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A friend of mine is doing some research on the Goat Dance, and he keeps sending me old stuff from the yesteryear of 1997 and 1998. Some of it's still pretty interesting and I know some of my newer readers have never seen any of this. This one is from '98.

The following "interview" took place over AOL Instant
Messaging about a month ago, between myself and a kid named Brewt
in Florida who claims to be a follower of Benny Klassen, Tom Metzger,
and all the other Usual Suspects. I had forgotten about it, but
apparently the kid seems to think that it actually SUPPORTS the
Hate Harold-ers and "proves" their case, such as it is, and
he posted it on his web site. The fact that he likes it
gives you some idea of the strange fantasy world these people
live in. I myself have no objection at all to its publication.

Due to the IM format, we were constantly "stepping on
each other's lines" throughout the entire "interview", and so
the direct transcript published on his site isn't very
comprehensible at times. Because of this I have performed
some editing in the form of combining several questions
and answers in order to make them more coherent. I have
SINGLE WORD from the actual body of the interview itself.

I have corrected two specific lies regarding the C-18
group in Britain. These corrections are not present in
the original interview.


Interview with
Harold A. Covington of NSWPP!

Wierd Harold A. Covington, Alias Winston Smith was interviewed by me
(Wiking88) about a month ago - After finally getting my ass in gear and
getting this Interview Section complete, I have decided to publish the
interview with Wierd Harold in full, nothing edited except a few
spelling errors... Everything published here is on an as is basis...
This is the property of the World Church of the Creator and Wiking88
Copyright 1998 - If you wish to quote from this interview, or post it on
your web page, or even in a 'zine, contact me first at Wiking88 - Anyone
caught using this without permission will be charged with theift...

[As you can see, I am trembling in my boots at this threat.
Now on with the show. - HAC]

wiking88: Im doing an article for the WPWW News Page, and wonder if you
would answer a few questions real fast, Mr. Harold

Nswpp88: Hey, Brewt, I was wondering what had happened to you. Somebody
told me you'd been busted for drugs.

wiking88: Im not Brewt, wish youd understand that... Im a Creator,
not a Hammer Anyhow, seriously, I want to ask a few questions...

Nswpp88: In other words, you follow Old Benny Buttfuck.

wiking88: Say what ya will, I just want some answers, will ya supply
them at least?

Nswpp88: Holy Terwilliger, you idiots never fail to amaze me. You spend
months insulting me, abusing me, lying about me, putting up a whole web
page smearing me, and now you seriously expect me to act as if nothing

wiking88: I have nothing to do with the page, I control the actions of
no one else... Im myself, and Im trying to get a story straight from
the horses mouth... intersted or not?

Nswpp88: (sigh.....) I think it's the insult to my intelligence I mind
more than the stupid lies...What do you want to know, son?

wiking88: Recent rumors have been spreading that you have offically
"declared war on all other White Power groups" - is this the case, and
if so, why?

Nswpp88: Horse shit. What other "White Power groups" do you refer
to? Come to think of it, what other "White Power groups" ARE there?

wiking88: WAR - WCOTC - AN - NA - SKINS - HAMMERS - KLAN - and various
other little groups

Nswpp88: My attitude towards Tom Metzger and William Pierce is a matter
of public record and goes back many, many years; this is hardly
news. WHAT "Hammer"? WHAT "Klan?" WHAT "COTC" (not that there ever was any
such thing)? Wait a minute---I think you may have heard a garbled version of
an NSNet column I did. It was called "That Unhealthy Fascination".
Is that it?

wiking88: I refer to the Hammerskin Nation worldwide, the kkk chapters
of sorts, and the WCOTC world wide Never read it, I dont keep up on the
usenet... you saw my post about how much time it waste

Nswpp88: WHAT Hammerskin nation? I don't keep up with Skinheads; I know
the Skin subculture still exists, kind of, but I don't keep track of it.
WHAT Klan? There is no Klan and hasn't been for about forty years.

wiking88: and WCOTC

Nswpp88: There is not, and never was, any genuine "church" or "religion"
associated with Old Benny Buttfuck. It was all a gull.

wiking88: So the fact that WCOTC has doubled in size in less than a year
means nothing?

Nswpp88: Doubled from 2 to 4? Don't be silly, son. I've seen a
couple of cut-and-paste newsletters from some real
hard-core losers calling themselves "COTC"; they are below
the threshold of even "The Movement". The "COTC" was a scam and
it died when Benny Klassen OD'ed in the crapper.

wiking88: from 14 to 33 WCOTC isn't COTC

Nswpp88: Ooooh, 33 whole members worldwide! I stand corrected. Oh, give
me a BREAK!

wiking88: Last gathering in my area was made up of over 80

Nswpp88: (Sigh).....okay, I'll bite....What is "WCOTC?"

wiking88: World Church of the Creator reformed... and surging with energy

Nswpp88: How do you get around the fact that your founder and "prophet"
was a Jew and a homosexual rapist? I knew the man, son. You didn't.

wiking88: Actually, you never offered proof of anything, and still
can't... and you hardly knew him

Nswpp88: Klassen spent almost 15 years trying to "recruit" me, God knows
why, starting from the time I was on NSWPP staff at Franklin Road.
He made the mistake of sending Norman Bates to do it and
Norman was the one who spilled the beans on Klassen and finally
convinced me. I didn't actually believe it up until then.

wiking88: And your friend Frank Collin?

