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Guys, I will endeavor not to fall into the habit of doing nothing but re-posting old stuff on this weblog, but there are some things that need to be reiterated at regular intervals to make sure we don't lose sight of very important concepts.

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January 2nd, 2000


It is no coincidence that in almost all of the interminable "Man of the Millennium" contests which occurred within the media during the run up to Y2K (or "Person of the Year" for the more Politically Correct media), the one man who almost invariably came first was one of those dreaded Dead White European Males---Johannes Gutenburg of Germany, who circa 1450 or so invented the printing press. Or, to be more accurate, he invented the printing press with movable type; woodcuts and crude printing techniques had been known for several centuries prior to the fifteenth.

As even our Politically Correct lords and masters have been compelled to acknowledge, this Dead White Male made the modern world possible, by making world events and ideas accessible through cheap and widespread printed literature. Within a few decades of Gutenberg's invention we had not only a flood of new and re-printed books, but the first tabloid press in the form of "broadsides" recounting everything from the latest smear against Martin Luther by the Catholic Church and Luther's counter-smears against the Church, to the bloodthirsty adventures of Vlad Tepes, the real life Dracula of Wallachia. One imagines these broadside sheets being hawked in the marketplace rather like the National Inquirer and the Sun are today.

Now we have a new means of communication which threatens to supercede the printed word: the personal computer and the Internet. What we laughingly refer to as "The Movement" has taken to the computer like a duck to water. For the first time, it would appear as if we have something like a level playing field as far as access to mass audiences goes. We have constructed hundreds of absolutely beautiful racial web sites, many of them with all kinds of bells and whistles and little dancing niggers, etc. We have accumulated huge e-lists of ostensible "comrades", whom it would be prohibitively expensive to service by regular mail in the old manner. Last year we even had a virtual Nazi Party in the form of Andrew Greenbaum's "Knights of Freedom".

Above all, once the initial investment is made in the equipment itself, the computer allows us to transmit our information and propaganda more or less for free, or for only $19.95 per month until some Jew attorney writes a threatening letter to our ISP---and when one ISP cancels there are over four thousand more to choose from.

The Jews are very clearly worried about the Internet. They do not like the idea of White people communicating with one another directly, without the intervening filter of the Jewish owned and controlled media. The Jews have spent many years constructing a society where communication of ideas and information is a vertical process, usually from the top down, with occasional feedback from the bottom up to examine the results of the mind control programs and thought patterns imposed on White people. Now all of a sudden there is horizontal or lateral communication going on, directly from White person to White person, who are exchanging ideas rather than receiving them from above. This has knocked Yehudi's media monopoly into the waste basket, he knows it, and he doesn't like it one bit.

Kudos to the computer and the Internet! They are a tremendous breakthrough and we have done some very good things with the computer. However, I am afraid I must now do what Harold does best---rain on the parade.

The fact is that from our political and racial point of view there are several extremely serious problems with the computer and the Internet. I have mentioned some of these in the past, but let me enumerate them yet again, because they are important. First and foremost we must remember that computers are indeed the greatest thing since sliced bread---when they work. Always, always keep that proviso in mind----when they work!

Over the past year, I alone have experienced many weeks of down time. Some of this has been due to enemy harassment of various kinds, because computers are vulnerable to attack in ways that the printed newsletter is not. Websites can be hacked and destroyed, ISPs strong-armed by attorneys' letters into canceling accounts, etc. Computers are very susceptible to theft and vandalism, being attractive items for your average monkoid burglar. Phone lines mysteriously go on the fritz, as happened to me in July in Texarkana, or phone lines take weeks to get installed. Hard drives crash or will not boot up; Windows and other system software crashes at the drop of a hat. locking screens and freezing mice; modem settings go wonky and won't connect to the Internet; ISP servers crash; monitors start bleeding psychedelic colors all over the screen. For the first time this year I picked up a virus and unfortunately transmitted to it some of you; luckily, it was the relatively benign "Happy" virus. [2002 addendum: I have since picked up several more viruses, including Anna Kournikova and BadTrans. - HAC]

Computers are high-strung, temperamental beasts and there are a dozen ways they can go crashing to the ground that are not applicable to the printed newsletter or periodical. That's the first objection to basing our revolution on the computer: it is a high-tech piece of equipment that has high-tech problems and needs high-tech skills to keep running. It is true that we can send out or post a massive amount of material for free, but when something bad does go wrong it requires a lump sum of mucho shekels to fix. Ask me; I just had to buy a new hard drive and new systemsoftware a while back.

There is another, more serious angle to this objection of "when they work", which is that the use of the computer almost always entails one or more third-party, non-Movement hands on the plug. One of the reasons I have always been so obsessive about things like owning our own equipment, our own premises, etc. is because experience teaches that it is entirely too risky to have third-Party, non-NS, non-racialist hands on our plugs and on our rugs. When the heat comes on, the plug gets pulled and the rug gets pulled out from under us. Computers have too many non-racist hands on the plug---the Internet Service Provider and the phone company, specifically.

The computer is dependent on someone else's facilities to function, at all times. This problem may be partially solved by acquiring our own servers, if ever we are able to convince enough people to support the Movement with something other than words, and through the use of cable modems---but then the cable company has their hand on the plug. There is always someone who can cut us off at the knees if ZOG gets serious about wanting to silence dissent, and then all those beautiful web pages will be useless, because no one can see them. Censorship is much more difficult with the printed medium; I myself stayed in touch with our contact list and kept us together for almost six months earlier this year, solely through print.

Then there is the moral effect that the use of the computer has on the White male, and that is not a beneficial one. The White male has, in essence, been given a moral escape route through the computer. He now has a way that he can claim to be "doing his bit" for the racial struggle without actually incurring any personal risk or inconvenience, and he is making the most of it. With the personal computer, the White male interacts with a machine, rather than with actual human beings. He does this from a physically seated position, often with a bowl of unhealthy nachos and a cold beer by his side. He literally is not required by the computer to get up off his ass.

Leaflet distribution, the last vestige of physical activity that the Movement now engages in at all, at least demands that the White male stand erect, physically. It calls for him to go out of doors. into the real world beyond his room or his den, out into the street where real people live and function. Leaflet distribution requires at least some element of prior planning and thought; the Internet, like television, numbs the White man's mind through casual electronic images found while randomly and aimlessly "surfing". Leaflet distribution holds at least the possibility of actual confrontation with a non-White or a brainwashed White, at least some minimal risk that the White male might actually have to fight someone.

Needless to say, now we have the computer, leaflet distribution is almost a dead art. The White man has been given a way to salve his conscience, to pretend to himself and to others that he is a big, bad revolutionary, but without going out into uncomfortable weather or taking any risk, safely and anonymously---and he has jumped at it with both feet.

The White Internet produces nothing but more Internet. Actual, real-world results of Aryan racialist Internet activity have been almost nil. Someone reads a really good racialist web site and is inspired---to build another web site. It is true that these web sites are valuable in that when others can find them, they can be introduced to our ideas, but this gets back to that one nagging question that old Harold keeps constantly asking you folks: to what end are we doing all this? Are we creating web sites for the purpose of entertainment? So that those who read them will build more web sites?

I insist that our whole reason for being is, and must be, to change the world we live in. Judged by that standard, the White Internet is a flop. To the best of my knowledge, not one single act of interracial sex, interracial crime or murder, buggery, theft, corruption, or Jewish perversion of our culture has been stopped by the Internet. The closest thing we have to a success is that the Internet prevented the Bill Clinton scandals from being swept under the rug---but that was Matt Drudge and Carl Limbacher and a few others, not us.

