Wednesday, April 10, 2002


I have gotten a few queries as to why this weblog has not been updated for the past week. Only a few queries, which indicates to me that after an initial short spate of interest, the so-called "Movement" has once more wandered off in search of more diverting entertainment. Surprise, surprise.

I am once more confronting the same problem I have always had with news commentary as an alleged form of Movement "activity." In point of fact, it's nothing of the kind. It is a form of what someone once referred to as "masterly inactivity", a smoke-and-mirrors technique in which the racial right appears to be fulfilling some kind of worthwhile function, but in fact does not. News commentary is one of our most long-standing and facile forms of wheel-spinning. We verbalize our problems rather than solve them, thus generating a risk-free Feelgood Factor, which is the only reason most of us are involved in this silliness at all.

News commentary is the swill with which almost all of our so-called "leaders" slop their livestock. News commentary gives the Nude Emperors a chance to be witty and debonair and show off their vocabulary and intellectual accomplishments, if any, while there is no corresponding danger of their rocking the boat to the point where they'll seriously piss off anybody in the Establishment and thereby put themselves in harm's way. News commentary is cheap, especially on the Internet. News commentary can filll reams and reams of paper in a printed newsletter, not requiring a self-proclaimed Man of Aryan Destiny to come up with a single new idea. With a little background reading he can regurgitate "mainstream" conservative opinion with a slightly racial spin, and claim it for his own. Above all, news commentary fulfills the one requirement which is essential to all Fearless Leaders: it is risk free.

All that is necessary to be a rite-wing "commentator" is a certain rudimentary ability to grasp and to state the OBVIOUS. For example, the only thing that really needs to be said about current events in the Middle East is that Jews are evil and we hope the Palestinians can succeed in killing them all or driving the invading kikes out of their land. Why need we say any more than that? Why elaborate on the theme endlessly in page after page of verbiage while Palestinian children lie dead in the streets of Jenin with American-made bullets in their shattered bodies? Since we clearly have no intention of giving the Palestinians any practical assistance, why should we emphasize our craven crapulence with long, flowery oratorical variations on the theme? For Christ's sake, let's at least be a little discreet about what cowardly buffoons we are! Let's at least have the decency to stand back and hang our heads in a respectful, humble silence while these brave people, who are everything we once were but no longer are, get on with the job at hand.

Indeed, there are Fearless Leaders of ours who have based long and lucrative careers on nothing but news commentary, never coming up with a single original thought in 30 years in the newsletter business. A certain Great Man who thinks Great Thoughts (however clouded these days) on an estate of rolling acres not unadjacent to West Virginia comes to mind.

The only thing safer and more predictable than news commentary on the rite wing is the long, melodramatic diatribe of "They Done Be Doin' Us Wrong!" variety. In other words, we state and re-state the PROBLEM for the umpteen billionth time. I published one of these a while back in my own bulletin because I found it to be a superior specimen of the genre. You can read one of these "Oh, Look At What They're Doing Now!" rants from 20 years ago, 30 years ago, and it will be virtually indistinguishable from one written yesterday.

Needless to say, these philippics are always utterly devoid of anything remotely resembling a serious suggestion as to how we are to change the world we live in. (As to the softest whisper of the words "armed struggle"...well, I once heard one of these so-called "racist" leadership frauds literally scream in terror when a speaker at a meeting brought up that most taboo of topics.)

I have simply not found it necessary to add my voice to the chorus of excellent writing done by so many on the current situation in the Middle East and the Ninth Crusade. It's all being said, and much better than I could, by people outside this ridiculous, pathetic and utterly useless "Movement" of ours, whose saving grace is that they make no pretence at being activists or revolutionaries of any kind. I highly recommend that all of you become religious readers of

From there you can assemble your own list of anti-Crusade and pro-Palestinian sources. You can get better writing, original source material, and without the constant, absurd and disgusting pretence you get from the "Movement" that someday, when we get around to fitting it into our busy schedules, we are actually going to DO something about this horror. The liberals have their dolphin-free tuna; we need to start cultivating hypocrisy-free racial and political entertainment.


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