Friday, January 18, 2002

More Israeli murder in the West Bank and Gaza today. Sharon and the U. S. State Department demand that Yasir Arafat "act against terrorism". Even if Arafat were inclined to become the Arab version of a kapo, one has to ask how exactly he is supposed to "act against terror" when Sharon's American-made tanks and helicopter gunships have him barricaded in his office in Ramallah, and the Israelis keep bombing and rocketing the police stations of the same PA cops who are supposed to "act against terror?"

The simple fact is this: the Jews DO NOT WANT PEACE. They are looking for an excuse to "transfer" the remaining Palestinian population out of the last few slivers of their own land that they still cling to. To this end they are bulldozing Palestinian homes, ripping up ancient olive groves and vinyards, and building more illegal Jewish settlements every day. And the United States is paying for the whole unspeakable exercise in tyranny.

One wonders: how can these Jews have lived side by side with the Palestinians for 53 years and yet know them so little? You'd think by now the Jews would have come to understand that when you deprive a people of all hope, they have nothing to lose by strapping explosives to themselves and splattering kosher ass all over the local pizza joint. Conditions in Palestine, for its native people, the daily acts of oppression and insult and murder these people have to live with, are something that no American can comprehend, and the struggle of this gallant little nation against the Jewish theft and occupation of their country ought to win them the admiration of the world...and, I believe, one day it will.

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