Wednesday, May 22, 2002


They hewed their future from the earth
While westward bound, to fill the need
That God instilled in them at birth
To fill His kingdom with their seed.

Their way of life was sacrifice,
And toil and war and tears and mirth,
And faith and love, and hate like ice;
All honor-bound to prove their worth.

They sang “From sea to shining sea”
With pride, for having made it so,
And handed down their legacy
To lesser men, who let it go.

Shall now such heroes of our Race,
Who once were objects of our pride,
Be lost in legend and disgrace,
Despised and scorned and vilified

By those who see our weakness clear,
And those who listen to their lies,
And cowardly, refuse to hear
The anguish of a Race which dies

While women, children suffer rapes,
Are sold and slaughtered in the street,
Where “men” kneel down before the apes
To die like dogs beneath their feet?

Whither now, beloved kindred?

Where the stand to be defended?

-D. E. Johnson

Thursday, May 16, 2002

by John Steele

[Note: There are some things in this piece that I disagree with, but I am publishing it in toto because, although it may not have been his original intention to do so, Comrade Steele makes herein an almost unanswerable case for our Racially Conscious Community to undergo a thorough re-think of every aspect of our tactics and strategy and perform a complete change of direction. The history of our so-called "Movement", as outlined here, speaks for itself. We are all capable of reading this article and drawing the appropriate conclusions, and we had damned well better do so and act on those conclusions. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. - HAC]

(This article was compiled during the months of April and May 2002)

On August 25, 1967, Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, the courageous leader of the American Nazi Party since its 1958 inception was assassinated in Arlington, Virginia. Both friend and foe alike largely believed that the party would fall overnight and disappear into the obscurity of history. Predictably, the fractionalization began almost immediately.

Although none of the subsequent organizers lived up to Rockwell's legacy in terms of charisma and organizational abilities (in all fairness, this would be nearly impossible for anyone), there were some moments of extreme sacrifice, accomplishment and heroism that cannot be overlooked. Longtime activist and author James Mason is currently compiling a book covering the 1958-1967 years of the Party. It is this author's hope that this brief summary will serve as a kind of epilogue. Just as the post 1967 leaders did not quite fill the shoes of their fallen leader, this article does not profess to be on equal footing with Mr. Mason's work. It is only one American National Socialist's tribute to an era in which he participated, albeit in a very small way.

The perceptive reader will notice that Klan, Identity, Creator, Populist and independent activists are conspicuous by their nearly total absense from this essay. This does not, by any stretch of the imagination, imply that leaders and members of the above named factions were/are any less dedicated and sincere in their activity. Put bluntly, this author does not have the knowledge of those factions and their leaders that would be required to adequately compile an essay on their histories. Perhaps someone actively involved in one or more of these organizations could perform this function.

A very important point to make here and now is that while details of old feuds and splinterings are mentioned for the purpose of acknowledging that they took place, this article is not intended to 'slag' anyone mentioned within. This is only a statement of events AS THEY HAPPENED, to the best of this author's knowledge. Readers can (and surely will) take any 'slant' they see fit.

A final point to be considered by the reader is that while exact (or at least approximate) dates are given whenever possible, this essay does NOT follow a precise time line. The reason for this is because many of the activities and events described herein took place within the same general time frame (often within months or weeks of one another). Also, source documents are rather scarce and memories (both of this author and his scant sources) have unfortunately faded somewhat. Accuracy is the obvious intent, however apologies are extended in advance for any minor discrepencies that may appear herein due to human error (or forgetfulness, if you will...)

This author would like to hereby acknowledge the assistance provided by James Mason in providing some of the dates and other specifics from activities that took place during the 1970's.

After the Commander's assassination, Matt Koehl, who had been Rockwell's research chief, emerged as his successor and Commander of the National Socialist White People's Party.(1.) For a time, the party remained largely unified behind their new Commander. The party continued its tradition of openly openly "Nazi" demonstrations up until the early 1970's.

In 1973, purgings and defections became the order of the day. California Captain Joseph Tommasi was expelled from the party, allegedly for accepting money from the Republican Party to disrupt the Democratic campaign. (See N.S.L.F. entry below) In 1983, the Arlington headquarters was shut down, the name officially changed to The New Order and full time operations moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some prominent visitors to the headquarters included the post WWII National Socialist philosopher Savitri Devi and Adolf Hitler's personal pilot Hans Bauer. As of this time, the group exists largely removed from other N.S. organizations. Over the course of the next few years, the party would split off into several subgroups,and these groups in turn branched off into yet more cells.

Allen Lee Vincent started out fighting shoulder to shoulder with Commander Rockwell in 1964. Almost immediately following Rockwell's death, Vincent split with the old N.S.W.P.P. to form the National Socialist White Worker's Party. Displaying exceptional bravery in the face of adversity, it was not unusual to see Vincent in full brownshirt uniform bringing the message of National Socialism to crowds in the form of one man rallies across the state of California. Those wishing to see this man and his brave stormtroopers in action need only rent the video 'California Reich', a documentary made about the West Coast Nazi movement of the late 1970's. Vincent's activity continued up until the early 1980's when the brave warrior at last went into what amounted to a state of retirement. In 1997, Vincent returned to active duty as chief advisor to the newly reformed National Socialist Movement. This activity included at least one rally-turned-riot in April of 1998 in which the then 66 year old Vincent was said to have put up a front line fight against hundreds of U.S. communists and jews. Sadly, this brave warrior for our people from throat cancer on July 11, 1999.

It should also be mentioned briefly here that a group bearing the name 'N.S.W.W.P.' existed for a time in West Palm Beach, Florida during the early 1990's, however this group was not officially tied to Vincent.

The National Socialist Movement was founded by Cincinatti, Ohio resident Robert Brannen in 1974. Brannen's exact date of membership in the N.S.W.P.P. is unknown, however it is believed he joined the Arlington crew just after the death of Commander Rockwell. His overall movement history extended to pre-World War II activity with Father Coughlin and a stint with a Klan faction soon thereafter. The N.S.M. eventually came to be something of an umbrella group for organizations such as the National Socialist Liberation Front, the National Socialist Party of America and the SS Action Group, although by the late 1970's many Comrades within these groups had broken away from the N.S.M. heirarchy.

The N.S.M. was later resurrected (with the blessings of the aging and ailing Brannen) in the mid-1990's under the capable leadership of Commander Jeff Schoep. At the time this essay was written, the reconstructed N.S.M. had units in the cities of Minneapolis, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, Kansas, New York and Nebraska. They also work closely with the National Socialist Irish Worker's Party as well as N.S. comrades in England.

It should be further stated that the N.S.M. is the only National Socialist group in existence at this time that holds uniformed public demonstrations. Regardless of the drawbacks and risks involved, this type of activity goes a long way toward putting both friend and foe on notice that the struggle did NOT end in 1945.

On February 14, 1977, openly Nazi Fred Cowan (a weight lifter of tremendous proportions who was also a U.S. army veteran) committed what was most likely the first post 1945 National Socialist armed assault with known fatalities against the powers that be in New Rochelle, New York.

Bursting into the furniture moving company that had suspended him the week before, the browshirt and black beret wearing Cowan fired at two of his black coworkers, killing both of them instantly. As another black employee turned to run, he too was cut down by Cowan's high powered rifle. Continuing on into the workplace, Cowan fired through the cafeteria window, killing an indian immigrant. Within approximately 10 minutes from the beginning of the rampage, a White police officer arrived on the scene and yelled for the shooter to surrender. Cowan responded by firing at him (the cop later died). In the ensuing hours, several more police officers were wounded by gunfire as this one man 'Einsatzgruppe' continued to exchange gunfire with the system's troops.

The main target of Cowan's wrath, his jew boss, escaped unharmed and Cowan was found dead by the police later that evening, ostensibly the victim of a self administered gunshot to the head.

While the objects of Cowan's assault were certainly petty and not worthy of the loss of his life, the spirit and raw courage that he showed on that day have seldom been equalled. The N.S.M., while lamenting the waste of this 33 year old man's life, vigorously defended his valor in their bulletins that followed the attack. This author also published a personal tribute to him in the late Summer/Early Fall 1992 issue of On Guard.

Whereas Cowan's assault was what Time magazine described as a one man Blitzkrieg, 32 year old Ohio National Socialist Frank Spisak's campaign stretched throughout the latter part of 1982 and encompassed the shooting deaths of at least two negroes and one liberal (possibly Jewish) college employee. When the action and trial proceedings had ended, Spisak was sentenced to death for the murders on August 10, 1983. At the conclusion of his pre sentencing statement, Spisak proclaimed a loud and and unapologetic 'Heil Hitler' to the courtroom. The fact that he was also a transgendered person put the 'orthodox' Nazi movement in a quandry: To deny his dedication and committment to the cause would be tantamount to treason. To acknowledge the same would be seen as going soft on 'queers.' Sadly (and disgracefully) the overall response was to simply ignore Francis (his actual birthname and the name he prefers) Spisak and allow the system to swallow him up as another number. This author has written to Spisak in the past and is currently (after a brief break in correspondence) back in contact with this brave warrior. [See my own prior comments on Movement homosexuality in this weblog. - HAC]

Joe Paul Franklin, a 1970's era member of the N.S.W.P.P. made a decision in 1977 to move from the strictly 'political' phase into the armed revolution phase. His main method of attack was sniper gunfire (although he was also convicted of bombing at least one synagogue in Chattanooga, Tennessee), and his targets included primarily racially mixed couples. No one knows exactly how many people were cut down during Franklin's one man armed struggle which lasted in sporadic bursts from 1977-1980. In a September 1997 Gallery magazine interview, Franklin admits that he himself does not know the exact number of people that he has killed, although the general belief is that the numbers range from 13-20.

