Sunday, May 05, 2002


I am clearing out my computer files and reposting a few of these old pieces before deleting them.


April 24, 2000


Dear Racial Comrades:

It's happening again. The chilling "cognitive dissonance" which indicates that we, as a Movement, have all the political understanding and view of the big picture to be found in the average barnyard fowl. We are dab hands at missing the point, and it looks like we are missing this point by a mile.

First off, nothing at all happened in this Elian Gonzales case that is of any significance to us---until Saturday morning. On Saturday morning, something happened which is of IMMENSE significance to every White person who must live under the foul tyranny of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno. It is impossible to overstate the importance of what happened in Miami on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, armed agents of the Federal government came into a private home and forcibly abducted one of the occupants. They did this without a warrant. They did this without a court order. They did this without any legal basis at all other than the fact that the Attorney General of the United States, a bureaucrat appointed by the President, told them to do it. They did this with force and violence and with threats to murder anyone who resisted.

Furthermore, they did this in full public view. Either they simply did not care who witnessed this gross and open violation of the Constitution of the United States, or else they wanted to make a public example of this kid to alleged "right-wingers", mostly the Miami Cubans, who are called "right wingers" in the System's political lexicon because they fled from the Worker's Paradise.

When things like this take place, it has profound significance for us. ZOG is coming in the darkness and taking people away now. Today they are coming to take little Cuban kids away. Who will they come to take tomorrow, without warrant, without trial?

HELLO? HELLO? The light is on, but is there anybody home upstairs?


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