Sunday, May 05, 2002


Greetings, guys.

Look, this is going to be a bit disorganized, but I'm in kind of a stream-of-consciousness mood here, so pardon me if I just sort of ramble on a bit. I am genuinely wondering about some things that are obvious to me and have been for a very long time, but which apparently are really and truly obscure to most of you. I am going to throw out some questions here, in no particular order of importance, but they are serious questions and I'd like some serious answers.

1. In the past several weeks I have forwarded a number of articles to NSNet and Whitespeak detailing some demographic realities. California is now majority non-White. Texas may already be majority non-White, they're not sure, but in any case it will be in a couple of years without doubt. London will be majority non-White in ten years. Ireland is planning on bringing in two million "skilled" immigrants from Asia over the next eight years. Great Britain and Europe as a whole is expected to be majority non-White by the year 2100 if current trends continue. What is odd is that these articles have produced virtually no response at all from the NSNet list.

QUESTION: Does anyone actually READ what I send out? If so, how much of it? Ten percent? 25%? 50%? I am genuinely curious as to how much of what I send you ends up ignored or being deleted. How far do you read? At what point do you move on? After the second paragraph, the third, what? I need to know these things.

QUESTION: How, exactly, can you read information like this and have NO response at all? I don't understand that. Help me understand it.

2. Now, on this business of dressing up in costumes, allowing ourselves to be chased down the streets by mobs of thousands of Reds and scum or cowering behind barricades while we are protected by hundreds of disgusted police....dressing up in costumes and having surreptitious photos of ourselves in Gotterdammerung poses with arms folded across our chests, photos taken in our bedrooms or garages, then circulating said photos in small mimeographed 'zines....trying to "Adopt a Highway"...jabbering about "White civil rights"....the rallies in the cow pastures of the same 100 or so people, most of them driving in from out of know, basically all this crap we've been doing for the past 30 years...

QUESTION: Am I really, truly, honest to God the only person who has noticed that this DOES NOT WORK?

QUESTION: After 30 years of complete and total failure, how is it that anyone among us can POSSIBLY advocate that we keep on doing more of the same? I don't understand that. Help me understand that.

3. Has anyone other than myself noticed that the Internet ISN'T WORKING for us? That is produces nothing except more Internet? That we are weaker, more confused, more demoralized, and more timid than ever before now that we have the cathartic release of playing with our computers? Am I honestly the only one who has observed this?

[Interestingly, we have a very good comrade in California who recently voluntarily withdrew from the Internet and announced his intention of selling his computer because he understood that the virtual world was pulling him in and he wanted it real. - HAC]

4. All these things with Pierce, the dozen or so times he has pirouetted away like Tinkerbelle on tip-toe leaving chaos and destruction behind him, his ability to stroll through Germany at will, all the times his name hovers in the air around serious Federal felonies, all the times he gets away with stuff the merest fraction of which would get the rest of us locked up under the jailhouse and the key thrown away...surely, surely I am not the only one who sees these things? Or seeing them, draws conclusions regarding The Great Man's breathtaking immunity? Ditto the gent in his employ who, among other magical abilities such as living without a visible source of income for 15 years, has the power to VOID A GRAND JURY SUBPOENA, something even Hillary was unable to do? Do these things honestly happen in some kind of Phantom Zone outside space and time, seen but not seen, known but not known, suppressed by a kind of internal reality control among us all that would astound Orwell himself?

QUESTION: Dead serious, guys---what IS the secret of Pierce's teflon and how can I get some of it?

5. QUESTION: How, exactly, do we justify to ourselves having "leaders" who do not reflect in their personal lifestyle and behavior the values we are supposed to champion? I have never understood that one. Help me understand it.

6. This anti-Christian crap---does ANYONE besides myself understand what utter poison it is to our cause, how utterly impossible it is to let even so much as a syllable of such drivel be whispered in public in any relation to racial politics? Do we have some kind of death wish that we keep on shoveling this stuff out in front of Joe Six Pack? Are we that completely devoid of any sense of political and human reality, really?

7. This Lone Wolf crap, Curtis Version---is there anyone out there besides myself who understands that it is lunacy? Is there anyone out there who SERIOUSLY believes that the most massive act of liberation in human history can be accomplished by sick men who hear voices in their heads, shooting down children and total strangers at random? Surely, SURELY no one takes this seriously.

Do you?

8. The only way that we are ever going to change things is through genuine, non-Curtisian armed struggle. I know that, you know that, I won't insult your intelligence by pretending that there is one single person reading this who does not know that in your heart, however afraid you may be to say so. I understand also that at least a certain degree of circumspection is necessary and that more may become so later. I will not insult your intelligence by implying that there are any of you who do not understand the difference between, say, the Provisional I.R.A. as opposed to Buford Furrow. I really don't believe any of you are quite THAT dumb.

QUESTION: When do we come to an understanding about this and start acting on it, at least by speaking of it aloud in a serious and adult manner? Next week? Next year? Five years from now? When Hillary's goons crash in our door some time in 2006? When? WHEN, people? WHEN do we finally start getting our act together?

9. Mr. Jones over there vows and swears that he will fight to the death like a true "Aryan warrior" in that safely far-off "when the time comes" that never comes. But right now he will not even kick in ten dollars a month to try and keep some very faint semblance of resistance in existence.

QUESTION: What is wrong with this picture?

10. QUESTION: Dead serious. Am I totally wasting my time here?


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