Wednesday, January 30, 2002

BUT...BUT...I THOUGHT WE WON...? Well, well, well. Looks like the Afghans didn't quite roll over and play dead like Rummy and that moron in the White House claimed, did they?

It seems that A) There is an intact Taliban army of approximately 5,000 men, with tanks and artillery, digging into the mountains in the west; B) The Taliban has regrouped to the point where it is about to launch an assault to re-capture the town of Gardez; C) The American puppet president in Kabul, Karzai, admits that he can't control anything and is screaming for more foreign troops to prop him up; and D) A Jew reporter named Daniel Pearl has been kidnapped in Pakistan and is being held hostage by Muslim militants who say they will treat him exactly as their own people in Guantanamo are treated.

People, Georgie Porgie's squalid little "victory" is hollow. We didn't even destroy the Taliban; most military analysts now agree that their main forces are largely intact and are preparing for guerrilla war in the spring. The only thing that seems to have come of all this is that the brutal butcher and war criminal Ariel Sharon now seems to have a green light from the American government to go berserk slaughtering defenseless Palestinians.

Monday, January 28, 2002

DO DO ENRON, DO DO ENRON - Got another e-mail wanting to know why I am not talking about the great Enron collapse.

What is there to say? Capitalists are crooks and they bugger the working people of the world without benefit of vaseline on any occasion that offers. Karl Marx's analysis of the way the capitalist system works in practice is actually pretty accurate; it is his solutions which are totally cockeyed. Unfettered greed is no better racially, morally, or culturally than Marxism or "diversity" (read culturally mandated race-mixing.) Capitalism finds that "diversity" provides it with a deep reservoir of cheap labor and therefore encourages it; capitalism thereby promotes genocide for Whites just as effectively as Marxism and liberalism do.

Sunday, January 27, 2002

WHY SO MUCH PAL-LING AROUND? - I got an e-mail asking why I am spending so much time on the Middle East and why I am "fixated" on the Palestinians, who are after all a non-Aryan people.

Simple. Right now the Middle East is where the action is. In fact, from the NS point of view it's the ONLY place where the action is. The Palestinians are actually FIGHTING for their freedom against the Jewish occupation of their country. The only thing we do to resist the Jewish occupation of OUR country is to tap on computer keyboards and send each other newspaper clippings and stories off the Internet about how bad things are. Unless and until it gets pulled off line by Internet censors of the Rosenberg ilk, this weblog will be my official contribution to the endless flow of useless, meaningless, pointless, weak and ineffectual words which is all the RCC [Racially Conscious Community] produces.

It's just a token gesture, accomplishing no more actual change than anyone else's ineffectual words do, helpless against the wealthy Anglo-Zionists who actually have the power. Power that we will never again know until we can can summon the moral courage to deal with the character issue within our own hearts and in our own ranks. But I might as well use it to lend a little moral support to a brave people who are displaying the fearless valor, the strength of will, and the determination to prevail against overwhelming odds that all my life I have wanted to see in my own race.
ALLEGED ZINNI REMARKS WERE ZIONIST HOAX - Today a report appeared in the world media that retired Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni, the U. S. Middle East envoy, allegedly referred to Palestinian President Yasir Arafat as a "Mafioso" and an "incorrigible liar" and called the Palestinian Authority "Mafiosi". The remarks supposedly occurred at a White House dinner on Saturday night. He also allegedly referred to the mass murderer and war criminal Ariel Sharon as a "Papa Bear".

Zinni has categorically denied in some apparent anger that he ever made any such remarks, and this has been confirmed by a number of people who were present at the dinner, including several Jews who apparently were a bit slow on the up-take or else who feared to contradict Zinni in public and face his wrath. No Arabs or Muslims were present, and so the false story obviously cannot be blamed on them, although no doubt the Israeli damage controllers will try.

Given the general lack of credibility which attaches to anything which comes from any official or institution of the United States government, either A) Zinni made the comments and one of his Jewish dinner guests stabbed him in the back by leaking the story to the media, or B) Zinni is telling the truth and the Zionist propaganda spinmeisters just plain set him up with a lie.

Either way, let's hope that jarhead has enough brains under his buzz cut to understand that in the Zionists he is dealing with dishonest and treacherous people, whose stock in trade is the lowest form of deceit.

Saturday, January 26, 2002

"TERRORIST" MY ASS - The latest bit of disgraceful groveling before the Jews by the U. S. government is to list various Palestinian groups as "terrorist". (This includes some of the official forces of the Palestinian Authority, the very forces that our redbone Secretary of State demands that Yasir Arafat use to "rein in terror.") In view of the fact that we are supporting, to the tune of $2 billion a year, a grubby little gangster state that uses American tanks and helicopter gunships to butcher children and assassinate political opponents, this designation is grotesque, not to say morally revolting.

The blood-drinking maniac Ariel Sharon is coming to Washington in a few weeks and from all indications, that moron in the White House will apply his lips in the prescribed manner to Sharon's expansive posterior, as have all previous American presidents. It's quite clear that the butcher of Sabra and Chatila, fresh from having the main witness against him at the Belgian war crimes tribunal murdered, is now to be given free rein to charge into the territories and go berserk in an orgy of murder and destruction worse than anything those poor people have yet witnessed. Jesus Christ, this country should be ashamed of itself! The stench of Israel's brutal crimes against humanity rises to the heavens, and we are the ones who make that horror show over there possible.

