Friday, January 25, 2002

MORE "FAMOUS VICTORIES" - The Pentagon spin machine now claims that "U. S. warplanes destroyed a huge Taliban weapons dump."

Yaaaawwwn.....sorry, guys. I'm old enough to remember those daily briefings from Saigon where every day the American military destroyed collossal numbers of VC on paper. Turned out those body counts usually existed only the the minds of the spinmeisters.

1) I thought the Taliban was supposed to be "annihilated" and "on the run"?

2) In the midst of all that bloviation, according to the Times of London it appears that there is at least one remaining Taliban army intact and still fighting, with over 5,000 men and a number of tanks and artillery, dug in deep in the mountains. Gee it couldn't be that our illustrious Donald Rumsfeld has been...LYING to us, could it? O banish the sinful thought! Can you say "Twenty years of guerrilla warfare to drive the invaders from Afghanistan?" Sure you can!

I'll say this...the U. S. Air Force MIGHT have destroyed a big Taliban weapons depot, but if so it was because they were aiming for a defenceless village and with their usual ineptitude they missed their target again. Even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn.

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