Sunday, May 05, 2002


Dear Racial Comrades:

Someone doesn't want you to hear what I have to say.

Someone is so afraid of what I have to say that they are willing to go to any lengths to silence me, including the abuse of civil law, financed from sources of funds which have never been explained; including a massive Internet posting campaign of lies and slander; including vandalism and other attempted acts of criminal intimidation. All of which are backed, financially and legally, by the corrupt power structure which controls American society. What does this tell you? That Harold Covington has a message you need to hear.

Don't you think you should find out what I have to say, since someone in the power structure seems so desperate to make sure you never hear it? What, exactly, is it that they are so afraid you might understand?

My message can be defined as follows, in four basic parts:

1. The White Man Is The Problem. Not the Jews, not the blacks or other Third World minorities, not the Bilderbergers or the Federal Reserve, not the Clintons, not the Federal government or ADL, not Communism or humanism, not liberalism or feminism or organized sodomy, none of these things. WE are the problem. All of the bad things which have happened to our Folk over the past two generations have happened because WE HAVE ALLOWED THESE THINGS TO HAPPEN. No other reason. The Jews and minorities and government and bugger boys do to us only what we allow them to do.

For the past fifty years of abysmal failure, all the other right-wing groups' and publications' stock in trade has been NEWS COMMENTARY---they take especially egregious acts on the part of minority criminals, or the Israeli lobby, or the government, or the faggots, or whatever, and they write it all up in purple prose full of shock and horror. They say. "See! See! Look what our enemies are doing! Isn't that horrible? Isn't it all just so terrible and awful? Please, please send us money so we can keep on telling you how bad things are!" The larger groups have slick magazines or tabloid newspapers which concentrate on telling the White man how bad things are, and of course there are the inevitable mail-order book lists and trinket sales, tapes, T-shirts, etc.

This is what the late Jost Turner referred to as "problem orientation". These right-wing and so-called racist groups simply state and re-state THE PROBLEM, over and over again. There is virtually no attempt at building a Movement which is SOLUTION ORIENTED. National Socialism is such a movement, which is why the system fears us so badly, even to the point of shelling out thousands of dollars for civil litigation and an Internet smear campaign in order to hamper my efforts to advocate and advance National Socialism.

2. Specific, Identifiable White People Are Part Of The Problem. Most White racial nationalists are by now willing at least to pay lip service to the idea that the White man himself is the problem, but they shy away from naming names and pointing fingers, however urgently those fingers need to be pointed. Whites have become terrified of "taking sides", too lazy and cowardly to take up the effort involved in making MORAL JUDGMENTS on the behavior of people like William Pierce and Tom Metzger.

American Whites have become soft as butter. We have as a race and a society become afraid to point our fingers and say, "THIS IS WRONG! YOU ARE AT FAULT!", either in the case of Bill Clinton or Bill Pierce. The White man today, including the White man who is involved with the so-called "Movement", wants nothing so much as to be relieved of the necessity of THINKING. Thinking hurts his head. The White man wants to sit in his comfortable armchair and LET SOMEONE ELSE DO IT, and for this he is willing to shell out enough money to make it worthwhile for people like Pierce and Metzger to run the "Movement" as a con game.

Virtually all right wing and racist "organizations" start out entirely sincere, and either collapse or degenerate into outright fraud. The two largest of these right wing con games, the National Alliance and the White Aryan Resistance, rake in the shekels by PRETENDING TO BE ORGANIZATIONS which are actually doing something, instead of what they are---weirded out personality cults and mail order businesses to support William Pierce, Tom Metzger, and Morris Dees (who gets a 50% cut of everything Metzger rakes in, on foot of the Portland civil judgment.)

Metzger and Pierce are the two most prominent offenders, but there are others. Like American society as a whole, the racial right has become almost completely corrupt. What stuns me is that EVERYBODY PRETTY MUCH KNOWS THIS and agrees with me---I can count on my fingers the number of people who have seriously defended either Pierce or Metzger or any of the Usual Suspects over the past couple of years. But as in the case of Bill Clinton, a deadly, poisoned lethargy has set in. Everyone involved in the racial scene knows perfectly well that Metzger sold out to Dees in order to stay in the mail order business, and since May 9th in Florida it has become impossible for anyone not to acknowledge, at least privately, the near certainty that William L. Pierce has been a Federal asset and informant for at least ten years. But NO ONE CARES---except for National Socialists.

This is one of the many things which will insure that National Socialism, and National Socialism alone, will succeed where all these dippy substitutes fail. National Socialism is first and foremost a system of ETHICS and morality based on the greatest moral principle of all, the eternal Truth of Nature.

3. Harold Covington Advocates Zero Tolerance For All Of The Above. It is interesting that the one item cited in the bogus "libel" suit which wasn't legally time-barred under North Carolina law was my Internet transmission of what is probably the most sought-after and widely read article I ever wrote, a 1993 article which to my knowledge has been translated into six languages entitled "Struggle For The Soul Of A Race".

In this polemic I summed up my contention that you, as supporters, hold the key to insuring ethical behavior on the part of those who claim to lead the Aryan racial struggle---the power of the purse. Every time you send a donation or a book order to someone who is stealing, who is lying, who is using your money to pay attorneys to file malicious lawsuits, who is using your money to bring Eastern European mail order brides to this country for his sexual delectation or buy $20,000 tractors for his retirement estate, you are enabling and facilitating dishonesty and deceit and dishonor. There is only one solution: you must SAY NO to the GUBU and STOP SUPPORTING IT with your donation and book money.

Do you see now why Pierce and Metzger have literally gone mad with hate and fear at the very mention of Harold Covington's name? Do you see now why William Pierce has been willing utterly to humiliate himself and disgrace and discredit his own organization in a futile attempt to use the law to silence me? This man has never actually WORKED a day in his adult life, and since 1966 he has lived off your donations and book orders sent to his various enterprises. Can you folks IMAGINE how frightened Pierce must be at the prospect that my ideas of responsibility and ethical behavior might catch on? That at age 64 he might have to get a JOB? Ditto the sixty year old Metzger. Do you begin to understand all the hysterical and yet clearly orchestrated and choreographed slander and slime and hatred on the Net directed against Harold Covington?

4. There Is A Clear And Identifiable Connection Between The National Alliance And The Oklahoma City Bombing. Nothing terrifies Pierce more than the possibility that the media shield which has covered him might break. My comments on the Net about this connection, via Timothy McVeigh's sale of the Turner Diaries at gun shows in the West, seems to have driven Pierce literally mad with fear.

These four points comprise the dangerous essage of Harold Covington, or at least the portion hereof that the state so clearly does not want you to hear that they will break their own rules to silence me.

Don't you think you'd best listen? In this corrupt and degenerate society we live in, anything that dangerous to the speaker must be worth hearing for the White man.

Harold A. Covington

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