Tuesday, January 22, 2002

NEO-CONS EMBRACE SODOMY - The late DeWest Hooker described the Jews as the great carpenters of history, always building trap doors through which they can escape when circumstances get too hot for them. "Neo-Conservatism" is one such trap door. The term "Neo-Conservative" essentially means Jews or Jew-worshipping Zionist White pseudo-intellectuals who pose as conservatives. Their conservatism generally boils down to shilling for total laissez-faire capitalism and big business, combined with total support for the bandit state of Israel, not necessarily in that order. The object of the "Neo-Conservative" movement is to provide an acceptable right-wing and patriotic face to Jewry in the likely event of the overwhelming majority of America's inhabitants, of all races, becoming dangerously fed up with political correctness. A good deal of the present fervor being drummed up for the Ninth Crusade may be traced to these "Neo-Cons" and their sycophantic media allies.

Among the primary "neo-conservative" cheerleaders for the Ninth Crusade is one Andrew Sullivan, a particularly arrogant and self-preening specimen of the breed who also happens to be queer as a three-dollar bill. Sullivan was "outed" by Salon and several other sources a few months ago when he was detected advertising in gay chat rooms on AOL for "bare-backed", i.e. unprotected sodomy with other perverts. This act of "outing" generated a good deal of self-centered, narcissistic introspective moo among the Internet chattering classes, which bored me to tears. Has Sullivan's career as a cheerleader for Israel and the mass murder of the world's Islamic population abated? Not a bit.

A true conservative...never mind a National Socialist...recognizes homosexuality as a loathsome and despicable perversion, a breach of decency which is not to be tolerated in civilized society under any circumstances whatsoever. That is only one of the differences between "Neo-Cons" and the real thing.

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