Tuesday, February 19, 2002

THE PALESTINIANS ARE LEARNING...AND WINNING! - Let's be honest. The Arabs have not exactly covered themselves with military glory in the past 53 years since the Jews stole Palestine. But they have one tremendous strength, their ability to endure every inhuman punishment the Jews can mete out, and yet never give up.Since the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, slowly, painfully, they are learning how to fight true guerrilla war...and it's starting to pay off.

They have taken everything the kikes can throw at them...and they still fight on. The past few weeks have seen an escalation of the Palestinian struggle from "terrorism" to genuine military resistance. Their success in taking out one of the renowned Israeli Merkava-3 tanks has shaken the Zionist regime to its core. The Jews are in a cold sweat of fear over the Kassam-2 rockets that are starting to land in their back yards. The Palestinians' latest victory at Ein Airik has already been rewarded. Ha'aretz has announced that the Israeli army is removing a number of the hated checkpoints in the West Bank "in order to deny the enemy stationary targets."

The omens are good, long term. The Jews are going to lose this one.

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