Monday, February 25, 2002


"Dear Mr. Covington,

I write to you today to explain my actions or inactions for the last 6 months.

I have taken your words to heart about wasting time on the internet. I have not even logged on but maybe once a week in the last 6 months.

I've changed my ways. Back in August, I endeavored to build my first greenhouse. I had never done much gardening, I never had the desire to do any. But you and some others have inspired me to be a man, in the sense that I can be self reliant. It took me about a month to scrounge up enough materials to do the job. Along with my wife, brother and kids, we managed to have it built by the end of September. It has been a warm winter here in the Mid-Atlantic and we managed to grow quite an assortment of vegetables and berries. I never realized how exciting it could be to grow your own food, but it really has been.

My kids are into it even more than me as far as the everyday tending. We hope that by this summer, we will not only have the greenhouse, but a large backyard garden as well. This project has not only brought my family a little closer together, but taught us all some good skills in carpentry and gardening. Between hunting and gardening, I know my family will never starve. That my friend is why I have lost some interest in the internet. I understand if you remove my name from your list, I will be disappointed, but I will understand. It may be a few years before I am able to pack up and head west (Northwest that is), but when I arrive, my family will be prepared to survive. Of this I assure you. Best wishes to you and all of the others.

Grease Gun Joe"

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