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Guys, I will endeavor not to fall into the habit of doing nothing but re-posting old stuff on this weblog, but there are some things that need to be reiterated at regular intervals to make sure we don't lose sight of very important concepts.

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January 2nd, 2000


It is no coincidence that in almost all of the interminable "Man of the Millennium" contests which occurred within the media during the run up to Y2K (or "Person of the Year" for the more Politically Correct media), the one man who almost invariably came first was one of those dreaded Dead White European Males---Johannes Gutenburg of Germany, who circa 1450 or so invented the printing press. Or, to be more accurate, he invented the printing press with movable type; woodcuts and crude printing techniques had been known for several centuries prior to the fifteenth.

As even our Politically Correct lords and masters have been compelled to acknowledge, this Dead White Male made the modern world possible, by making world events and ideas accessible through cheap and widespread printed literature. Within a few decades of Gutenberg's invention we had not only a flood of new and re-printed books, but the first tabloid press in the form of "broadsides" recounting everything from the latest smear against Martin Luther by the Catholic Church and Luther's counter-smears against the Church, to the bloodthirsty adventures of Vlad Tepes, the real life Dracula of Wallachia. One imagines these broadside sheets being hawked in the marketplace rather like the National Inquirer and the Sun are today.

Now we have a new means of communication which threatens to supercede the printed word: the personal computer and the Internet. What we laughingly refer to as "The Movement" has taken to the computer like a duck to water. For the first time, it would appear as if we have something like a level playing field as far as access to mass audiences goes. We have constructed hundreds of absolutely beautiful racial web sites, many of them with all kinds of bells and whistles and little dancing niggers, etc. We have accumulated huge e-lists of ostensible "comrades", whom it would be prohibitively expensive to service by regular mail in the old manner. Last year we even had a virtual Nazi Party in the form of Andrew Greenbaum's "Knights of Freedom".

Above all, once the initial investment is made in the equipment itself, the computer allows us to transmit our information and propaganda more or less for free, or for only $19.95 per month until some Jew attorney writes a threatening letter to our ISP---and when one ISP cancels there are over four thousand more to choose from.

The Jews are very clearly worried about the Internet. They do not like the idea of White people communicating with one another directly, without the intervening filter of the Jewish owned and controlled media. The Jews have spent many years constructing a society where communication of ideas and information is a vertical process, usually from the top down, with occasional feedback from the bottom up to examine the results of the mind control programs and thought patterns imposed on White people. Now all of a sudden there is horizontal or lateral communication going on, directly from White person to White person, who are exchanging ideas rather than receiving them from above. This has knocked Yehudi's media monopoly into the waste basket, he knows it, and he doesn't like it one bit.

Kudos to the computer and the Internet! They are a tremendous breakthrough and we have done some very good things with the computer. However, I am afraid I must now do what Harold does best---rain on the parade.

The fact is that from our political and racial point of view there are several extremely serious problems with the computer and the Internet. I have mentioned some of these in the past, but let me enumerate them yet again, because they are important. First and foremost we must remember that computers are indeed the greatest thing since sliced bread---when they work. Always, always keep that proviso in mind----when they work!

Over the past year, I alone have experienced many weeks of down time. Some of this has been due to enemy harassment of various kinds, because computers are vulnerable to attack in ways that the printed newsletter is not. Websites can be hacked and destroyed, ISPs strong-armed by attorneys' letters into canceling accounts, etc. Computers are very susceptible to theft and vandalism, being attractive items for your average monkoid burglar. Phone lines mysteriously go on the fritz, as happened to me in July in Texarkana, or phone lines take weeks to get installed. Hard drives crash or will not boot up; Windows and other system software crashes at the drop of a hat. locking screens and freezing mice; modem settings go wonky and won't connect to the Internet; ISP servers crash; monitors start bleeding psychedelic colors all over the screen. For the first time this year I picked up a virus and unfortunately transmitted to it some of you; luckily, it was the relatively benign "Happy" virus. [2002 addendum: I have since picked up several more viruses, including Anna Kournikova and BadTrans. - HAC]

Computers are high-strung, temperamental beasts and there are a dozen ways they can go crashing to the ground that are not applicable to the printed newsletter or periodical. That's the first objection to basing our revolution on the computer: it is a high-tech piece of equipment that has high-tech problems and needs high-tech skills to keep running. It is true that we can send out or post a massive amount of material for free, but when something bad does go wrong it requires a lump sum of mucho shekels to fix. Ask me; I just had to buy a new hard drive and new systemsoftware a while back.