Joseph is currently sitting in a Missouri prison fighting the death sentence imposed on him for the murder of a jew outside a Richmond Heights, Missouri synagouge. It should be pointed out that while he has never renounced his general racialist views, Franklin no longer considers himself to be a National Socialist and has renounced Hitler as a "tool of the Learned Elders of Zion."

Rivaled only by the N.S.W.W.P., the Chicago based National Socialist Party of America was one of the most active groups from June 23, 1970 until around 1982 in terms of street rallies. Initially led by Frank Collin, this small but determined band of Stormtroopers participated in literally hundreds of demonstrations and mini-demonstrations during that era. Marquette Park (then an all White suburb of Chicago) was a favored area in this respect. Building on the support that Commander Rockwell found there during his 1966 visit, Collin and the N.S.P.A. amassed a sizeable support base in and around this region.

Their headquarters (a storefront named Rockwell Hall that routinely displayed flags and insignia) was firebombed at least twice during these years, although overall support from the was community at large was quite strong.

By far the most famous claim to fame in the history of the N.S.P.A. was their 'Operation Skokie.' After years of court appeals, the U.S. Supreme Court eventually held that the Party could march through the predomenently jewish suburb of Skokie in full Nazi uniform and with flags and pickets signs depicting anti-jew/pro-White messages. Although the N.S.P.A. never actually marched as planned, the court decision (which effectively struck down all prohibitions against National Socialist symbols and slogans) was a priceless victory for all American Nazis.

Toward the end of the 1970's, dissention rocked the N.S.P.A. when videotapes showing Collin engaging in sexual activity with minor boys ages 10-14 were provided (by his own men) to Chicago police. Collin served seven years on statutory rape-related charges, reportedly renouncing his NS past some years later.

On November 3, 1979, the Communist Worker's Party (as well as fellow travellers) hosted a 'death to the Klan' rally in Greensboro, North Carolina. Imagine their surprise when both Nazi and Klan street fighters showed up ready to do battle! Responding to a barrage from the enemy of bottles and bricks followed by gunfire, several White nationalists withdrew loaded guns from their own car trunks and returned fire. When the shooting had stopped, five members of the C. W. P. lay dead and fourteen loyal White men (eleven Klansmen and three N.S.P.A. members) were held on charges including murder. Although our comrades did expend considerable money defending their cases in court (the enemy's surviving relatives did eventually win a civil suit against the city of Greensboro for 'negligence'), no N.S. or Klan comrades served actual prison sentences.

As an interesting side note, John Hinckley (the man who attempted to assassinate then President Ronald Reagan in 1981) was at one time a card carrying member of the N.S.P.A. Prior to the attempt on Reagan's life, he had been expelled as an unstable person.

Harold Covington emerged as the new leader of the Party, however the group effectively ceased to exist by 1982. Covington later went on to found (with varying degrees of success) organizations such as the Confederate National Congress, Dixie Press and even a revamped version of the N.S.W.P.P. (entirely separate from any Koehl influences). These organizations were at various times centered in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Seattle. At this time, Covington's main priority lies in helping to secure a homeland for our Folk in the Northwestern states of Idaho, Washington and Oregon (an idea originally put forth by the late Robert Miles of Michigan and Pastor Richard G. Butler of the Idaho based Aryan Nations/Church of Jesus Christ, Christian.) Although his opinions regarding other National Socialists and racialists in general are at times overly harsh, Covington has, as an individual, always impressed this author as an honest chap.

By the early 1980's, Gerhard Lauck (publisher of the N.S.P.A.'s New Order newspaper, not to be confused with the later day Koehl organization of the same name) broke away from the dying N.S.P.A. and went on to form the NationalSozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterPartei- Auslands Organisation (National Socialist German Workers Party- Overseas Organization). As proprietor of the world's largest single selection of National Socialist related books, flags and recordings, Lauck has, over the past decade, published newspapers in no fewer than 12 languages and established a website that offers multilingual downloads of Nazi material. Amazingly, even Lauck's four year stint in a German prison (Lauck was abducted by Danish authorities while in Europe and turned over to German police for the 'crime' of sending National Socialist materials into Deutschland) did not slow his organization down one bit. Comrade Michael Storm handled the day to day operations in Lauck's place. Support for the N.S.D.A.P.-A.O. is now at a record highpoint.

"On March 2nd, 1974, forty three National Socialist Revolutionaries met in a hall in El Monte, California. At the meeting, the National Socialists declared their lack of faith in the losing strategy of the mass movement idea. The National Socialists abandoned the mass strategy and adopted the revolutionary concept of the guerilla underground." So began the manefesto of the National Socialist Liberation Front, without a doubt the most militant of all post Rockwell National Socialist organizations. To this day, many (if not most) of the underground 'strikes' committed by this small but brave band of Comrades remain unknown or are only vaguely suspected. Strong evidence does suggest that activists involved in the N.S.L.F. were responsible for tear gassing a memorial rally for Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg (Jewish spies executed for selling U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviet Union) as well as the torching of at least one communist bookstore. Sadly, the courageous life of Joseph Tomassi came to an end on August 15, 1975 at just 24 years of age. Fingers were pointed on both sides, but the story essentially is that Tomassi and another comrade were driving past the then N.S.W.P.P. building when one of the on duty guards flipped a middle finger at him. Tomassi then stopped the car and confronted the on duty trooper. After a brief scuffle, another guard on duty drew a gun and fired one shot into Tomassi's head, killing him then and there on the porch of the N.S.W.P.P.'s headquarters. (It is unclear whether or not Tomassi was himself armed at the time.) Lieutenant David Rust took over as party Captain. Karl Hand later assumed leadership of the party, however Hand's mid-1980's prison sentence on firearms related charges effectively ended this organization. Karl Hand continues to work as an independent activist within the White nationalist movement.

“The Voice of thinking Americans.” This was the letterhead for the longtime Reedy, West Virginia based racialist publication The Liberty Bell. Although no Swastikas could be found on its pages, this high quality, digest sized magazine frequently contained articles supportive of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich and/or then-N.S. political prisoner Rudolf Hess.

While never one for public rallies and/or meetings, publisher and L.B. creator George P. Dietz has a long and honorable history in the National Socialist struggle both in the U.S. and overseas. Born in Germany, Dietz was a member of the Hitler Youth toward the end of WWII.

Contributing writers to the L.B. included the late, great racialist writer (and former Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois) Revilo P. Oliver, Major Joseph Stano and Dr. Charles E. Weber. Dietz once remarked that he and his associates "lived and breathed National Socialism." Articles such as "Did Six Million Really Die- A Review ", "Poland and the Lies of the Allies " and "Hitler Speaks To America " certainly confirm this statement and entitle Mr. Dietz to a place of honor within the American National Socialist cause.

This author tried contacting George Dietz on April 28 of this year for further information regarding his movement history, but the only answer he received was as follows: "I'm not answering any questions. Liberty Bell was discontinued in 1999. I'm going out of business." Best wishes were then extended to Mr. Dietz who said, "Thank you, good bye" and hung up.

Formed initially as a security detachment for the Nazi bookstores run by Bill Russell (coordinator for the Detroit branch of the N.S.M. during the late 1970's), the Security Services Action Group was founded as an independent group in Detroit in 1979 by John Moriarity (a.k.a. John Reich) and Ted Dunn (a.k.a. Mark Heydrich) after a bitter split in which all local members took the side of Reich following his expulsion by Brannen. A Chicago chapter was soon formed and in years to come the SS Action Group would boast of chapters in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania as well.

From 1980-1993, the S.S.A.G. hosted an array of street demonstrations that rocked the streets of Detroit and its surrounding suburbs. Highlights included several rallies in Ann Arbor, Michigan in which various communist groups such as the Progressive Labor Party, International Committee Against Racism and the Spartacist League attacked the Action Group in large numbers, often resulting in extensive damage both to city property and their own members at the hands of the Detroit Nazis and riot police alike (3) ,an Oak Park, Michigan rally in which the pro-israeli celebration was crashed by the Action Group and a Lansing, Michigan rally held in conjunction with the Chicago American Nazi Party.

During the early 1980's, SS Comrade Danny Zettle passed away after a brief bout with cancer.

The official uniform of the SS Action Group was black and decidedly SchutzStaffel oriented. When the situation called for it, black motorcycle helmets and hand held shields (fashioned from surplus stop signs) were added to the uniform.

The SS Of America was a Rockwood, Michigan based group that worked closely with the Action Group for a brief time during the late 1980's, although one of the prominent members was also an official supporter of the N.S.W.P.P. Wes (the group's co-founder) later passed away at a young age from an unknown illness and the group disbanded.

Chicago SS Action Group co-founder Will Leinberger was sent to prison on charges relating to his alleged involvement in several incidents of anti-Jewish retribution and recreation on November 9, 1987. Will was released in the early 1990's but soon thereafter dropped from sight.

John Reich has apparently retired from political life as none of his past comrades have heard from him in well over five years.

Ted Dunn was sent to prison in April of 1988 on (non-narcotic) drug charges and was released from prison in 1990. During the summer of 1988, three rallies were held (respectively in Dearborn, Livonia and Redford, Michigan), with some mildly positive publicity being generated in the local press. While the violent rallies of the 1980's are largely a feature of the past, Dunn continues his activism (via writing and speaking at various movement functions) to this day. At the time of Dunn's arrest, this author and another young man known by the pseudonym Greg Strasser began a newsletter called 'On Guard!' which was set up to take the place of the Action Group's former publication, the Michigan Briefing while Dunn was incarcerated. This newsletter continued publication until 1995 when lack of interest forced its closure.

