Tuesday, January 22, 2002

PYRA TO SILENCE COVINGTON (OR TRY?) - I note with interest that one Joel Rosenberg has sent a "Violation of Terms of Service" complaint to Pyra regarding some of my more trenchant comments about the Chosen Ones in this blog. I am tempted to ask just what, precisely, gives Mr. Rosenberg the right to dictate to other American citizens what they can and cannot say in public, but then the answer to that is self-evident. Mr. Rosenberg is a Jew, and he assumes that right automatically as one of the ostensible Chosen People of God. Those who are familiar with Mr. Rosenberg's long history of (frankly) childish and boring antics on Usenet will also be familiar with his total contempt for the rights of others who are not of his race, and this episode will come as no surprise.

I suspect that Mr. Rosenberg's main objection to those whom he dislikes using this format is not even so much the fact that I oppose Israel, oppose the Ninth Crusade, and oppose the activities of his people. I'd venture to guess that his main problem with it is that unlike Usenet, he is not free to add in his own flatulent maunderings at the end of each post. The Red Sea Pedestrians simply cannot bear the thought that any other people can create or possess anything of their own, without their being able to get into it and run around like a pack of monkeys befouling it.

The idea that Mr. Rosenberg is free to open a blog of his own and express his own views to anyone who cares to read them would never, of course, even occur to him. Freedom is a concept alien to him and to his people.

Down through the years, this society has developed an almost overpowering aversion for the truth. This manifests itself in a variety of ways, not the least being regular attempts to silence and intimidate those who attempt to speak unpalatable truths aloud. This tendency has increased since 9/11 with the establishment demand for total lockstep where any aspect of the Ninth Crusade is concerned, and especially with any attempt to point out the fact that the September 11th events were a direct result of 53 years of American support for the bandit state of Israel. This is a viewpoint which the powers that be have decided is not to be publicly aired, and Mr. Rosenberg and others like him are the point men in this effort.

Whether Pyra decides to join the ranks of the new censors or not, it goes without saying that I will not be silenced. It also goes without saying that in the long run, Mr. Rosenberg and his co-religionists are going to lose. I see very definite signs that the world is getting rather weary of the behavior of the Jewish people in general and Israel in particular, and all Mr. Rosenberg's horses and all Mr. Rosenberg's men will not be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again once he (possibly in the Humpty Dumpty-like shape of Ariel Sharon) finally topples from the wall.

I also would like to add that, with the exception of Mr. Rosenberg and that one idiot from the National Alliance, the response to this blog has been overwhelmingly favorable. Thanks to all those who gave me your input, and needless to say, like MacArthur, I shall return. - HAC

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