Even after 9/11, our Beavis and Butthead culture still has not seemed to internalize that you can only bomb and murder other people's children for so long, before eventually they will find some way to strike back, be it with boxcutters or anthrax or whatever comes to hand. At some point down the line, the bill for 53 years of American-sponsored massacre and enslavement in the Muslim world. Make no mistake: one way or the other, we are going to pay and pay and pay for what we have done to these people and what we have allowed the filthy dogs of Iz-ra-hell to do to them. There is a karma for nations as well as individuals, and the cosmic scales will eventually be required to balance.

Friday, January 25, 2002

READER RESPONSE - "It comes as no surprise that Joel Rosenberg wants to deprive you of your free speech. No gentiles would be able to think freely, if only the Jews could figure out a way to prevent the few gentiles left that are brave enough to still do so. Kikes have mastered getting others to do their dirty work. After all, it was the chief Jewish priests, elders, scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites that got the Roman Governor of Judea Pontius Pilate to pronounce death on the King of Kings. We quietly pay a Jewish food tax whether the item is kosher or not. Maybe we will soon pay a word tax with the value based upon whether the Jews like the final meaning or not. I hope you will be left a free man to say what you want and not what others dictate. Sincerely, Wagner W."
[an oldie but goodie from 1998]

IT'S GUBU, I TELL YOU! - Okay, people, listen up! Harold has had a flash of inspiration. I've developed the DEFINITIVE NOMENCLATURE for all the weird and dysfunctional behavior which is The Movement. I don't know why I didn't think of this before.

When I first arrived in Ireland in 1982, the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of the time was a charming rogue named Charles Haughey, a man who could have given Bill Clinton lessons in strange political behavior, except Haughey was (and is) a lot more efficient at it. But there were some absolutely Clinton-esque goings-on in Haughey's administration. Most of these I won't get into, but in the week after I arrived, a wanted double murderer named Malcolm McArthur was arrested by the Dublin Civic Guards (police) while staying as a house guest in the apartment of the Irish Attorney General, whose name escapes me. McArthur was actually being squired around Dublin in the Attorney General's government chauffered Mercedes as his guest, and he discussed the nationwide hunt for the murderer (himself) over tea and tiffins at the theater and at the race course with the Garda Commissioner and the Minister of Justice, who at that time did not know that McArthur was their man.

When confronted by this, Haughey told reporters "I find that situation grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, and unprecedented." Charlie Haughey's political arch-enemy, Dr. Conor Cruise O'Brien picked up on this and coined an acronym, "GUBU", for all the weird things that were going on under Haughey's administration. He would begin his column in the Irish Times with, "Well, we've another GUBU today..." Although O'Brien intended this term to apply only to his hate object Haughey, everyone else in Ireland caught on to this expression and all of a sudden everything that was weird, silly, bureaucratic, dodgey, and or generally corrupt in Irish society was dubbed "GUBU". It crept into the language in Ireland; for all I know it is still used.

I have referred to the Bowel Movement, to the Bad Craziness, and other terms in the past to try and express that peculiar combination of corruption, incompetence, egotism, stupidity, and lunacy which is so uniquely ours in this mess we call a Movement. But I think from now on I'm going to Hibernicize this whole concept under a term I hope catches on througout the whole Net and elsewhere when referring to the insanity which is US---"GUBU". It's short, it's snappy, it's alliterative, and it says so much in two short syllables.

Grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, unprecedented. GUBU is you. GUBU is me. Come and do that GUBU that you do so well. Of course, the monarch and exemplar of all GUBU is The Great Man Himself, Dr. William L. Pierce of lawsuit and bank robbery and blowing up Disneyland fame, but there are so many other competitors for the title of Prince GUBU that he may not retain the title for long.


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MORE "FAMOUS VICTORIES" - The Pentagon spin machine now claims that "U. S. warplanes destroyed a huge Taliban weapons dump."

Yaaaawwwn.....sorry, guys. I'm old enough to remember those daily briefings from Saigon where every day the American military destroyed collossal numbers of VC on paper. Turned out those body counts usually existed only the the minds of the spinmeisters.

1) I thought the Taliban was supposed to be "annihilated" and "on the run"?

2) In the midst of all that bloviation, according to the Times of London it appears that there is at least one remaining Taliban army intact and still fighting, with over 5,000 men and a number of tanks and artillery, dug in deep in the mountains. Gee it couldn't be that our illustrious Donald Rumsfeld has been...LYING to us, could it? O banish the sinful thought! Can you say "Twenty years of guerrilla warfare to drive the invaders from Afghanistan?" Sure you can!

I'll say this...the U. S. Air Force MIGHT have destroyed a big Taliban weapons depot, but if so it was because they were aiming for a defenceless village and with their usual ineptitude they missed their target again. Even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

GOOD MORNING AFGHANISTAN - The latest Crusading claim is that our valiant Ronald McDonald warriors of the shopping mall and the SUV have "killed or captured dozens of Taliban."

Yeah, right.

I don't believe a damned word of it.

Not because I have any grounds either to prove or disprove the official news. For all I know, maybe it happened exactly as the Pentagon says it happened. But given this government's penchant for pathological lying, the fact is that we can believe NOTHING the United States government tells us. NOTHING these people say can be taken at face value. If it is not confirmable through some non-American medium, if the U. S. government is the only source for a story, then it is probably false.

How can you tell when Donald Rumsfeld is lying? His lips are moving.
THE CHOSEN ONES' BLOG PROBLEM - I think it bears repeating that the main problem the Jews have with things like the Internet and this weblog is that it is something which THEY DO NOT CONTROL. Perhaps the story of the old Whitemail e-group would prove an instructive illustration.

