Monday, April 29, 2002


The fundamental practical and immediate aim of National Socialism is to create an Aryan homeland - for Aryans only - where Aryans can live freely, express their unique cultural identity and live according to those principles of natural justice which alone can ensure the health and vitality of Aryan individuals and Aryan folk-communities.

National Socialism does not preach or teach any kind of 'racial hatred'. It simply states the reality of Nature: that different races have different abilities and different needs. These different abilities - given by Nature and result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution - cannot be changed by social programmes, by political dogma or by enforcing dictatorial policies of racial integration which effectively undermine and destroy Aryan identity and Aryan culture. National-Socialism desires the creation of an Aryan homeland because it affirms that any other way of life is unhealthy, unproductive, against Nature and leads to and encourages disharmony, strife and chaos.

The reality of National Socialism - as distinct from the lies about National Socialism ceaselessly propagated by its enemies - is that it is concerned primarily with the welfare and future of Aryans, and does not desire other races to be or become 'second-class' citizens or slaves in a future National Socialist nation. Rather, it desires the complete geographical separation of Aryans from all non-Aryans as the only means of creating a civilized, harmonious way of life for Aryans. Neither does or would National Socialism encourage the 'genocide' of other races - that is a lie (like the lie of the 'Holocaust') ceaselessly spread by our enemies in order to discredit National Socialism and in order to brainwash Aryans into accepting anti-Aryan, and anti-evolutionary, policies of racial integration. Instead, in its relationship with other races, a National Socialist society - once established and secure - would encourage those other races to become aware of their own racial identity and uniqueness, so enabling them to create their own ethnic states dedicated to the well-being and advancement of those other races.

The present-day opponents of National Socialism are not other races, but those people, political parties, interest groups or governments that seek to undermine Aryan identity and Aryan culture by pursuing social and political policies detrimental to Aryans. The enemies of National Socialism are those who oppose the creation of an Aryan homeland, and those who oppose the racial principles and ideals of National Socialism.

Since National Socialism is an expression of the nobility of the Aryan, it represents all that is best, and thus civilized, about the Aryan. National-Socialism is a conscious affirmation of those values which are central to civilized conduct - honour, loyalty and duty.National Socialism is also an expression of what it is to be human - it expresses the essence of our humanity, of how we came to be 'thinking-beings' [the evolution of races] and what is necessary for this evolutionary development to be preserved and extended. These things are race, and racial character as evident in the individuals of a particular race.

Fundamentally, National Socialism seeks to create an Aryan homeland and within that homeland the right social, political and spiritual conditions to enable civilized individuals to flourish. National Socialism seeks to encourage civilized conduct as it seeks to create a civilized way of life for Aryans. Accordingly, National Socialists champion and represent that noble idealism which is essential to civilization.

The primary concern of National Socialism is the Aryan - with creating a better future for Aryans. National Socialists are motivated by a genuine concern for their own people, their own heritage and culture. They wish to make their noble idealism real. They wish to inspire other Aryans with this noble idealism. This a positive, healthy and civilized.

National Socialism desires the Aryan to fulfill that unique destiny which National Socialism believes has been given to the Aryan by Nature.

This destiny - essentially the creation of a galactic empire - involves the Aryan and only the Aryan. It does not require the subservience of other races, or their destruction. It requires the creation, by Aryans, of an Aryan homeland and then the creation of a truly Aryan way of living and thus the emergence of a new civilization greater than any existing hitherto.

The immediate aim of National Socialism is to make real, for the majority of Aryans, the goodness, the nobility, the hopes and aspirations which we Aryans hold in our hearts. Whatever our enemies may say - whatever their propaganda may express - this is the simple truth about National Socialism which they, for their own evil ends, are trying so hard, so brutally and so hatefully to suppress.


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