Saturday, April 20, 2002


by Scotty Earbend

--reprinted once more on the anniversary of our martyred Leader's Advent, in this Year of our Führer 113, from the April YF104 issue of Plexus, and published on the Net. Disseminate widely and freely.


One hundred and four years ago a saviour was born into this world. It was his imperative and his privilege to provide the necessary leadership, through his struggle, triumph, martyrdom, and spiritual heritage, to lead us through this present ugly Cusp of the Ages into the Space Age and the coming Racial State. Adolf Hitler was born of humble, middle class parents with a strong German work ethic and family values. He was a child of his times, but he was a citizen of the future. His vision spanned millennia.

Before I proceed, let me reassure my readers that this is not yet another of those flowery encomia generated annually by the would-be "Reichspropagandaministers" of the American Movement. Much as I respect and revere them, I cannot share in mere cant and goose-stepping.

I am an American and an American First. I love John Wayne movies as much as you do; but notwithstanding the foregoing, I am a National Socialist. National Socialism is as American as apple pie, and a lot less fattening. I never was and never will be a Neo-Nazi. My political faith, and the historical insight and acumen from which it derives, was never a shallow experience. I quaffed my inborn, free-thinking American thirst for truth at the wellsprings of the past and the fountains of the future: I read widely as a young man, and still continue to feast at the tables of giants. Thoreau, Emerson, Paine, Franklin, and the author of American liberty and polity, Thomas Jefferson. His brilliant disciples, John C. Calhoun and Jefferson Davis, were not ignored, despite the efforts of my teachers to "channel" my reading into their prefabricated and utterly bankrupt and bogus Weltanschaung.

I naturally expanded my reading through the British and French thinkers, then Aristotle and Plato, then of course Oswald Spengler, Thomas Carlyle, and Houston Stewart Chamberlain, to discover at last Schöpenhauer, Wagner, and Nietzche. When I found Mencken, the American genius journalist who penetrated the lies and popular myths of Christianity and democracy, I was in Valhalla! Finally I confronted that feared and iconoclastic tome, Mein Kampf.

I was still young, certainly well past the downy cheeks of adolescent naïveté, but still an optimist and a seeker of the Truth. I had been programmed by the culture distorters, the knights of the ink pot, and my high school pedagogues, to expect to find in this volume a "testament of hate," a "blueprint for genocide," a plan for destroying and colonizing America, my fatherland!

It took me a while to plow through Book One of Mein Kampf, because my teachers had left me utterly ignorant of German history and the Versailles Treaty that concluded the First Fratricidal War, WWI. When The Leader in his testament spoke of Germany's shame, his German audience knew of what he was speaking: shame like that of a mother who had been raped, the betrayal by the Weimar Marxist government of German soldiers and patriots, and the ignominous defeat and reparations that followed. Perhaps, after Vietnam, we Americans can understand in some small way the ignominy that German patriots like our Leader suffered. At the time just a soldier in the trenches, a mere corporal, Adolf Hitler vowed to deliver an empire from the ashes.

In college, I briefly enjoyed the mentorship of Professors Francis Graham Wilson and Revilo Pendleton Oliver. Oliver and I have since parted company, a friendship I both mourn and regret. The misunderstanding was his loss and it was on his part. Wilson was a brilliant political scientist, and a confidant of Francisco Franco. Oliver introduced me to the living and dead populists of the American Movement, including Father Coughlin, Huey Long, Gerald L.K. Smith Kenneth Goff, Colonel Lindbergh, Henry Ford, Conde McGinley, and that one-literatus of the Left who saw the Light, the American genius Lawrence Dennis.

Incidentally, I came to know Ken Goff quite well. He held the distinction of being the highest ranking member of the Communist Party USA to ever "turn American." Certainly other Reds quit the party but they remained socialists and symphathizers. Only Goff testified before the Martin Dies Committee on Un-American Activities and exposed the Jew control of the Communist Party. His former comrades threw him under a train; he lost a leg.

After all of ïthis, it was of course inevitable that I would discover Lincoln Rockwell and his infant movement.