I am a confessed former Usenet junkie myself, so I can't really point any fingers at others for newsgroup cyber-excess. Suffice it to say that it became clear to me early on that so long as the assorted weirdos who roam the newsgroups---the Joel Rosenbergs and Andrew Mathises, the Steve Kendalls and the National Alliance types such as the deranged Ronald Lambert and the very odd personality of Kevin Alfred Strom---refused to refrain from abusing the medium, it was virtually useless as a serious means of communication or persuasion.

What these people did, in essence, was to neutralize Usenet as a public forum by turning it into an insane asylum. One logged on for the purpose of serious discussion and then found oneself in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

Normal people have a limited tolerance for abnormal and demented behavior, and I am convinced that there was, and is, a good deal of method in that madness. Some of the Usenet posts from the Goat Dance of 1996 to 1999 were so clearly unbalanced and psychotic that serious posters of all persuasions simply ceased posting to the assorted racial nationalist and revisionist newsgroups. No one wants to try to conduct a serious discussion of any topic over the screaming of Bedlam.

In addition, some of the National Alliance cyber-stalking tactics which were utilized against myself and several others were of so repulsive a nature that they drove more than a few seriously interested Whites away from the whole RN political scene, which I suspect was the intention. As Ilya Ehrenberg, Stalin's propagandist, once said before the war, "The best way to fight Fascism [sic] is shout shout 'Heil Hitler!' at a man while spitting in his soup." There is no doubt at all in my mind that a lot of the Goat Dance threads were in fact black ops on the part of the ADL, the SWC, or the Mossad, or whoever holds the Internet watching brief for the Tribe.

Be that as it may, in January of 2000 I discovered what was then e-groups (now Yahoo Groups) and I decided to try a novel experiment. I would create a moderated forum as a replacement for the lunatic-infested Usenet. I would allow anyone who wanted to subscribe and post, with one proviso---all posts would be moderated by me for sanity and civility. Not content---anyone was free to say whatever he or she liked, and I meant that. If someone wanted to preach Communism or Judaism or Holocaustery, fine...but they would do so in a coherent and courteous manner, and they would be faced with response, also coherent and courteous. I was dead serious about being entirely unbiased; I felt it necessary to show that National Socialists can be fair and civil even to their enemies, if that fairness and civility are reciprocated. Any viewpoint from anyone could be posted to Whitemail, but there would be no abuse, no personal vilification, no name-calling, no spreading of baseless and scatological rumors, no potty-mouthed vituperation.

Needless to say, this was totally unacceptable to the Jewish denizens of Usenet. Several of them did join, presumably to see if there was any way they could get around my moderation or "bore from within", but after several weeks of being forced actually to justify their ideas and defend them with facts and logic, and being forced to endure factual and logical rebuttal, they hollered and groaned and wept to the e-groups webmaster and had the Whitemail group shut down.

This is how Jews invariably behave, historically and culturally. Any time there is communication taking place between people or peoples, they demand the right to sit in the control room and manipulate the flow of that communication, to shape it and channel it into their own desired directions. They demand the right to determine "acceptable parameters", to decide for others what may or may not be said and how. And if someone acquires a means of communication which is not subject to their control---this weblog, for instance---then they move heaven and earth to silence it.

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THE NATURE OF ZIONISM - To a large extent the terms "Jew" and "Zionist" have become intermixed and interchangeable, but I think a distinction needs to be made. All Jews are Zionists, but not all Zionists are Jews.

My definition of Zionism is the one put forth by the late Robert Miles, i.e., that Zionism is the belief that the Jews are God's Chosen People or that the Jews have some kind of "special relationship" with God which entitles them to do whatever the hell they want here on earth, like go berserk and slaughter hundreds of people in the West Bank and Gaza whenever the mood takes them. A Zionist is someone who believes that the Jews have a kind of religious pass or permission slip to commit mortal sin and unspeakable crimes, from the theft of another nation's land to depriving Americans of their First Amendment rights, and the rest of us must genuflect and shuffle and tap dance because they are "the apple of God's eye."

This idea is unmitigated crap, for a number of sound theological and practical reasons which I won't get into at length because the one subject I intend to avoid in this weblog is religion. I'll just quickly cite one Scriptural and one historical refutation.

A) Assuming the Jews ever were "chosen" (a very dubious assumption), they blew it with the Man Upstairs for the last time when they shouted "Give us Barabbas!" B) The Jews of today are not the Jews of the Bible in any case. There are two kinds of Jews, Sephardic, who are basically Semitic Arabs from places like Iraq and Yemen who follow the Jewish religion, and the Ashkenazic, who are the descendants of an Armenoid people called the Khazars who converted to Judaism over a thousand years ago and were wiped out for their trouble. The Jews of Biblical times (with all due respect to my Christian Identity friends) are completely extinct, having been wiped out by the Romans at Masada in 70-odd A.D. Yes, I know this is a gross oversimplification and I know there were a few survivors whose remote bloodlines and chromosomes are probably floating around somewhere, but basically, any connection between the Biblical era and the Jewish people of today is all in their own minds. The idea that the Jews are God's Chosen People has neither a theological nor a historical basis.

However, the idea the the Jews of today are the Jews of the Bible is very convenient for those who wish to silence any criticism of Israel, and the Jewish propaganda machine has been quite successful in peddling this pernicious idea to a large number of tub-thumping fundamentalist Christians with nothing but pork fat between their ears. There was a little couplet going around some years ago:

"How odd of God to choose the Jews."
"Not news, not odd. The Jews chose God."

To which I might add,

"We've news for the Jews: they're going to lose."

