Friday, February 08, 2002

HOW THE HELL DID 9/11 HAPPEN? - Just out of curiosity, how does it come about that something like the 9/11 hijackings can be planned and executed and NOBODY in the United States government has ANY idea what the hell is going on until the planes start crashing into the skyscrapers?

Or...did they know?

And here's an even better question...did ISRAEL know beforehand?

I mean, let's give the dogs their due, they've got every Arab organization in the world infiltrated up to the eyeballs.

The business about the 4,000 Jews who were allegedly warned not to go to work in the World Trade Center does sound a bit dodgey to me, a little too conspiratorial even for my taste. But I've noticed that there seems to be some difficulty in determining how many Jews DID die on 9/11. Most of them seem to have been passengers on the planes who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. New York City is the largest Jewish population center in the world with the possible exception of Israel (there may actually be more Jews in New York than there are in Israel, given their historical propensity to lowball official head counts.) Given that fact, I have to say that looking over the New York Times' list of 9/11 casualties, there does seem to be a remarkable dearth of Jewish names. Crash two planes in lower Manhattan and only hit a dozen or so hebes? Hmmmmm....something ain't kosher here.

And what about all these weird little stories that appear in the media and then vanish, Houdini-like? The four Israelis who were arrested while videotaping the crashes and collapse from the top of a nearby building, and were laughing at it all? The sixty-odd Israeli citizens who were arrested along with all the Arabs the FBI and Office of Homeland Security swept up? The persistent reports of major Israeli intelligence activity in this country during the months immediately prior to 9/11? Wiretapping, money-laundering, and vans of sophisticated electronic equipment made in Israel being intercepted and confiscated?

I know this: 9/11 was sure as hell convenient for the mad butcher Ariel Sharon. He's in Washington right now, cashing in his blank check from that moron in the White House and his negress Condoleezza Rice and Jewish "advisors" like Wolfowitz and Fleischer. Sharon is looking for permission to load three and a half million people onto trucks and cattle cars, haul them away and dump them in the deserts of Jordan and the Egyptian Sinai. He'll probably get it.

People, there's something going on here. All you conspiracy theorists out's one for you.

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