Finally, there is the near certainty that within a few years' time, some way is going to be found by the power structure to force White nationalists and anyone to the right of center off the Internet, and that includes Drudge and others who have used the Net to embarrass the Clintons and the liberals. My guess is that they will start by imposing some kind of financial restriction to price the Net out of the reach of the poor. I know this five cents per e-mail story that keeps floating around is supposed to be a hoax, but is it a hoax or a trial balloon? At even five cents per e-mail, that's NSNet gone right there. This article alone would cost me almost what the first issue of Invictus cost to produce and mail.

Or else there will be put in place new legal mechanisms for "civil liability" if a minor downloads something racial off a web site, liability laws allowing the providers to be victimized by abusive civil litigation as well as dissidents. Look at what is now being done to the gun and tobacco industries. How many lawsuits against Earthlink or Mindspring will be necessary before the whole ISP industry panics and starts banning politically incorrect speech from the Web wholesale? There will probably some kind of semi-official "Board of Standards" that "rates" the content of Internet speech like movies and anything with an "X" political rating cam be the subject of a lawsuit if a minor reads it, thus forcing both authors and providers to fall back on a password system. This is already being done with some sites by some providers, and it eliminates the factor of world-wide public access to our ideas which has made the Internet the great weapon that it is. [2002 addendum: we are seeing this process begin since 9/11. The Federal government has pulled down over 1,000 web sites of an anti-Israel nature and Europeans are now being routinesly sent to prison for "Internet hate" using servers located in the United States. - HAC]

Don't throw away those mimeograph machines in your garages yet, guys. There is every possibility that within the forseeable future we are all going to be forced to turn back the clock and do it "the old fashioned way".

Harold A. Covington

[email to: haroldcovington@hotmail.com]

Monday, April 29, 2002


Robert Heinlein, long since deceased, wrote a number of very good science fiction works in the 1940s and 1950s, some of which do have some moral and ideological application to our situation. However, he was NOT one of us, and one of his novels, "Rocket Ship Galileo", is extremely anti-NS.

I recommend HIGHLY the following:

*If This Goes On (first novelette as part of Revolt In 2100 trilogy)
*Glory Road (if you can find it; I believe it has quietly been allowed to lapse out of print because it was a bit on the anti-Asian side);
*The Day After Tomorrow about a Chinese invasion of the US, VERY GOOD.
*The Puppet Masters is VERY VERY good, very definite political implications there.

I am a bit ambiguous about the book Starship Troopers because it is multi-racial, although Fascist in outlook. It got the Left very up tight. Ditto The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Ayn-Randish but multi-racial and a bit feminist.

The following are good science fiction reads for kids:

Double Star
Red Planet,about colonists on Mars.
Have Space Suit, Will Travel
Farmer In The Sky, about colonizing Ganymede.


Stranger In A Strange Land - New Age type crap


The fundamental practical and immediate aim of National Socialism is to create an Aryan homeland - for Aryans only - where Aryans can live freely, express their unique cultural identity and live according to those principles of natural justice which alone can ensure the health and vitality of Aryan individuals and Aryan folk-communities.

National Socialism does not preach or teach any kind of 'racial hatred'. It simply states the reality of Nature: that different races have different abilities and different needs. These different abilities - given by Nature and result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution - cannot be changed by social programmes, by political dogma or by enforcing dictatorial policies of racial integration which effectively undermine and destroy Aryan identity and Aryan culture. National-Socialism desires the creation of an Aryan homeland because it affirms that any other way of life is unhealthy, unproductive, against Nature and leads to and encourages disharmony, strife and chaos.

The reality of National Socialism - as distinct from the lies about National Socialism ceaselessly propagated by its enemies - is that it is concerned primarily with the welfare and future of Aryans, and does not desire other races to be or become 'second-class' citizens or slaves in a future National Socialist nation. Rather, it desires the complete geographical separation of Aryans from all non-Aryans as the only means of creating a civilized, harmonious way of life for Aryans. Neither does or would National Socialism encourage the 'genocide' of other races - that is a lie (like the lie of the 'Holocaust') ceaselessly spread by our enemies in order to discredit National Socialism and in order to brainwash Aryans into accepting anti-Aryan, and anti-evolutionary, policies of racial integration. Instead, in its relationship with other races, a National Socialist society - once established and secure - would encourage those other races to become aware of their own racial identity and uniqueness, so enabling them to create their own ethnic states dedicated to the well-being and advancement of those other races.

The present-day opponents of National Socialism are not other races, but those people, political parties, interest groups or governments that seek to undermine Aryan identity and Aryan culture by pursuing social and political policies detrimental to Aryans. The enemies of National Socialism are those who oppose the creation of an Aryan homeland, and those who oppose the racial principles and ideals of National Socialism.

Since National Socialism is an expression of the nobility of the Aryan, it represents all that is best, and thus civilized, about the Aryan. National-Socialism is a conscious affirmation of those values which are central to civilized conduct - honour, loyalty and duty.National Socialism is also an expression of what it is to be human - it expresses the essence of our humanity, of how we came to be 'thinking-beings' [the evolution of races] and what is necessary for this evolutionary development to be preserved and extended. These things are race, and racial character as evident in the individuals of a particular race.

Fundamentally, National Socialism seeks to create an Aryan homeland and within that homeland the right social, political and spiritual conditions to enable civilized individuals to flourish. National Socialism seeks to encourage civilized conduct as it seeks to create a civilized way of life for Aryans. Accordingly, National Socialists champion and represent that noble idealism which is essential to civilization.

The primary concern of National Socialism is the Aryan - with creating a better future for Aryans. National Socialists are motivated by a genuine concern for their own people, their own heritage and culture. They wish to make their noble idealism real. They wish to inspire other Aryans with this noble idealism. This a positive, healthy and civilized.

National Socialism desires the Aryan to fulfill that unique destiny which National Socialism believes has been given to the Aryan by Nature.

This destiny - essentially the creation of a galactic empire - involves the Aryan and only the Aryan. It does not require the subservience of other races, or their destruction. It requires the creation, by Aryans, of an Aryan homeland and then the creation of a truly Aryan way of living and thus the emergence of a new civilization greater than any existing hitherto.

The immediate aim of National Socialism is to make real, for the majority of Aryans, the goodness, the nobility, the hopes and aspirations which we Aryans hold in our hearts. Whatever our enemies may say - whatever their propaganda may express - this is the simple truth about National Socialism which they, for their own evil ends, are trying so hard, so brutally and so hatefully to suppress.


[e-mail to: haroldcovington@hotmail.com

Saturday, April 27, 2002

by F.J. Simonelli
A book review by Eric Thomson

This is obviously a 'mainstream' (kosher) biography of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. Mr. Simonelli may be one of the tribe, or a shabazz-goy in need of status and shekels, for his approach to his subject is definitely kosher-partisan, and yet, he reveals the extent of Jew media-control and Jew authority in the U.S.A. almost as well as Rockwell. The Jewish policy of restricting, distorting and denying the goyim, (the majority of the electorate) news about personalities and issues reflects the Jews' fear of democracy, specifically in their treatment of Rockwell and his ideas. They chose, as always, not to debate him, but to censor or "quarantine" him. No matter how they tried to demean him, Rockwell had the hebes scared, as revealed by their actions against him, despite their public pronouncements.

Like ex-Mossadnik Victor Ostrovsky, Mr. Simonelli reveals the plethora and power of jew organizations in the U.S.A., including their role in influencing law enforcement authorities, from the FBI down to the local police. Rockwell said it, but few believed him. Simonelli says it and backs up his statements with Jewish sources. His section on Notes indicates his extensive and thorough research.