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

READER'S LETTER - "I would like to thank you for the time and resources that you spend on your web site. You are courageous for daring to battle the Zionists. Ignorance is the opiate of the masses. If people realised what is really going on, there would be nothing short of a world-wide revolt. Amazing to me how right wing Christians are buying into the belief that if they support Israel , they are somehow doing the work of God. The most ardent supporters of Israel around here (Oregon) are neither Israeli or Jewish, but Christians who think we HAVE to support Israel. The whole situation seems so Orwell-ish ..1984 just came a little late , I guess.......

Keep it Up !

Vic Pittman

PALESTINIANS OFFER TRUCE - The Al Aqsa Brigades today offered the Jews a truce, asking only that they halt the assassination of Palestinian activists and remove their troops and tanks from Area A. Not all of Palestine, not even all of the West Bank and Gaza. Just Area A, the Palestinian sectors which Israel is bound by international treaty to respect and which obligation they have ignored at their convenience for nine years since the Oslo Accords were signed.

Stop murdering people and respect your signed legal commitments. That is all the Al Aqsa ask. And what, exactly, is so unreasonable or "terroristic" about that?

Needless to say, Israel didn't even bother to respond. After all, a truce would interfere with their killing and torturing and humiliating Arabs. And we can't have that now, can we?
ROSENBERG VIOLATES YOUR RIGHTS, TOO - Under the American Constitutional system (or at least the one which existed prior to 9/11), not only do I have the right to SAY what I wish, but YOU have the right to HEAR it should you so desire. When Joel Rosenberg and others of the Tribe attempt to silence those who criticize Israel, they are not only violating my rights. They are violating the rights of every American and every Internet user, including, ironically, the rights of the people at Pyra who will decide whether or not to censor or suppress this weblog. I wonder if it occurs to the guys at Pyra that if they silence me now, someday another Rosenberg down the line will silence them?

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

PYRA TO SILENCE COVINGTON (OR TRY?) - I note with interest that one Joel Rosenberg has sent a "Violation of Terms of Service" complaint to Pyra regarding some of my more trenchant comments about the Chosen Ones in this blog. I am tempted to ask just what, precisely, gives Mr. Rosenberg the right to dictate to other American citizens what they can and cannot say in public, but then the answer to that is self-evident. Mr. Rosenberg is a Jew, and he assumes that right automatically as one of the ostensible Chosen People of God. Those who are familiar with Mr. Rosenberg's long history of (frankly) childish and boring antics on Usenet will also be familiar with his total contempt for the rights of others who are not of his race, and this episode will come as no surprise.

I suspect that Mr. Rosenberg's main objection to those whom he dislikes using this format is not even so much the fact that I oppose Israel, oppose the Ninth Crusade, and oppose the activities of his people. I'd venture to guess that his main problem with it is that unlike Usenet, he is not free to add in his own flatulent maunderings at the end of each post. The Red Sea Pedestrians simply cannot bear the thought that any other people can create or possess anything of their own, without their being able to get into it and run around like a pack of monkeys befouling it.

The idea that Mr. Rosenberg is free to open a blog of his own and express his own views to anyone who cares to read them would never, of course, even occur to him. Freedom is a concept alien to him and to his people.

Down through the years, this society has developed an almost overpowering aversion for the truth. This manifests itself in a variety of ways, not the least being regular attempts to silence and intimidate those who attempt to speak unpalatable truths aloud. This tendency has increased since 9/11 with the establishment demand for total lockstep where any aspect of the Ninth Crusade is concerned, and especially with any attempt to point out the fact that the September 11th events were a direct result of 53 years of American support for the bandit state of Israel. This is a viewpoint which the powers that be have decided is not to be publicly aired, and Mr. Rosenberg and others like him are the point men in this effort.

Whether Pyra decides to join the ranks of the new censors or not, it goes without saying that I will not be silenced. It also goes without saying that in the long run, Mr. Rosenberg and his co-religionists are going to lose. I see very definite signs that the world is getting rather weary of the behavior of the Jewish people in general and Israel in particular, and all Mr. Rosenberg's horses and all Mr. Rosenberg's men will not be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again once he (possibly in the Humpty Dumpty-like shape of Ariel Sharon) finally topples from the wall.

I also would like to add that, with the exception of Mr. Rosenberg and that one idiot from the National Alliance, the response to this blog has been overwhelmingly favorable. Thanks to all those who gave me your input, and needless to say, like MacArthur, I shall return. - HAC
NEO-CONS EMBRACE SODOMY - The late DeWest Hooker described the Jews as the great carpenters of history, always building trap doors through which they can escape when circumstances get too hot for them. "Neo-Conservatism" is one such trap door. The term "Neo-Conservative" essentially means Jews or Jew-worshipping Zionist White pseudo-intellectuals who pose as conservatives. Their conservatism generally boils down to shilling for total laissez-faire capitalism and big business, combined with total support for the bandit state of Israel, not necessarily in that order. The object of the "Neo-Conservative" movement is to provide an acceptable right-wing and patriotic face to Jewry in the likely event of the overwhelming majority of America's inhabitants, of all races, becoming dangerously fed up with political correctness. A good deal of the present fervor being drummed up for the Ninth Crusade may be traced to these "Neo-Cons" and their sycophantic media allies.

Among the primary "neo-conservative" cheerleaders for the Ninth Crusade is one Andrew Sullivan, a particularly arrogant and self-preening specimen of the breed who also happens to be queer as a three-dollar bill. Sullivan was "outed" by Salon and several other sources a few months ago when he was detected advertising in gay chat rooms on AOL for "bare-backed", i.e. unprotected sodomy with other perverts. This act of "outing" generated a good deal of self-centered, narcissistic introspective moo among the Internet chattering classes, which bored me to tears. Has Sullivan's career as a cheerleader for Israel and the mass murder of the world's Islamic population abated? Not a bit.