As with other activists mentioned here, this author wishes to express that Comrade Ted Dunn was and remains an activist/leader who has always conducted himself with loyalty and honor. Other loyal S.S.A.G. members over the years included Kenny Morgan (Member since 1979 and participant in some of the most harrowing street rallies in the history of the Action Group), Don Hunter (Member and street fighter from the days of the N.S.M. bookstores in Detroit) and Angel Summers (This member ran a tape and t-shirt business known as Angel's Action Gear as a side project for the group).

In the mid-1990's Lou (better known as 'Bones'), coordinator of the New York chapter of the S.S.A.G. passed away as the result of a heroin overdose. As is so often the case in situations such as this, the demise of the leader led to a disintegration of the group itself. This author only knew 'Bones' through occasional mail contact and as such cannot hazzard a guess as to why he was involved with such a dangerous narcotic. It can only be said that 'Bones' was known as a dedicated National Socialist among his comrades and should be remembered as such rather than as a 'junkie.'

Veteran SS Comrade Karl Wolf passed away from unknown causes around 2000. Karl had been out of touch with his former S.S.A.G. members and supporters for many years previous to his death and word of his demise only trickled in some months later.

An Identity Christian reverend with strong National Socialist feelings,Pastor Richard Girnt Butler is among the most durable and well respected people in the White nationalist movement. His awakening to the problems facing our Folk came during WWII when Butler (then a U.S. serviceman) was stationed in India. A dark skinned indian asked the young Butler why he was fighting his own people. Butler was perplexed and in want of an explanation, so the Indian stated the obvious: both the Germans and (most) Americans were of the same bloodlines. Although he did not then and there change his point of view, the plain truth in the Indian's statement troubled Butler in a way he was unable to deny or ignore.

In 1960, Butler joined Dr.Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ, Christian in California. He would remain a close associate of Dr. Swift's until the latter died in 1971. In the 1970's, Pastor Butler moved to Hayden Lake, Idaho and founded the Aryan Nations/Church Of Jesus Christ, Christian. Gatherings (including Hitler birthday celebrations complete with WWII era Swastika flags adorning the guard tower) took place on the grounds of his camp and speakers from a wide variety of pro-White organizations made appearances there. The author of this article attended (and spoke on behalf of the S.S.A.G.) both at the 1987 and 1988 Aryan World Congress held there. In addition, the writer of this article has communicated via phone, emails and several face to face meetings with the Pastor and is convinced that he is one of the finest gentlemen within the pro-White movement (or anywhere else, for that matter.)

During the latter part of 1987, Butler was charged (along with the late Robert E. Miles, Klansman Louis Beam and several members of the Bruder Schweigen/Order group) with sedition (i.e., conspiracy against the United States government). A hotline was set up to provide weekly updates for all concerned and money was collected for the defendents across the entire spectrum of the movement. Complicating matters further was the triple bypass operation the Pastor was compelled to undergo in the midst of the trial. To both the system's and movement's surprise, all thirteen defendents were found not guilty on all charges.

After his release from the federal monster, Pastor Butler resumed regular meetings at his headquarters, seemingly strengthened rather than weakened by the ordeal.

The hateful anti-White powers that be never forgave Pastor Butler for winning in their own courts, and in 1998, they got their chance for retribution. Depending on who you believe, a young half indian woman driving by the headquarters with her son and, according to her, the car backfired. According to the guards at the gate (who had admitted to drinking alcohol) a gun was fired. The guards took off in pursuit, eventually forcing the woman's car off the road and interrogating her roadside. Although Pastor Butler had specifically warned all headquarters guards AGAINST initiating a physical confrontation, the resulting civil trial (brought on by perrenial leftist trouble maker Morris Dees) found him guilty of neglegence merely for being the owner of the property. As a result of the $6.3 million judgement, Butler was forced to relinquish his property in 2001. In typically Jewish fashion, the Church, bunkhouse and offices were all burned to the ground as part of a firefighter's exercise (who is the 'hatemonger' now ?)

Compounding his troubles, within less than a year's time, a faction loyal to A.N. associate Ray Redfeairn seceded from the organization at large, claiming that Butler had made too many 'poor' decisions to be the leader. At the time of this writing, the debate rages on within the movement as to which side is the 'rightful' heir to the title. Both sides maintain separate officers, websites and mailing addresses.

Your humble writer has no axe to grind with Redfeairn and his followers, however as Pastor Butler has been a decades long supporter of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, and whereas this author has been a National Socialist since 1984, his support lies fully in Pastor Butler's camp.

At 84 years of age, the courageous pastor spoke at an April 20, 2002 York, Pennsylvania public rally in honor of Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Disillusioned with the path taken by the mid-1970's era N.S.W.P.P. in general and Koehl's leadership in particular, former party member Rick Cooper went on to form the National Socialist Vanguard. Through the use of a bulletin by the same name, Cooper reports on matters that concern both the public in general and inner movement circles in particular. Never one to 'pull punches', Cooper has both praised unpopular figures within the White nationalist movement and criticized those whom others would not dare to rebuke if and when he felt it appropriate.

One may disagree with Cooper's opinions at times, however there is little doubt that he is a man of character who serves his Folk as his conscience dictates.

In his 1987 book 'March Up Country', Harold Covington tells of an unnamed N.S.P.A. comrade who left the organization, renounced his Nazi past and actually lived with a black lover for a short while. One day, as if struck by some sort of divine ephipany, this former comrade put on an armband from his old days, picked up his semi-automatic rifle and walked down to a black church picnic. The system's goon squad eventually shot him to death, but not before he had eliminated several churchgoers in the fracas. According to Covington, this (redeemed) comrade's gun was still firing when he went down.

Obviously, the man committed a grave sin against his race for taking in a live in lover of a different race, however Covington states (and this author agrees) that, having sinned and seen the error of his way, his comrade repented in the only way he knew how. As always, it is not so much the result that counts when judging a person's character (a few dead non-Whites does NOT equal the life of one comrade), but the heart felt intention of the individual in question.

In a very similar event, 17 year old high school student Kenneth Wilson of Charlotte, North Carolina (whom police described as a 'Nazi sympathizer') fired several shots into a crowd of blacks before turning the gun on himself. One negro was killed in the fracas. This young man was not known to be a member of any particular group, however the fact that he wore a Swastika armband and made the ultimate sacrifice (however misguided and wasteful) for his Race qualifies him as a National Socialist in this author's opinion.

Former U.S. Army Sergeant James Burford served as financial manager of the NSWPP for an undetermined time before founding both the American Nazi Party of Chicago and the Old Sarge PX (the latter being a military surplus store). Plans were made during the middle-late 1980's to build a headquarters ('Fort Rockwell'), however these ideas were never brought to full fruitation.

The party participated in street demonstrations throughout its existance, sometimes collaberating with the S.S.A.G. of both Chicago and Detroit and Arthur Jones of the America First Committee. Jones later merged with the A.N.P., actiing as a second in command to Burford during the late 1980's. A bitter early 1990's dispute over financial matters ended Jones' membership in the A.N.P. Details of this event were largely left unspoken and no guilt is implied toward either party. Jones, a former Chicago mayoral candidate and veteran of many street action rallies, went on to co-found a short lived pro-White book selling company (the name of which this author cannot recall at this time) and at one time considered manufacturing and selling busts of famous racialist figures in history. The last word on Burford is that ill health forced him into retirement. Unfortunately, there seems to be no trace (politically speaking) of Art Jones at this time.

Yet another casualty in the early '70's N.S.W.P.P.'s purgings and defections, California resident Russel Veh decided in 1974 to do something that no National Socialist activist has ever attempted before or sense: Form an openly gay Nazi Party. Needless to say, reactions from 'mainstream' National Socialists ranged from shock to dismay to revulsion, and despite some off the record contacts with other parties, Russel Veh's National Socialist League remained largely a pariah among like minded (in the racial sense) groups. That being so, it must said that it is due in large part to Veh's connections and efforts that films such as 'Triumph Of the Will' can now be purchased complete with English subtitles. Moreover, it was reported to this author by another California comrade who had witnessed an N.S.L. street demonstration first hand that these brownshirts were among the most professional and well organized movement activists he had ever seen. The N.S.L. basically fizzled out by the mid 1980's, and Veh rebounded by forming a racialist video/book selling enterprise named World Service. On August 8, 1995, Veh passed away after a bout with pneumonia.

After resigning from the N.S.W.P.P. in 1976, James Mason joined the N.S.L.F. and soon thereafter became party secretary for both the N.S.L.F. and its partner, the N.S.M. In conjunction with his party duties, this Comrade also published 'Seige', an N.S. newspaper designed to appeal to young, action minded individuals. Around this same time period, Mason began contacting (and corresponding with) Charles Manson, Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme and Sandra Goode, much to the consternation of some of his more 'conservative'/play-it-safe comrades. After taking Manson's advice concerning the futility of the 'left vs. right' political struggle, Mason largely resigned from orthodox 'political' activity and formed the Universal Order, a kind of Hitler/Manson based think tank. Unlike all other Nazi parties, the insignia for this group (designed by Charles Manson himself) consisted of a counter clockwise-facing Swastika imposed upon the scales of justice. In subsequent years, Comrade James Mason wrote several books that compare biblical theory to the tenets put forth in 'Mein Kampf.'

Perry 'Red' Wharthon, another National Socialist friend and comrade of Manson, was convicted of shooting a 17 year old alleged police informant to death. Predictably, the police released statements immediately after the arrest suggesting that Wharthon and his followers had drawn up plans to dynamite at least one sheriff's office, a dam and some other alleged 'targets.' Whether there was any proof to these allegations or not, there is little doubt that Perry fought the good fight for Race and Nation to the best of his ability. Wharthon later became an Identity minister while in prison and continues to speak out to this day.

