Sunday, April 21, 2002

APRIL 20th, 2002

Dear Harold,

Many thanks for today's e-mails, giving much food for thought. Selflessness and love of one's people are indeed the core of the National Socialist ideology. Adolf Hitler personified both these qualities, as you so forthrightly emphasise. It is on special days as this that we take a deep breath and calmly consider the very nature of our struggle, whether in America or the European heartland, and fully realise the enormity of the sacrifice made by Adolf Hitler and the German people.

As we witness the agony of the Palestinians in their present crisis, we are daily reminded of the nature of the Beast. It is unchanged. As National Socialists we hold unalterable facts and eternal truths in our minds. These can never be erased ... but are daily confirmed. The struggle goes on!

-Robert Edwards

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