Much of this biography, in respect to Rockwell's personal life, echoes THIS TIME THE WORLD, Rockwell's autobiography. Rockwell described his often painful experiences with family members during his process of maturation, as well as his broken marriages. As usual, a kosher biography must include attempts to perform a Freudian-style psychoanalysis on the subject, at secondhand. Simonelli attempts to please in this regard, but he reveals Rockwell's quite sane and rational responses to his family members, some of whom were domineering, some submissive; some supportive, some antagonistic, &c. This appears to be the human condition, with which Jews are never, ever satisfied. Simonelli uses this ad hominemic approach to a limited extent for he knows that he must discredit Rockwell, even slightly, or go unpublished. The knowledgeable reader knows, however, that all people, great or small, can be subjected to antagonistic secondhand psychoanalysis as a smear tactic. Sometimes, as in the case of Karl Marx, there is no way other than complete omission or fabrication to obscure his own objective character dysfunctions.

Those who favor those in power, view an individual's or a group's rebellion against authority in a critical and/or negative fashion. Simonelli describes Rockwell's rebellion in this context, but he reveals the extent of Zionist authority in U.S. society while doing so, just as Rockwell intended. Once the existence of this power is acknowledged, one can admire Rockwell's courage and determination to tackle it, on behalf of Gentile interests. Rockwell was as 'needful' of psychotherapy in the U.S.A. as any critic of "the workers' paradise" would have been in the U.S.S.R. Are the Chechens 'crazy' because they fight for their existence and their independence as Chechens? By the same token, the Floundering Fathers of the so-called American Revolution must have been just as crazy when they became "terrorists" and "illegal combatants" against their King. Insanity is in the eye of the beholder --those with the power to define, control, as Orwell observed. It is definitely in the ZOG's interest to have us believe that Rockwell and his White Nationalist successors are crazy, and, if we don't believe that, the ZOG will offer the political pretext that White Nationalists are 'terrorists' .

Simonelli attempts to deal with the racial issue by claiming that there can be no such thing as 'racial contamination' (adultery). He styles race as a social convention, like the jew, Israel Ehrenberg alias "Ashley Montague". Obviously, if race is a social fiction, so is genetic science. If this is so, why does the ZOG continue to push racial integration and enforce laws against genocide on a selective basis? Why harm Whites, if we don't exist?

Inadvertently, or by design, Simonelli reveals the dramatic contradictions, the outrageous hypocrisy, of those who claim to support democracy and freedom of speech .Jews are revealed to seek freedom of speech for their interests, and to smother those who disagree with them. Judeo-democratic regimes tout their democratic freedoms, then use laws and tactics entirely befitting the most brutal of Orwellian tyrannies, against those who have the "wrong" ideas. As one writer said, "Jews tout universalism on behalf of tribalism." We must remember that when Jews talk of humanity, they mean only themselves. This explains the apparent contradictions.

Rockwell, as he is quoted, knew that he could come to power only via crisis. He predicted race-war, followed by economic collapse, starting with massive inflation. We are likely to discover that Rockwell's response was far ahead of the ability and willingness of the goyim to comprehend what is in store for us. Once again, Simonelli describes Rockwell as politically irrelevant, but that Rockwell established a legacy of followers. Thus is the reader led to believe that "his truth goes marching on."

Tuesday, April 23, 2002


Thoughts on Le Pen: 4/22/02
By MX Rienzi

from http://www.legioneuropa.org

I am sure that by the time all of you read this, you would have already heard about Mr. Le Pen's stunning success in the first round of French Presidential elections. Although he will assuredly lose the final election, due to the disgusting alliance between French leftists and conservatives, this whole issue requires some brief commentary.

Thus, a few of my thoughts:

1. The use of politics. We will not achieve our aims through the electoral process, that much is sure. However, to go in the opposite direction, and totally eschew participation in politics, is self-destructively short-sighted. Ultimately, racial nationalism needs to be involved in the political arena. To some extent, this is already the case in Europe, although the phenomenon of White-European racial politics in Europe needs to grow exponentially. However in America, Euro-Americans are totally bereft of any political candidates, at whatever level, who make even the slightest attempt to represent their interests.

Why is political participation important? Why do this if it will not be the ultimate solution to our problems? The answer is this: even if none of our candidates ever wins an election, the mere fact of their running will be beneficial to our cause. Political participation will be a boon for propaganda, recruitment, organization, and infiltration of the "system." (1) In addition, if done skillfully and intelligently, it can help serve to "legitimize" our views to the public, presenting our ideals in the more familiar format of the electoral system. (2) Of course, if any pro-Euro candidate does win, even at a very low level, that will be an immense morale booster, a further impetus for propaganda and recruitment, and a further legitimization of our ideals to a public which, like the French, are beginning to become cynical over the lack of choice, especially in the American political scene.

2. The uselessness of conservatives. Any of us with an ounce of intelligence, and a working pair of eyes and ears, should have already been long aware that so-called "conservatives" (of various stripes) are absolutely useless for our cause. In fact, they will denounce us in a second, and make common cause with our (and their) enemies, in order to escape the "horror" of being identified with "racist, fascist, Nazis" such as us. France is a good case in point. The conservative Chirac and all his "good, solid, wave-the-flag, capitalism forever" supporters are ever-so-eager to ally themselves with socialists, communists, and radical leftists of every sort, in order to defeat the dreaded Le Pen. If Le Pen finished third, and if the final election was to be Chirac vs. Jospin, would Chirac ever have considered an alliance with Le Pen, in order to defeat the socialists and communists? Not a chance! What? Ally himself with someone actually pro-French? Anti-immigration? Horrors! "Better" for the French conservatives to join hands with Negro communists, Arab radicals, French socialists and Trotskyites, than to ever consider the "blasphemy" of even THINKING of talking to Mr. Le Pen. My friends: conservatism is a disease. Conservatives are cowards. Conservatives will NEVER support our cause. They will ALWAYS denounce us and betray us in order to get thrown some scraps from the table of our globalist masters. Conservatives are useless. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!

3. The "European Union (EU)". Well, the EU reaction was as swift as it was predictable. EU Commissioner Neil Kinnock was quoted as saying that the outcome of this pre-election - a completely free and open vote in a so-called "western democracy" - caused him to be "astounded and horrified" and that the result "throws a great dirty rock into the European political pool." (3) Well then, how about that? French voters exercising their franchise is "horrifying." The result of a free election is "a great dirty rock." Yes, indeed, Mr. Kinnock, it is certainly "astounding" when people do not vote the way the EU wants them to vote, no? How dare they! The insolence of those voters! Why, didn't they know that Mr. Le Pen should not have received one single vote! Horrors! Astounding! Why, these French, maybe they deserve some EU sanctions for their lack of decorum! Why doesn't the EU just announce in advance what they want the results of every election to be, and recruit "United Nations peacekeepers" to accompany Europeans to the polls, and make sure, at gunpoint, that the poor, benighted, "people" vote the way they are supposed to?

4. French hysterics. No sooner did the results come than the protests started. The French left, and their colored pets, took to the streets. (4) They are now "ashamed to be French", don't you know. Well, not to worry, if they get their way, in some time in the future, there will be no Frenchmen left, so there will be nothing to be ashamed of! And of course, as we have mentioned in point #2, the whole of the "establishment" ("right-thinking", blah, blah, blah) French political spectrum (which includes communists, but not, of course, a nationalist like Le Pen) is banding together to defeat the heathen Le Pen. From their reaction one would think that Le Pen was a vicious French-hating monster, rather than a man motivated by a love for the French people.