In harmony with the N.S.M., the United White People's Party (led by Casey Kalemba) brought the message of National Socialism and White unity to Ohio residents via their combination public recruiting headquarters/bookstores from 1970 until at least the early 1980's. The front of at least one of these buildings was painted with a series of signs that read, 'The symbol of My Country, My Religion, My Race' with the respective symbols of the American flag, the cross and the Swastika. The Party also distributed literature for other organizations and participated in meetings and rallies with the N.S.M., the N.S.P.A. and the Detroit based SS Action Group.

This author has only met Kalemba one time (at the farm of the late Reverend Robert E. Miles in 1991, and no word has been heard from him since.

Originally a member of the Cincinnati branch of the N.S.W.P.P, Clifford Herrington moved to Oklahoma around 1975 to set up an N.S.M. affiliate organization called Local Group Rockwell. His involvement with the N.S.M. continued until at least 1994, although this comrade appears to have taken on a more low key persona in recent years.

In one of the more bizarre incidents involving an American National Socialist, Raymond Leo Schultz used cyanide gas to poison a Jew (the exact way this operation was carried out was never made public), then used the same method to kill himself. According to police records released after his death, comrade Schultz had been active with Commander Rockwell since at least 1962.

The ratio (1 comrade for 1 enemy figure) made this one of the poorer one man 'Einsatzgruppe' missions, although we must again remind ourselves that anyone who is willing to die for his people has more character (however misguided his or her actions may be) than 99% of all living people.

With the exception of the N.S.D.A.P.-A.O., the National Socialist White American Party in Pacific Palisades, California most likely holds the record among National Socialist groups (or any other White nationalist groups, for that matter) for the most literature ever distributed from one single address.

A simple request for literature would bring a manilla envelope full of dozens of 3" x 1.5" (approximately speaking) stickers emblazened with messages such as, "Rudolf Hess: Hero of the White Race!", and "Stop Black Crime!"

It was generally believed that the sole member of the N.S.W.A.P. was a fellow by the name of 'Jim' . This comrade either dropped out of the movement entirely or switched tactics as no mailings have been reported since the early 1990's. The stickers served their purpose, however, as thousands of our Folk were introduced to National Socialism via their small but impossible to ignore presence.

The late Johnny Sharbnow (founder of the National Anglo-Saxon Party and self proclaimed 'National Socialist') represents one of those movement figures probably best left forgotten, however, as this article is being written from a point of truthfulness, a brief mention is in order (if, for no other reason, as a prime example of the kind of person to avoid).

A resident of Taylor, Michigan, Sharbnow's "movement activities" included calling this author (and others in the area) and using transparently obvious, stereotypical 'accents' (Southern and East Coast style) while claiming to be different people, threatening bogus lawsuits against other comrades and speaking obsessively about bombs.

Toward the mid-1990's, Sharbnow moved to Idaho to join Pastor Butler's church, only to wind up being shot to death by 2 fellow Aryan Nations guests in December of 1993. The reason given was that he "wouldn't shut up", and while this cannot be used as a justification for murdering someone, this author certainly empathizes with anyone forced to deal with this chronic misfit.

Sharbnow's ex-wife attempted to continue the N.A.S.P. for a certain while after splitting from Johnny, although no other members were known to exist and there is no trace of the party at this time. No ill will is extended toward the former Mrs. Sharbnow by this author or anyone else in the area.

The New-National Socialist was a reasonably thick xeroxed black and white publication out of Melrose, Florida. This author no longer has any copies in his collection, however all issues were mailed in exchange for copies of 'On Guard!' during the late 1980's-early 1990's. German born publisher Hank printed articles of both contemporary and historical N.S. significance, and his views on Christianity were largely based on those of the late Church of the Creator founder, Ben Klassen. Sometime in the early 1990's, Hank called the author of this essay to inform him that his (Hank's) wife Gloria had become a race mixing prostitute and that he had the photos to prove it. He had also promised to send copies of the photos as 'proof' of her racial treason. Because 1. Hank never again contacted this author or anyone known to him, 2. The photos never arrived, and 3. Gloria denied the charges (before herself dropping from the political scene), we can assume that the accusations against her were false.

Around the time of the Randy Weaver/Ruby Ridge incident (Fall, 1992), a group in Oregon arose by the name of the National Socialist Front. Their political 'life' was extremely short lived, however this group did manage to put out a superbly detailed account of the Weaver family tragedy in the form of a one time mini-magazine.

On May 27, 1987, San Francisco area beautician Frank Ringi was gunned down in his salon by an assailant who later escaped. Ringi's partner had also been shot but survived. How does this relate to American National Socialism ? Read on...

After obtaining a list of White nationalist group addresses from around the world (sent to him by the late, great Ukrainian born White hero Joseph Dilys), 32 year old artist and historian Jonathan Haynes mailed out a professionally printed booklet titled 'Hakenkreuz: A Kaleidoscopic Vision of the Third Reich' This booklet contained clipped collage art that combined Hitlerian/Nazi imagery with nudes and religious symbolism. This was in 1991 and, after exchanging a couple of pro-White 'chit-chat' letters with this author, the San Francisco based Haynes seemed to disappear from the political radar screen.

Fast forward to August 7, 1993: Dr. Martin Sullivan, a well known Chicago area plastic surgeon, was gunned down in his office by an unknown shootist who had posed as a patient. As with the Ringi shooting, this incident seemed completely illogical and random. The car driven by Sullivan's assassin was said to be a Volkwagen (no, that's not the connection to N.S., comrades...) and, after stopping a dozen or so VW drivers in the area, the police detained the 34 year old driver of a vintage Volkswagen. The driver was Jonathan Haynes.

Under questioning, Haynes admitted to both the Ringi and Sullivan slayings, offering these words as an explanation: "I condemn fake Aryan cosmetics. I condemn bleached blond hair, tinted blue eyes and fake facial features brought by plastic surgeons."

Haynes was sentenced to death for the murder of Dr. Sullivan in May of 1994. At the time of this writing, this comrade is still among the living.

NS Kindred was the name of a small but dedicated band of National Socialists who lived in Northern California. Their spiritual leader, Josef (a.k.a. 'Jost') Turner published over twenty tracts all aimed at showcasing the Folkish side (as opposed to the confrontational/agitational aspects) of National Socialism. Declaring Christianity an "alien spiritual disease", Jost favored a decidedly Pagan view of religion. Although Swastikas and images of the Leader were used at times, the group strongly condemned public rallies and racial epithets as being counterproductive. Jost passed away on October 8, 1996 after suffering a massive heart attack on the grounds of the NSK camp. The group has dropped from site since then, either going completely underground or folding up. This author still has most of the NSK tracts, using them as reference tools to this day.

National Socialist Skinheads was the name of a short lived and largely forgotten group of comrades in Minnesota, Florida and Texas. Appearing around the early 1990s, this group sent out perhaps two mailings to this author (including embossed business cards bearing the group's name, address and a Death's Head skull) before disappearing into obscurity.

Donald Leroy Evans was thought to be a 'mere' murderer until he began confessing to multiple racially motivated slayings in front of a stunned police investigation team in in 1991. Evans recounted (with no trace of remorse) his slayings of a 10 year old asian female, a black hooker in Florida and up to 60 other 'minorities' across the country including residents of 21 different states. It is now believed that many of these reports were exaggerations designed to lead the system on a series of wild goose chases (a ploy which, incidentally, succeeded to an appreciable degree). Be that as it may, Evans was convicted of two slayings and sentenced (paradoxically) to both life in prison and death. Confined at various times to the Broward County, Florida jail and the super maximum prison in Florence, Colorado (once home to Timothy McVeigh , this prison is a place reserved for extremely dangerous inmates), Donald Evans used National Socialist 'theatre' behind bars in much the same way that Commander Rockwell (and others thereafter) used it on the street. His antics included wearing self made Swastika-adorned t-shirts in the prison, filing several petitions with the court (ultimately unsuccessful) to allow him to wear a Klan uniform and legally change his name to 'Hi Hitler' and assaulting a police lieutenant during a feud over coffee (the system cop's nose was broken in the scuffle and Evans was charged with attempted murder).

Your author and Don were pen pals from 1994 until the time of his death in 1999 at the hands of a black inmate. The alleged circumstances were that Evans was stabbed in the heart upon returning from the shower and died instantly.

A Florida Aryan Nations member by the name of Dave Shay assisted Evans with setting up a 'Hitler Hotline' and maintained it until he himself was killed (before Evans' death) in an automobile accident.

The organization that Evans attempted to set up from behind prison walls (The National Alert) never got off the ground as virtually no one on the outside would support it; in fact, when this author ran an appeal in 'On Guard!', virtually begging readers to contact Donald Evans, only two readers (out of perhaps one hundred) did so: An elderly man (who was legally blind) and Stephanie, a teenage girl in New Jersey (who was killed in an automobile accident on October 25, 1995). Shame on the other 98 (or thereabouts) COWARDS who did not contact this warrior for our Folk!

Don Evans/Hi Hitler will always be remembered by this author as a strong willed White warrior as well as a good pen pal/friend.

Longtime Michigan activist Rocky Suhayda hosts a website and phone line billed as the American Nazi Party at the time of this writing. Suhayda's current activism was preceeded by work with the European American Educational Association. Prior to this, he co-directed (with Reverend Ken Olsen) the Michigan chapter of the Church Of the Creator (which in turn was a part of the Michigan White Unity Coalition) and worked with Tom Metzger's W.A.R. and William Pierce's National Alliance. In the early 1980's, Suhayda worked with the Detroit headquarters of the SS Action Group. A dispute regarding missing Action Group property brought this collaberation to a bitter end.

(1.) Commander Rockwell had changed the name of the American Nazi Party to the National Socialist White People's Party just prior to his death in 1967.

