Saturday, January 19, 2002

REVOLTING PUNDITS - Of all the phenomena which the Ninth Crusade has produced thus far, probably the most disgusting is that of the War Pundit....suppurating pustules like Charles Krauthammer, William Safire, George Will and neo-con bugger boy Andrew Sullivan, warmongering word-processors who slaver and howl like carrion-eating hyenas for blood, blood, blood, who scream in bestial hatred for the raining down of American bombs on anyone who dares to oppose or criticize their beloved Israel. The Jews among them at least have an excuse, but the kind of alleged White male who grovels to these cowardly, murdering Zionist thugs makes me want to vomit. How the hell can any non-Jewish male have so little just plain self-respect as to shuffle and tap dance in front of yellow bastards who plant booby-traps for children, and who hide behind tanks and body armor while they machine-gun kids with nothing but rocks in their hands?

I really would like to get a grip on some of these Jews like Safire and Krauthammer, shake them until their walnutto brains rattle in their largely empty skulls, and demand of them: "If you love Israel so much, then why the HELL don't you GO THERE?" But then, the main mark of the War Pundit is his extreme care to keep his own tender skin out of harm's way, while doing their best to see to it that other young Americans fight and bleed and die to satisfy their own Talmudic lust for Gentile blood.

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