A true conservative...never mind a National Socialist...recognizes homosexuality as a loathsome and despicable perversion, a breach of decency which is not to be tolerated in civilized society under any circumstances whatsoever. That is only one of the differences between "Neo-Cons" and the real thing.

Monday, January 21, 2002

E-MAIL - I can't seem to figure out how to add an e-mail link, so if anyone wants to send me feedback my e-mail address is I don't intend to waste my time replying to heckling, by the by.
U. S. TURNS ON FORMER AFGHAN ALLY - In a Crusading development which has been mentioned nowhere in the American media that I am aware of, it now appears that the U. S. Air Force is dropping bombs not on the Taliban, but on one of our former Northern Alliance allies, somebody Khan, the warlord who now runs the city of Herat. Seems he refuses to bow down to the American puppet government in Kabul. I meant what I said about not constantly re-posting news articles, but I highly recommend as a reliable source of alternative news of this nature.
I do not intend to make a practice of re-posting news articles--there is more than enough of that on Usenet and Yahoo groups, etc.--but we need to avoid losing sight of the fact that the whole "arms ship" incident of several weeks ago may well be a Jewish hoax. - HAC


The strange affair of Karine A

Israel's official account of the Palestinian Authority's connections with a ship found loaded with weapons makes little sense, writes Brian Whitaker

Monday January 21, 2002
The Guardian

At a select gathering in London last week, Israeli intelligence officers briefed journalists on the strange affair of Karine A, the ship seized by Israeli commandos with 50 tonnes of weapons on board.

I know it was a select gathering because I was one of those selected by the Israeli embassy NOT to attend - on the grounds that they disliked what I had written about the affair in the Guardian (including a World dispatch from last Monday).

That, along with several abusive emails in response to last week's article, encourages me to return to the subject this week. Although most of the Arab world dismisses the story as an Israeli fabrication from beginning to end, the basic outline of what happened is, so far as I know, true: the Karine A, captained by a man with connections to the Palestinian Authority, and laden with a variety of weapons including rockets and mortars, sailed from the Gulf to the Red sea, where the Israelis intercepted it.

But the official version, as told by Israeli spokesmen and spoon-fed to selected journalists, makes little sense when it moves on to the questions of who did it and why.

The ship and its voyage

Israel has so far failed to substantiate its crucial claim that the Karine A belongs to the Palestinian Authority. If true, that would provide a direct link to the Palestinian Authority's leadership, including Yasser Arafat.

It is now clear that when Israel made this claim its intelligence service had not checked the ship's ownership with the registration authorities - a relatively simple matter - and was relying on something said by the ship's Palestinian captain, Omar Akawi, under interrogation. The original army press release on January 4 said that "preliminary investigation of the team members arrested revealed that the Karine A ship was purchased by Adel Mughrabi in Lebanon." Its document described Mr Mughrabias "a major buyer in the Palestinian weapons purchasing system".

On the same day, "senior Israeli officials" told the Washington Post that Mr Mughrabi had not bought the ship in Lebanon, but in Greece or Bulgaria.

Although the army had been careful to point out that its information was "preliminary" - and therefore tentative - numerous Israeli spokesmen and politicians immediately treated it as established fact.

On January 7, for instance, the defence minister, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, met the two senior European envoys, Javier Solana and Miguel Moratinos. He told them that "the ship was purchased by the Palestinian Authority after September 11" and that "the whole operation was managed and funded by the Palestinian Authority in cooperation with Iran and other sources".

One of the conclusions they were supposed to draw from this was that the EU should reconsider its funding of the authority.

Unfortunately for Mr Ben-Eliezer, on the day of his meeting, the shipping newspaper, Lloyds List, published documents showing that the legal owner of the Karine A is an Iraqi passport holder named Ali Mohamed Abbas.

Mr Abbas had given the registration authorities an address and telephone number in Yemen, but he has so far not been traced. The Israeli version of the ship's voyage is also confused.

According to the original army statement, it sailed first to Sudan and picked up normal cargo.

Members of the smuggling team replaced the original crew and in November it sailed to Hodeidah in Yemen. In December, according to the army, it sailed into the Gulf, "to the beaches of Iran near Qeshm Island".

"There a ferry approached it, most likely arriving from Iran, from which the weapons stored in 80 large wooden crates were transferred and loaded on to the ship."

This account appears to have come from interrogation of the crew rather than high-technology tracking.

The army now says that the island concerned was Kish, not Qeshm. Asked to explain the discrepancy, a spokesman at first denied that Qeshm had ever been mentioned. He later said Qeshm appeared only in English-language versions and was presumably a mistranslation from Hebrew.

The Israelis say the Karine A loaded its weapons in the Gulf on the night of December 11-12. Its interception by commandos in the Red Sea, 300 miles south of Eilat, was not until January 3 - almost three weeks later.

That is an extraordinarily long gap, which has not yet been fully explained. According to the army, the ship "had to divert to Hodeida port in Yemen due to technical problems".

The role of the Palestinian Authority

Apart from claiming that the ship belongs to the Palestinian Authority, Israel says that "senior figures" in the PA were involved in the smuggling, and that the weapons were intended for use by the authority.

Given the stringency of Israeli security measures, this is the part that many people find most unconvincing. Would the Palestinian Authority really be so stupid as to imagine that it could successfully import the weapons in this way?

Assuming the ship had not been stopped in the Red sea and had passed through the Suez canal without being caught by the Egyptians, the problem would be how to sneak its weapons into Gaza without the Israelis noticing. At current levels of surveillance, the chances of that happening are almost nil.