(2) In December of 2000, a Ku Klux Klan group held a largely successful march through the suburb of Skokie (with police reportedly arresting 10 counter-demonstrators), although the publicity granted to our robed brothers and sisters was far less than that given to the National Socialist Party of America 23 years earlier.

(3) As a personal participant in the 1988 rally in that city, this author can verify the violence and chaos underwhich the S.S.A.G. was often forced to function. At least $30,000 worth of windows in the front of the federal building were shattered out as the commies hurled rocks, bottles and chunks of asphault, often missing us entirely. Injuries to Nazi comrades were relatively minor, and one P.L.P. associate was bloodied by an S.S.A.G. member and arrested by the cops after attempting to charge our line.

Sunday, May 12, 2002


"Times have changed since the days of Hitler/Rockwell ." How often have we heard that refrain ? Most of the time, this refers to the practice of holding mass meetings and/or the wearing of Nazi-style uniforms. There is, however a more profound and fundemental change that has taken place since the 1960's, namely, (to quote the late, great Joseph Tomassi, Captain of the National Socialist Liberation Front): "The White man has lost! We are an occupied people in our own land who must now develop a totally different outlook on revolution."

Jew Alan Greenspan runs the federal reserve that controls YOUR economy and cash supply. Affirmative action is official government policy. This country has (in the words of part jew former U.N. secretery Madaline Albright) a "moral obligation to israel." Many portions of major cities are 'no goes' for Whites. The men and women in government who pass for 'our' representatives openly champion the 'browning' of America via unrestricted immigration and out of control non-White births. Anti-German propaganda (disguised as 'holocaust education') is now mandatory in many school districts. Corporate honchos gleefully 'downsize' native born workers only to move production to Mexico, Honduras or some other foreign nation (all the while pocketing large bonuses for themselves, of course...). Does this sound like our country ??

To again quote a deceased movement elder statesman: "We have determined that the political state has left us. It boasts that it will leave us even further behind." (Pastor Robert E. Miles, lifetime advocate of racial separation.)

Let us review two brief statements from a book published during a time when America was still predominately a White nation and a small number of patriots were attempting to warn the masses of enemy subterfuge:

"We have a well organized political action group in this country determined to destroy our Constitution, and establish a one party state. This political action group has its own local political support organizations, its own pressure groups, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government and its own propaganda apparatus." (Page 209 of 'None Dare Call It Treason', originally stated by Senator William Jenner of Indiana)

"The aim of our party...among the Negro masses is to create a powerful proletarian movement which will fight and lead the struggle of the Negro race against exploitation and oppression in every form and which will be a militant part of the revolutionary movement of the whole American working class...and connect them with the struggles of national minorities and colonial peoples of all the world and thereby further the cause of world revolution." (Page 25, 'Death of A Nation', as quoting a 1925 Communist party directive.)

Now, let's modify the above quotes to fit the present time and our own purposes. Imagine our enemies (who exercise a high degree of influence in the government, media and financial institutions and have essentially become the establishment they once conspired against) making these statements about our side:

"There is a well organzied political action group in this country determined to destroy our internationalist/integrationist/zionist system, and establish a one party state. This political action group has its own local political support organizations, its own pressure groups, its own vested interests, its foothold within our government and its own propaganda apparatus."

"The aim of our party...among the White masses is to create a powerful racialist movement which will fight and lead the struggle of the White race against exploitation and oppression in every form and which will be a militant part of the revolutionary movement of the whole American White race...and connect them with the struggles of other Whites of all the world and thereby further the cause of a pro-White revolution."

Other quotes could be cited, but this author feels these two should suffice to perk the reader's interest. Once again, comrades: The differences between Hitler's/Rockwell's times go deeper than tactical considerations. Those who advocate pro-White theories and positions in today's world are the subversives of the 21st century. It would be missing the point to argue that we do not have the under the table funding and/or tacit approval of the powers that be that the Reds had in the 1950'. This is a valid point, however there is nothing that can be done to remedy it. In any case, even the enemy had to start somewhere long, long ago.

The point of this letter is to make it crystal clear to all that there is no more country (much less 'our country') worth saving, only our Folk. As such, it would behoove us to study the examples of the 5th columnists who came before us. They may have been/are our mortal foes, but by using the tactics they employed, we can effectively overthrow THEIR regime and subvert THEIR power.

-John Steele

Friday, May 10, 2002


May 10th, 2002


Today we celebrate the life and death of the National Socialist martyr Rudolf Hess, Deputy Chancellor of the Third Reich.

It was Rudolf Hess who attempted to end the bona fide holocaust of the Second World War through a daring solo peace mission, flying to Britain in a vain attempt to speak with the Jew tool Winston Churchill and make him see reason. My view of this matter has always been that Hess's flight was Mission Impossible. I think the Fuhrer knew of his actions and approved, albeit no doubt with misgivings, but was subsequently required by the exigencies of Realpolitik to deny Hess when his mission failed.

Hess remained in prison for the rest of his life. For many years he was the sole occupant of the fortress of Spandau, guarded by a small army of Allied soldiers. He never renounced his Fuhrer and never recanted his National Socialist faith. In the end he was murdered by the Allies because even as an octogenarian, he was dangerous to them due to the example of sterling and steadfast courage and loyalty he displayed in his entire life.

Rudolf Hess...und Ihr habt doch Gesiegt.

Harold A. Covington

Thursday, May 09, 2002


Dear Harold,

Read your piece on homos in the movement. I can't agree more.

Believe it or not two trusted comrades wrote me recently and told me to lay off Fortuyn's homosexuality! My offending words were: "We here at ATP were no friends of Mr. Fortuyn, as he was a notorious homosexual" and a reference to him as a "sinner."

Some allegedly "nationalist" asshole from California had the nerve to call me a "rabid Catholic!" I think there are more Benny Bumfucks in the movement than meet the eye!

Ken Schmidt

Monday, May 06, 2002


During the past three hours I have received no less than three e-mails advocating, in various weasel words, that we in the Racially Conscious Community should turn a blind eye to loathsome perversion if an individual pervert may be deemed to have "accomplished something for our cause."

Like HELL we should!!!

I am astounded and appalled beyond measure.

Homosexuality is an unrelieved and cataclysmic cosmic evil. It prevents the continuation of the species. It blasphemes, it spits in the eye of divine creation, however we may envision that creation. It is one of the ultimate foulnesses with which no decent human being can compromise, under any circumstances.

Why is it even necessary for me to say this? Why? I am thunderstruck, although after the way we tolerated Benny Klassen's Skinhead-raping ways, I confess that the fact that I can still be thunderstruck is equally surprising. Jesus, I guess I must be one of God's innocents after all.

If we are going to tolerate homosexuality, then in the name of all that is holy, where DO we draw the line? Or is there a line to be drawn any more? If we adopt the position that it is acceptable for someone to commit the filthy act of sodomy with another man, why would it not be acceptable with a goat? Or a child? Or a non-White? So long as that individual says he's against Third World immigration? In other words, there is no such thing as sexual morality---"he may be a pervert, but he's OUR pervert."


The greatest enemies of our racial survival are all the 101 accursed shades of gray that the Jew has succeeded in imposing on our thinking. I am reminded of the scene in a Harrison Ford movie where the bad guy sneers at Ford, "You always did think in terms of black and white, Jack."

"No!" snaps the hero. "Right and wrong!"

At some point, we have to rip the poisonous shades of gray from our minds, let the scales fall from our eyes, and draw a moral bottom line of RIGHT AND WRONG. We must say "This far, and no farther." Or else we forfeit the right to survive as a race.

Acceptance of homosexuality, under any circumstances, means that we have given up any pretense at being ethical beings. And if we are going to be rutting animals wallowing in the crapulence of our own moral relativism, then why bother to do any of this at all? Why not just leap headlong into the ooze and frolic in the mounds of rotten meat and raw sewage that is our current cultural norm?

Let me be very clear on something. I don't want anyone with me who is in any way ambiguous on the subject of buggery. If this means I lose some of the few donations I get, then I lose donations. I'll work a part-time shift at McDonald's in addition to my regular job to mail the newsletter and print my books if I have to. But whatever Harold Covington is involved in, it's a Moral Relativism Free Zone. The rules apply. This is an issue over which I am willing to lose every supporter I have, if so it must be.

The West Point Code of Honor states: "I will not cheat, I will not lie, and I will not tolerate those who do. I not only expect my associates in the racial right to refrain from practicing homosexuality, I expect them to refrain from tolerating it, apologizing for it, or trying to explain it away.

And that's the name of that tune.


[e-mail to:]


Media-described "right wing racist anti-immigrant leader" Pim Fortuyn of the Netherlands was an open, avowed homosexual.

Homosexuality is absolutely and irrevocably incompatible with any kind of Aryan racial nationalism. Therefore, by very definition, Fortuyn was in no way, shape, or form "one of us." His death is of no concern to us except for what satisfaction may be afforded by the fact that there is now one less pervert in the world.

I am aware of the fact that we overlooked and explained away the Beastly Buggeries of Benny Buttfuck for many years, and I believe that we as a group thereby committed an offense against the moral order of the universe for which we are still being punished to this day. For Aryan racial nationalists, under no circumstances is any compromise with perversion whatsoever possible or morally permissible. There are no shades of gray here. There are no "Yes, buts...." Fortuyn's loathsome perversion trumps and cancels out every other consideration.

I don't know how I can make it any simpler than that.


[e-mail to:]

Comrade Covington,

Here are some of my answers to the questions that you asked on your sit. These are just my personal thoughts, and I know that instead of answering this I should be out doing something but I think these questions need answers, so here are mine.

