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August 22, 2000

Dear Racial Comrades:

Just to clarify something viz. one of John Broussard's posts:

I do not question that many members of the so-called "World Church of the Creator" are deeply sincere and in many cases some of the most active people in the Movement today. My personal opinion of Matt Hale himself is also quite high, as those of you know who keep up with NSNet. I believe that he is "worthy of a better master and a juster cause", as someone once said of the Parliamentary general Lord Fairfax.

What I DO question is whether anything good or healthy can come from a source so contaminated. Please remember: I KNEW Benny Klassen. These kids did not. Klassen spent almost 16 years in intermittent attempts to recruit me for his "church", only finally turning on me in 1989 after I gave him my final and irrevocable refusal via his then-Pasta Fazzool Norman Bates, who made a special trip to Raleigh to "demand my submission". (Norman's words.)

Contrary to the shrieks of the Goat Dancers, I do not tell lies, about him or anyone. I am convinced to a moral certainty that Benny Klassen was a racial Jew, although given the circumstances of his birth (and those remain very unclear, given the variations on this he told different people down through the years) this is probably beyond proof one way or another. But there is NO DOUBT---let me repeat that, NO DOUBT AT ALL---that Klassen was a practising pederast during the 1980s, although after the Dennis Witherspoon incident he does seem to have slowed down or suspended this kind of activity, either through caution or simply the advance of age.

There were also a couple of odd things about his death, by the by, but I long ago accepted that like Pierce and Metzger, Klassen has been given a "pass". Why? Well, to make a long and psychologically complex story as short as possible, I think basically it's because there are among us people whose bilious hatred of Christianity is so obsessive and all consuming that they literally do not care what Klassen did or what he was so long as he raved about the "dead Jew on a stick". What gets me is that Tom and John Metzger used to warn Skinhead kids against going to Otto, or in John Metzger's own (written) words: "If you go up there, sit down and keep your mouth shut."

I just hope these present "WCOTC" young 'uns grow out of it soon.


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