Moving the 62 large rockets within Gaza would also be extremely difficult because of Israeli checkpoints. The rockets' range is only 12 miles, so in order to attack Tel Aviv and most major Israeli cities, they would have to be moved out of Gaza and into the West Bank - which is well nigh impossible.

The four "senior" Palestinians who have been identified so far are not exactly household names, and the extent of corruption in the Palestinian Authority will make it difficult to establish whether they were acting in an official capacity or as part of a private racket.

Last week Michael Jansen, writing in the Beirut newspaper, the Daily Star, questioned whether two of them were still connected with the authority. He quoted Palestinian sources as saying that Omar Akawi, the ship's captain, "left Gaza nearly two years ago with his family and has made no contact with the Palestinian Authority since then".

In interviews after his arrest by the Israelis, Akawi said he had served as an officer in the Palestinian naval police and later worked as a naval traffic adviser for the Palestinian transport ministry. He claimed to be still employed by the authority.

Adel Mughrabi (aka Adel Awadallah and Adel Salameh) is described as the head of the smuggling project and is said to have bought the ship. According to the Daily Star, he was a member of Arafat's staff until the early 1980s, "when he was dismissed for conducting private business which conflicted with his official status".

The role of Hizbullah

Shortly after the smuggling operation came to light, American officials suggested that the weapons were intended for Hizbullah, the Lebanese Shi'ite organisation, rather than the Palestinians.

Israel initially dismissed the idea, but defence sources later told Ha'aretz newspaper it was "certainly possible that some of the arms were earmarked for Hizbullah," - though they insisted that most "were clearly bound for the Palestinian Authority".

Either way, both Israel and the US agree that there was some level of Hizbullah involvement - for example when the weapons were loaded on to the ship. Hizbullah already has a well-established route for acquiring weapons from Iran: they are sent by air through Syria.

If the weapons on the ship were really for Hizbullah, why risk such a hazardous sea voyage when there were safer and simpler delivery methods? In the absence of a satisfactory answer to that question, it would be reasonable to conclude that the weapons were not for Hizbullah.

But there may be an explanation after all. According to Ha'aretz newspaper, Hizbullah's air route was shut off last year when "Turkey began intercepting Iranian aeroplanes delivering weapons to Damascus".

Syria's current attitude to the weapons flights is also uncertain. President Asad has been trying to appear co-operative in the "war against terrorism" and it would not be surprising if the Americans - who formally outlawed Hizbullah last November - had been pressing him to stop the weapons flights.

If Hizbullah does indeed have problems flying weapons in, smuggling them by sea would make more sense. Last week (at the select gathering for journalists in London), Israeli intelligence wove a new Lebanese villain into the plot: Imad Mughniyeh, who is said to be the "mastermind" of the smuggling operation.

Although little has been heard of him since the 1980s, his inclusion may stimulate British and American interest in the affair. He is on the FBI's "20 most wanted" list (accused of the 1983 bombing of the US embassy in Beirut and the hijacking of a TWA airliner) and is blamed for the kidnapping of two Britons in Lebanon, Terry Waite and John McCarthy.

He was reportedly expelled from his refuge in Iran after the September 11 attacks, but the Lebanese authorities denied that he had returned to Lebanon.

The role of Iran

Israel maintains that the weapons came from Iran. If this is true - and there is no good reason to doubt it - what does it indicate?Many Israeli politicians see it as evidence of a new strategic alliance between the Palestinian Authority and the Iranian government. But most non-Israeli observers of Iran ridicule the idea totally, for a variety of historical, political and religious reasons. It also conflicts with the foreign policies adopted by President Khatami.

The trouble with Iran, though - as one Iranian exile remarked last week - is that it has two governments and 10,000 leaders. If you are going to pin blame, you have to determine which one is responsible.

Meanwhile, Ha'aretz newspaper suggests that the arms shipment cannot have had full backing from the Iranian authorities. If it were officially approved, the Karine A would not have picked up the weapons at night from another ship near Kish: it would have gone straight to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas and loaded its cargo openly.

Loading secretly near Kish could point to involvement by a section of the Revolutionary Guards or one of the wealthy religious "foundations" that operate largely outside state control.

The source of the weapons might be easier to identify if we knew whether the primary motive behind the smuggling was political or financial, or a bit of both. Israeli estimates put the value of the weapons at anything between $10m and $100m. Was the recipient supposed to pay for them, or were they a donation?

What does it all mean?

The only thing we can say with confidence is that when the full picture
emerges it will be a lot more complex than the current official version.

There are still many pieces in this jigsaw that don't fit, but Israeli politicians have already decided what the finished picture should look like and tailored it to reinforce Israeli policies.

The Karine A affair has already been invoked as grounds for the overthrow of Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, and for not resuming the peace process.

Binyamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister and probably a future contender for power, said last week that it means there cannot be a Palestinian state ... ever.

"With its own independent port, such a state would receive shiploads of arms, day and night, and we would find ourselves facing a terrorist state, armed to the teeth," he said.

Meanwhile, the Hizbullah connection can be used to push Hizbullah - and, by extension, Lebanon and Syria - to the top of America's anti-terrorism list.

And the Iranian connection, even if it does not really involve the Iranian state, can be used to stymie hopes of a rapprochement between Tehran and the west.

None of these goals will contribute anything to peace and stability in the Middle East. But you can be sure that Israeli embassies around the world will be working hard to promote them at select gatherings of diplomats and journalists.

IT'S NOT ONLY UNJUST, IT'S COWARDLY - Just read Charles Krauthammer's latest column, and I feel dirty. I was physically sickened by it. His rant for this week is among the worst megalomaniac tirades of bestial triumph and insane hatred against anyone who opposes Israel that I have yet had the misfortune to come across during the past four months of this national madness that has seized our country. In his latest babbling bloviation, Krauthammer among other things boasts of America's "willingness to take casualties" in order to destroy Israel's enemies and stroppy Muslims in general.

