Thursday, April 18, 2002


Just a quick comment. I was nattering with someone on Instant Message last night and we got into the question of RCC financing, i.e. why there isn't any. It isn't that we don't have enough reasonably affluent people to finance an actual political movement, Northwest or NS or Southern Nationalist or any other kind. It's that we're cheap as New England undertakers sawing off corpses' ankles to make them fit in pre-fab coffins. Like so much else, it's not that we CAN'T do it, it's that we WON'T.

Anyway, I've already sent out "The Disgrace Of Movement Funding" several times, so I won't again unless someone wants a copy. Ditto I've already gone over the utopian Ten By One Thousand Plan umpteen times; that one never had a chance of flying. BUT...I got interested enough to do a little calculation, as regards my own e-list here.

I will not divulge the actual calculations I used lest I reveal the number of people on the list for the benefit of the NA's spies and the Office of Homeland Security's Carnivore box, but basically I started from the assumption that everyone on this list earns at least minimum wage. Then I knocked off X amount for kids who are still full time students, Y amount for the NA and SPLC and government spies, etc. Then I guesstimated how many retirees on fixed incomes I might have and how many reasonably affluent middle class types. Please understand that this is not an exact science and I do not claim it's highly accurate, but I think I'm in the ballpark here. I spent about an hour on this and it's very rough, mostly based on my knowledge of the way the Movement works and the kind of people we attract as hobbyists and readers. I assumed a certain split between affluent hobbyists hiding behind computers in suburbia and weird little losers crouching behind computers in their bedrooms in their parents' homes, etc. It all got very arcane and esoteric.

My guess is that the people on this, one of the smallest lists in the RCC, have in the aggregate a very approximate gross income of something on the order of fifteen to sixteen MILLION dollars.

Fifteen to sixteen MILLION dollars.

Now...what percentage of all that money, just from this one tiny group of people, do you think ends up going to the racial struggle? I don't mean me, I mean me and Duke and Pierce and Metzger and Matt Hale and Fields, the whole enchilada? How much, dollar-wise or percentage-wise, do you suppose the last gasping shreds of the Movement get out of that fifteen or sixteen mill every year?

And how much of those millions goes for beer? How much for cigarettes? How much for toys like huge $35,000 monster trucks and SUVs we don't need when a ten year-old Buick will get us from point A to point B? How much for Civil War Re-enactment costumes? How much for secret hoards of Third Reich memorabilia? How much on credit card debt?

We White people STILL control huge amounts of material wealth, more than enough to fire up a mighty engine that could cast ZOG down and change the world, if we so decided.

But we've decided to pop the top on a cold one instead.

Bye bye, White people. Bye bye, four thousand year-old culture and civilization. Hello, Camp of the Saints.

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