1. I read all of whatever you send out and keep it for reference and posterity. Why the world isn't revolting now is because every white male has grown soft and lazy. But is should be noted that not all see, literally, what is happening. They are suburbians and don't see the race-mixing and the slowly growing tide of color. Just because you don't see it doesn’t mean it isn't there. To me you seem like a person who knows what he is talking about when he talks about the state of the "movement", and it seems you genuinely believe it and you're not stealing or making money off of donations so you're ok in my book.

2. As for cross-burnings and foolish attention grabbers, etc , I don't think that they are useful. Perhaps when we have a "movement" worthy of the name they can be useful as morale boosters and a way to build comraderie. This should soley be as a once a year sideline, unlike today where it is called "activity". Real activity is a priority, i.e recruiting and CAUSING SOME POSITIVE CHANGE in general.

3. Usenet is bullshit, but I do believe that the Internet is very useful in helping with one's racial education and awareness. I say this because without the internet I would not have found some of the best racial book out there like Stoddard's books and Rockwell's and even some hard to find holohoax books.

4. Pierce, one would think, that he gives something to the gov't for the immunity. No other way. Being the "largest racist organization" in the U. S., he has a lot to offer as a government front and listening post. Other than that one could only guess.

5. We have these crappy leaders because no one else worth anything steps up. I think that Duke could have done a lot more. He was intelligent enough to really do a lot of good, even if it wasn't that extreme. That is what else is missing: people, especially leaders, with an IQ higher than a 10 year old's. If we could appeal to intelligent people we would be much, much better off. This is a key goal. How are we supposed to get anywhere with guys who can't read a map at the helm?

6. The majority of whites in America are Christian. You can not alienate them. At the worst be neutral on the subject. No one has to advocate it, but we can not be hostile to the people we need. That is common sense.

7. I agree that lone wolfism is not very effective, or at least as it could be. Maybe some day it will be. I think that the cell model is good. Or even large groups, but some sort of hierarchy is needed. Some central leadership at least guiding the rest. Isn't that what we say: the best lead?

8. An armed struggle is almost inevitable. Unfortunately it will come not only when the White people are up against the wall but when we've been punched a few time and start to bleed that people will understand. I remember I literally felt sick when I first read Rockwell's "Nightmare" and realized that "Shit, this could happen and we are gonna lose this before we see what happened." I think it may almost take that. That scares me. Not to advocate Pierce, but it kind of reminds me of the Turner Diaries.

9. Mr. Jones should be, at the very least, donating something to the Cause. Time, money, etc to true activism. When (if) the time comes he's going to shit in his pants with the other 85% (guesstimation) of the people. Wake others up! For the love of God, help them as well as yourselves to understand the danger that is pushing us slowly down the mountain and into the river of extinction. Then do something about it.

10. No. I started my racial awareness a few years ago by looking up a history of the Klan for fun. I went from there to here. Your writings have validity and truth to them. I can't tell you the things I've learned in those years. A new meaning in life.

My views, pertinent as they are. For the record feel free to use this anytime but not my name please. Also, I'm in my early twenties and pride myself as being an intelligent person and even I see that what you're saying is right. Why can't these others I'll never know. It gets discouraging. Anyway, good luck with your move.

Stay the course and keep the Faith.

-L. D.

[email to:]

Sunday, May 05, 2002


Greetings, guys.

Look, this is going to be a bit disorganized, but I'm in kind of a stream-of-consciousness mood here, so pardon me if I just sort of ramble on a bit. I am genuinely wondering about some things that are obvious to me and have been for a very long time, but which apparently are really and truly obscure to most of you. I am going to throw out some questions here, in no particular order of importance, but they are serious questions and I'd like some serious answers.

1. In the past several weeks I have forwarded a number of articles to NSNet and Whitespeak detailing some demographic realities. California is now majority non-White. Texas may already be majority non-White, they're not sure, but in any case it will be in a couple of years without doubt. London will be majority non-White in ten years. Ireland is planning on bringing in two million "skilled" immigrants from Asia over the next eight years. Great Britain and Europe as a whole is expected to be majority non-White by the year 2100 if current trends continue. What is odd is that these articles have produced virtually no response at all from the NSNet list.

QUESTION: Does anyone actually READ what I send out? If so, how much of it? Ten percent? 25%? 50%? I am genuinely curious as to how much of what I send you ends up ignored or being deleted. How far do you read? At what point do you move on? After the second paragraph, the third, what? I need to know these things.

QUESTION: How, exactly, can you read information like this and have NO response at all? I don't understand that. Help me understand it.

2. Now, on this business of dressing up in costumes, allowing ourselves to be chased down the streets by mobs of thousands of Reds and scum or cowering behind barricades while we are protected by hundreds of disgusted police....dressing up in costumes and having surreptitious photos of ourselves in Gotterdammerung poses with arms folded across our chests, photos taken in our bedrooms or garages, then circulating said photos in small mimeographed 'zines....trying to "Adopt a Highway"...jabbering about "White civil rights"....the rallies in the cow pastures of the same 100 or so people, most of them driving in from out of know, basically all this crap we've been doing for the past 30 years...

QUESTION: Am I really, truly, honest to God the only person who has noticed that this DOES NOT WORK?

QUESTION: After 30 years of complete and total failure, how is it that anyone among us can POSSIBLY advocate that we keep on doing more of the same? I don't understand that. Help me understand that.

3. Has anyone other than myself noticed that the Internet ISN'T WORKING for us? That is produces nothing except more Internet? That we are weaker, more confused, more demoralized, and more timid than ever before now that we have the cathartic release of playing with our computers? Am I honestly the only one who has observed this?

[Interestingly, we have a very good comrade in California who recently voluntarily withdrew from the Internet and announced his intention of selling his computer because he understood that the virtual world was pulling him in and he wanted it real. - HAC]

4. All these things with Pierce, the dozen or so times he has pirouetted away like Tinkerbelle on tip-toe leaving chaos and destruction behind him, his ability to stroll through Germany at will, all the times his name hovers in the air around serious Federal felonies, all the times he gets away with stuff the merest fraction of which would get the rest of us locked up under the jailhouse and the key thrown away...surely, surely I am not the only one who sees these things? Or seeing them, draws conclusions regarding The Great Man's breathtaking immunity? Ditto the gent in his employ who, among other magical abilities such as living without a visible source of income for 15 years, has the power to VOID A GRAND JURY SUBPOENA, something even Hillary was unable to do? Do these things honestly happen in some kind of Phantom Zone outside space and time, seen but not seen, known but not known, suppressed by a kind of internal reality control among us all that would astound Orwell himself?

QUESTION: Dead serious, guys---what IS the secret of Pierce's teflon and how can I get some of it?

5. QUESTION: How, exactly, do we justify to ourselves having "leaders" who do not reflect in their personal lifestyle and behavior the values we are supposed to champion? I have never understood that one. Help me understand it.

6. This anti-Christian crap---does ANYONE besides myself understand what utter poison it is to our cause, how utterly impossible it is to let even so much as a syllable of such drivel be whispered in public in any relation to racial politics? Do we have some kind of death wish that we keep on shoveling this stuff out in front of Joe Six Pack? Are we that completely devoid of any sense of political and human reality, really?

7. This Lone Wolf crap, Curtis Version---is there anyone out there besides myself who understands that it is lunacy? Is there anyone out there who SERIOUSLY believes that the most massive act of liberation in human history can be accomplished by sick men who hear voices in their heads, shooting down children and total strangers at random? Surely, SURELY no one takes this seriously.

Do you?

8. The only way that we are ever going to change things is through genuine, non-Curtisian armed struggle. I know that, you know that, I won't insult your intelligence by pretending that there is one single person reading this who does not know that in your heart, however afraid you may be to say so. I understand also that at least a certain degree of circumspection is necessary and that more may become so later. I will not insult your intelligence by implying that there are any of you who do not understand the difference between, say, the Provisional I.R.A. as opposed to Buford Furrow. I really don't believe any of you are quite THAT dumb.

QUESTION: When do we come to an understanding about this and start acting on it, at least by speaking of it aloud in a serious and adult manner? Next week? Next year? Five years from now? When Hillary's goons crash in our door some time in 2006? When? WHEN, people? WHEN do we finally start getting our act together?

9. Mr. Jones over there vows and swears that he will fight to the death like a true "Aryan warrior" in that safely far-off "when the time comes" that never comes. But right now he will not even kick in ten dollars a month to try and keep some very faint semblance of resistance in existence.

QUESTION: What is wrong with this picture?

10. QUESTION: Dead serious. Am I totally wasting my time here?



I am clearing out my computer files and reposting a few of these old pieces before deleting them.


April 24, 2000


Dear Racial Comrades:

It's happening again. The chilling "cognitive dissonance" which indicates that we, as a Movement, have all the political understanding and view of the big picture to be found in the average barnyard fowl. We are dab hands at missing the point, and it looks like we are missing this point by a mile.

First off, nothing at all happened in this Elian Gonzales case that is of any significance to us---until Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, something happened which is of IMMENSE significance to every White person who must live under the foul tyranny of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno. It is impossible to overstate the importance of what happened in Miami on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, armed agents of the Federal government came into a private home and forcibly abducted one of the occupants. They did this without a warrant. They did this without a court order. They did this without any legal basis at all other than the fact that the Attorney General of the United States, a bureaucrat appointed by the President, told them to do it. They did this with force and violence and with threats to murder anyone who resisted.

Furthermore, they did this in full public view. Either they simply did not care who witnessed this gross and open violation of the Constitution of the United States, or else they wanted to make a public example of this kid to alleged "right-wingers", mostly the Miami Cubans, who are called "right wingers" in the System's political lexicon because they fled from the Worker's Paradise.

When things like this take place, it has profound significance for us. ZOG is coming in the darkness and taking people away now. Today they are coming to take little Cuban kids away. Who will they come to take tomorrow, without warrant, without trial?

HELLO? HELLO? The light is on, but is there anybody home upstairs?



