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Thoughts on Le Pen: 4/22/02
By MX Rienzi

from http://www.legioneuropa.org

I am sure that by the time all of you read this, you would have already heard about Mr. Le Pen's stunning success in the first round of French Presidential elections. Although he will assuredly lose the final election, due to the disgusting alliance between French leftists and conservatives, this whole issue requires some brief commentary.

Thus, a few of my thoughts:

1. The use of politics. We will not achieve our aims through the electoral process, that much is sure. However, to go in the opposite direction, and totally eschew participation in politics, is self-destructively short-sighted. Ultimately, racial nationalism needs to be involved in the political arena. To some extent, this is already the case in Europe, although the phenomenon of White-European racial politics in Europe needs to grow exponentially. However in America, Euro-Americans are totally bereft of any political candidates, at whatever level, who make even the slightest attempt to represent their interests.

Why is political participation important? Why do this if it will not be the ultimate solution to our problems? The answer is this: even if none of our candidates ever wins an election, the mere fact of their running will be beneficial to our cause. Political participation will be a boon for propaganda, recruitment, organization, and infiltration of the "system." (1) In addition, if done skillfully and intelligently, it can help serve to "legitimize" our views to the public, presenting our ideals in the more familiar format of the electoral system. (2) Of course, if any pro-Euro candidate does win, even at a very low level, that will be an immense morale booster, a further impetus for propaganda and recruitment, and a further legitimization of our ideals to a public which, like the French, are beginning to become cynical over the lack of choice, especially in the American political scene.

2. The uselessness of conservatives. Any of us with an ounce of intelligence, and a working pair of eyes and ears, should have already been long aware that so-called "conservatives" (of various stripes) are absolutely useless for our cause. In fact, they will denounce us in a second, and make common cause with our (and their) enemies, in order to escape the "horror" of being identified with "racist, fascist, Nazis" such as us. France is a good case in point. The conservative Chirac and all his "good, solid, wave-the-flag, capitalism forever" supporters are ever-so-eager to ally themselves with socialists, communists, and radical leftists of every sort, in order to defeat the dreaded Le Pen. If Le Pen finished third, and if the final election was to be Chirac vs. Jospin, would Chirac ever have considered an alliance with Le Pen, in order to defeat the socialists and communists? Not a chance! What? Ally himself with someone actually pro-French? Anti-immigration? Horrors! "Better" for the French conservatives to join hands with Negro communists, Arab radicals, French socialists and Trotskyites, than to ever consider the "blasphemy" of even THINKING of talking to Mr. Le Pen. My friends: conservatism is a disease. Conservatives are cowards. Conservatives will NEVER support our cause. They will ALWAYS denounce us and betray us in order to get thrown some scraps from the table of our globalist masters. Conservatives are useless. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!

3. The "European Union (EU)". Well, the EU reaction was as swift as it was predictable. EU Commissioner Neil Kinnock was quoted as saying that the outcome of this pre-election - a completely free and open vote in a so-called "western democracy" - caused him to be "astounded and horrified" and that the result "throws a great dirty rock into the European political pool." (3) Well then, how about that? French voters exercising their franchise is "horrifying." The result of a free election is "a great dirty rock." Yes, indeed, Mr. Kinnock, it is certainly "astounding" when people do not vote the way the EU wants them to vote, no? How dare they! The insolence of those voters! Why, didn't they know that Mr. Le Pen should not have received one single vote! Horrors! Astounding! Why, these French, maybe they deserve some EU sanctions for their lack of decorum! Why doesn't the EU just announce in advance what they want the results of every election to be, and recruit "United Nations peacekeepers" to accompany Europeans to the polls, and make sure, at gunpoint, that the poor, benighted, "people" vote the way they are supposed to?

4. French hysterics. No sooner did the results come than the protests started. The French left, and their colored pets, took to the streets. (4) They are now "ashamed to be French", don't you know. Well, not to worry, if they get their way, in some time in the future, there will be no Frenchmen left, so there will be nothing to be ashamed of! And of course, as we have mentioned in point #2, the whole of the "establishment" ("right-thinking", blah, blah, blah) French political spectrum (which includes communists, but not, of course, a nationalist like Le Pen) is banding together to defeat the heathen Le Pen. From their reaction one would think that Le Pen was a vicious French-hating monster, rather than a man motivated by a love for the French people.

5. Le Pen's "crime." Why all this hostility toward Le Pen? Why have the newspapers of Europe and America started screaming? Why the protests and "shame?" Why the union of Trotskyites and conservatives? What has Le Pen done that is so horrible? Le Pen's crime is this: He is a French nationalist. He recognizes that the French people - his people, the indigenous inhabitants of France, the RIGHTFUL owners of France - are threatened. They are threatened by alien immigration, by crime, by multiculturalism, by globalism, by the EU, by all the vicious and anti-Western forces of "right-thinking" people. Mr. Le Pen does not want Frenchmen to become extinct. He does not want them replaced by Arabs, Negroes, holy Orientals (5), or any other people. He wants, as the Front National says, "a French France in an European Europe." Mr. Le Pen wants for his people, and for all Europeans, the SAME rights that ALL non-Euro peoples take for granted: the right to survive in their own nations, the right to exist as a people, the right NOT to be displaced and replaced by aliens. THAT is Mr. Le Pen's "crime." That is why all the "right-thinking" people are against him. That is why conservatives are willing to join hands with those that hate them and hate their nation to destroy the only man on the French political scene capable of saving France and the French people. And it is this "crime" of Mr. Le Pen which makes me a supporter of him and his movement, and why I wish him well in his crusade to save France, and, by saving France, taking a step to save Europe and the entire West as well.


1. Why should we abdicate any and all involvement with the "system?" Why let the leftists and "anti-racists" have a monopoly on infiltrating the system? We should cover all our bases: we need to work BOTH outside and inside the system. We should BOTH build our own edifice, and burrow like termites within the edifice of our opponents, to heighten the contradictions within our opponent's structure, and highlight and exploit its weaknesses.

2. Activists involved in politics need be of the highest quality, no "sieg-heil and pass the beer" type morons need apply.

3. In response, we can say that non-Euro immigration throws a "great dirty rock" into the European gene pool.

4. Some protesters chanted: "we are all the children of immigrants." Very well. Let them use that logic as they attempt to immigrate to Israel or China or Japan or to the Islamic world. Good luck! "Children of immigrants", indeed! The French people are the indigenous inhabitants of France. Granted, if you go back far enough, we are all descended from the earliest hominids who emerged from the African Savannah, but, what's the point? The fact is that every ethnie around today is associated with some sort of homeland; for the French, that homeland is France. Case closed.

5. "Holy" used sarcastically to illustrate that Orientals are unfortunately popular not only on the "White left", but also in some precincts of the "White right" as well. Conservatives certainly fit this description, but also some of the "Nordicentric" type of "racial activists" seem....enamored of Orientals as well. Regardless of these preferences, nonWhite is nonWhite...East is East and West is West and, in theory, the two should never meet.

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