5. Le Pen's "crime." Why all this hostility toward Le Pen? Why have the newspapers of Europe and America started screaming? Why the protests and "shame?" Why the union of Trotskyites and conservatives? What has Le Pen done that is so horrible? Le Pen's crime is this: He is a French nationalist. He recognizes that the French people - his people, the indigenous inhabitants of France, the RIGHTFUL owners of France - are threatened. They are threatened by alien immigration, by crime, by multiculturalism, by globalism, by the EU, by all the vicious and anti-Western forces of "right-thinking" people. Mr. Le Pen does not want Frenchmen to become extinct. He does not want them replaced by Arabs, Negroes, holy Orientals (5), or any other people. He wants, as the Front National says, "a French France in an European Europe." Mr. Le Pen wants for his people, and for all Europeans, the SAME rights that ALL non-Euro peoples take for granted: the right to survive in their own nations, the right to exist as a people, the right NOT to be displaced and replaced by aliens. THAT is Mr. Le Pen's "crime." That is why all the "right-thinking" people are against him. That is why conservatives are willing to join hands with those that hate them and hate their nation to destroy the only man on the French political scene capable of saving France and the French people. And it is this "crime" of Mr. Le Pen which makes me a supporter of him and his movement, and why I wish him well in his crusade to save France, and, by saving France, taking a step to save Europe and the entire West as well.


1. Why should we abdicate any and all involvement with the "system?" Why let the leftists and "anti-racists" have a monopoly on infiltrating the system? We should cover all our bases: we need to work BOTH outside and inside the system. We should BOTH build our own edifice, and burrow like termites within the edifice of our opponents, to heighten the contradictions within our opponent's structure, and highlight and exploit its weaknesses.

2. Activists involved in politics need be of the highest quality, no "sieg-heil and pass the beer" type morons need apply.

3. In response, we can say that non-Euro immigration throws a "great dirty rock" into the European gene pool.

4. Some protesters chanted: "we are all the children of immigrants." Very well. Let them use that logic as they attempt to immigrate to Israel or China or Japan or to the Islamic world. Good luck! "Children of immigrants", indeed! The French people are the indigenous inhabitants of France. Granted, if you go back far enough, we are all descended from the earliest hominids who emerged from the African Savannah, but, what's the point? The fact is that every ethnie around today is associated with some sort of homeland; for the French, that homeland is France. Case closed.

5. "Holy" used sarcastically to illustrate that Orientals are unfortunately popular not only on the "White left", but also in some precincts of the "White right" as well. Conservatives certainly fit this description, but also some of the "Nordicentric" type of "racial activists" seem....enamored of Orientals as well. Regardless of these preferences, nonWhite is nonWhite...East is East and West is West and, in theory, the two should never meet.


I received and read (as always) with great interest the most recent - April 20th, 2002 - letter from Comrade Covington. While it does not contain any new and earth-shaking revelations, is does very coherently and succinctly repeat a message that all racially conscious North American White Aryans need to hear again, and again, and again (and again, and again, and again if necessary), until it sinks in and they not only believe it, but are willing to act on it. That message is the need for a White Homeland in the Northwest where our people are afforded the same basic rights and privileges understood worldwide that every criminal ethnic, racial, and Talmudic-religious Jew and savage baby-raping cannibal proto-simian Negroid has both in their homelands of Israel and Africa, and in the communities occupied and controlled by them in this country. Even feces-stained, diseased, AIDS-ridden Sodomites have their own cities and communities across this nation where they make the laws and decisions that control everyone within their political and economic boundaries. Are we entitled to no less?

Some brave and fortunate White Aryan individuals and families already have either moved to the Northwest Homeland or began the necessary preparations to do so, and more will, the sooner the better. When school lets out for the summer, I will be among those taking the time to visit the Aryan Republic to look for the best place to raise my family, primary considerations being employment, schools, and decent affordable housing. I am fortunate in that I already have a relative (an aunt whose father was an SS Police officer in WW2) in the Northwest who is very knowledgeable about the area and spent a great deal of time locating what she feels is the best place for her family.

Those of you who are not receiving Comrade Covington's Bulletins and other communications would be well advised to provide some kind of real-world mailing/contact address (Carnivore doesn't open all letters yet), even if it means forgoing up a case of beer or two, a couple queer-Jew movies, or a piece of Nigger-Jew athletic clothing to be able to afford a small postal box. Since Comrade Covington is a White working man (you notice there is no web site for the "NSWPP Gift Store, Trinket Shop, and Record Emporium") who has dedicated his life and personal finances to our People and race since before many in the Racially Conscious Community were even born, skipping another case of beer, queer-Jew movie, or Nigger-Jew rag and making a small financial donation to help with his printing, mailing, or relocation costs would not be inappropriate or unwelcome.

America = Titanic. Take to the lifeboats now while the flag on the bow is still above water or wait until the one one on the stern touches the water. The choice is yours.

Heil Hitler,
Dr. von Weigert, NSWPP

P.S. I hope everyone celebrated April 20 weekend, Hitler's Birthday and the start of the First American Revolution, in a meaningful, productive, and appropriate manner.

Monday, April 22, 2002


Yes, yes, I know. But as far as I am concerned, this Jewess deserves "honorary Aryan" status. - HAC


Oracle At Jenin
by Jennifer Loewenstein
April 21, 2002

On Wednesday I left the wasteland of Gaza and came to East Jerusalem where it is easier to base oneself for traveling. For two days I stayed in the Jenin refugee camp, returning only late this evening. I know I will have to write about it soon in much greater detail than here, even though I know many people are doing this. The sorry truth is that it will not be nearly enough.

What I saw in the former Jenin refugee camp was the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my life. I will never be able to forget it, or the people whose stories I listened to, or the sounds and smells that accompanied a kind of destruction I didn't know was possible: I now know the smell of death and what it is like to realize that you are standing on top of rubble under which people lie buried, unrecognizable and in many cases unreachable. I now know what tank shells, ammunition rounds, and missiles look like after they've exploded in peoples' bedrooms, family rooms, and kitchens. I heard a loud explosion just after the first long, endlessly awful day in the camp, and saw a pitiful shack on the perimeter of the camp go up in flames – the family had left because a missile fired from an Apache helicopter had failed to detonate when it first came through the roof.

At the remnants of the refugee hospital inside the camp I watched as teams of workers with masks over their mouths and noses dug up bodies that had been buried in makeshift graves because they were not allowed to be taken out for proper burial during the seige. More bodies were brought in and laid out on the ground in white sheets and then loaded into trucks – bodies of people (men, women, and children) who died when their houses collapsed on them or who were executed while tied up, or run over by tanks in the streets as a "message" to the other inhabitants of the camp. I saw men and women sobbing in the arms of their families and friends after identifying yet another son, brother, father, or friend decomposing under the plastic and the sheets and the disinfectants now being desperately sprayed to cover up the stench.

Bulldozers plowed through the flattened ruins of an entire camp unearthing blankets, clothes, shoes, toys, books, schoolbags, mattresses, smashed furniture, spoons, forks, dishes, unrecognizable fragments of once intact homes. A woman wandering amid the ruins told me she had no idea where her house was; Another begged me to tell people to just give them bread and water so they could live – that's all they needed, she said. Bread and water. Please help.

At the Shifa Surgical Hospital just outside Jenin city, I asked if they were short of blood, oxygen, and other medical supplies. The head doctor there said no – they had plenty. Why? Because the ambulances and emergency medical teams sent from there to get the dead and wounded inside Jenin camp were not allowed inside – for twelve days.

13,000 people lived in the Jenin refugee camp. There are 3,000 people there now. Most fled to villages outside the camp and have nothing left to return to. This morning Israeli tanks fired rounds at people trying to return to their "homes" to see if there was anything left in the rubble of their former lives. They are not being allowed back. Hundreds of people are unaccounted for and more than one thousand have been arrested and taken to prison. Doctors, UN workers, human rights workers (such as from Medicins sans Frontiers and Save the Children) estimate that the Israeli assualt on the Jenin camp killed between three and six hundred people.

