Saturday, May 04, 2002


Dear HC:

There isn't much of an excuse not to push the Internet as much as possible now. If we let the Jews push us off the Internet, we might as well just volunteer to be their slaves. The Jews will always try to take away our access to the public. We are extremely lucky that the First Amendment has been mostly protected on the Internet.

If a high profile individual like David Duke can maintain the same Internet web site for several years, everyone else in the Movement should be able to do that.

Complaints about computer reliability and problems are as relevant today as buggy whip factories. New high-powered machines cost as little as $400 now. It would be best to use two computers. One computer (which is never connected to the Internet so it's relatively safe) could be used for storing important files, data and writings, while another computer with everything important on it backed up could be used to connect to the Internet. If an unusual virus gets by virus-protection software, the Internet computer could be reformatted. No virus can survive that.

The Internet is the future. It's the one thing we can't afford to lose.


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