Tuesday, April 23, 2002



I received and read (as always) with great interest the most recent - April 20th, 2002 - letter from Comrade Covington. While it does not contain any new and earth-shaking revelations, is does very coherently and succinctly repeat a message that all racially conscious North American White Aryans need to hear again, and again, and again (and again, and again, and again if necessary), until it sinks in and they not only believe it, but are willing to act on it. That message is the need for a White Homeland in the Northwest where our people are afforded the same basic rights and privileges understood worldwide that every criminal ethnic, racial, and Talmudic-religious Jew and savage baby-raping cannibal proto-simian Negroid has both in their homelands of Israel and Africa, and in the communities occupied and controlled by them in this country. Even feces-stained, diseased, AIDS-ridden Sodomites have their own cities and communities across this nation where they make the laws and decisions that control everyone within their political and economic boundaries. Are we entitled to no less?

Some brave and fortunate White Aryan individuals and families already have either moved to the Northwest Homeland or began the necessary preparations to do so, and more will, the sooner the better. When school lets out for the summer, I will be among those taking the time to visit the Aryan Republic to look for the best place to raise my family, primary considerations being employment, schools, and decent affordable housing. I am fortunate in that I already have a relative (an aunt whose father was an SS Police officer in WW2) in the Northwest who is very knowledgeable about the area and spent a great deal of time locating what she feels is the best place for her family.

Those of you who are not receiving Comrade Covington's Bulletins and other communications would be well advised to provide some kind of real-world mailing/contact address (Carnivore doesn't open all letters yet), even if it means forgoing up a case of beer or two, a couple queer-Jew movies, or a piece of Nigger-Jew athletic clothing to be able to afford a small postal box. Since Comrade Covington is a White working man (you notice there is no web site for the "NSWPP Gift Store, Trinket Shop, and Record Emporium") who has dedicated his life and personal finances to our People and race since before many in the Racially Conscious Community were even born, skipping another case of beer, queer-Jew movie, or Nigger-Jew rag and making a small financial donation to help with his printing, mailing, or relocation costs would not be inappropriate or unwelcome.

America = Titanic. Take to the lifeboats now while the flag on the bow is still above water or wait until the one one on the stern touches the water. The choice is yours.

Heil Hitler,
Dr. von Weigert, NSWPP

P.S. I hope everyone celebrated April 20 weekend, Hitler's Birthday and the start of the First American Revolution, in a meaningful, productive, and appropriate manner.

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