Monday, May 06, 2002


During the past three hours I have received no less than three e-mails advocating, in various weasel words, that we in the Racially Conscious Community should turn a blind eye to loathsome perversion if an individual pervert may be deemed to have "accomplished something for our cause."

Like HELL we should!!!

I am astounded and appalled beyond measure.

Homosexuality is an unrelieved and cataclysmic cosmic evil. It prevents the continuation of the species. It blasphemes, it spits in the eye of divine creation, however we may envision that creation. It is one of the ultimate foulnesses with which no decent human being can compromise, under any circumstances.

Why is it even necessary for me to say this? Why? I am thunderstruck, although after the way we tolerated Benny Klassen's Skinhead-raping ways, I confess that the fact that I can still be thunderstruck is equally surprising. Jesus, I guess I must be one of God's innocents after all.

If we are going to tolerate homosexuality, then in the name of all that is holy, where DO we draw the line? Or is there a line to be drawn any more? If we adopt the position that it is acceptable for someone to commit the filthy act of sodomy with another man, why would it not be acceptable with a goat? Or a child? Or a non-White? So long as that individual says he's against Third World immigration? In other words, there is no such thing as sexual morality---"he may be a pervert, but he's OUR pervert."


The greatest enemies of our racial survival are all the 101 accursed shades of gray that the Jew has succeeded in imposing on our thinking. I am reminded of the scene in a Harrison Ford movie where the bad guy sneers at Ford, "You always did think in terms of black and white, Jack."

"No!" snaps the hero. "Right and wrong!"

At some point, we have to rip the poisonous shades of gray from our minds, let the scales fall from our eyes, and draw a moral bottom line of RIGHT AND WRONG. We must say "This far, and no farther." Or else we forfeit the right to survive as a race.

Acceptance of homosexuality, under any circumstances, means that we have given up any pretense at being ethical beings. And if we are going to be rutting animals wallowing in the crapulence of our own moral relativism, then why bother to do any of this at all? Why not just leap headlong into the ooze and frolic in the mounds of rotten meat and raw sewage that is our current cultural norm?

Let me be very clear on something. I don't want anyone with me who is in any way ambiguous on the subject of buggery. If this means I lose some of the few donations I get, then I lose donations. I'll work a part-time shift at McDonald's in addition to my regular job to mail the newsletter and print my books if I have to. But whatever Harold Covington is involved in, it's a Moral Relativism Free Zone. The rules apply. This is an issue over which I am willing to lose every supporter I have, if so it must be.

The West Point Code of Honor states: "I will not cheat, I will not lie, and I will not tolerate those who do. I not only expect my associates in the racial right to refrain from practicing homosexuality, I expect them to refrain from tolerating it, apologizing for it, or trying to explain it away.

And that's the name of that tune.


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