Excuse me? "Willingness to take casualties"? Where has this idiot been during the past four months?

What has thus far distinguished the Ninth Crusade is America's extreme UN-willingness to take casualties, even at the cost of impaired military effectiveness. The result has been a vast increase in the completely gratuitous and unnecessary murder of thousands of Afghan villagers. In case Mr. Krauthammer missed it, all the fighting in Afghanistan was done by the Uzbek and Tadjik tribal warriors of the so-called Northern Alliance (a Soviet front group from the 1980s), and later on by Pashtun tribal mercenaries around Kandahar. The much-vaunted U. S. Marines only came slinking ashore in Afghanistan after the mountain men on horseback with Kalashnikovs and old .303 Enfields cleared the way for them.

The American military since Vietnam has been distinguished by a remarkable reluctance to get down on the ground and fight their opponents man to man. This largely has to do with the fact that the moral and physical quality of American troops is so poor that man for man, without air cover and body armor, American troops would get their asses most righteously whupped by almost any group of Third World savages you care to name if they were forced to fight on equal, one-on-one terms, and the Pentagon knows this. We can't fight genuine warriors like the Afghans with our mall rats and female soldiers, so we hide in the sky and drop bombs on them while we pay mercenaries to do what we lack the courage to do.

The Afghanistan strategy, which seems to be the template for the rest of the Crusade, is to drop bombs on villagers from the safety of 30,000 feet while hiring the local gangsters to go in on the ground and do the actual fighting, after loading them up with weapons and money and other goodies. Looks like we'll be trying this in Iraq next.

It may be cost effective, and of course the absence of body bags keeps the mush-brained American public quiescent and waving their Masonic dishrags aloft and giving that moron in the White House 90% approval ratings. But let's be clear on this: what we are doing is not only unjust, there is a stink of yellow dog cowardice about it. And don't think America's growing number of enemies haven't noticed it.

Sunday, January 20, 2002

ON ARAB-AMERICAN RELATIONS - I have gotten my first heckle regarding this weblog, predictably from some National Alliance mook, accusing me of being an Arab-lover and and race-mixer because I applaud and back the Palestinian intifada against the Jewish occupation of their land.

[Sigh...] Okay, for the umpteenth time, let's get this clear. First off, the Jews are the enemies of all mankind. It's not just White people they've screwed over down through the ages. They have robbed, enslaved, murdered and insulted everyone without regard to race, creed, or color. The Jews are equal opportunity parasites; they'll leech off anyone who has anything to steal. Anything that is bad for the Jews is therefore good for White folks, and if it happens to be good for Arabs at the same time, that's jake with me.

I do NOT like or believe in Palestinians coming over here and taking over all the Subways and convenience stores so they can hire White high school girls and molest them while they're cutting the sandwich material, or marry the poor dumb bimbos and beat them and run off with the kids back to Jordan or Egypt, that kind of thing that we have seen all too much of in the past generation. (Although to be fair, most of the Subway crowd seem to be Yemenites.) I do not believe that any Third World group or culture should be coming HERE. America is one of the lands that God/Destiny/Father Odin/The Force or whatever has decreed to be allocated to our people, not theirs. They have no more moral right to come here than we have any right to fly over their countries and drop bombs on their children.

I also believe that one of the few positive results of the Ninth Crusade may turn out to be that the power structure will come to understand that unlimited Third World immigration into this country may not be such a good idea after all. America is a plutocracy. The wealthy people who actually call the shots in this society, mostly aging White men with Anglo-Saxon names along with a strategic sprinkling of Jews, the ones wearing the Armani suits and guzzling Evian water in the boardrooms and the banks and the think tanks and the halls of power--these people might twig to the fact that unlimited Third World immigration can actually be bad for business and constitute a physical threat to rich people, in the form of planes falling on their heads and car bombs in shopping malls. Once the wealthy Anglo-Zionist ruling elite in this country feels threatened by unlimited immigration, you'll be amazed how quickly they clamp down and start tossing mud people onto planes to go the hell back where they came from.

This having been said....I have got plenty of time for the Palestinians who are where they SHOULD be, in their own country, fighting against the Jews like real men instead of hiding behind computers and sending one another news clippings telling one another how bad things are, which is all we do. White American males should be ashamed of themselves, and until we start showing the same kind of courage, devotion, determination and self-sacrifice that the people of Palestine put on display every day before all the world, we have no right to look down our noses at them just because they are of a different blood. The Palestinians are doing what we are not man enough to do...fighting the Jews. If we don't have the guts to fight them ourselves then we should at least give whatever moral support we can to those who do.

Saturday, January 19, 2002

REVOLTING PUNDITS - Of all the phenomena which the Ninth Crusade has produced thus far, probably the most disgusting is that of the War Pundit....suppurating pustules like Charles Krauthammer, William Safire, George Will and neo-con bugger boy Andrew Sullivan, warmongering word-processors who slaver and howl like carrion-eating hyenas for blood, blood, blood, who scream in bestial hatred for the raining down of American bombs on anyone who dares to oppose or criticize their beloved Israel. The Jews among them at least have an excuse, but the kind of alleged White male who grovels to these cowardly, murdering Zionist thugs makes me want to vomit. How the hell can any non-Jewish male have so little just plain self-respect as to shuffle and tap dance in front of yellow bastards who plant booby-traps for children, and who hide behind tanks and body armor while they machine-gun kids with nothing but rocks in their hands?

