Saturday, April 13, 2002


Before we get our knickers in a twist over the alleged "innocent victims" of Palestinian suicide bombers, let's review what's happening here.

The Jewish people have invaded and stolen an entire country from its original inhabitants. The land of Palestine does not belong to them,, except in the minds of gibbering, tub-thumping, messianic fundamentalist morons with nothing but pork fat between their ears. The Jews have no right to be there. Period. End of story. They are criminals, thugs, and looters.

The Palestinians understand that this is a RACE WAR. They are not fighting to overthrow a government, as vile as that government is. They are fighting to DRIVE OUT A RACE OF INVADERS.

ALL Jews, without exception, are invaders. They are living on land that they STOLE and to which they have no right.

If the Jews do not wish to be splattered all over the walls of coffee shops and onto the streets, then they have a viable option. They can pack their goddamned bags and GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. So long as they continue to retain that which they have stolen, not to mention commit mass murder against the rightful owners of the land, they have no right to complain at all when the aforementioned rightful inhabitants of Palestine resist their crimes and their arrogance and their murder by any means available.

Quite simple, really. The Palestinians are right. The Jews are wrong, and it is dulce et decorum that they should suffer as a consequence of their own evil.


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