Don't believe what CNN and BBC, among other western news agencies, are telling you. Ask why there can be no investigation; why it must be called a "humanitarian tragedy" rather than a crime against humanity; why the EU has not imposed sanctions on Israel for its actions; why no international monitoring force is immediately leaving for the region; why Israeli political and military spokespeople are telling reporters that "only (sic) 45 people died" and that they were all armed "militants". Why no one challenges these comments or reminds these spokespeople that Israel conducted a massive military offensive against people who have the right to resist the occupation of their land.

If your blood doesn't run cold when US President George W. Bush calls Ariel Sharon a "man of peace" then you're getting nothing but lies packaged as news and information by a massive propaganda machine. Americans, you are paying for the dehumanization and destruction of an entire people. Jenin is only the most ominous and recent reminder of where Israel's 54 year old policies against the Palestinians are leading.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

APRIL 20th, 2002

Dear Harold,

Many thanks for today's e-mails, giving much food for thought. Selflessness and love of one's people are indeed the core of the National Socialist ideology. Adolf Hitler personified both these qualities, as you so forthrightly emphasise. It is on special days as this that we take a deep breath and calmly consider the very nature of our struggle, whether in America or the European heartland, and fully realise the enormity of the sacrifice made by Adolf Hitler and the German people.

As we witness the agony of the Palestinians in their present crisis, we are daily reminded of the nature of the Beast. It is unchanged. As National Socialists we hold unalterable facts and eternal truths in our minds. These can never be erased ... but are daily confirmed. The struggle goes on!

-Robert Edwards

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Adolf Hitler (1889-2017)

He was born into humble circumstances, the son of an obscure civil servant in a remote corner of a crumbling empire, yet his name resounds throughout the world to this day. He was rejected by the universities of his time for formal enrollment in art and in architecture, and yet he erected mighty buildings and monuments, and today a simple postcard that he drew in ink or charcoal fetches staggering sums at auction. He never achieved more than a public school education, yet he wrote a book which has outsold every other book in history except for the Bible. He fought as a front line soldier through all four years of the greatest war in history up to that time, never rising above the rank of corporal, but he won both of his country's highest decorations for bravery under fire and rose to command the mightiest armies on earth.

Almost unique in the history of his century, he was not a lawyer or an aristocrat or a man of inherited wealth and privilege, but a man who once earned his daily bread with the labor of his hands, and yet he conquered politics and rose to the leadership of the most brilliant and creative nation on earth. So that his people might travel across the land he loved quickly and cheaply, he created a simple and sturdy automobile still in use today, and a network of highways that still spans Germany. His game and forestry laws are still in force, and are praised by ecologists as a model of environmental protection. His economic program received the sincerest form of flattery from the loathsome Roosevelt, who stole it and copied it into the context of the American Depression as his own.

Every man who ever met him personally, even those who became his bitterest enemies, spoke of him forever afterwards with awe and admiration. His courtesy and his gallantry toward women were legendary. With his power and his prestige he could have had any woman he wanted, but the woman he chose as his life's partner, and who eventually died by his side, was a simple and humble daughter of the people.

He did not drink. He did not smoke. He was a lifelong lover of animals and children and was happiest in the company of toddlers rather than statesmen and soldiers, and no one ever overheard him use a profane word or tell a smutty joke. He lifted his people up from the mud of defeat and despair and alien domination, and he died trying to do the same for all of us.

To this day, his memory is kept green by the Aryan peoples of Germany and the world, even though it means prison, and in some countries death, to honor him or his legacy within the sight or hearing of the tyrant. He has been slandered, vilified, lied about, cursed, distorted, and damned every day since his death by the most powerful and evil tyranny mankind has ever known, and yet his name and his Symbol cannot be suppressed by force or by propaganda. As we begin this new Millennium, his book is read and his name is on more lips than ever before and his image and his strength fills the hearts of a whole new generation of young Aryan men and women. He is invincible and immortal, and Victory shall one day be his.

He holds out his hand to us all. He offers us his strength and his wisdom, at a time when we so badly need both. Let us keep him always in our hearts and our minds and our souls, until the day comes when once more we may speak his name aloud and raise on high the sacred Banner for which he and so many millions more lived and died.


Dear HC,

Greetings on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth. Hitler brought Germany out of the world-wide Great Depression while the Jewish-controlled nations lingered in poverty.

Contrary to the Jewish lies taught in American classrooms, the Jews pushed relentlessly for war against Germany. This Jewish demand for war was spelled out in "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" --a document the Jews insist is a forgery even though it predicted World War Two and our present Jewish-controlled world. The Jewish puppets running the governments of England, America and France obediently created a needless war against Germany and saved the evil Jewish tyranny in the Soviet Union.

Hitler was the greatest Aryan of the Twentieth century. He still has fanatical supporters fifty-seven years after his death. Mediocre criminals like Franklin Roosevelt are being exposed and/or forgotten with the passage of time while the greatness of Adolf Hitler will only increase as the truth wins out.

Heil Hitler!

by Scotty Earbend

--reprinted once more on the anniversary of our martyred Leader's Advent, in this Year of our Führer 113, from the April YF104 issue of Plexus, and published on the Net. Disseminate widely and freely.


One hundred and four years ago a saviour was born into this world. It was his imperative and his privilege to provide the necessary leadership, through his struggle, triumph, martyrdom, and spiritual heritage, to lead us through this present ugly Cusp of the Ages into the Space Age and the coming Racial State. Adolf Hitler was born of humble, middle class parents with a strong German work ethic and family values. He was a child of his times, but he was a citizen of the future. His vision spanned millennia.

Before I proceed, let me reassure my readers that this is not yet another of those flowery encomia generated annually by the would-be "Reichspropagandaministers" of the American Movement. Much as I respect and revere them, I cannot share in mere cant and goose-stepping.

I am an American and an American First. I love John Wayne movies as much as you do; but notwithstanding the foregoing, I am a National Socialist. National Socialism is as American as apple pie, and a lot less fattening. I never was and never will be a Neo-Nazi. My political faith, and the historical insight and acumen from which it derives, was never a shallow experience. I quaffed my inborn, free-thinking American thirst for truth at the wellsprings of the past and the fountains of the future: I read widely as a young man, and still continue to feast at the tables of giants. Thoreau, Emerson, Paine, Franklin, and the author of American liberty and polity, Thomas Jefferson. His brilliant disciples, John C. Calhoun and Jefferson Davis, were not ignored, despite the efforts of my teachers to "channel" my reading into their prefabricated and utterly bankrupt and bogus Weltanschaung.

I naturally expanded my reading through the British and French thinkers, then Aristotle and Plato, then of course Oswald Spengler, Thomas Carlyle, and Houston Stewart Chamberlain, to discover at last Schöpenhauer, Wagner, and Nietzche. When I found Mencken, the American genius journalist who penetrated the lies and popular myths of Christianity and democracy, I was in Valhalla! Finally I confronted that feared and iconoclastic tome, Mein Kampf.

I was still young, certainly well past the downy cheeks of adolescent naïveté, but still an optimist and a seeker of the Truth. I had been programmed by the culture distorters, the knights of the ink pot, and my high school pedagogues, to expect to find in this volume a "testament of hate," a "blueprint for genocide," a plan for destroying and colonizing America, my fatherland!

It took me a while to plow through Book One of Mein Kampf, because my teachers had left me utterly ignorant of German history and the Versailles Treaty that concluded the First Fratricidal War, WWI. When The Leader in his testament spoke of Germany's shame, his German audience knew of what he was speaking: shame like that of a mother who had been raped, the betrayal by the Weimar Marxist government of German soldiers and patriots, and the ignominous defeat and reparations that followed. Perhaps, after Vietnam, we Americans can understand in some small way the ignominy that German patriots like our Leader suffered. At the time just a soldier in the trenches, a mere corporal, Adolf Hitler vowed to deliver an empire from the ashes.