I really would like to get a grip on some of these Jews like Safire and Krauthammer, shake them until their walnutto brains rattle in their largely empty skulls, and demand of them: "If you love Israel so much, then why the HELL don't you GO THERE?" But then, the main mark of the War Pundit is his extreme care to keep his own tender skin out of harm's way, while doing their best to see to it that other young Americans fight and bleed and die to satisfy their own Talmudic lust for Gentile blood.
Today the Israelis burned down the Voice of Palestine radio station, after first stripping it of any usable equipment, which they will no doubt sell at a profit to some Israeli punk rock station or something of the kind. Aren't Americans just proud as punch to be bankrolling state-sponsored arson and looting?

Jesus, no wonder the Muslim world hates us. I am only astonished that it took this long for something like 9/11 to happen. I also wonder how long it's going to take the other First World states like the European Union and Japan to start getting nervous about America's periodic berserk bombing binges. What's going to happen if that moron in the White House decides that Osama Bin Laden is hiding in Sweden or that Ireland is interfering with his family's oil business?

Of course, what will really put the cat among the pigeons is if it turns out that Bin Laden has escaped over the border of Afghanistan into CHINA.

Friday, January 18, 2002

More Israeli murder in the West Bank and Gaza today. Sharon and the U. S. State Department demand that Yasir Arafat "act against terrorism". Even if Arafat were inclined to become the Arab version of a kapo, one has to ask how exactly he is supposed to "act against terror" when Sharon's American-made tanks and helicopter gunships have him barricaded in his office in Ramallah, and the Israelis keep bombing and rocketing the police stations of the same PA cops who are supposed to "act against terror?"

The simple fact is this: the Jews DO NOT WANT PEACE. They are looking for an excuse to "transfer" the remaining Palestinian population out of the last few slivers of their own land that they still cling to. To this end they are bulldozing Palestinian homes, ripping up ancient olive groves and vinyards, and building more illegal Jewish settlements every day. And the United States is paying for the whole unspeakable exercise in tyranny.

One wonders: how can these Jews have lived side by side with the Palestinians for 53 years and yet know them so little? You'd think by now the Jews would have come to understand that when you deprive a people of all hope, they have nothing to lose by strapping explosives to themselves and splattering kosher ass all over the local pizza joint. Conditions in Palestine, for its native people, the daily acts of oppression and insult and murder these people have to live with, are something that no American can comprehend, and the struggle of this gallant little nation against the Jewish theft and occupation of their country ought to win them the admiration of the world...and, I believe, one day it will.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

It is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the suspicion that the Ninth Crusade (the so-called War On Terrorism) is really about tapping those rich Caspian Sea oil reserves. The oil cartels tried repeatedly to make an arrangement with the Taliban government to run a pipeline through Afghanistan from former Soviet territory where the oil fields are located, to avoid the necessity of having to run the pipeline through Iran, but the Taliban were more concerned with Islam than they were with making money. (Imagine that! A group of people who actually worship something other than the Almighty Dollar!) I have a suspicion that if and when the true facts behind the Crusade finally become known (probably a hundred years from now) it may turn out to be a collossal hoax. I have yet to see anything resembling definitive proof that Osama Bin Laden was behind the 9/11 money is betting on the same Egyptian Islamic group that bombed the World Trade Center some years ago, but on top of that those persistent rumors of Israeli involvement, or at least Israeli foreknowledge, simply won't go away.
I spend most of my surfing time nowadays reading foreign newspapers, which are so much more reliable than the controlled U. S. media. I learn that tonight the Palestinians struck back yet again, with a lone freedom fighter gunning down at least six Jews in a banquet hall. The article in Ha'aretz also casually mentions that the gunman was overpowered by other guests, and when the Israeli cops arrived they casually shot him through the head. Ah, yes..."The Light Unto The Nations".

Israel has done just about everything they can do to the Palestinians, in a campaign of brutal repression that can only be called genocide. Their latest antics prior to tonight were to bulldoze over 90 Palestinian homes in Gaza...with the wretched inhabitants still inside. Over 600 people were rendered homeless in this latest Jewish attempt to drive the Palestinians into flight from their own land. Before that they were screaming and weeping and howling over a rusty freighter full of weapons they captured in the Red Sea. There seems, in fact, to be some legitimate suspicion that the "arms ship" was an Israeli PR hoax, but even if it wasn't, we're talking about a regime that bombs civilians with heavy aircraft and helicopter gunships (remind you of anyone we know?) and sets booby-traps for children. The Palestinians have every right to smuggle in weapons to defend themselves from state-sponsored murder and drive the invaders from their land; I deeply regret that ship didn't make it through. Those Katyushas could have done wonders dropping onto some of those illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank.
I am creating this weblog in response to a number of you who expressed disappointment in my taking down the old website. The reasons I cited for that decision were all valid, but one of the major reasons was that the site contained mostly old material, in some cases as outdated as ten years old. I will add regular and timely commentary to this weblog. I have made my feelings on the negative effects of the Internet on activism clear, but I also understand that it cannot be un-invented and that whether I like it or not, the Net is here to stay. My establishment of this weblog may seem like a contradiction. It isn't. It is simply a much more efficient way of allowing me to maintain an Internet presence and use the Net without it turning into a monster that devours my time. This weblog will enable me to cut down on my time behind the computer by largely alleviating the necessity for the cumbersome NSNet e-mail list, which I have to break down into "pods" of less that 50 names each to get around Worldnet's stupid "anti-spam" software. It will also cut down on the number of e-mails in my readers' mailboxes, which is all to the good in these times when you download dozens of messages each time you check your mail and 90% of them are spams advertising second mortgages and Viagra.