Monday, May 06, 2002


Comrade Covington,

Here are some of my answers to the questions that you asked on your sit. These are just my personal thoughts, and I know that instead of answering this I should be out doing something but I think these questions need answers, so here are mine.

1. I read all of whatever you send out and keep it for reference and posterity. Why the world isn't revolting now is because every white male has grown soft and lazy. But is should be noted that not all see, literally, what is happening. They are suburbians and don't see the race-mixing and the slowly growing tide of color. Just because you don't see it doesn’t mean it isn't there. To me you seem like a person who knows what he is talking about when he talks about the state of the "movement", and it seems you genuinely believe it and you're not stealing or making money off of donations so you're ok in my book.

2. As for cross-burnings and foolish attention grabbers, etc , I don't think that they are useful. Perhaps when we have a "movement" worthy of the name they can be useful as morale boosters and a way to build comraderie. This should soley be as a once a year sideline, unlike today where it is called "activity". Real activity is a priority, i.e recruiting and CAUSING SOME POSITIVE CHANGE in general.

3. Usenet is bullshit, but I do believe that the Internet is very useful in helping with one's racial education and awareness. I say this because without the internet I would not have found some of the best racial book out there like Stoddard's books and Rockwell's and even some hard to find holohoax books.

4. Pierce, one would think, that he gives something to the gov't for the immunity. No other way. Being the "largest racist organization" in the U. S., he has a lot to offer as a government front and listening post. Other than that one could only guess.

5. We have these crappy leaders because no one else worth anything steps up. I think that Duke could have done a lot more. He was intelligent enough to really do a lot of good, even if it wasn't that extreme. That is what else is missing: people, especially leaders, with an IQ higher than a 10 year old's. If we could appeal to intelligent people we would be much, much better off. This is a key goal. How are we supposed to get anywhere with guys who can't read a map at the helm?

6. The majority of whites in America are Christian. You can not alienate them. At the worst be neutral on the subject. No one has to advocate it, but we can not be hostile to the people we need. That is common sense.

7. I agree that lone wolfism is not very effective, or at least as it could be. Maybe some day it will be. I think that the cell model is good. Or even large groups, but some sort of hierarchy is needed. Some central leadership at least guiding the rest. Isn't that what we say: the best lead?

8. An armed struggle is almost inevitable. Unfortunately it will come not only when the White people are up against the wall but when we've been punched a few time and start to bleed that people will understand. I remember I literally felt sick when I first read Rockwell's "Nightmare" and realized that "Shit, this could happen and we are gonna lose this before we see what happened." I think it may almost take that. That scares me. Not to advocate Pierce, but it kind of reminds me of the Turner Diaries.

9. Mr. Jones should be, at the very least, donating something to the Cause. Time, money, etc to true activism. When (if) the time comes he's going to shit in his pants with the other 85% (guesstimation) of the people. Wake others up! For the love of God, help them as well as yourselves to understand the danger that is pushing us slowly down the mountain and into the river of extinction. Then do something about it.

10. No. I started my racial awareness a few years ago by looking up a history of the Klan for fun. I went from there to here. Your writings have validity and truth to them. I can't tell you the things I've learned in those years. A new meaning in life.

My views, pertinent as they are. For the record feel free to use this anytime but not my name please. Also, I'm in my early twenties and pride myself as being an intelligent person and even I see that what you're saying is right. Why can't these others I'll never know. It gets discouraging. Anyway, good luck with your move.

Stay the course and keep the Faith.

-L. D.

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