Reading Mein Kampf, I did not find a blueprint for mass murder or colonization of the West. Instead I found the perhaps naïve belief that America and Britain would eventually ally themselves with Germany. Hitler wanted to create a continental empire to complement the oceanic British empire. He intended to deliver the Baltic and Soviet states from the chains of Communism and integrate them into a common market that would be the breadbasket of Europe, while providing "Living Room" to accommodate future generations. He spoke not of the "German Race" but of the "Germanic Race" and his Waffen SS reflected his Pan-Germanic vision. Men from every Aryan country including America fought in the Waffen SS for the Leader and for the 21st Century. They valiently died in the Alamo of the White Race which was WWII, the Second Fratricidal War.

After our hopes and dreams for a new world of freedom and prosperity were temporarily set back in 1945, the Churchill-Roosevelt-Stalin conspirators brought forth their canaille to feast on the blood of our heroes. Hitler's disciple, personal friend, and scribe, Rudolf Hess, was spared the noose only to suffer the "victors' justice" of the kangaroo "war crimes trials," the fabrication out of whole cloth of the "holocaust" by the butchers of Dresden. These lies left the West utterly in the thralldom of Bolshevik disinformation. Truly today, a "war criminal" is merely a patriot who fought for the side that lost.

That mystic Prisoner of Peace, Rudolf Hess, was truly a living martyr. With no regard to his own safety, he tried to end the war without the Leader's blessing by executing a solo flight to Scotland. For that he was held in bitter duress in solitary confinement for over four decades and then murdered, all because he was a witness and a party to the truth!

Moreover, an American attorney, Francis Parker Yockey, who was hired to participate in those "war crimes trials," also refused to cooperate in the democratic/Bolshevik Big Lie. He wrote an American sequel to Mein Kampf. Francis Parker Yockey was murdered for smuggling that book, IMPERIUM, into this country. Someone does not want you to know the truth.

That great American George Lincoln Rockwell in his historic Brown University speech said that in a tyranny, none dare criticize the tyrant. What group and groups are we discouraged from criticizing today by the hordes of the left. They call it Political Correctness. Their cry is, "We shall overcome 'cause we is the scum!"

Generations have passed, and still Americans are afraid to examine the facts. As long as we do not personally research the truth and challenge the lies of those who want to re-write history, Hitler's true vision for the 21st Century will not be realized. It is not my place to set forth the immense scholarship that has been presented by such groups as the Institute for Historical Review, but in Canada and other "democracies" today, patriots are in chains for challenging the Big Lie of the holocaust. You probably already have laws in your state or country against "hate crimes," meaning unorthodox opinions and speech. Excuse me, and these champions of free speech call us fascists?

* What does Adolf Hitler mean to 21st century America? He predicted that America would be the next battleground for the Race. Had he prevailed, we would be enjoying the Pax Germanica, a millennium of peace and prosperity.

* Under the Leadership of this hero, the inventor of the interstate highway system (Autobahn), the economy car (Volkswagen), and rocket science (the space program), today our lifestyle would be that of our wildest science fiction dreams. It was his rocket scientists who put America on the moon!

* Under Hitler there would be (THERE WILL BE!) no industrial pollution! Manufacturing will be conducted in zero gravity space. Solar power! There will be no need to further mine the Earth--the asteroids, the moon, and Mars are at our doorstep! Thanks to Werner von Braun and Hitler's other scientists, and their disciples, we already possess the technologies to mine, colonize, and exploit outer space, asteroids, moons, and planets. America would be there today if it were not for the huge debts and deficits created by subsidizing the population explosion of un-men.

Yes, we have the technology! American National Socialists need only to share with our co-racialists Hitler's Idea in order to break the guilt-conceived shackles of the "White Man's Burden." Our burden is ourselves. We are our only enemy, and our only friend. Have you ever met a black liberal? We must Bovercome and give birth to the Overman.

Let the meek inherit the earth! Our destiny is the heavens! With malice or hatred toward none but the traitors within our own people, we must champion the vision of Adolf Hitler to hasten the next evolutionary step of the White Race. In his poetic way, Nietzsche called it Godmanhood. The American pioneers called it Manifest Destiny. Whatever you call racial freedom and human progress, Hitler was its prophet, and his message now resonates in the hearts of Whitemen from sea to shining sea. One race, one dominion, one Leader! Today, the earth, tomorrow the heavens! Adolf Hitler, American Hero !!!

Hail Victory!

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

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