Monday, April 15, 2002


We are told that the latest four Americans to die in Afghanistan were killed in an "ordnance accident" near Kandahar. Maybe. Then again, given this government's habit of consistently lowballing and concealing American combat casualties, most likely the Americans were killed in an Afghan ambush and the Pentagon is just plain lying about it, just like they concealed and lied about almost 1,000 battle casualties in 1991 during the Big Iraq Attack.

Attention lefty Democrat media sleazes: looking for a way in which to really embarrass that moron in the White House? Focus in on the lying and the concealment of United States military combat casualties during the Ninth Crusade. Track down the "missing" American dead. Last I heard the government admitted to 35 dead; the true figure, based on more reliable foreign news reports from the region, seems to be around 200 US dead and an unknown number captured. Military censorship of the actual sensitive operational areas is virtually total, but the truth still seeps out, bit by bit.

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