Nswpp88: You mean the same Frank Collin whom I turned in to the Chicago
police department along with a box full of evidence that got him sent to
prison for seven years for homosexual child molestation---the same thing
Klassen was doing? That Frank Collin? Somehow the fact that I was the one
who exposed Collin and had him sent to prison always seems to get
air-brushed out of the picture.

wiking88: Oh yes, and Norman Bates, even though NA now, has a high respect
for Klassen... was this supposed to be your unnamed person

Nswpp88: The NA/Klassen connection is indeed a fascinating
one, and I have explored it in a number of articles.

wiking88: and the NSWPP/C18 one is interesting as well

Nswpp88: You might want to bear in mind Ambrose Bierce's definition of
the world "alliance"--- "In politics, the temporary union of two thieves
who have their hands so deeply inserted into one another's pockets that
they cannot separately plunder a third." As for Combat 18, guilty as

wiking88: Then you admit to forming C18 over in England

Nswpp88: They are brave men and fine patriots and they are
now suffering at the hands of the tyrant for their courage.
As a matter of fact, no, I didn't---the Brits need no Americans
to tell them what to do---but I was of some marginal assistance to them
at one time and I am proud of the fact and would do it again.

wiking88: That you operated a PO Box for them outta America?

Nswpp88: I have always been puzzled as to why people like Pierce and
Gerry Gable are obsessed with "proving" that I "founded" Combat 18.
If I HAD I certainly would consider it a feather in my cap.

wiking88: So - NSWPP and C18 are allies, no doubt?

Nswpp88: By the by, you do know that your buddy Pierce was responsible
for George Burdi getting raided and arrested and run out of active
politics, don't you? Have you ever wondered who filed the complaint
with the Michigan state tax authorities? Possibly the same individual
who has done the same thing to me in both North and South Carolina?
One Norman Bates?

wiking88: Charlie Sargent is a twice convicted drug dealer....fine
upstanding white men. - Ming Cross was constantly starting drunken
brawls with BNP members NOT "smashing reds". Thomas Nakaba = GOOK!!!!
All C18 members

[NB. - Comrade Charles Sargent has one marijuana conviction
in Great Britain, dating from about 20 years ago.
Thomas Nakaba was, to my understanding, never a C-18
member but was an associate of a kind of British
Norman Bates type named Wilf Browning. - HAC]

Nswpp88: You, of course, know all of these people personally? Like you
knew Klassen personally? Son, you better learn to pick your friends a
lot more carefully. You're being lied to you and you are going to end
up being very badly hurt. I have spent years trying to warn poor sad
sacks like you away from reptiles like Batess et. co.

wiking88: Then you deny all these people are what they are

Nswpp88: I repeat---I KNOW who and what they are. You do not, son. You
do not know a damned thing about it.

wiking88: Then what are they

Nswpp88: And yet you shout the odds as if you do. This is a fault in the
young, since time immemorial, I know. You think older people don't know
anything. I can only throw another quote at you:
MARK TWAIN: "When I was 18 years old, I was convinced my father
didn't know anything. When I was 21 I was amazed at how much he'd
learned in three years." I hope you live long enough and stay
out of jail long enough to learn wisdom, kid. Silly punk though
you are, no one deserves the fate that some of your less fortunate
kindred have gone through because they didn't have sense enough to
listen to those of us who have been there, done that.

wiking88: and as far as the movement is concerned, do you ally with
anyone, or is
NSWPP the true answer to all problems?

Nswpp88: No, National Socialism and Adolf Hitler are the answer to all
racial problems. The name is unimportant. We picked NSWPP out of respect for
Commander Rockwell's memory is all.

wiking88: then you stand this grand fight by

Nswpp88: No, National Socialists just stand a hell of a lot taller than
the rest.

wiking88: So, NS is better than all other... and you work with other NS,
but no others?

Nswpp88: Let me ask you something, son. Honest Injun, now---suppose YOU
had been the target of two years of this happy horse shit on the
Internet like I have been? Suppose YOU had a whole webpage (three at one
time) devoted to nothing but telling lies on you. Suppose YOU had been the
subject of approximately 12,000 hate posts to Usenet (DejaNews and Yahoo).
Suppose YOU had been subjected to a malicious, frivolous, and
baseless lawsuit by a woman-beating coward who for nine years never
dared to face you personally, but instead snuck up in the dead of night
and shit on your doorstep? Suppose YOU were subjected to a constant
drumbeat of mindless hatred, day in, day out, year in, year out,
poisoning the atmosphere around your name so that people who never
met you are convinced you're Lucifer himself? Would YOU have the
strength to carry on and do your racial duty in spite of it all?
Would Old Benny Buttfuck inspire you to that?
If it was only ME involved, I'd have been outta here long ago,
kid. I don't NEED this aggravation. But I do what I do because I
am a soldier of Adolf Hitler, because I knew when I began that this
road would be long and terrible, that it would break my heart
over and over again, I knew that I would lose friends like Martin
Cross and Charlie Sargent and a dozen others whose names would
mean nothing to you. I knew that I would never be able to marry and
have a family or a home. But I do it all BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT and
because I know I am serving something higher than myself.

wiking88: Welcome to the world of the revenge... welcome to the world of
pissed off ppl... You bash Klassen, all the time, spread stuff about
him... as with most other WP leaders... and you wonder why you get
attacked? Think about it...god?

Nswpp88: Before you start shouting the odds at me, son, better make sure
that you're man enough to take my place if I go down.
Now is this what you wanted to know? If so, I need to get
back to work.

wiking88: Things are good, I got an interesting debate - enjoy your
afternoon - and thanks for the time... RAHOWA!

Nswpp88: Anyway, I'm signing off. Good luck, kid. I hope you make it.

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