Friday, February 24, 2017

"How Dare You Say Buggery?" (2002)

I got an e-mail from one of our elderly comrades chastising me over my heading for the story about the faggot cruise ship being denied entry into the Cayman Islands, i.e. my use of the naughty word "buggery." 

Before I proceed further, I should point out that the title itself was a humorous reference to a famous Cheech and Chong comedy skit from the 1970s, a take-off on South Seas Mutiny On The Bounty type movies called "Buggery on the High Seas," and it's a scream, by the way. However, I doubt this gentleman is much of a Cheech and Chong aficionado. I understand the point he was trying to make, and I also understand that he grew up in the last, dying years of the old world when moral and social standards relegated such practices to the sewers where they belong.

The problem is that we no longer live in those times of decency and cleanliness, nor will any of us ever see them again in our lifetimes. We are not going to wake up suddenly one morning and find that some benevolent God with a white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds has decided to be kind and reward all our effort and our suffering by waving his Almighty scepter and turning back the clock to the days of Ozzie and Harriet. 

If we will stop fooling around and wasting our time and effort, stiffen our spines, and act instead of talking and hiding, then it is possible our children may live to see some kind of return to sanity and normalcy. Few of us will ever know such a time. Most of us will end our lives in a situation roughly similar to that of Lebanon, Yugoslavia, or Rwanda, right here in this North American continent, and amidst all the violence, disease, starvation, and chaos there is going to be a good deal of sexual perversion. Not least, buggery.

The glorification of perversion---what our media masters have even come to call "defining deviancy down"--- is a staple on The Agenda. It is dished right up in our faces. My occasional references to sodomy or the fact that Benny Klassen's private sexual practices earned him the name of Old Benny Buttfuck among the Skinhead scene of the 1980s are nothing at all compared to one single night of network television, of "Ellen" and all the other filth the Jews shovel into our living rooms in an unending flow of raw sewage. My own occasional excursions into the nomenclature of the perverse are mild, very mild indeed, by comparison.

So, you ask, why do us supposedly superior Aryan revolutionary types have to "lower ourselves to that level?" I will tell you why.

It has to do with the same reason why I cannot ignore corruption, deceit, and malfeasance in the movement---because if we are to prevail we must be first and foremost a movement of truth, and a large part of that truth consists in exposing that which our enemies wish to conceal, gloss over, and camouflage.

The truth is that homosexuality is a loathsome and physically sickening perversion, the hygienic aspects of which alone are sufficient to make a normal person vomit. The establishment seeks to cloak these practices on the part of their pet perverts in abstractions about "expressing love" and "lifestyle," and to a large extent they have succeeded. People have been conditioned by years of constant media pounding, pounding, pounding, forcing these perverts down our throats, to believe that homosexuals are a persecuted minority. There have even been quasi-scientific efforts to prove that perversion is somehow genetic and that faggots can't help their innate and irresistible biological urge to cornhole.

This is rubbish. Homosexuality is a behavior, and a filthy one---and we should never, ever neglect to make this point to our own people. Normal people might be swayed by their innate Aryan sense of fairness to "give the little guy a break," so long as they are not compelled to confront just what it is that homosexuals do. 

When they understand what it is that homosexuals do, when they forget all the horse manure about "gay" rights and homophobia and blah, blah, blah and think in terms of sodomy, assorted practices with bizarre objects, leather and chains and whips and something lesbians do called "the chocolate ritual" which I will leave to the imagination---and when they understand that a large part of the so-called gay rights movement is to gain access to children for these creatures so they can introduce these filthy practices to their children---then the overwhelming majority of White people and Third Worlders as well will react with shock, horror, and anger. As they should.

Homosexuality is a shocking and unnatural act, utterly beyond the bounds of human decency, and we must not allow this to be forgotten. Hence my references to faggots, fudge-packers, carpet-munchers, etc. Yes, this language is crude and offensive to many. Homosexuality is offensive to me and to everyone with any rudimentary remaining healthy instincts.

Yes, it is true that for every one of these terms there is a circumlocution which can be used in what passes for polite society---indeed, we hear these terms repeatedly, every night, on our televisions. That is one reason why we must not allow ourselves to be sucked into the trap of being polite as opposed to being accurate. These politically correct circumlocutions sanitize a nauseating and poisonous perversion, and Joe Six-Pack has by now been so dumbed down that he is incapable of seeing past the sanitized versions of what homosexuals do---unless we rub his nose in it.

George Orwell wrote in 1984 about the abuse of language by totalitarian, Marxist, politically correct rĂ©gimes such as the one we live under today. The idea behind making certain words unacceptable or "beyond the pale of discussion" is to so restrict the available language in which to discuss certain ideas that the state can thus restrict and repress the thought. 

Dissident thoughts cannot be formulated if people are deprived, through intimidation or through a mistaken sense of delicacy, of the necessary accurate words to describe them. Blacks, for example, are not "African-Americans" out here in the real world---they are niggers. They act like niggers, they steal and kill like niggers, they booga-booga like niggers---they are niggers, and yet nowadays the mere use of the word in public is enough to destroy a White male's life in every conceivable way.

The System does not dare allow us to say the word "nigger," indeed has created such a repressive atmosphere around the word that most are now even afraid to think the word. This is mind control, no more, no less---and the same kind of mind control is being used to suppress White consciousness regarding what homosexuals do and why they are loathsome, unnatural perverts, why they must be kept away from our children by whatever means necessary.

We must not allow the racial enemy to set the parameters of what is and is not acceptable for Americans to discuss, especially given the increasingly abysmal standard of education and political literacy among our Beavis and Butthead, Homer Simpson population. When it comes to conveying any idea at all to Americans, never forget how low you have to aim in order to get a hit. The whole homosexuality issue is not a legal or a social one, it is a moral one, but we cannot convince others of that unless we constantly keep before our eyes the sickening vision of what it is that homosexuals do.

This is why I use these terms. I try not to go too far overboard, and inevitably I offend some people--- but it's necessary, just like pain is unavoidable when one is extracting a bullet from a wound.

Harold A. Covington

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