Wednesday, January 30, 2002

BUT...BUT...I THOUGHT WE WON...? Well, well, well. Looks like the Afghans didn't quite roll over and play dead like Rummy and that moron in the White House claimed, did they?

It seems that A) There is an intact Taliban army of approximately 5,000 men, with tanks and artillery, digging into the mountains in the west; B) The Taliban has regrouped to the point where it is about to launch an assault to re-capture the town of Gardez; C) The American puppet president in Kabul, Karzai, admits that he can't control anything and is screaming for more foreign troops to prop him up; and D) A Jew reporter named Daniel Pearl has been kidnapped in Pakistan and is being held hostage by Muslim militants who say they will treat him exactly as their own people in Guantanamo are treated.

People, Georgie Porgie's squalid little "victory" is hollow. We didn't even destroy the Taliban; most military analysts now agree that their main forces are largely intact and are preparing for guerrilla war in the spring. The only thing that seems to have come of all this is that the brutal butcher and war criminal Ariel Sharon now seems to have a green light from the American government to go berserk slaughtering defenseless Palestinians.

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