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The Return of the Iron Dream (2006)

March 17th, 2006

Hi, guys:

Okay, I'm starting to run into a problem on this Constitutional exercise of ours which I kind of saw coming. I have discussed this before, but I'll run it down again. This isn't a critical comment, it's an observation.

There are people in the Movement as a whole--a lot of people--who are not in fact revolutionaries. They are what one might call racist reactionaries, or nigger-hating conservatives. They do not want to change the existing system. What they want is for the existing system to work for them.

They do not want to create a New Order; they either cannot or will not see anything intrinsically wrong with the old one, except for the fact that there's all kinds of Third World scum running around in the local Safeway, their coworker is an incompetent monkoid while the boss is a vicious feminist bitch, there are screaming faggots everywhere, and the people running the country seem to have the collective IQ of a cheeseburger and they've gotten us into a seemingly endless war in Iraq which by now even the dumbest Amurrican flag-waving yay-hoo can see is pointless and should never have been started.

They don't want to change the world. They just want Amurrica to fulfill its promise to them, personally. Let's be brutally honest, people. I think we all know that if you gave the average "White Nationalist" a $100,000 per year job, a split-level ranch house in the suburbs, a Lexus and an SUV in the garage, and a swimming pool in the back yard, they'd be outta here so fast you'd see nothing but a blur. They'd have that Amurrican flag sticking out on their porch, their asses plunked down on that sofa with the nacho bowl and be gawping at Fox News and voting Republican in no time flat.

But Amurrica has given the Jews and the nigs and the fags and every piece of Third World trash the gold mine, while the White man gets the shaft. So these disgruntled conservatives become involved with the Movement, out of a perfectly justifiable rage and resentment and fear that their children will lose even what little their parents have managed to keep.

But they have little if any idea of how to obtain anything resembling the desired result. Insofar as they think about any solution at all, they believe it's a matter of "waking people up."

Once people "wake up," so the theory goes, some nice White guy in a good suit will come along and run for President on a sane platform of reform and reconstruction, he'll be elected and have a ticker-tape parade, all the Mexicans will vanish in a puff of smoke, the niggers will go muttering back to their shanties on the other side of the tracks, the bugger boys will slither back into the closet, gas will drop back to 28 cents a gallon, and the world of the 1950s will once more return by magic. Everybody will wear cardigans and buzz cuts and bobbie sox, and sizzle fragrant steaks and burgers on the backyard barbecue every weekend in the suburbs in a kind of endless Pat Boone fantasy world.

No turmoil, no trouble, no fire and death and blood, and above all no real need to get out of the armchair and incur any personal risk or danger or make any effort. The great, poisonous myth of "democracy" is that all ya gotta do is go into the booth and pull that silly lever and all is right with the world, although in the past two elections the vote fraud has gotten a bit blatant. Once people "wake up" then all the problems will just sort of fix themselves.

Now, there is nothing at all wrong with this viewpoint. It's a comforting dream. It's perfectly understandable and human, and it's the way Middle Americans are pretty much going to react absent any genuine, in-depth political education and historical awareness. And it's quite correct, as far as it goes. Amurrica has failed them, and everybody else. Amurrica promises that if White people just get good grades and go to college, get an MBA, go to work for some big company, wear a tie, stay off the grass, think nice squeaky clean thoughts and always vote for whichever of the two parties tickles their fancy, then they will be rewarded with the suburban lifestyle they see on TV.

Amurrica has failed in that promise, failed wretchedly. Amurrica promised us all the Brady Bunch and has given us Escape from New York, eventually to segue into Soylent Green. We all realize this by now. I think every one of these consumer yay-hoos really knows down deep in his inner thoughts somewhere that this gigantic cluster-fuck called the United States is headed for a major meltdown. If not, a quick trip to the local mall or grocery store where you can hear the constant gabble of Spanish will convey the message unequivocally. Large parts of this "country" aren't even part of the United States any more.

So some people react by joining the Movement in some form or another, but in a state of confusion. They do so out of the humanly understandable and sympathetic motive of racial resentment. They want all those black and brown faces to disappear, they want to quit hearing salsa music blaring in every parking lot, and that's about the sum total of their political awareness. The problem is, racial resentment ain't gonna cut it as a solution.

The problem with the United States is systemic. It is institutional. It is inherent, and cannot be eradicated. The United States is a terminal cancer case complicated by Alzheimer's. The entire system has been on the verge of a complete breakdown for years, and can't even stand up to nineteen guys with box cutters crashing planes into a couple of buildings without going into an epileptic seizure and destroying its entire raison d'etre.

I have to admit I giggle at people who accuse me of wanting to set up a "tyranny" with our new Constitution. We live in a society right now where torture is not only legal but enthusiastically advocated by the highest officials in the land; where habeas corpus has been suspended; where it is possible to be arrested in secret, tried by a secret military tribunal, and executed in secret; where the government maintains a series of concentration camps across the world which it fills by kidnapping people in foreign countries; where blind and unquestioning loyalty to the system has become the one and only civic virtue; where the secret police are compiling lists of what books people check out from public libraries; where the chief executive is generally acknowledged to be an alcoholic of sub-normal intelligence whom nobody dares to remove from an office for which he is manifestly unfit; where the media is suborned with journalists paid to plant pro-government propaganda in the guise of legitimate reportage; where soldiers commit murder and torture on camera and remain I need to go on?

And I'm supposed to be the one advocating "tyranny?" But I digress.

Guys, we can't get by any more on yelling "Nigger nigger nigger beaner beaner beaner raghead raghead raghead!" We have to come up with a solid and workable plan to end all this and replace it with something in our racial interests.

I'm old enough to remember the tag end of the world of Ozzie and Harriet and the Brady Bunch, being able to walk home from school and turn on Dark Shadows at four. (Okay, I was a weird kid.) And yeah, it was a nice world in a lot of ways. But it's gone. People say "you can't turn back the clock." Well, yes and no. We're Aryans, and we can do anything we want. We can do so in some sense if we find the courage to do so, but to be frank, we need to turn it back a lot farther than the Eisenhower administration while we're at it.

The United States of America is no longer a country. It is a disease, and we have to find a cure for it.

The only strategy that I can see is that we must go back in spirit if not in body to the old days and the old ways, when there was little law but much justice. We turned to democracy to solve our problems, and it gave us Democrats. We turned to the law, and it gave us lawyers. We turned to consensus and it gave us fifty-nine million morons voting to re-elect Jug-Ears. We turned to the ideal of peace and it gave us a drugged stupor that keeps us flat on our backs while Jews rifle our pockets.

The American Dream was nice, but it didn't work out. The Iron Dream must return, or we will cease to exist. 
Guys--we have to go back. There is no way.

We must return to the sword. We must return to the way our ancestors did it for thousands of years, if we want to survive as a people and a civilization. And we must have a law and state and a society like those our ancestors created--simple, supple, practical, clear as crystal, with none of the damp and fuzzy shades of gray wherein the Jew hides and thrives.
We must create a law and a state that plays to our strengths. We must adapt the ancient ways to some kind of solution that is workable, and that is adapted to the realities, the technology, and the forward motion of the twenty-first century. Not the nineteenth, not the Eisenhower administration, and not a fantasy world that never existed outside a television screen. 

Practically speaking, that means setting up a Constitutional chop shop, taking an engine from here, a fender from there, a rear bumper from somewhere else, etc. and putting together something that works. Something that is in effect a New Order, and by that I mean new, as in twenty-first century.

The American Dream is dead. Only in the Iron Dream is there hope of life for our people.



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