There is another, more serious angle to this objection of "when they work", which is that the use of the computer almost always entails one or more third-party, non-Movement hands on the plug. One of the reasons I have always been so obsessive about things like owning our own equipment, our own premises, etc. is because experience teaches that it is entirely too risky to have third-Party, non-NS, non-racialist hands on our plugs and on our rugs. When the heat comes on, the plug gets pulled and the rug gets pulled out from under us. Computers have too many non-racist hands on the plug---the Internet Service Provider and the phone company, specifically.

The computer is dependent on someone else's facilities to function, at all times. This problem may be partially solved by acquiring our own servers, if ever we are able to convince enough people to support the Movement with something other than words, and through the use of cable modems---but then the cable company has their hand on the plug. There is always someone who can cut us off at the knees if ZOG gets serious about wanting to silence dissent, and then all those beautiful web pages will be useless, because no one can see them. Censorship is much more difficult with the printed medium; I myself stayed in touch with our contact list and kept us together for almost six months earlier this year, solely through print.

Then there is the moral effect that the use of the computer has on the White male, and that is not a beneficial one. The White male has, in essence, been given a moral escape route through the computer. He now has a way that he can claim to be "doing his bit" for the racial struggle without actually incurring any personal risk or inconvenience, and he is making the most of it. With the personal computer, the White male interacts with a machine, rather than with actual human beings. He does this from a physically seated position, often with a bowl of unhealthy nachos and a cold beer by his side. He literally is not required by the computer to get up off his ass.

Leaflet distribution, the last vestige of physical activity that the Movement now engages in at all, at least demands that the White male stand erect, physically. It calls for him to go out of doors. into the real world beyond his room or his den, out into the street where real people live and function. Leaflet distribution requires at least some element of prior planning and thought; the Internet, like television, numbs the White man's mind through casual electronic images found while randomly and aimlessly "surfing". Leaflet distribution holds at least the possibility of actual confrontation with a non-White or a brainwashed White, at least some minimal risk that the White male might actually have to fight someone.

Needless to say, now we have the computer, leaflet distribution is almost a dead art. The White man has been given a way to salve his conscience, to pretend to himself and to others that he is a big, bad revolutionary, but without going out into uncomfortable weather or taking any risk, safely and anonymously---and he has jumped at it with both feet.

The White Internet produces nothing but more Internet. Actual, real-world results of Aryan racialist Internet activity have been almost nil. Someone reads a really good racialist web site and is inspired---to build another web site. It is true that these web sites are valuable in that when others can find them, they can be introduced to our ideas, but this gets back to that one nagging question that old Harold keeps constantly asking you folks: to what end are we doing all this? Are we creating web sites for the purpose of entertainment? So that those who read them will build more web sites?

I insist that our whole reason for being is, and must be, to change the world we live in. Judged by that standard, the White Internet is a flop. To the best of my knowledge, not one single act of interracial sex, interracial crime or murder, buggery, theft, corruption, or Jewish perversion of our culture has been stopped by the Internet. The closest thing we have to a success is that the Internet prevented the Bill Clinton scandals from being swept under the rug---but that was Matt Drudge and Carl Limbacher and a few others, not us.

Finally, there is the near certainty that within a few years' time, some way is going to be found by the power structure to force White nationalists and anyone to the right of center off the Internet, and that includes Drudge and others who have used the Net to embarrass the Clintons and the liberals. My guess is that they will start by imposing some kind of financial restriction to price the Net out of the reach of the poor. I know this five cents per e-mail story that keeps floating around is supposed to be a hoax, but is it a hoax or a trial balloon? At even five cents per e-mail, that's NSNet gone right there. This article alone would cost me almost what the first issue of Invictus cost to produce and mail.

Or else there will be put in place new legal mechanisms for "civil liability" if a minor downloads something racial off a web site, liability laws allowing the providers to be victimized by abusive civil litigation as well as dissidents. Look at what is now being done to the gun and tobacco industries. How many lawsuits against Earthlink or Mindspring will be necessary before the whole ISP industry panics and starts banning politically incorrect speech from the Web wholesale? There will probably some kind of semi-official "Board of Standards" that "rates" the content of Internet speech like movies and anything with an "X" political rating cam be the subject of a lawsuit if a minor reads it, thus forcing both authors and providers to fall back on a password system. This is already being done with some sites by some providers, and it eliminates the factor of world-wide public access to our ideas which has made the Internet the great weapon that it is. [2002 addendum: we are seeing this process begin since 9/11. The Federal government has pulled down over 1,000 web sites of an anti-Israel nature and Europeans are now being routinesly sent to prison for "Internet hate" using servers located in the United States. - HAC]

Don't throw away those mimeograph machines in your garages yet, guys. There is every possibility that within the forseeable future we are all going to be forced to turn back the clock and do it "the old fashioned way".

Harold A. Covington

[email to: haroldcovington@hotmail.com]

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