Okay, people, listen up! Harold has had a flash of inspiration. I've developed the definitive nomenclature for all the weird and dysfunctional behavior which is The Movement. I don't know why I didn't think of this before.

When I first arrived in Ireland in 1982, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of the time was a charming rogue named Charles Haughey, a man who could have given Bill Clinton lessons in strange political behavior, except Haughey was (and is) a lot more efficient at it. But there were some absolutely Clinton-esque goings-on in Haughey's administration. Most of these I won't get into, but in the week after I arrived, a wanted double murderer named Malcolm McArthur was arrested by the Dublin Civic Guards (police) while staying as a house guest in the apartment of the Irish Attorney General, whose name escapes me. McArthur was actually being squired around Dublin in the Attorney General's government chauffered Mercedes as his guest, and he discussed the nationwide hunt for the murderer (himself) over tea and tiffins at the theater and at the race course with the Garda Commissioner and the Minister of Justice, who at that time did not know that McArthur was their man.

When confronted by this, Haughey told reporters "I find that situation grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, and unprecedented." Charlie Haughey's political arch enemy, Dr. Conor Cruise O'Brien picked up on this and coined an acronym, "GUBU", for all the weird things that were going on under Haughey's administration. He would begin his column in the Irish Times with, "Well, we've another GUBU today..." Although O'Brien intended this term to apply only to his hate object Haughey, everyone else in Ireland caught on to this expression and all of a sudden everything that was weird, silly, bureaucratic, dodgey, and or generally corrupt in Irish society was dubbed "GUBU". It crept into the language in Ireland; for all I know it is still used.

I have referred to the Bowel Movement, to the Bad Craziness, and other terms in the past to try and express that peculiar combination of corruption, incompetence, egotism, stupidity, and lunacy which is so uniquely ours in this mess we call a Movement. But I think from now on I'm going to Hibernicize this whole concept under a term I hope catches on througout the whole Net and elsewhere when referring to the insanity which is US---"GUBU". It's short, it's snappy, it's alliterative, and it says so much in two short syllables.

Grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, unprecedented. GUBU is you. GUBU is me. Come and do that GUBU that you do so well. Of course, the monarch and exemplar of all GUBU is The Great Man Himself, Dr. William L. Pierce of lawsuit and bank robbery and blowing up Disneyland fame, but there are so many other competitors for the title of Prince GUBU that he may not retain the title for long.



Dear Racial Comrades:

Someone doesn't want you to hear what I have to say.

Someone is so afraid of what I have to say that they are willing to go to any lengths to silence me, including the abuse of civil law, financed from sources of funds which have never been explained; including a massive Internet posting campaign of lies and slander; including vandalism and other attempted acts of criminal intimidation. All of which are backed, financially and legally, by the corrupt power structure which controls American society. What does this tell you? That Harold Covington has a message you need to hear.

Don't you think you should find out what I have to say, since someone in the power structure seems so desperate to make sure you never hear it? What, exactly, is it that they are so afraid you might understand?

My message can be defined as follows, in four basic parts:

1. The White Man Is The Problem. Not the Jews, not the blacks or other Third World minorities, not the Bilderbergers or the Federal Reserve, not the Clintons, not the Federal government or ADL, not Communism or humanism, not liberalism or feminism or organized sodomy, none of these things. WE are the problem. All of the bad things which have happened to our Folk over the past two generations have happened because WE HAVE ALLOWED THESE THINGS TO HAPPEN. No other reason. The Jews and minorities and government and bugger boys do to us only what we allow them to do.

For the past fifty years of abysmal failure, all the other right-wing groups' and publications' stock in trade has been NEWS COMMENTARY---they take especially egregious acts on the part of minority criminals, or the Israeli lobby, or the government, or the faggots, or whatever, and they write it all up in purple prose full of shock and horror. They say. "See! See! Look what our enemies are doing! Isn't that horrible? Isn't it all just so terrible and awful? Please, please send us money so we can keep on telling you how bad things are!" The larger groups have slick magazines or tabloid newspapers which concentrate on telling the White man how bad things are, and of course there are the inevitable mail-order book lists and trinket sales, tapes, T-shirts, etc.

This is what the late Jost Turner referred to as "problem orientation". These right-wing and so-called racist groups simply state and re-state THE PROBLEM, over and over again. There is virtually no attempt at building a Movement which is SOLUTION ORIENTED. National Socialism is such a movement, which is why the system fears us so badly, even to the point of shelling out thousands of dollars for civil litigation and an Internet smear campaign in order to hamper my efforts to advocate and advance National Socialism.

2. Specific, Identifiable White People Are Part Of The Problem. Most White racial nationalists are by now willing at least to pay lip service to the idea that the White man himself is the problem, but they shy away from naming names and pointing fingers, however urgently those fingers need to be pointed. Whites have become terrified of "taking sides", too lazy and cowardly to take up the effort involved in making MORAL JUDGMENTS on the behavior of people like William Pierce and Tom Metzger.

American Whites have become soft as butter. We have as a race and a society become afraid to point our fingers and say, "THIS IS WRONG! YOU ARE AT FAULT!", either in the case of Bill Clinton or Bill Pierce. The White man today, including the White man who is involved with the so-called "Movement", wants nothing so much as to be relieved of the necessity of THINKING. Thinking hurts his head. The White man wants to sit in his comfortable armchair and LET SOMEONE ELSE DO IT, and for this he is willing to shell out enough money to make it worthwhile for people like Pierce and Metzger to run the "Movement" as a con game.

Virtually all right wing and racist "organizations" start out entirely sincere, and either collapse or degenerate into outright fraud. The two largest of these right wing con games, the National Alliance and the White Aryan Resistance, rake in the shekels by PRETENDING TO BE ORGANIZATIONS which are actually doing something, instead of what they are---weirded out personality cults and mail order businesses to support William Pierce, Tom Metzger, and Morris Dees (who gets a 50% cut of everything Metzger rakes in, on foot of the Portland civil judgment.)

Metzger and Pierce are the two most prominent offenders, but there are others. Like American society as a whole, the racial right has become almost completely corrupt. What stuns me is that EVERYBODY PRETTY MUCH KNOWS THIS and agrees with me---I can count on my fingers the number of people who have seriously defended either Pierce or Metzger or any of the Usual Suspects over the past couple of years. But as in the case of Bill Clinton, a deadly, poisoned lethargy has set in. Everyone involved in the racial scene knows perfectly well that Metzger sold out to Dees in order to stay in the mail order business, and since May 9th in Florida it has become impossible for anyone not to acknowledge, at least privately, the near certainty that William L. Pierce has been a Federal asset and informant for at least ten years. But NO ONE CARES---except for National Socialists.

This is one of the many things which will insure that National Socialism, and National Socialism alone, will succeed where all these dippy substitutes fail. National Socialism is first and foremost a system of ETHICS and morality based on the greatest moral principle of all, the eternal Truth of Nature.

3. Harold Covington Advocates Zero Tolerance For All Of The Above. It is interesting that the one item cited in the bogus "libel" suit which wasn't legally time-barred under North Carolina law was my Internet transmission of what is probably the most sought-after and widely read article I ever wrote, a 1993 article which to my knowledge has been translated into six languages entitled "Struggle For The Soul Of A Race".

In this polemic I summed up my contention that you, as supporters, hold the key to insuring ethical behavior on the part of those who claim to lead the Aryan racial struggle---the power of the purse. Every time you send a donation or a book order to someone who is stealing, who is lying, who is using your money to pay attorneys to file malicious lawsuits, who is using your money to bring Eastern European mail order brides to this country for his sexual delectation or buy $20,000 tractors for his retirement estate, you are enabling and facilitating dishonesty and deceit and dishonor. There is only one solution: you must SAY NO to the GUBU and STOP SUPPORTING IT with your donation and book money.

Do you see now why Pierce and Metzger have literally gone mad with hate and fear at the very mention of Harold Covington's name? Do you see now why William Pierce has been willing utterly to humiliate himself and disgrace and discredit his own organization in a futile attempt to use the law to silence me? This man has never actually WORKED a day in his adult life, and since 1966 he has lived off your donations and book orders sent to his various enterprises. Can you folks IMAGINE how frightened Pierce must be at the prospect that my ideas of responsibility and ethical behavior might catch on? That at age 64 he might have to get a JOB? Ditto the sixty year old Metzger. Do you begin to understand all the hysterical and yet clearly orchestrated and choreographed slander and slime and hatred on the Net directed against Harold Covington?

4. There Is A Clear And Identifiable Connection Between The National Alliance And The Oklahoma City Bombing. Nothing terrifies Pierce more than the possibility that the media shield which has covered him might break. My comments on the Net about this connection, via Timothy McVeigh's sale of the Turner Diaries at gun shows in the West, seems to have driven Pierce literally mad with fear.

These four points comprise the dangerous essage of Harold Covington, or at least the portion hereof that the state so clearly does not want you to hear that they will break their own rules to silence me.

Don't you think you'd best listen? In this corrupt and degenerate society we live in, anything that dangerous to the speaker must be worth hearing for the White man.

Harold A. Covington


I'm cleaning out my computer files today and I'm re-posting some of the more interesting archives before deleting them. This is one from December of 1999, discussing Movement Cheap Bastard-Itis.


>One individual reading these lines recently purchased a
>$29,000 SUV for cash. The resources are there, people, but they are sitting
>in your bank accounts and not getting to the Movement.

Harold, is this on the level? The son of a bitch buys an SUV for 29 grand and he won't lay out a couple of grand to get you some reliable transportation so you can start job hunting? Jesus Christ! What is WRONG with this man?

-Ed Peacock


Dear Ed,

Yes, it's legit, I'm afraid. Actually, this guy is a very interesting case study, a prime example of our Problem.

