Saturday, January 26, 2002

"TERRORIST" MY ASS - The latest bit of disgraceful groveling before the Jews by the U. S. government is to list various Palestinian groups as "terrorist". (This includes some of the official forces of the Palestinian Authority, the very forces that our redbone Secretary of State demands that Yasir Arafat use to "rein in terror.") In view of the fact that we are supporting, to the tune of $2 billion a year, a grubby little gangster state that uses American tanks and helicopter gunships to butcher children and assassinate political opponents, this designation is grotesque, not to say morally revolting.

The blood-drinking maniac Ariel Sharon is coming to Washington in a few weeks and from all indications, that moron in the White House will apply his lips in the prescribed manner to Sharon's expansive posterior, as have all previous American presidents. It's quite clear that the butcher of Sabra and Chatila, fresh from having the main witness against him at the Belgian war crimes tribunal murdered, is now to be given free rein to charge into the territories and go berserk in an orgy of murder and destruction worse than anything those poor people have yet witnessed. Jesus Christ, this country should be ashamed of itself! The stench of Israel's brutal crimes against humanity rises to the heavens, and we are the ones who make that horror show over there possible.

Even after 9/11, our Beavis and Butthead culture still has not seemed to internalize that you can only bomb and murder other people's children for so long, before eventually they will find some way to strike back, be it with boxcutters or anthrax or whatever comes to hand. At some point down the line, the bill for 53 years of American-sponsored massacre and enslavement in the Muslim world. Make no mistake: one way or the other, we are going to pay and pay and pay for what we have done to these people and what we have allowed the filthy dogs of Iz-ra-hell to do to them. There is a karma for nations as well as individuals, and the cosmic scales will eventually be required to balance.

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