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I recently received a critical e-mail, which I will not publish verbatim since apparently it gets the author "in trouble" with a certain set of rite-wing associates if he is known to correspond with The Horrible One.

I am not sure why the opinion of these people on me or any other subject should matter. One of them is a former Satanic rock band musician and promoter and the other is hiding in a foreign country, dodging a series of investigations into allegations that he gambled away thousands of his supporters' dollars. How, exactly, this entitles them to censure anyone escapes me. Anyhoo, gist of his criticism is:

CRITCISM 1) I keep saying the Internet is worthless. How are we to obtain "ten million active members" if not through the Internet?

No, I do not ever recall having said that the Internet was worthless. I have asserted, and still maintain, that for us the Internet is not working, which is not quite the same thing. The Internet is sterile. It produces nothing but more Internet. The Internet results in nothing whatsoever in terms of real-world occurrence. What makes me apparently unique in the RCC (Racially Conscious Community, which we need to begin using instead of the deceptive and inaccurate term "Movement") is that I believe we need to be aiming for actual, physical change on the ground. In other words, we need to be DOING things instead of SAYING things. I am not quite sure why this concept eludes almost everyone else, but apparently it does.

The second answer to that is that I no longer seek or expect "members". I am only concerned with people now, people of my own race, not how they are labeled. I am now using the Northwest Imperative idea to identify, motivate, and assist the tiny minority of racially conscious Whites who feel sufficiently strongly about their beliefs to commit an actual, physical act involving a fair amount of personal inconvenience, i.e. to move where they are needed. There are no membership applications or cards involved. Your Northwest Movement membership card is your zip code.

One of the many backwards-looking illusions we need to discard is the idea that we are ever going to get any significant number of late 20th-century Americans to act like 1930s Europeans, and that includes becoming "members" of any organization which is not approved by Dan Rather and/or Pat Robertson or otherwise given the hechser of the Establishment. Since the 1950s Klan our efforts at getting "members" in any meaningful numbers have been pathetic beyond belief. There is something deeply and tragically deluded with a "movement" that considers a so-called demonstration of 25 people bused in from five states to be a success.

The Great Man Himself boasts of his mighty "organization". The reality is that he has sufficient scratch from whatever mysterious source he gets it from to employ a few sycophants as secretaries and gofers out on his retirement estate. He also pays about half a dozen people around the country a salary as "organizers", for which they occasionally go out in the wee hours of the morning and throw leaflets on people's lawns and generate the odd newspaper clipping to assist in Pierce's fund-raising efforts. ("See! Lookee! The Establishment actually acknowledged our existence! We de MAN!")

[Sigh....] I suppose that if one insists, one could call the National Alliance an organization. Sort of. As far as actual signed on "members" of the National Alliance, there have never been more than three or four hundred at any given time, with 200 being about average. After major events like the OKC bombing and September 11th, a big chunk of Pierce's "members" run for the tall grass in a panicky stampede. About once a year the NA really puts on the dog and manages to get a couple of hundred people into a motel banquet room, of whom about 25% are almost certainly police informants and undercover reporters and of whom a second 25% are pretty much non compos mentis. The average wedding reception gets more people than an NA gathering. Thirty years on and this is the best Pierce can do, with all his resources. I can think of no more resounding refutation of the whole idea of formal membership organizations.

Most RCC old hands have become very leery...and rightly so...of anything that resembles an application form. These forms have a bad habit of turning up in the wrong hands. My last attempt at forming an actual organization died a-borning, although with my usual stubbornness I refused to acknowledge the fact for two years. People simply are not interested in becoming "members" of anything.

I am no longer, and will never again attempt to be, a Fearless Leader. I will no longer attempt to deal with the morally and mentally inferior people who inhabit this odd little world of ours, at least not in the sense of expecting them or exhorting them to DO anything. They have made it clear that they're simply not interested in anything entailing the kind of effort and risk necessary to bring about change, and after 30 years I'm not going to ask that of them anymore. I'm a slow learner, but eventually even a dummy like me can get the message. There will be no more "orgs" and no more membership applications.

