Thursday, January 17, 2002

I spend most of my surfing time nowadays reading foreign newspapers, which are so much more reliable than the controlled U. S. media. I learn that tonight the Palestinians struck back yet again, with a lone freedom fighter gunning down at least six Jews in a banquet hall. The article in Ha'aretz also casually mentions that the gunman was overpowered by other guests, and when the Israeli cops arrived they casually shot him through the head. Ah, yes..."The Light Unto The Nations".

Israel has done just about everything they can do to the Palestinians, in a campaign of brutal repression that can only be called genocide. Their latest antics prior to tonight were to bulldoze over 90 Palestinian homes in Gaza...with the wretched inhabitants still inside. Over 600 people were rendered homeless in this latest Jewish attempt to drive the Palestinians into flight from their own land. Before that they were screaming and weeping and howling over a rusty freighter full of weapons they captured in the Red Sea. There seems, in fact, to be some legitimate suspicion that the "arms ship" was an Israeli PR hoax, but even if it wasn't, we're talking about a regime that bombs civilians with heavy aircraft and helicopter gunships (remind you of anyone we know?) and sets booby-traps for children. The Palestinians have every right to smuggle in weapons to defend themselves from state-sponsored murder and drive the invaders from their land; I deeply regret that ship didn't make it through. Those Katyushas could have done wonders dropping onto some of those illegal Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

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