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On July 31st, 1998, at the height of the Goat Dance, a brave and loyal comrade of mine, Robert Giftholz, made a public appeal to Dr. William L. Pierce of the National Alliance to give public proof of his worthiness to be a leader of the Aryan resistance movement. Mr. Giftholz's appeal was mailed to several hundred racial nationalists in this country and in Great Britain, by him, at his own expense, and was also posted to the Internet.

I can do no better than reproduce that appeal in full:

It Is Time To Stop This Madness

July 31 1998

It is with a great deal of reluctance that I address the following to all White racial patriots, but the time has come for me to speak.

The campaign of hatred, vilification and falsehood directed against Harold A. Covington has long since passed all morally permissible bounds of legitimate debate; indeed, it has long since passed all bounds of sanity. I can only conclude from what I have been seeing on these newsgroups for the past year that the National Alliance, as a group, has become insane. There is no longer any political or racial program within the NA; it has been eaten up and subsumed in lunatic hatred for a single man. It is time it stopped, for everyone's sake.

The discredit and the psychological damage which this bizarre circus has done to the Aryan racial cause over the past year is beyond calculation, and I find this behavior on part of the once proud and vibrant NA to be utterly baffling and inexplicable. I am extremely unwilling to believe repeated warnings I have had that the Alliance has been co opted by the government and/or ADL, but things have reached the point where thoughtful White racial nationalists must begin considering that the unthinkable may in fact be the truth. I simply can't see any credible, conceivable reason why otherwise intelligent people like Kevin Alfred Strom and others could act in a manner which is so clearly counter- productive and antithetical to every value they claim to advocate and uphold. If the National Alliance WERE a front group for the Jews, they could not be serving their kosher paymasters better than they are at present. They are not turning National Socialists away from the NSWPP, they are turning all White people away from the entire Movement, and it is impossible for me to accept that they are unaware of this fact. Yet the NA continues to engage in this destructive and infantile behavior. Why?

Most troubling and significant of all, to my mind, is the failure of William L. Pierce to intervene and put a stop to this madness on the part of people like Strom, Ian McKinney, and Will Williams who are at least pretending in public to speak in the name of the NA, although I understand that their actual affiliations are now in some doubt. If these people are in fact no longer associated with the Alliance, either through resignation or (one hopes) expulsion for anti-White activity of this very kind, why has Pierce said nothing and done nothing to disassociate himself from people and practices that are utterly destructive of his group's stated objectives and beliefs?

I am making a public appeal to Dr. William L. Pierce and the National Alliance: IT IS TIME TO BRING THIS MADNESS TO AN END. Any conceivable utility in this demented campaign of untrammeled hatred against Harold Covington which you may have convinced yourselves was there, long ago ceased to exist. If you still retain any genuine love of our Folk or belief in the essential nobility of our cause, I plead with you: STOP IT! STOP IT NOW! Not one more Hate-Harold post! Take down that STUPID website you have created for the sole purpose of defaming this one man---a man who has more than paid his dues and who has devoted his entire adult life to the cause that you yourselves claim to serve.

I am, of course, not unaware of what the results of this appeal on my part will be. I myself will be viciously attacked and smeared, and that indeed demonstrates the problem with deadly clarity, when anyone who appeals for a restoration of common sense and decency becomes a target.

But I ask all of you Aryan racial nationalists who read these words to think about what I have said, and add your appeal to my own, directed at the National Alliance---IT IS TIME FOR THIS MADNESS TO STOP.

-Bob Giftholz


I can't help but wonder...suppose there had been a dozen more reactions like this to the Goat Dance? A hundred more? A thousand more?

Suppose it had been made as clear as crystal to Pierce that his behavior and the behavior of his votaries was utterly, totally, completely unacceptable to the silent majority of Movement supporters? That the people who ordered his books and videos, paid his membership dues, cooked the casseroles for his potlucks in rented motel banquet rooms, slapped up his stickers, passed out his leaflets, posted his material to the Internet, and paid for his rented voice mails in dozens of cities out of their own pockets expected him to be a political leader and not a paranoid cult guru obsessed with a single critic he could never silence?

Suppose Pierce had been forced by an empty post office box to the realization that there were certain red lines even he was forbidden to cross, and that with his 345-acre estate and his (comparatively) huge income came at least a certain basic minimum requirement for ethical conduct?

Suppose that, from 1994 on, the revived National Socialist White People's Party had been allowed to develop naturally, without having to wade up to our necks in slime, without having to battle every inch forward against a torrential flood of lies, slander, vilification, harassment, lawsuits, petty vandalism and criminality, bad craziness and GUBU crap orchestrated from Hillsboro, West Virginia?

Would the result have been any different? I don't know.

But damn, I wish I had been allowed to find out!


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