Sunday, January 20, 2002

ON ARAB-AMERICAN RELATIONS - I have gotten my first heckle regarding this weblog, predictably from some National Alliance mook, accusing me of being an Arab-lover and and race-mixer because I applaud and back the Palestinian intifada against the Jewish occupation of their land.

[Sigh...] Okay, for the umpteenth time, let's get this clear. First off, the Jews are the enemies of all mankind. It's not just White people they've screwed over down through the ages. They have robbed, enslaved, murdered and insulted everyone without regard to race, creed, or color. The Jews are equal opportunity parasites; they'll leech off anyone who has anything to steal. Anything that is bad for the Jews is therefore good for White folks, and if it happens to be good for Arabs at the same time, that's jake with me.

I do NOT like or believe in Palestinians coming over here and taking over all the Subways and convenience stores so they can hire White high school girls and molest them while they're cutting the sandwich material, or marry the poor dumb bimbos and beat them and run off with the kids back to Jordan or Egypt, that kind of thing that we have seen all too much of in the past generation. (Although to be fair, most of the Subway crowd seem to be Yemenites.) I do not believe that any Third World group or culture should be coming HERE. America is one of the lands that God/Destiny/Father Odin/The Force or whatever has decreed to be allocated to our people, not theirs. They have no more moral right to come here than we have any right to fly over their countries and drop bombs on their children.

I also believe that one of the few positive results of the Ninth Crusade may turn out to be that the power structure will come to understand that unlimited Third World immigration into this country may not be such a good idea after all. America is a plutocracy. The wealthy people who actually call the shots in this society, mostly aging White men with Anglo-Saxon names along with a strategic sprinkling of Jews, the ones wearing the Armani suits and guzzling Evian water in the boardrooms and the banks and the think tanks and the halls of power--these people might twig to the fact that unlimited Third World immigration can actually be bad for business and constitute a physical threat to rich people, in the form of planes falling on their heads and car bombs in shopping malls. Once the wealthy Anglo-Zionist ruling elite in this country feels threatened by unlimited immigration, you'll be amazed how quickly they clamp down and start tossing mud people onto planes to go the hell back where they came from.

This having been said....I have got plenty of time for the Palestinians who are where they SHOULD be, in their own country, fighting against the Jews like real men instead of hiding behind computers and sending one another news clippings telling one another how bad things are, which is all we do. White American males should be ashamed of themselves, and until we start showing the same kind of courage, devotion, determination and self-sacrifice that the people of Palestine put on display every day before all the world, we have no right to look down our noses at them just because they are of a different blood. The Palestinians are doing what we are not man enough to do...fighting the Jews. If we don't have the guts to fight them ourselves then we should at least give whatever moral support we can to those who do.

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