In college, I briefly enjoyed the mentorship of Professors Francis Graham Wilson and Revilo Pendleton Oliver. Oliver and I have since parted company, a friendship I both mourn and regret. The misunderstanding was his loss and it was on his part. Wilson was a brilliant political scientist, and a confidant of Francisco Franco. Oliver introduced me to the living and dead populists of the American Movement, including Father Coughlin, Huey Long, Gerald L.K. Smith Kenneth Goff, Colonel Lindbergh, Henry Ford, Conde McGinley, and that one-literatus of the Left who saw the Light, the American genius Lawrence Dennis.

Incidentally, I came to know Ken Goff quite well. He held the distinction of being the highest ranking member of the Communist Party USA to ever "turn American." Certainly other Reds quit the party but they remained socialists and symphathizers. Only Goff testified before the Martin Dies Committee on Un-American Activities and exposed the Jew control of the Communist Party. His former comrades threw him under a train; he lost a leg.

After all of ïthis, it was of course inevitable that I would discover Lincoln Rockwell and his infant movement.

Reading Mein Kampf, I did not find a blueprint for mass murder or colonization of the West. Instead I found the perhaps naïve belief that America and Britain would eventually ally themselves with Germany. Hitler wanted to create a continental empire to complement the oceanic British empire. He intended to deliver the Baltic and Soviet states from the chains of Communism and integrate them into a common market that would be the breadbasket of Europe, while providing "Living Room" to accommodate future generations. He spoke not of the "German Race" but of the "Germanic Race" and his Waffen SS reflected his Pan-Germanic vision. Men from every Aryan country including America fought in the Waffen SS for the Leader and for the 21st Century. They valiently died in the Alamo of the White Race which was WWII, the Second Fratricidal War.

After our hopes and dreams for a new world of freedom and prosperity were temporarily set back in 1945, the Churchill-Roosevelt-Stalin conspirators brought forth their canaille to feast on the blood of our heroes. Hitler's disciple, personal friend, and scribe, Rudolf Hess, was spared the noose only to suffer the "victors' justice" of the kangaroo "war crimes trials," the fabrication out of whole cloth of the "holocaust" by the butchers of Dresden. These lies left the West utterly in the thralldom of Bolshevik disinformation. Truly today, a "war criminal" is merely a patriot who fought for the side that lost.

That mystic Prisoner of Peace, Rudolf Hess, was truly a living martyr. With no regard to his own safety, he tried to end the war without the Leader's blessing by executing a solo flight to Scotland. For that he was held in bitter duress in solitary confinement for over four decades and then murdered, all because he was a witness and a party to the truth!

Moreover, an American attorney, Francis Parker Yockey, who was hired to participate in those "war crimes trials," also refused to cooperate in the democratic/Bolshevik Big Lie. He wrote an American sequel to Mein Kampf. Francis Parker Yockey was murdered for smuggling that book, IMPERIUM, into this country. Someone does not want you to know the truth.

That great American George Lincoln Rockwell in his historic Brown University speech said that in a tyranny, none dare criticize the tyrant. What group and groups are we discouraged from criticizing today by the hordes of the left. They call it Political Correctness. Their cry is, "We shall overcome 'cause we is the scum!"

Generations have passed, and still Americans are afraid to examine the facts. As long as we do not personally research the truth and challenge the lies of those who want to re-write history, Hitler's true vision for the 21st Century will not be realized. It is not my place to set forth the immense scholarship that has been presented by such groups as the Institute for Historical Review, but in Canada and other "democracies" today, patriots are in chains for challenging the Big Lie of the holocaust. You probably already have laws in your state or country against "hate crimes," meaning unorthodox opinions and speech. Excuse me, and these champions of free speech call us fascists?

* What does Adolf Hitler mean to 21st century America? He predicted that America would be the next battleground for the Race. Had he prevailed, we would be enjoying the Pax Germanica, a millennium of peace and prosperity.

* Under the Leadership of this hero, the inventor of the interstate highway system (Autobahn), the economy car (Volkswagen), and rocket science (the space program), today our lifestyle would be that of our wildest science fiction dreams. It was his rocket scientists who put America on the moon!

* Under Hitler there would be (THERE WILL BE!) no industrial pollution! Manufacturing will be conducted in zero gravity space. Solar power! There will be no need to further mine the Earth--the asteroids, the moon, and Mars are at our doorstep! Thanks to Werner von Braun and Hitler's other scientists, and their disciples, we already possess the technologies to mine, colonize, and exploit outer space, asteroids, moons, and planets. America would be there today if it were not for the huge debts and deficits created by subsidizing the population explosion of un-men.

Yes, we have the technology! American National Socialists need only to share with our co-racialists Hitler's Idea in order to break the guilt-conceived shackles of the "White Man's Burden." Our burden is ourselves. We are our only enemy, and our only friend. Have you ever met a black liberal? We must Bovercome and give birth to the Overman.

Let the meek inherit the earth! Our destiny is the heavens! With malice or hatred toward none but the traitors within our own people, we must champion the vision of Adolf Hitler to hasten the next evolutionary step of the White Race. In his poetic way, Nietzsche called it Godmanhood. The American pioneers called it Manifest Destiny. Whatever you call racial freedom and human progress, Hitler was its prophet, and his message now resonates in the hearts of Whitemen from sea to shining sea. One race, one dominion, one Leader! Today, the earth, tomorrow the heavens! Adolf Hitler, American Hero !!!

Hail Victory!

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

Thursday, April 18, 2002


Just a quick comment. I was nattering with someone on Instant Message last night and we got into the question of RCC financing, i.e. why there isn't any. It isn't that we don't have enough reasonably affluent people to finance an actual political movement, Northwest or NS or Southern Nationalist or any other kind. It's that we're cheap as New England undertakers sawing off corpses' ankles to make them fit in pre-fab coffins. Like so much else, it's not that we CAN'T do it, it's that we WON'T.

Anyway, I've already sent out "The Disgrace Of Movement Funding" several times, so I won't again unless someone wants a copy. Ditto I've already gone over the utopian Ten By One Thousand Plan umpteen times; that one never had a chance of flying. BUT...I got interested enough to do a little calculation, as regards my own e-list here.

I will not divulge the actual calculations I used lest I reveal the number of people on the list for the benefit of the NA's spies and the Office of Homeland Security's Carnivore box, but basically I started from the assumption that everyone on this list earns at least minimum wage. Then I knocked off X amount for kids who are still full time students, Y amount for the NA and SPLC and government spies, etc. Then I guesstimated how many retirees on fixed incomes I might have and how many reasonably affluent middle class types. Please understand that this is not an exact science and I do not claim it's highly accurate, but I think I'm in the ballpark here. I spent about an hour on this and it's very rough, mostly based on my knowledge of the way the Movement works and the kind of people we attract as hobbyists and readers. I assumed a certain split between affluent hobbyists hiding behind computers in suburbia and weird little losers crouching behind computers in their bedrooms in their parents' homes, etc. It all got very arcane and esoteric.

My guess is that the people on this, one of the smallest lists in the RCC, have in the aggregate a very approximate gross income of something on the order of fifteen to sixteen MILLION dollars.

Fifteen to sixteen MILLION dollars.

Now...what percentage of all that money, just from this one tiny group of people, do you think ends up going to the racial struggle? I don't mean me, I mean me and Duke and Pierce and Metzger and Matt Hale and Fields, the whole enchilada? How much, dollar-wise or percentage-wise, do you suppose the last gasping shreds of the Movement get out of that fifteen or sixteen mill every year?