First off, I have a confession to make. Before I sent out "Doing It The Old Way" to his e-mail pod, I chickened out and removed his e-mail address. He sends me $20 every six weeks or so; that's 60 stamps or a month of online service (I have to maintain 4 ISPs because of Norman's harassment, as you know.) I can't afford to lose that twenty bucks.

This guy is not a complete pansy. He was very active with Shelton's UKA back in the 1960s in Georgia, and I gather he did his share of night riding. He was subpoenaed before the 1965 Congressional investigation and pleaded the Fifth, but they didn't pursue the matter. He is quite wealthy by our standards, and he has dabbled in a little something racial for decades now, never seriously. About a year ago he ordered a whole case of David Duke's "My Awakening", and that so far as I know is the most money he has ever spent at once on any Movement cause.

He's one of these people who will usually help IN KIND through weird little left-hand hooky deals, but simply will not write a check in any meaningful amount. This car I own was an even more appalling piece of junk when I got it than it is now, and when both CV joints were going and I mentioned it to him on the phone, he offered to provide me with ONE CV joint, right or left, through a convoluted process which involved me calling a mail order parts house in Georgia and using one of his business names and a third-party credit card, something like that, I can't even recall the details, whereupon the parts house would then ship the CV to me by Fed-Ex and I would have a Texarkana mechanic install it. That kind of thing these men will do, often I suspect out of a sheer love of complexity and intrigue for its own sake. But they will not WRITE A CHECK in any meaningful amount.

Why not? I don't know, Ed. When we find the key to beating the Cheap Bastard Syndrome among our people we'll be halfway there.



More from Harold's cyber-attic.



I got an e-mail from one of our elderly comrades chastising me over my heading for the story about the faggot cruise ship being denied entry into the Cayman Islands, i.e. my use of the naughty word "buggery". Before I proceed further, I should point out that the title itself was a humorous reference to a famous Cheech and Chong comedy skit from the 1970s, a take-off on South Seas "Mutiny On The Bounty" type movies called "Buggery on the High Seas", and it's a scream, by the way. However, I doubt this gentleman is much of a Cheech and Chong aficionado. I understand the point he was trying to make and I also understand that he grew up in the last, dying years of the old world when moral and social standards relegated such practices to the sewers where they belong.

The problem is that we no longer live in those times of decency and cleanliness, nor will any of us ever see them again in our lifetimes. We are not going to wake up suddenly one morning and find that some benevolent God with a white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds has decided to be kind and reward all our effort and our suffering by waving his Almighty sceptre and turning back the clock to the days of Ozzie and Harriet. If we will stop fooling around and wasting our time and effort, stiffen our spines, and ACT instead of talking and hiding, then it is possible our children may live to see some kind of return to sanity and normalcy. Few of us will ever know such a time. Most of us will end our lives in a situation roughly similar to that of Lebanon, Yugoslavia, or Rwanda, right here in this North American continent, and amidst all the violence, disease, starvation, and chaos there is going to be a good deal of sexual perversion. Not least, buggery.

The glorification of perversion---what our media masters have even come to call "defining deviancy down"--- is a staple on The Agenda. It is dished right up in our faces. My occasional references to sodomy or the fact that Benny Klassen's private sexual practices earned him the name of Old Benny Buttfuck among the Skinhead scene of the 1980s are nothing at all compared to one single night of network television, of "Ellen" and all the other filth the Jews shovel into our living rooms in an unending flow of raw sewage. My own occasional excursions into the nomenclature of the perverse are mild, very mild indeed, by comparison.

So, you ask, why do us supposedly superior Aryan revolutionary types have to "lower ourselves to that level?" I will tell you why.

It has to do with the same reason why I cannot ignore corruption, deceit, and malfeasance in the Movement---because if we are to prevail we must be first and foremost a Movement of TRUTH, and a large part of that truth consists in exposing that which our enemies wish to conceal, gloss over, and camouflage. The truth is that homosexuality is a loathsome and physically sickening perversion, the hygenic aspects of which alone are sufficient to make a normal person vomit. The establishment seeks to cloak these practices on the part of their pet perverts in abstractions about "expressing love" and "lifestyle", and to a large extent they have succeeded. People have been conditioned by years of constant media pounding, pounding, pounding, forcing these perverts down our throats, to believe that homosexuals are a "persecuted minority". There have even been quasi-scientific efforts to "prove" that perversion is somehow genetic and that faggots can't help their innate and irresistable biological urge to cornhole.

This is rubbish. Homosexuality is a BEHAVIOR, and a filthy one---and we should never, ever neglect to make this point to our own people. Normal people might be swayed by their innate Aryan sense of fairness to "give the little guy a break", so long as they are not compelled to confront just what it is that homosexuals DO. When they understand what it is that homosexuals DO, when they forget all the horse manure about "gay" rights and homophobia and blah, blah, blah and think in terms of sodomy, assorted practices with bizarre objects, leather and chains and whips and something lesbians do called "the chocolate ritual" which I will leave to the imagination---and when they understand that a large part of the so-called "gay rights" movement is to gain access to children for these creatures so they can introduce these filthy practices to THEIR CHILDREN---then the overwhelming majority of White people and Third Worlders as well will react with shock, horror, and anger. As they should.

Homosexuality is a shocking and unnatural act, utterly beyond the bounds of human decency, and we MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO BE FORGOTTEN. Hence my references to faggots, fudge-packers, carpet-munchers, etc. Yes, this language is crude and offensive to many. Homosexuality is offensive to ME and to everyone with any rudimentary remaining healthy instincts.

Yes, it is true that for every one of these terms there is a circumlocution which can be used in what passes for "polite" society---indeed, we hear these terms repeatedly, every night, on our televisions. That is one reason why we must not allow ourselves to be sucked into the trap of being polite as opposed to being accurate. These "politically correct" circumlocutions sanitize a nauseating and poisonous perversion, and Joe Six-Pack has by now been so dumbed down that he is incapable of seeing past the sanitized versions of what homosexuals DO---unless we rub his nose in it.

George Orwell wrote in 1984 about the abuse of language by totalitarian, Marxist, politically correct régimes such as the one we live under today. The idea behind making certain words unacceptable or "beyond the pale of discussion" is to so restrict the available LANGUAGE in which to discuss certain ideas that the state can thus restrict and repress THE THOUGHT. Dissident thoughts cannot be formulated if people are deprived, through intimidation or through a mistaken sense of delicacy, of the necessary ACCURATE words to describe them. Blacks, for example, are not "African Americans" out here in the real world---they are niggers. They act like niggers, they steal and kill like niggers, they booga-booga like niggers---they ARE niggers, and yet nowadays the mere use of the word in public is enough to destroy a White male's life in every conceivable way.

The System does not dare allow us to say the word "nigger", indeed has created such a repressive atmosphere around the word that most are now even afraid to THINK the word. This is mind control, no more, no less---and the same kind of mind control is being used to suppress White consciousness regarding what homosexuals DO and why they are loathsome, unnatural perverts---why they must be kept away from our children by whatever means necessary.

We must not allow the racial enemy to set the parameters of what is and is not acceptable for Americans to discuss, especially given the increasingly abysmal standard of education and political literacy among our Beavis and Butthead, Homer Simpson population. When it comes to conveying any idea at all to Americans, never forget how low you have to aim in order to get a hit. The whole homosexuality issue is not a legal or a social one, it is a MORAL one, but we cannot convince others of that unless we constantly keep before our eyes the sickening vision of what it is that homosexuals DO.

This is why I use these terms. I try not to go too far overboard, and inevitably I offend some people--- but it's necessary, just like pain is unavoidable when one is extracting a bullet from a wound.

Harold A. Covington

[email to:]


Guys, I am cleaning out my computer files today, and so I will be re-posting some of the more interesting stuff I find before I delete it. Enjoy!


August 22, 2000

Dear Racial Comrades:

Just to clarify something viz. one of John Broussard's posts:

I do not question that many members of the so-called "World Church of the Creator" are deeply sincere and in many cases some of the most active people in the Movement today. My personal opinion of Matt Hale himself is also quite high, as those of you know who keep up with NSNet. I believe that he is "worthy of a better master and a juster cause", as someone once said of the Parliamentary general Lord Fairfax.

What I DO question is whether anything good or healthy can come from a source so contaminated. Please remember: I KNEW Benny Klassen. These kids did not. Klassen spent almost 16 years in intermittent attempts to recruit me for his "church", only finally turning on me in 1989 after I gave him my final and irrevocable refusal via his then-Pasta Fazzool Norman Bates, who made a special trip to Raleigh to "demand my submission". (Norman's words.)

Contrary to the shrieks of the Goat Dancers, I do not tell lies, about him or anyone. I am convinced to a moral certainty that Benny Klassen was a racial Jew, although given the circumstances of his birth (and those remain very unclear, given the variations on this he told different people down through the years) this is probably beyond proof one way or another. But there is NO DOUBT---let me repeat that, NO DOUBT AT ALL---that Klassen was a practising pederast during the 1980s, although after the Dennis Witherspoon incident he does seem to have slowed down or suspended this kind of activity, either through caution or simply the advance of age.

There were also a couple of odd things about his death, by the by, but I long ago accepted that like Pierce and Metzger, Klassen has been given a "pass". Why? Well, to make a long and psychologically complex story as short as possible, I think basically it's because there are among us people whose bilious hatred of Christianity is so obsessive and all consuming that they literally do not care what Klassen did or what he was so long as he raved about the "dead Jew on a stick". What gets me is that Tom and John Metzger used to warn Skinhead kids against going to Otto, or in John Metzger's own (written) words: "If you go up there, sit down and keep your mouth shut."

I just hope these present "WCOTC" young 'uns grow out of it soon.


[email to:]