Sunday, January 27, 2002

ALLEGED ZINNI REMARKS WERE ZIONIST HOAX - Today a report appeared in the world media that retired Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni, the U. S. Middle East envoy, allegedly referred to Palestinian President Yasir Arafat as a "Mafioso" and an "incorrigible liar" and called the Palestinian Authority "Mafiosi". The remarks supposedly occurred at a White House dinner on Saturday night. He also allegedly referred to the mass murderer and war criminal Ariel Sharon as a "Papa Bear".

Zinni has categorically denied in some apparent anger that he ever made any such remarks, and this has been confirmed by a number of people who were present at the dinner, including several Jews who apparently were a bit slow on the up-take or else who feared to contradict Zinni in public and face his wrath. No Arabs or Muslims were present, and so the false story obviously cannot be blamed on them, although no doubt the Israeli damage controllers will try.

Given the general lack of credibility which attaches to anything which comes from any official or institution of the United States government, either A) Zinni made the comments and one of his Jewish dinner guests stabbed him in the back by leaking the story to the media, or B) Zinni is telling the truth and the Zionist propaganda spinmeisters just plain set him up with a lie.

Either way, let's hope that jarhead has enough brains under his buzz cut to understand that in the Zionists he is dealing with dishonest and treacherous people, whose stock in trade is the lowest form of deceit.

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