CRITCISM 2) This is the common accusation that I am consistently "negative".

No, I am not negative. I am truthful. The accusation that I am "negative" arises because the truths I speak are those which most of the Racially Conscious Community desperately, furiously does not wish to hear, and which they will go to almost any lengths to avoid confronting.

Racially aware Whites are desperate for some kind of illusion, some Man on a White Horse, anything that will give them that vital Feelgood Factor without forcing them into risk, inconvenience, and difficult moral choices. They crave to know that somewhere out there in the mists is this big, huge, powerful, mostly secret organization that is working feverishly behind the scenes preparing revolution and one day it will all just kind of HAPPEN, and they can watch it all on TV while joyously crunching nachos and swilling beer.

My "negativity" consists of refusing to provide our people with that illusion. Our Nude Emperors make their living by being "positive", by conveying the false impression that they have solutions and will implement them one day when "the balloon goes up" or whatever. I'm sorry, guys, like I've said before. I am no longer in the entertainment industry.

Two thousand years ago Marcus Aurelius summed up the basis of all Western, Aryan morality in two sentences. "If it is not right, do not do it. If it is not true, do not say it." I will not lie by omission. I will not commit an act of deception by pretending that the situation of our race and our civilization is anything less than desperate and dangerous. I will not try to pretend that our current leadership are anything but fools and incompetents and thieves, and that rejecting them is not of primary importance to our racial survival. I will not look the other way and pretend that I do not see the mountain of evidence suggesting that William L. Pierce, to borrow a Clintonian phrase, has "an inappropriate relationship" with Federal law enforcement. I will not pretend that there is any hope at all for our racial survival other than an armed revolution commanded by a vibrant and ruthless political movement of real Aryan men. I will not pretend that there is any hope whatsoever that such a movement will arise from anything now existing in this country. I will not pretend that there is any choice for us other than to begin the long, incredibily difficult, heartbreaking task of BUILDING A BASE in the Homeland that destiny has appointed for us.

The others offer you comforting words, nigga nigga nigga and a wide selection of books and tapes and toys for your entertainment. I offer you nothing but a future of hard work, voluntary poverty, uncompromising truth, and eventually danger when the Establishment notices events in the Northwest. Yeah, I suppose that is "negative" in a way.

From now on I will fulfill my racial duty by being an advocate and by fighting for ideas, or rather one specific idea, the Northwest Imperative. I can only hope and pray that the human equation will eventually change and that a new generation of White youth will finally understand what I have never been able to get my own generation to understand. But there is little to be gained for me or for the race by my sitting here churning out reams of news commentary that produces no change on the ground. There is much to be gained, at least potentially, if I will continue without fear or favor to address those issues of character, strategy, and honest self-examination the neglect of which has condemned us the the political wasteland.

This has always been my duty see what others pretend they do not see, and to say what others will not say lest it disturb some illusory, non-existent "White unity". We neither need nor desire unity with idiots, swindlers, or Federal informants. We have had enough lies, enough illusions. My duty station has always been to stand upon the mountaintop and call upon the remaining few racially conscious Whites to repent of their folly and get their act together.

I have now assumed another duty station, virtually the only genuinely "positive" one still remaining, and that is to act as an advocate for a free, independent and sovereign Aryan nation in the Pacific Northwest which will serve as a Homeland for all our people, the world over. Like the earlier one, I have taken on this task by default, because no one else will. The consensus now, among the remains of the RCC, is that it is all over. Yes, that's what we think. We're (most of us) old and tired and dispirited and we've thrown in the towel, even if we do occasionally go through the old motions out of nostalgia.

I say that it is NOT over. I say that it's just beginning. It's beginning in the Northwest, and it is time for us to quit screwing around and get on with it. I say it is time for us to stop talking and start doing.

You don't get much more positive than that.

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