And how much of those millions goes for beer? How much for cigarettes? How much for toys like huge $35,000 monster trucks and SUVs we don't need when a ten year-old Buick will get us from point A to point B? How much for Civil War Re-enactment costumes? How much for secret hoards of Third Reich memorabilia? How much on credit card debt?

We White people STILL control huge amounts of material wealth, more than enough to fire up a mighty engine that could cast ZOG down and change the world, if we so decided.

But we've decided to pop the top on a cold one instead.

Bye bye, White people. Bye bye, four thousand year-old culture and civilization. Hello, Camp of the Saints.

[email to: haroldcovington@hotmail.com]

Monday, April 15, 2002


We are told that the latest four Americans to die in Afghanistan were killed in an "ordnance accident" near Kandahar. Maybe. Then again, given this government's habit of consistently lowballing and concealing American combat casualties, most likely the Americans were killed in an Afghan ambush and the Pentagon is just plain lying about it, just like they concealed and lied about almost 1,000 battle casualties in 1991 during the Big Iraq Attack.

Attention lefty Democrat media sleazes: looking for a way in which to really embarrass that moron in the White House? Focus in on the lying and the concealment of United States military combat casualties during the Ninth Crusade. Track down the "missing" American dead. Last I heard the government admitted to 35 dead; the true figure, based on more reliable foreign news reports from the region, seems to be around 200 US dead and an unknown number captured. Military censorship of the actual sensitive operational areas is virtually total, but the truth still seeps out, bit by bit.

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Saturday, April 13, 2002


Before we get our knickers in a twist over the alleged "innocent victims" of Palestinian suicide bombers, let's review what's happening here.

The Jewish people have invaded and stolen an entire country from its original inhabitants. The land of Palestine does not belong to them,, except in the minds of gibbering, tub-thumping, messianic fundamentalist morons with nothing but pork fat between their ears. The Jews have no right to be there. Period. End of story. They are criminals, thugs, and looters.

The Palestinians understand that this is a RACE WAR. They are not fighting to overthrow a government, as vile as that government is. They are fighting to DRIVE OUT A RACE OF INVADERS.

ALL Jews, without exception, are invaders. They are living on land that they STOLE and to which they have no right.

If the Jews do not wish to be splattered all over the walls of coffee shops and onto the streets, then they have a viable option. They can pack their goddamned bags and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. So long as they continue to retain that which they have stolen, not to mention commit mass murder against the rightful owners of the land, they have no right to complain at all when the aforementioned rightful inhabitants of Palestine resist their crimes and their arrogance and their murder by any means available.

Quite simple, really. The Palestinians are right. The Jews are wrong, and it is dulce et decorum that they should suffer as a consequence of their own evil.


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Thursday, April 11, 2002


I recently received a critical e-mail, which I will not publish verbatim since apparently it gets the author "in trouble" with a certain set of rite-wing associates if he is known to correspond with The Horrible One.

I am not sure why the opinion of these people on me or any other subject should matter. One of them is a former Satanic rock band musician and promoter and the other is hiding in a foreign country, dodging a series of investigations into allegations that he gambled away thousands of his supporters' dollars. How, exactly, this entitles them to censure anyone escapes me. Anyhoo, gist of his criticism is:

CRITCISM 1) I keep saying the Internet is worthless. How are we to obtain "ten million active members" if not through the Internet?

No, I do not ever recall having said that the Internet was worthless. I have asserted, and still maintain, that for us the Internet is not working, which is not quite the same thing. The Internet is sterile. It produces nothing but more Internet. The Internet results in nothing whatsoever in terms of real-world occurrence. What makes me apparently unique in the RCC (Racially Conscious Community, which we need to begin using instead of the deceptive and inaccurate term "Movement") is that I believe we need to be aiming for actual, physical change on the ground. In other words, we need to be DOING things instead of SAYING things. I am not quite sure why this concept eludes almost everyone else, but apparently it does.

The second answer to that is that I no longer seek or expect "members". I am only concerned with people now, people of my own race, not how they are labeled. I am now using the Northwest Imperative idea to identify, motivate, and assist the tiny minority of racially conscious Whites who feel sufficiently strongly about their beliefs to commit an actual, physical act involving a fair amount of personal inconvenience, i.e. to move where they are needed. There are no membership applications or cards involved. Your Northwest Movement membership card is your zip code.

One of the many backwards-looking illusions we need to discard is the idea that we are ever going to get any significant number of late 20th-century Americans to act like 1930s Europeans, and that includes becoming "members" of any organization which is not approved by Dan Rather and/or Pat Robertson or otherwise given the hechser of the Establishment. Since the 1950s Klan our efforts at getting "members" in any meaningful numbers have been pathetic beyond belief. There is something deeply and tragically deluded with a "movement" that considers a so-called demonstration of 25 people bused in from five states to be a success.

The Great Man Himself boasts of his mighty "organization". The reality is that he has sufficient scratch from whatever mysterious source he gets it from to employ a few sycophants as secretaries and gofers out on his retirement estate. He also pays about half a dozen people around the country a salary as "organizers", for which they occasionally go out in the wee hours of the morning and throw leaflets on people's lawns and generate the odd newspaper clipping to assist in Pierce's fund-raising efforts. ("See! Lookee! The Establishment actually acknowledged our existence! We de MAN!")

[Sigh....] I suppose that if one insists, one could call the National Alliance an organization. Sort of. As far as actual signed on "members" of the National Alliance, there have never been more than three or four hundred at any given time, with 200 being about average. After major events like the OKC bombing and September 11th, a big chunk of Pierce's "members" run for the tall grass in a panicky stampede. About once a year the NA really puts on the dog and manages to get a couple of hundred people into a motel banquet room, of whom about 25% are almost certainly police informants and undercover reporters and of whom a second 25% are pretty much non compos mentis. The average wedding reception gets more people than an NA gathering. Thirty years on and this is the best Pierce can do, with all his resources. I can think of no more resounding refutation of the whole idea of formal membership organizations.

Most RCC old hands have become very leery...and rightly so...of anything that resembles an application form. These forms have a bad habit of turning up in the wrong hands. My last attempt at forming an actual organization died a-borning, although with my usual stubbornness I refused to acknowledge the fact for two years. People simply are not interested in becoming "members" of anything.

I am no longer, and will never again attempt to be, a Fearless Leader. I will no longer attempt to deal with the morally and mentally inferior people who inhabit this odd little world of ours, at least not in the sense of expecting them or exhorting them to DO anything. They have made it clear that they're simply not interested in anything entailing the kind of effort and risk necessary to bring about change, and after 30 years I'm not going to ask that of them anymore. I'm a slow learner, but eventually even a dummy like me can get the message. There will be no more "orgs" and no more membership applications.

CRITCISM 2) This is the common accusation that I am consistently "negative".

No, I am not negative. I am truthful. The accusation that I am "negative" arises because the truths I speak are those which most of the Racially Conscious Community desperately, furiously does not wish to hear, and which they will go to almost any lengths to avoid confronting.

Racially aware Whites are desperate for some kind of illusion, some Man on a White Horse, anything that will give them that vital Feelgood Factor without forcing them into risk, inconvenience, and difficult moral choices. They crave to know that somewhere out there in the mists is this big, huge, powerful, mostly secret organization that is working feverishly behind the scenes preparing revolution and one day it will all just kind of HAPPEN, and they can watch it all on TV while joyously crunching nachos and swilling beer.

My "negativity" consists of refusing to provide our people with that illusion. Our Nude Emperors make their living by being "positive", by conveying the false impression that they have solutions and will implement them one day when "the balloon goes up" or whatever. I'm sorry, guys, like I've said before. I am no longer in the entertainment industry.

