Gregorian chant and Eastern Orthodox liturgical music, Gesualdo, Hildegard von Bingen, and Aaron Copland, one of the few Jews to whom I would be inclined to award “honorary Aryan” status.

But I don’t actually listen to much classical; it demands concentration in order to be appreciated, and most of my mellows I play while I’m working or writing. I did a mix tape I called the Northwest Soundtrack for some of my fans, consisting of key mood pieces I listened to while composing certain sections of the Quartet novels, and it included everything from Celtic symphonic music from the Granuaile, Pilgrim, and Relief of Derry CDs, to rock music from Joe Walsh and Jefferson Airplane, to bagpipes, to movie soundtracks and bluegrass.

My three main music collections I play on my computer while I’m working are entitled “Irish,” which includes Enya, the Chieftains, the Corrs, Bothy Band and Planxty; “Southern” which starts out with Ralph Stanley and moves on to Waylon Jennings, Flatt and Scruggs, Steve Earle, Mike Cross, and Grandpa Jones; and finally “Rock” which has Jefferson Airplane, Phil Collins, the Who, the Rolling Stones, and Runrig, among others.

TOQ: What are the best things you have done in your life so far, and what things do you most regret doing or leaving undone?

Harold Covington: The best thing is my children. They despise me, of course, having been carefully raised to do so by the other members of my family, and that fact has not the slightest iota of effect on my love for them. It’s not their fault, and besides, you can never really be angry at someone whose nappies you’ve changed. The fact is that they exist, and I hope someday they will have children of their own and do better by them than I was able to do.

The thing I regret most is not stepping forward with the Northwest idea many years ago, when I knew and understood that it was the way to go. Certainly I knew after Ruby Ridge that this was a sacrifice we could not ignore or denigrate by continuing to waste our time on strategies that were proven failures, or even worse, by simply continuing to drift. Why I didn’t step forward in 1992 and proclaim what I knew to be the truth involves a lot of complex factors, some of them not very creditable to me. It took the martyrdom of Pastor Butler for me to finally screw my courage to the sticking point. Part of that growing process I mentioned, but it shouldn’t have taken me that long, and if the NF is now running short on time, that is in a large degree my fault. I regret that deeply, and hope I can make up for it in the time I have left.

TOQ: I know a lot of very bright and promising young nationalists. I have recommended your novels to them, even given them copies, and they have definitely been influenced.  What is your advice to young nationalists? If you had a son of 19 or 20, embarking on adult life, what would you tell him?

Harold Covington: As cliché as this will sound, my first advice (which I was never allowed to give to my actual son in real life) would be to learn a trade. Get a marketable skill, something to sell, which will keep food on your table and a roof over your head.

If you are going to be politically effective, you have to start with those basics. You can’t participate in a revolution while living under a bridge, and that’s where millions of White people are headed. Learn to fix the rich man’s toys when they break, learn to do it well and at an economical price, and you will always work. You have to financially bulletproof yourself by acquiring a skill that somebody, somewhere, will always be willing to pay you to exercise. When you’ve got a roof over your head, a functioning motor vehicle, and your basic needs met, that’s your baseline for political activity. You shouldn’t attempt it otherwise.

TOQ: Thank you.