Two thousand years ago Marcus Aurelius summed up the basis of all Western, Aryan morality in two sentences. "If it is not right, do not do it. If it is not true, do not say it." I will not lie by omission. I will not commit an act of deception by pretending that the situation of our race and our civilization is anything less than desperate and dangerous. I will not try to pretend that our current leadership are anything but fools and incompetents and thieves, and that rejecting them is not of primary importance to our racial survival. I will not look the other way and pretend that I do not see the mountain of evidence suggesting that William L. Pierce, to borrow a Clintonian phrase, has "an inappropriate relationship" with Federal law enforcement. I will not pretend that there is any hope at all for our racial survival other than an armed revolution commanded by a vibrant and ruthless political movement of real Aryan men. I will not pretend that there is any hope whatsoever that such a movement will arise from anything now existing in this country. I will not pretend that there is any choice for us other than to begin the long, incredibily difficult, heartbreaking task of BUILDING A BASE in the Homeland that destiny has appointed for us.

The others offer you comforting words, nigga nigga nigga and a wide selection of books and tapes and toys for your entertainment. I offer you nothing but a future of hard work, voluntary poverty, uncompromising truth, and eventually danger when the Establishment notices events in the Northwest. Yeah, I suppose that is "negative" in a way.

From now on I will fulfill my racial duty by being an advocate and by fighting for ideas, or rather one specific idea, the Northwest Imperative. I can only hope and pray that the human equation will eventually change and that a new generation of White youth will finally understand what I have never been able to get my own generation to understand. But there is little to be gained for me or for the race by my sitting here churning out reams of news commentary that produces no change on the ground. There is much to be gained, at least potentially, if I will continue without fear or favor to address those issues of character, strategy, and honest self-examination the neglect of which has condemned us the the political wasteland.

This has always been my duty station...to see what others pretend they do not see, and to say what others will not say lest it disturb some illusory, non-existent "White unity". We neither need nor desire unity with idiots, swindlers, or Federal informants. We have had enough lies, enough illusions. My duty station has always been to stand upon the mountaintop and call upon the remaining few racially conscious Whites to repent of their folly and get their act together.

I have now assumed another duty station, virtually the only genuinely "positive" one still remaining, and that is to act as an advocate for a free, independent and sovereign Aryan nation in the Pacific Northwest which will serve as a Homeland for all our people, the world over. Like the earlier one, I have taken on this task by default, because no one else will. The consensus now, among the remains of the RCC, is that it is all over. Yes, that's what we think. We're (most of us) old and tired and dispirited and we've thrown in the towel, even if we do occasionally go through the old motions out of nostalgia.

I say that it is NOT over. I say that it's just beginning. It's beginning in the Northwest, and it is time for us to quit screwing around and get on with it. I say it is time for us to stop talking and start doing.

You don't get much more positive than that.

[email to: haroldcovington@hotmail.com]

Wednesday, April 10, 2002


I have gotten a few queries as to why this weblog has not been updated for the past week. Only a few queries, which indicates to me that after an initial short spate of interest, the so-called "Movement" has once more wandered off in search of more diverting entertainment. Surprise, surprise.

I am once more confronting the same problem I have always had with news commentary as an alleged form of Movement "activity." In point of fact, it's nothing of the kind. It is a form of what someone once referred to as "masterly inactivity", a smoke-and-mirrors technique in which the racial right appears to be fulfilling some kind of worthwhile function, but in fact does not. News commentary is one of our most long-standing and facile forms of wheel-spinning. We verbalize our problems rather than solve them, thus generating a risk-free Feelgood Factor, which is the only reason most of us are involved in this silliness at all.

News commentary is the swill with which almost all of our so-called "leaders" slop their livestock. News commentary gives the Nude Emperors a chance to be witty and debonair and show off their vocabulary and intellectual accomplishments, if any, while there is no corresponding danger of their rocking the boat to the point where they'll seriously piss off anybody in the Establishment and thereby put themselves in harm's way. News commentary is cheap, especially on the Internet. News commentary can filll reams and reams of paper in a printed newsletter, not requiring a self-proclaimed Man of Aryan Destiny to come up with a single new idea. With a little background reading he can regurgitate "mainstream" conservative opinion with a slightly racial spin, and claim it for his own. Above all, news commentary fulfills the one requirement which is essential to all Fearless Leaders: it is risk free.

All that is necessary to be a rite-wing "commentator" is a certain rudimentary ability to grasp and to state the OBVIOUS. For example, the only thing that really needs to be said about current events in the Middle East is that Jews are evil and we hope the Palestinians can succeed in killing them all or driving the invading kikes out of their land. Why need we say any more than that? Why elaborate on the theme endlessly in page after page of verbiage while Palestinian children lie dead in the streets of Jenin with American-made bullets in their shattered bodies? Since we clearly have no intention of giving the Palestinians any practical assistance, why should we emphasize our craven crapulence with long, flowery oratorical variations on the theme? For Christ's sake, let's at least be a little discreet about what cowardly buffoons we are! Let's at least have the decency to stand back and hang our heads in a respectful, humble silence while these brave people, who are everything we once were but no longer are, get on with the job at hand.

Indeed, there are Fearless Leaders of ours who have based long and lucrative careers on nothing but news commentary, never coming up with a single original thought in 30 years in the newsletter business. A certain Great Man who thinks Great Thoughts (however clouded these days) on an estate of rolling acres not unadjacent to West Virginia comes to mind.

The only thing safer and more predictable than news commentary on the rite wing is the long, melodramatic diatribe of "They Done Be Doin' Us Wrong!" variety. In other words, we state and re-state the PROBLEM for the umpteen billionth time. I published one of these a while back in my own bulletin because I found it to be a superior specimen of the genre. You can read one of these "Oh, Look At What They're Doing Now!" rants from 20 years ago, 30 years ago, and it will be virtually indistinguishable from one written yesterday.

Needless to say, these philippics are always utterly devoid of anything remotely resembling a serious suggestion as to how we are to change the world we live in. (As to the softest whisper of the words "armed struggle"...well, I once heard one of these so-called "racist" leadership frauds literally scream in terror when a speaker at a meeting brought up that most taboo of topics.)

I have simply not found it necessary to add my voice to the chorus of excellent writing done by so many on the current situation in the Middle East and the Ninth Crusade. It's all being said, and much better than I could, by people outside this ridiculous, pathetic and utterly useless "Movement" of ours, whose saving grace is that they make no pretence at being activists or revolutionaries of any kind. I highly recommend that all of you become religious readers of


From there you can assemble your own list of anti-Crusade and pro-Palestinian sources. You can get better writing, original source material, and without the constant, absurd and disgusting pretence you get from the "Movement" that someday, when we get around to fitting it into our busy schedules, we are actually going to DO something about this horror. The liberals have their dolphin-free tuna; we need to start cultivating hypocrisy-free racial and political entertainment.



I seem to have inserted the "Hog Swill" article twice. Appy olly loggies.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002


By the by, the existing so-called "Movement" is completely corrupt, completely incompetent, and dumb as a bag of hammers. That's why I have nothing more to do with it. I have wasted 30 years of my life on these idiots. From now on, no more people for me. Ideas only. Ideas can't stab you in the back and try to sell one to the Feds in order to save their own worthless skins. Ideas can't gamble away supporters' money on riverboats or the stock market. Ideas don't set up pornographic homosexual websites to smear critics of a certain Great Guru. Ideas can actually uplift and empower our people, whereas our so-called "leaders" depress, demoralize, betray and disgrace us.

If you are involved with any so-called "White organization"...DUMP IT, now. Save your dues money for your move to the Northwest Homeland.